Glory: A Season 5 Buffy the Vampire Slayer Board Game Scenario

This was written by Thomas Deeny, but was heavily based on Jeff Dee's Glorificus scenario and Steven Sharp's comments about Jeff's scenario for the really good board game Hasbro did a few years back.

Glory's story
Banished from her own plane, Glory seeks the Key that will unlock the doors between the planes, heralding an eternity of chaos and suffering. But a group of monks have made the key human, and sent it to Buffy in the form of her little sister.

Evil Set-up
Use the Glory and Ben Villain pawns. Glory begins on the Hellmouth. Glory has 20 life points, 6 Fight dice, and 2 Magic dice.

Snake Demon follows Mr. Trick's damage track. It begins on the black circle in the Majik Shop. Snake Demon has 2 Fight dice and 2 Magic dice. Snake Demon can neither draw Evil cards nor may it hold artifacts -- if this minion gets to an artifact card and finds the artifact, the Evil player may look at the artifact card and replace it. When Snake Demon rolls for movement, adjust the moon as normal, but to determine its movement allowance, take the highest number rolled and double it. (Evil rolls a 1 and a 4. The 1 has the moon symbol, so move the moon phase marker. Discard the 1 and double the 4; the Snake Demon moves 8 spaces.) When Snake Demon fights, kicks do no damage, but fangs do 1 damage.

Scabby Minions have 4 life points, 1 Fight die, and 1 Magic die. Place two Scabby Minions next to Glory, leaving the red circle space open.

Evil Objective

Glory must bring Dawn to the Vamp X Start square in the Factory, and stay there with her until the next Sunrise phase.

Good Set-up

Substitute Spike for Oz. Spike gets 2 Fight dice and 1 Magic die. Like Oz, Spike can carry 1 card of each type. Spike does not start with any cards. He gets 8 Life points using Oz's damage track. If Spike ends his movement on a black circle, he gains 1 Life point (to a maximum of 15). Spike is a "Good Vampire", so he can be burned by the sun but he may also enter private homes. Spike can attack Glory, but cannot attack Ben. Spike starts on the "Spike Start" space in the Masouleum.

Good Objective

Destroy Glory, or destroy Ben once he becomes a legal target.

Scenario Notes

Use any Story Artifact card to represent Dawn (the Key) and three other non-story artifact cards. Dawn has no abilities of its own.

The Sunnydale High School is now Glory's Mansion.

"Sire a Vampire" cards are now dual-purposed cards. Evil can use them as normal if Evil has summoned Angelus or Harmony, or they can be used to Summon a Scabby Minion. Summoned Scabby Minions appear at the Hellmouth like all summoned Evil creatures.

When the Evil player does not roll a large flame, Glory spends the turn as Ben. Ben is considered an ally of Good until his life points drop below 6. Until his life points drop below 6, Ben cannot be attacked. Ben does not move. If Ben has Dawn (or any other artifact) and is still an ally of Good, he will give Dawn (or that artifact) to a Good player in an adjacent square during that Good player's turn. (This ends the Good player's movement.) At the end of the Evil turn, Ben gains one point of life. If Ben's health is below 6, he will not surrender Dawn or any other artifact to a Good player.

Living Flame research cards cannot be used to destroy Dawn.

The Weapon card "Sledgehammer" is now Olaf's Hammer. It can be found and carried by any character, but can only be used by Buffy or Spike. When rolling Fight dice, add THREE extra points to the total damage. Olaf's Hammer, like all weapons, cannot be used in combination with any weapon cards. This is not a one use item, Buffy or Spike may keep it as long as they like.


Season 5 PDF, containing villain pawn artwork.