Glory be! It's a season five scenario for the most excellent Buffy: The Vampire Slayer board game, complete with artwork for master villain and pawn cards!

Fudge: Deadlands is a Fudge conversion of the popular Deadlands RPG (from Pinnacle Games).

A play-by-chat-room game set in a post-apocalyptic futuristic game, sort of based off of the real Gamma World game setting, ported to West End Games' d6 system. Notes on creating characters and mutations.

d6 Hellboy. Complete rules. Based heavily on West End Games' Ghostbusters (First Edition).

Campaign notes and highlights from my old Shadowrun game. We never finished the campaign, but it was a blast! (External links and layout of this section might be wonky.)

John Tyne's Stargate SG-1 Adventure Game, built on the d6 system. Fleshed out a bit with material from Andy Slack's Stargate SG-13 GURPS Lite netbook.

A play-by-chat room game based on the D6 System. Ongoing notes and chat room transcripts are available. This game is currently on haitus.

Scene Stealers: The New Generation! is my attempt at a 24 Hour RPG. Play an actor on a science-fiction television show where you're trying to hog the spotlight.