MediaBlitz! Feb 20 2056



  • The British Royal Family toured Seattle, UCAS, yesterday, visiting the downtown area and conducting a formal inspection of Fort Lewis. Casualties were light, reported Fort Lewis Spokesman Master Sergeant Seamus LeGuinee.


  • Lone Star Regional Director suspended as investigation of complicity in illegal BTL trade and provoking riots continues.


  • Fort Worth is gearing up for the 27th Annual Miss World Pageant. The event will by simulcast on VoxCSA, Channel 42, and on Channel 42's live Matrix hook-up at NA/CAS-TX 4214 (824-4242).


  • The Dallas Black Hawks defeat the Manhattan Rangers Inc., in sudden death overtime, 4-3. For special photo section and casualty list ::GOTO 14::


  • Ad time for next month's Super Brawl broadcast is expected to exceed 1.2 million nuyen per fifteen second commercial burst.


  • Record lows across the UCAS, NAN, and CAS continue for the second straight week. Heavy snow is reported in Nashville.

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Austin (MediaBlitz!) - Complicity charges have been brought against Lone Star Security, Inc. by the City of Dallas and the State of Texas this morning. Named in the investigation is Gary DeMichaels, Regional Director of Lone Star Security for the Fort Worth/Dallas area.

"Mr. DeMichaels is wanted for questioning in regards to the recent outbreak of violence in Dallas," said DFWPD spokeswoman Captain Lassiez. The outbreak in violence was linked to a new form of BTL chips that entered the Fort Worth/Dallas area two weeks ago. CrimeData shows that incidences of violence and destructive criminal behavior for the FW/D area had increased 54.7% over the past week, despite a curfew put in place by City Manager Abernathy last Friday.

Lone Star Security, Inc., has claimed Corporate Immunity in the case of DeMichaels and has had him reassigned to Austin, CAS, and put on indefinite suspension. An internal investigation of the Regional Director and Lone Star's involvement into the affair is ongoing, said a Lone Star spokesman this morning.

Lone Star provides security services for many sites in the FW/D sprawl, provides police protection in Austin, CAS, and Seattle UCAS, as well as several other cities.

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MidCities (Local) - A Blackthorne Medical helicopter was shot down over Hurst while responding to an emergency call early this morning. All three medics on board were killed instantly in the crash, says Blackthorne Medical. The crash of the BeLTV 7200-X Transport Helicopter caused an estimated 275,000 nuyen worth of property damage to the 500 block of Elmo Drive. No casualties were reported on the ground

Within moments of the crash, MediaBlitz! received a message from Tejas Triumphant claiming responsibility for the destruction of the medical helicopter. Tejas Triumphant says that Blackthorne Medical has investments in Aztlan, and the attack was a warning to all other corporations who deal with Aztlan. "We shall not rest until all of Texas is free," the message ended.

Tejas Triumphant is considered a terrorist organization by the Confederate Bureau of Investigations. TT has been linked to several acts of terrorism in northern Aztlan and Texas. The group is most famous for the destruction of a junior high school in south Austin six months ago, intended to kill a speaker from Aztechnology. The blast killed 217 children and 43 adults.

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