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  • Food riots continue for the fourth straight day in Stuttgart, Germany. Tales of tainted food supplies shipped to the region are just rumors, claim Chancellor Wolfgang Mueller.


  • A blaze ran through the Aztechnology Pyramid late Friday night. Aztech Security Forces were able to contain the fire with no loss of life and minimal property damage.


  • Shield Wall's world tour comes to Dallas this coming weekend. ::GOTO 12:: for part one of a two part article on the novastar band's rise to success, excepted from the docusim, "Barriers"


  • The Dallas Rattlers are assured of winning the Southern Street Brawl conference's bid for the upcoming Super Brawl after last night's 32 - 12 win over the Denver Stilettos.


  • The East Coast Stock Exchange suspended trading for ten minutes to honor Wylie Hammond's memory. Hammond was regarded as one of the "Fathers of ECSE". Hammond died last night, victim of a heart attack.


  • Temperatures warm up across the south, with highs expected in the lower 70s this week. The Air Advisory Board has predicted that Monday will be a level 2 health hazard.

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Federal District of Columbia, UCAS (NewsNet) - Internetwork Transmission Control Council (ITCC) Press Secretary Mary Ann Holubec announced that the two week trideo pirate amnesty has been extended for another four weeks. "Our amnesty period has been such a success that the ITCC in conjunction with federal authorities in the UCAS, CAS, and California have decided to move the final deadline to the thirty-first of this month. Trideo transmission blackouts and illegal broadcasts not only hurt the member stations of the ITCC, but deprive the public of the wonderful programming available only on the trideo networks."

By terms of the amnesty program, trid pirates and pirate stations will be given the opportunity to turn in all their illegal equipment with a fine equivalent to US$1 [5.402 nuyen as of 11:00, Mar 04], no additional penalties. "I've taken ITCC's offer,"says former trid pirate Sol "Hammerhead" Kreiger. "Just a few moments and a dollar, and I was a legal citizen again. I urge all of the trideo pirates and workers of pirate stations to turn yourself or your station in. This amnesty won't last for long." Kreiger used to operate pirate station Q-USA, outside of New York City.

April 1 marks the beginning of the first Sweeps Month this year. "Our goal is to get all of the illegal broadcasters off the airwaves by the end of this period," says Ms Holubec. "There is going to be some of the best programming you've ever seen coming this April. We'd hate for any market to miss out on it due to some lawbreakers."

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Austin (MediaBlitz!) - An unidentified suicide bomber ran the checkpoint between CAS and Aztlan this morning. The car, a '50 Ford-Nissan Mustang, burst past the CASMil guards on the congress Avenue bridge at 8:04 am. The Mustang was fired upon by CASMil troopers and Texas Rangers as it headed across the bridge. The vehicle burst into flames as it crossed over the center of Town Lake, into Aztlan territory.

A CAS civilian assensing the car indicated seeing something strike the car in astral space before the car exploded. Aztlan investigators deny the use of magic, crediting the explosion on either CASMil hitting the gas tank or a faulty wiring job on the part of the suicide bomber.

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