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  • Imperial Japanese Troops staged a rescue attempt in Tokyo, against an unknown group who had kidnapped Kylie Navoy, the current Miss World, and Heather Carson, her companion. Ms Carson was killed in the battle, Ms Navoy has been medivaced to a local hospital.


  • The Texas Civil Supreme Court ruled that the DFWPD's and CBI's March 17th mass arrests of suspected Alamos 20,000 members were illegal, citing several breaches of Texas law and CAS law.


  • Go behind the scenes of the making of next week's three part trideo special The Illuminatus, filmed in and around Fort Worth/Dallas, in a special section co-written by star Dale Harmony.


  • The Birmingham Spurs sweep the Confederate Conference in a last minute 147 -142 win over the Atlanta Hawks last night. The Spurs go on to play the Detroit Pistons or the Ottawa Bulls of the UCAS West Conference.


  • The Vachess-Kowalski Anti-Trust bill due in the Texas House of Representatives contains provisions that weaken the Texas Cattleman's Association's ability to limit access to restricted lands by "land raping corporations", said a press release from GreenWar.


  • Temperatures continue to remain cool with highs in the mid-70s through the weekend. The rain continues, tapering off early Saturday morning. Overcast skies remain in the area until Sunday.

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Miami, CL (NewsNet) - The first hurricane of the season has been downgraded to a tropical storm as it approaches the Fort Lauderdale region. "It's a bit early in the season for hurricanes and tropical storms," said meteorologist Viola Florez, "but we've been having some rough weather in the Gulf all winter long."

Hurricane Aaron was a force two hurricane when it stormed through St. Kitt a few days ago, killing seventeen and causing 550,000 nuyen worth of damage. Aaron then turned for the Miami mainland and suddenly slowed, dropping from 135 kph to 97 kph in one hour. "We're not ruling out magical activity in the slowdown," said Florez. "Our own assensing of the storm indicates there are fewer elementals in the storm today that three days ago, but the threat isn't over."

Tropical Storm Aaron should make landfall just north of Fort Lauderdale about midday Friday.

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Oklahoma City, CAS (MediaBlitz!) -The CBI has rescued 164 commuters after a day-long standoff on the NASA Bullet Train. Earlier today, the metahuman terrorist group known as the Black Tooth Grin Clan took the 5:10am Oklahoma City-Fort Worth-Houston shuttle hostage, demanding the release of several orks and trolls, including Graham "Vertigo" Duncan from the maximum security prison in Huntsville, TX, CAS. By 9:10 this evening, the threat was over with fourteen terrorists and two civilians dead.

Oklahoma State Militia and members of the CBI descended on the stopped train near Lexington, Oklahoma, and began a sixteen hour period of talks that ended in twenty seconds of gunfire. CBI Director Laura Cross declared William Reitmeyer as the hero of the hour. "If engineer Reitmeyer hadn't secured the forward engine on the center of the Canadian River Bridge, the terrorists would have been in a much better position to bargain from and the final casualty toll would have been much higher."

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