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  • Great Dragon Dunkelzahn granted UCAS citizenship. UCAS President Thomas Steele personally welcomes the dragon in a ceremony in the FDC.


  • Evidence of explosives was found in the Four World Airways luxury zeppelin wreckage near Conroe. CBI officials have determined that the Elouise Raleigh was downed by a surface to air missile.


  • Rex Poland's much acclaimed interactive five-person murder mystery, Celestial Clockwork, ends its ten week run in the Deep Ellum Throwback Theater.


  • The Ottawa Bulls of the UCAS West Conference wins game six of the NABA finals with a 138 to 135 win over the Sacramento Kings, bringing the series tied at three games each. Game seven will be played sometime Friday night in an undisclosed location.


  • Cross Entertainment and Multimedia acquires the Live It Again, Sam line of simsense retail outlets from Other Worlds, Inc. CEM designates Live It Again, Sam as the exclusive distributor of Cross Entertainment and Multimedia simsense chips.


  • Temperatures continue to remain unseasonably cool throughout the weekend. Highs around 80, lows in the high 50s. Hurricane Carlo continues to bring rainstorms throughout eastern Texas and much of the CAS.

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FDC, UCAS (NewsNet) - Dunkelzahn, great dragon and host of "Wyrm Talk",ABS's semi-annual talk show, was granted UCAS citizenship by the UCAS Congress. "As there is no proof that the great dragon known as Dunkelzahn wasn't born outside of the current UCAS boundaries, and that the dragon's first recorded appearance was over United States soil in the great Canamerican State of Prince Edward Island, this Congress finds that Dunkelzahn is a UCAS Citizen..." announced Senator Jane Warner (T-PEI) yesterday morning.

Late last evening, President Thomas Steele witnessed Dunkelzahn's naturalization ceremony on the White House lawn. Calling this day an important day for all of meta-humanity, President Steele welcomed Dunkelzahn into the UCAS with a hand/claw shake. "For years, we've felt that Dunkelzahn was a UCAS citizen. It's about time we got this down on paper," joked Steele in a press conference immediately following the ceremony.

Dunkelzahn was first sighted in 2112, over Prince Edward Island. His birthplace is located on a private reserve owned by Dunkelzahn on the island. Since 2113, however, he has maintained a main homestead in Lake Louise, NAN, with several residences in the UCAS, the CAS, and California Free State.

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Atlanta (MediaBlitz!) - Forward Jeff Kingston scored 31 points in game six of the North American Basketball Association Finals, giving a worn out Ottawa Bull offense a much needed 138 -135 victory in Wednesday night's game. With Kingston's superb ball handling, the much-injured Bulls managed to stay alive in a series they had stumbled their way through. Coming from behind in a 3-1 series was no easy feat, according to Bulls Coach Jennifer Elide. "I'm proud of my boys and we're going to show the Kings who the real rulers of the court are this Friday."

Game seven will be played at a secured undisclosed location, as are all final games in the NABA since 2053. NABA Commissioner Gary Sinclair announced that the game will be broadcast in its entirety on ESPN-3 at 10pm CST, Friday night. "By that time, NABA, the Kings and the Bulls will know who won the 38th Nesmith Cup," Sinclair said.

This is the first time the Bulls had made it to the finals in the NABA, their last visit to the Final Four occurred back in 2114 when they were based in Chicago playing for the NBA. The Kings have won two of their last three trips to the Final Four with their last trip, in 2054, winning them the 36th Nesmith Cup.

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