MediaBlitz! May 13 2056



  • Monobe CAS declines to comment on the last minute withdrawal of their bid to purchase UniOil's share of the UniOil/ARES Space "NASA" Bullet Train. The train services Oklahoma City, FW/D, and Houston.


  • The Humanis Policlub of Fort Worth/Dallas filed suit yesterday against O.R.C. 151 and Mothers Of Metahumanity's North Dallas branch for instigating riots, character defamation, libel and slander.


  • Sprawl Stories begins filming in Fort Worth. The Quim Porter detective story will be aired in late July over VoxCSA and affiliates.


  • Ottawa mourns the loss of Bulls coach Jennifer Elide who died in a boating accident on White Lake. The accident killed three others with two hospitalized.


  • Aztlan's state-owned oil companies and its foreign partners - including UniOil and BP - are paying Aztlan's military for protection from guerrillas in the Yucatan peninsula according to the commander of the army. But UniOil and BP denied a NBS report that the foreign companies are funding the creation of elite army units for these installations.


  • Highs around 82, lows in the lower 60s. Remnants from Tropical Storm Darla continue to bring a downpour on Texas and much of the CAS.

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Dallas (MediaBlitz!) - The Humanis Policlub of Fort Worth/Dallas filed a lawsuit against two local pro-meta-rights policlubs today. Ork Rights Committee 151 and the Mothers of Metahumanity North Dallas branch were charged with slander, character defamation, and libel pertaining to the Humanis Policlub. In addition to the charges, several members of ORC and MOM were named in separate lawsuits with charges of assault, battery, and instigating riots. Most of the charges stem from the May 5th and 6th riots that occurred near several Humanis run homeless shelters and health clinics.

"These charges are completely without merit," said a press release from Reginald Navarone of ORC 151. "Our peaceful protests of a violent anti-metahumanity group were attacked by Humanis club members." Calls to ORC 151 and MOM North Dallas went unanswered.

"These organized attacks on humanely run health centers and homeless shelters where done for the sake of terrorizing humans," says Rachel Sands, a spokesperson for Humanis CAS. "Our Sapien Shelters are open for anyone, regardless of genetics, who needs a place to stay and food to eat. The free clinics are set up in poor neighborhoods to help those less fortunate than ourselves. To cowardly attack these facilities strikes me as actions of terrorist groups, not actions of responsible committees that ORC and MOM claim to be."

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Fort Worth (MediaBlitz!) - Production begins this weekend on VoxCSA's newest trideo film Sprawl Stories. A hard nosed detective played by Quim Porter is on a multi-nuyen case that is the common thread of six different, interlocking stories. Quim is featured in this month's issue of KA-POW! KA-POW! ::link:: in which he talks about his marriage to Felga Darkin, and how happy he is with her and their son, Lubov, 4. The story also covers his fascination with vintage motorcycles, which his sisters say started when he was a little boy; his devotion to the Church of Gaia; where he thinks is the best roller coaster in the world; and so much more.

The trid is also slated to feature such local talent as Ruth Thompson, the owner of WaxWyrkz; Mark Rogers, who played Adams Theraoux in Bat out of Hell ; and Leah Hirsh, who wowed Dallas audiences in Celestial Clockwork. Leah Hirsh replaces newcomer Jenna Holiday as Alison Maddox due to "conflicting schedules". Says Leah of her role in Clockwork: "Rex had us suspended in that tank with all those feeds and lines connecting us directly to the audience. It was one of the more bizarre set ups for simsense theater I've been in, but when the audience chose to jump to my perspective, it helped to throw them for a loop - not one of us was oriented in the same position. I heard that some people actually became ill during the simplay. That's what we were aiming for." In Sprawl Stories, Leah plays a woman permanently connected to a Matrix Host.

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