MediaBlitz! June 26 2056



  • Ares Macrotechnology unveiled "The Future Of Law Enforcement", a fully automated police robot to bolster Knight Errant's ranks.


  • A fire off of the Galveston coast burns into its third day. Authorities say the slick contains toxic waste and advise boaters to stay clear. All residents of the area are advised to wear breath masks when outdoors.


  • ITTC Press Secretary Mary Ann Holubec announced the recent trid pirate crackdown a success. "Illegal usage of trideo communication satellites are down by 15%," she said.


  • While the DFWPD investigates the recent gang war that wiped out two gangs, The Sparkling Mages and the Spirochetes, the people who live in East Dallas breathe easier.


  • The results of our Salary Survey are in. We show who's making what in advertising, by region, sex, race, age, and agency size. Good news for Boston, bad news for Miami.


  • IOAA officials are still puzzled over the unseasonable cold weather as FW/D dips to a high of 62, beating 1902's record low of 64. Forecast: Overcast, light rain.

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Old Detroit, UCAS (NewsNet) - Ares Macrotechnology CEO Damian Knight unveiled Ares' newest prototype, a fully automated law enforcement robot code-named "RoboKnight" that quickly left its debut press conference. Introducing RoboKnight as the "future of law enforcement", the machine activated, walked off of the stage, and left in a Knight Errant police vehicle, saying only "Somewhere there is a crime being committed." A stunned chairman quickly regained his composure by saying, "Well, that's dedication for you."

Despite the shortened press conference, CEO Knight explained that the RoboKnight unit is undergoing field testing at Detroit's Metro South Divisional Precinct. "By the end of this year, we should have additional RoboKnight units shipping to all major UCAS and CAS cities," Knight said. Under current negotiations, for the next two years, the RoboKnight units are only to be leased to Knight Errant.

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Atlanta (MediaBlitz!) - Top IOAA (The International Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration) officials are dumfounded by the recent cold snap the North American continent has been suffering. "It seems to be maintaining, even lowering the daily average temperature in the northern hemisphere," said Dr. James Baker, IOAA administrator. "The numerous hurricanes and tropical storms we've been seeing in the Atlantic this season are a product of that. We're already up to Tropical Storm Jessica, and by this time tomorrow, we might see yet another tropical depression make it up to Tropical Storm intensity. And we're not even in what we normally call the Hurricane Season." July 1st to September 30th is generally classified as Hurricane Season.

The amazingly cool weather has been called by Jerome Herrara of GAIA-Watch, "Mother Earth's way of saying our time is over." GAIA-Watch, an environmental activist group based out of Chicago, believes that the Earth is alive and is fighting to regain control when she slept during what is called The Fourth World. "Global warming, atmospheric pollution, poisoning the seas - she's had enough. Bring on the Ice Age, it's Mankind's dusk," he said.

Herrera is not alone. In the last few months, doomsday groups have been growing in number, believing that the end is near. "Snow in Buffalo? It's June for crying out loud," complains Officer Benson of the Buffalo Police Department. "We've had three copycat mass suicides in the Buffalo region in the last month. That's fourteen people dead because they thought a glacier was coming or some rot."

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