MediaBlitz! July 11 2056



  • Week three of the International Baseball Association player's strike ended last night with the destruction of the Player's Association Headquarters.


  • "Interdict the Conflict" Fusion Metal-Rap music festival organized to alleviate UCAS/CAS music war following the deaths of two Fusion artists.


  • Art show Animal Attraction comes to the Kimbell on the 14th; Southern Foundationist Church organizes boycott protesting the exhibition.


  • ORC 151 and MOM-North Dallas ordered to pay $1.2 million in damages to the Humanis Policlub of Dallas/Fort Worth.


  • ARESpace opens the John Boone Memorial Museum in Houston to commemorate the 35th anniversary of the first manned Mars mission.


  • Winter storms in the middle of summer continue to plague the UCAS. The bizarre weather shows "no sign of abating", according to Dr. James Baker of the IOAA.

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Fort Worth, CAS (MediaBlitz!) - Following the recent deaths of CAS Notorius-House Fusion Metal-Rap artist Sleazy-E and New York musician Silent Mike, local music producer Ted "TKO" Schwartz has sounded a call of unity in the music world. After announcing that he will no longer support any Notorious-House artists who do not immediately make public statements against the growing CAS/UCAS Metal-Rap feud, he stunned the music industry by announcing that he will be organizing a rap tour.

TKO, wounded two weeks ago in the shooting that killed Sleazy-E, announced from his hospital bed that a music tour called "Interdict the Conflict". "The Conflict is this senseless violence that has penetrated the music scene," he said in an interview on 140plus [local trid channel 240]. "With the accessibility of the music nodes on the Matrix there is no real physicality to the music world. To say that there's a Confed sound or a UCAS sound is ludicrous. The Matrix has changed all that. That's where we have to interdict in the conflict. If we, the music industry, don't take steps to end this growing war between the north and the south, there won't be any Fusion artists left to make a Confed sound or a UCAS sound."

Artists are to be announced, and tickets will be on sale starting the 20th of July. The Interdict the Conflict festival will start out in Seattle (UCAS) on the 25th, travel to LA (CFS), Denver (Pueblo Sector), to the CAS (Dallas and Atlanta), then to the UCAS: Washington FDC, Boston, New York, Cincinnati, and Chicago. Additional locations and times are to be announced.

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Fort Worth, CAS (MediaBlitz!) - Emma Hickerson's controversial Animal Attraction begins a four week display at the Kimbell Museum of Art this weekend, but church groups are calling for a boycott of the show. Josea Everett, Dallas Elder of the Southern Foundationist Church, has called for a picket line outside of the Kimbell to protest the exhibition.

"I call on all decent, God-fearing people to oppose the depravity that is due to be displayed here. The depictions of the physical act of intercourse between man and beast are against the wills of God Almighty," Elder Everett said at an hour long rally organized outside of the museum. Placards that read "Leviticus 18:23" and "Obey the Word" were passed out. Tobias Garamond of the religious Gotterdammercrats policlub also publicly threw in their support for the Southern Foundationists.

Museum officials dismissed Elder Everett's claims. "[Animal Attraction] is more than simple bestiality, it's about an artist's love for her subjects," Richard Goudy, associate director of the Kimbell said, following the demonstration. "Besides, the subject matter falls well within local community standards. This art exhibit has toured our Nation's capital, and, to paraphrase Matt Kowalski, if bestiality is good enough for Georgia..."

Emma Hickerson was unavailable for comment.

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