• The Chicago Cubs win the World Series for the first time since 2003.


  • The Jennifer Morrow series of pshycosexual-adventure-sims are pulled from the shelves following a relevation that Morrow's star Jason Leigh was "adding socially redeming qualities to the sim-franchise", according to Castle Moon Productions.


  • TGA Flight 2100 arrives at DFW International Airport; 193 passengers and crew vanished.


  • The Provisional Order of the Black Shamrock has had its representatives barred from UCAS Congressional Chambers, following attacks on Tir Na nÒg diplomatic missions.


  • Construction is complete on the San Antonio Aztechnology Pyramid. The Pyramid sits on the site of the former Alamo Mission.


  • Flurries expected overnight, to melt by mid-morning. Highs in the upper 30's, low tonight around 22.

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San Antonio, Aztlan (NewsNet) - With the completion of the fifty story Aztechnology pyramid in San Antonio, the tensions between the Confederacy and Aztlan increased. The source of this problem? The location of the new Pyramid -- part of it covers the area most Texans consider holy ground, the site of the Alamo.

The Alamo was razed three years ago, and historical artifacts from the former mission where over a hundred people gave thier lives defending when Aztlan forces seized San Antonio, still lie in the nation's capital. Despite several meetings with Aztlan officials, Aztlan has only returned a few items to the Texas and the Confederate government.

"The location of the San Antonio pyramid was chosen for convenience as well as a central location in the city," read a statement from Aztechnology. "We did seek to destroy the heratige of a group of individuals, we strove for an accessable location for North Aztlan's temporary headquarters."

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Mid-Cities, CAS (MediaBlitz!) - Authorites are searching for a flight attendant, possibly the sole survivor of Trans-Global Airlines Flight 2100. Flight 2100 from Berlin to Dallas/Fort Worth arrived on schedule at 7:50 p.m. with no one on board, except for flight attendent Sarah Conner, who vanished after deplaning. Authorities say that 193 people are missing from the two hour sub-orbital flight, including all seven crew members.

"The interior of the cabin is a mess," says FAA offical Bruce Lorel. "The seats are ripped up, the walls are scarred, there are personal items scattered about the cabin. But no trace of any person, crew or passenger." Mr. Lorel went on to say that the 193 people simply vanished from the plane.

A recording of the cockpit-to-tower communications revealed no abnormalities up to touchdown when Flight 2100 taxied to her gate. Communications were then turned off, and the plane sat at the gate with nobody leaving the plane except for the missing flight attendant.

"All I saw was a stewardess coming down the hallway and into the crowd," says Harvey Yessil, who was expecting his stepbrother. "Then we waited for a few minutes for everyone to get off the plane, but nothing. A few minutes later, two of the airline people at the gate went down that skyway to the plane, then suddenly several airport security guards showed up, talking on headsets. That's when I knew something was seriously wrong."

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