FASA: On Target

Dateline: 07/16/97

The coolest thing about FASA's new release Target: UCAS isn't that it's the first of the Target series of books or that it continues the ongoing storyline of Shadowrun or that tells the resolution of the Chicago problem. No, the coolest thing about Target: UCAS is that FASA included the names of four Shadowrun players in the book.

The only other time I've seen this happen (aside from including FASA staff's characters in the book -- Argent, FastJack, and Talon to name three), was in Aztlan, when Vince Esposito's character made a cameo over on page 92. V.ESPOSITO started up the Shadowtalk topic over on Genie (back when it was GEnie) on the Games RoundTable, Category 7, Topic 43. His character, Dark Elf, wound up transplanted to Seattle in the heart of the Aztechnology pyramid where he was the first poster to confirm that human sacrifices were going on inside the Aztechnology corporate structure.

A year ago on the ShadowRN mailing list, Mike Mulvihill (known to on-line gamers as FASAMike) posed a fast contest with the first four to answer get their names in Target: UCAS. Lucky winners: Fro, Bull, Spike, and Granite. Four people who quickly became the envy of the list. Heck, I was secretly hoping that 20Questions or even a Faux Pas would show up commenting about Chicago or Detroit...

Bull, "The best ork decker you never met". Bull uses his ork decker character's handle on the mailing list and made it in. Somehow Bull wound up in New Orleans instead of Cleveland, and digs up dirt on Ares' main man Knight. Oddly enough, Bull's game session the week after I found Target: UCAS in stores wound up in the Caribbean/Gulf of Mexico after a second run dealing with Ares Macrotechnology. Hmm...

We also have Fro ("Leading by example") making a few appearances and "Rock Steady" Granite gives Spike ("My name is my passport...") a good natured snipe.

Now that's just damn cool.

I mean, aside from guaranteeing at least four sales, FASA has made a statement that they are having fun with their game and recognize that their customers aren't just customers, but gamers who like to have fun. What a novel concept, a company that doesn't see their customers as just wallets and purses.

In the words of FASAMike:

Have Fun!

Play Games!

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