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Dateline: 07/23/97

One of the props I use in my campaign is a newsheet called a MediaBlitz!. Like the Seattle News-Intelligencer, MediaBlitz! is a tool to show the players that the game world constantly progresses, constantly is moving, growing, changing around them. In a sense, it's the same thing that FASA is doing when they release sourcebooks in "real time". The Sixth World has changed considerably during the time the NAGNA was released to the time Target: UCAS came out. You know, little things like the presidential scandal, the Chicago thing, that humanitarian organization...

Another thing that you can use a newsheet for is to seed information about future game events. For instance, in my campaign, I've had a section about the weather. At first it looked like a simple weather forecast, but as the game went from January to August, 2056, the temperature went up slightly, leveled off, then dropped. Some of the other events led into or were the results of runs the characters took. And some had nothing to do with the characters at all.

A list of some of the blurbs used in MediaBlitz!. MediaBlitz! is slanted towards the Confederated American States, and the edition my players get is geared towards Texas. Feel free to use any of these as adventure ideas or new stories in your game.

Fort Worth is gearing up for the 27th Annual Miss World Pageant. The event will by simulcast on VoxCSA, Channel 42, and on Channel 42's live Matrix hook-up at NA/CAS-TX 4214 (824-4242).

The Dallas Hawks defeat the Manhattan Rangers Inc., in sudden death overtime, 4-3. For special photo section and casualty list ::GOTO 14::

Ad time for next month's Super Brawl broadcast is expected to exceed 1.2 million nuyen per fifteen second commercial burst.

Food riots continue for the fourth straight day in Stuttgart, Germany. Tales of tainted food supplies shipped to the region are just rumors, claim Chancellor Wolfgang Mueller.

A blaze ran through the Aztechnology Pyramid late Friday night. Aztech Security Forces were able to contain the fire with no loss of life and minimal property damage.

Shield Wall's world tour comes to Dallas this coming weekend. Link to Entertainment Section for part one of a two part article on the novastar band's rise to success, excepted from the docusim, "Barriers"

The Dallas Rattlers are assured of winning the Southern Street Brawl conference's bid for the upcoming Super Brawl after last night's 32 - 12 win over the Denver Stilettos.

The East Coast Stock Exchange suspended trading for ten minutes to honor Wylie Hammond's memory. Hammond was regarded as one of the "Fathers of ECSE". Hammond died last night, victim of a heart attack.

Temperatures warm up across the south, with highs expected in the lower 70s this week. The Air Advisory Board has predicted that Monday will be a level 2 health hazard.

Imperial Japanese Troops staged a rescue attempt in Tokyo, against an unknown group who had kidnapped CFS Ambassador Kylie Navoy, and Heather Carson, her companion. Ms Carson was killed in the battle, Ms Navoy has been medivaced to a local hospital.

The Texas Civil Supreme Court ruled that the DFWPD's and CBI's March 17th mass arrests of suspected Alamos 20,000 members were illegal, citing several breaches of Texas law and CAS law.

Go behind the scenes of the making of next week's three part trideo special The Illuminatus, filmed in and around Fort Worth/Dallas, in a special section co-written by star Dale Harmony.

The Birmingham Spurs sweep the Confederate Conference in a last minute 147 -142 win over the Atlanta Hawks last night. The Spurs go on to play the Detroit Pistons or the Ottawa Bulls of the UCAS West Conference.

The Vachess-Kowalski Anti-Trust bill due in the Texas House of Representatives contains provisions that weaken the Texas Cattleman's Association's ability to limit access to restricted lands by "land raping corporations", said a press release from GreenWar.

Evidence of explosives was found in the Four World Airways luxury zeppelin wreckage near Conroe. CBI officials have determined that the Elouise Raleigh was downed by a surface to air missile.

Rex Poland's much acclaimed interactive five-person murder mystery, Celestial Clockwork, ends its ten week run in the Deep Ellum Throwback Theater.

The Ottawa Bulls of the UCAS West Conference wins game six of the NABA finals with a 138 to 135 win over the Sacramento Kings, bringing the series tied at three games each. Game seven will be played sometime Friday night in an undisclosed location.

Cross Entertainment and Multimedia acquires the Live It Again, Sam line of simsense retail outlets from Other Worlds, Inc. CEM designates Live It Again, Sam as the exclusive distributor of Cross Entertainment and Multimedia simsense chips.

Monobe CAS declines to comment on the last minute withdrawal of their bid to purchase UniOil's share of the UniOil/ARESpace "NASA" Bullet Train. The train services Oklahoma City, FW/D, and Houston.

The Humanis Policlub of Fort Worth/Dallas filed suit yesterday against O.R.C. 151 and Mothers Of Metahumanity's North Dallas branch for instigating riots, character defamation, libel and slander.

Sprawl Stories begins filming in Fort Worth. The Quim Porter detective story will be aired in late July over VoxCSA and affiliates.

Ottawa mourns the loss of Bulls coach Jennifer Elide who died in a boating accident on White Lake. The accident killed three others with two hospitalized.

Aztlan's state-owned oil companies and its foreign partners -- including UniOil and BP - are paying Aztlan's military for protection from guerrillas in the Yucatan peninsula according to the commander of the army. But UniOil and BP denied a NBS report that the foreign companies are funding the creation of elite army units for these installations.

A fire off of the Galveston coast burns into its third day. Authorities say the slick contains toxic waste and advise boaters to stay clear. All residents of the area are advised to wear breath masks when outdoors.

ITTC Press Secretary Mary Ann Holubec announced the recent trid pirate crackdown a success. "Illegal usage of trideo communication satellites are down by 15%," she said.

While the DFWPD investigates the recent gang war that wiped out two gangs, The Sparkling Mages and the Spirochetes, the people who live in East Dallas breathe easier.

The results of our Salary Survey are in. We show who's making what in advertising, by region, sex, race, age, and agency size. Good news for Boston, bad news for Miami.

Construction is halted in Fuchi-America's Ottawa Towers as independent contractors walk off the job. "UCA$ - No Scrip!" read a press release from Dave & Dave.

DFW International Airport was paralyzed last night as a SecurTruk tanker collided with an unknown force, spilling 15,000 liters of toxic materials. HazMat, Incorporated contained the spill without any long-lasting damage to the area.

Francis Thorsund, "Mr. Feelie" from CBC's controversial Down the Tubes, a sitcom following the lives of citizens in fictional "Trogtown", was found decapitated last night.

Luke "Bad Touch" Moreno, of the Albany Jets, was given a three-game suspension for failing a random drug test. "According to an independent testing facility, we have determined that Moreno has not been taking all the supplements that are standard for starting linebackers in the NFL," said Jets Coach DeMonico.

Pope Maria II is rumored to be ill in Vatican City, sources close to the Catholic Church said early this morning.

Week three of the International Baseball Association player's strike ended last night with the destruction of the Player's Association Headquarters.

"Interdict the Conflict" Fusion Metal-Rap music festival organized to alleviate UCAS/CAS music war following the deaths of two Fusion artists.

Art show Animal Attraction comes to the Kimbell on the 14th; Southern Foundationist Church organizes boycott protesting the exhibition.

ARESpace opens the John Boone Memorial Museum in Houston to commemorate the 35th anniversary of the first manned Mars mission.

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