The Shadowrun Webring

Dateline: 08/13/97

There are some pretty cool things out there on-line. You've got The Shadowrun Archive (run by Paolo Marcucci), one of the best sources for Shadowrun material on the net. I'm not sure, but I think there's a law somewhere that if you have a Shadowrun page, you've got to have a link to Paolo's Archive. There we go.

I've been made aware -- thwapped, if you will -- that I hadn't mentioned one of the neatest things on the net. That thing isn't just a web page, it's The Shadowrun Webring, run by Lady Jestyr. The concept behind the Shadowrun Webring is so cool, I'm envious of Lady J for running it...

If you've been surfing the web for a while you may have come across a few of these webrings like the Tomb Raider webring (about EIDOS' game), the Smoke Ring (about barbecue), or the Shadowrun webring (about -- duh!). All sites in a particular webring are related to a specific topic, and have a link on each site that takes the visitor to another site in the ring.

But Lady Jestyr has taken this one step further. Not only does she maintain the list of entries, but she's also developed a few features on her own home page. First, there's the Shadowrun Webring's Featured Site: each week, one excellent site out of the 131+ sites on the webring is spotlighted (or is that monitorlighted?).

Also on Lady Jestyr's site is a list of sites on the webring. Actually, there are two lists. The first one is a list of URLs (at the webring server) that has commentary by the owners of each site on the webring. The second list is a reference list of the individual member sites with a graphic next to the name showing what you could expect to see on that site. You're looking for essays or commentary on the game system? You'd be best looking at the green pegged () links. Geographical information? Blue ().

So, if you're looking for Shadowrun material on the web, I'd suggest three places -- this site, Paolo's Shadowrun Archive, and the Shadowrun Webring.

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