Shoes Dropping

Dateline: 10/01/97

After being employeed for over four months at The Mining Company, and having good reviews in the online Shadowrun community, has closed down due to cost concerns. Although there is a large group of gamers online, Focus on Shadowrun seemed to have been aimed at a niche market, smaller than The Mining Company wanted.

At the end of my online career at The Mining Company, Focus on Shadowrun was ranked 411 out of 614 sites (which I'm certian has nothing to do with TMC's lack of promotion of that site, my three-week leave of absence from the site, or Yahoo!'s refusal to list any Mining Company site -- afraid of a little competition, big boy?). The day I received this news, I also received the following message from my supervisor:

.... we're concerned about the future of sites devoted to individual role-playing games. Although you've worked hard to create an excellent site over the past four months, your site receives far fewer page views than the majority of brand new sites. Ultimately, we fear that your site will never garner enough page views to make it a profitable endeavor for you.

In a very difficult decision-making process, we have decided to eliminate all individual game sites from our service. I want to stress that we have always been pleased with the quality of your site and its content.

Alas, the Focus on Shadowrun site is no more.

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