Babewatch, CAS

Mar 1, 2056 - Mar 4, 2056

Short and Sweet

Mafia hires the runners to kidnap Jenna Holiday, beauty pageant contestant. Runners do so, only to find out that Yakuza and Renraku want her for various reasons. After making a deal with the Yakuza, the runners kidnap Jenna from Renraku, returning her to the contest, blowing their Mafia job.

How It Went Down

The Miss World contest is coming to Fort Worth. Don Tubbs of a local mafia family contracts the runners with a simple kidnapping job. Grab Jenna Holiday, Miss CFS, and hold her until after the competition. The runners come up with various plans - first one is to plant a tracker in the beauty's purse. Lynx, Bishop, and Hong Lang get disguised as maintenance workers at the posh hotel, Guttersnipe casts Mask on himself. As they are stopped at the door by the KE security, Guttersnipe does a lot of talking. Both guards see through the weak spell and a general haul butt scattering takes place, involving earth elementals and exploding cars.

After safely escaping, Hong Lang transforms into a bat and flies to Jenna's balcony. He sneaks in and plants the tracker.

Finding out that Jenna wants to be a recording star, the gang (including Queensryche and Dancing Flame) decide to set themselves up as a minor label. They meet with Jenna's agent/manager/trainer and agree to meet with Jenna at the hotel that evening. The plan is to go in with Guttersnipe as the front man and the rest of the gang as the band members. During the meeting, they fake an illness by one of the band members and evac Jenna on a bogus DocWagon 'copter. During the execution of the plan, something unexpected happens. Members of the Sons of Sauron, protesting the absence of metas [orks and trolls] in the contest decide at that moment to kidnap the beauty contestants. During this confusion, the runners escape, helped [?] by a stranger with a mono-whip that started shouting in Japanese.

Jenna's been tranqued since meeting the band. Our Heroes take her back to Hong Lang's ill-fated apartment where, while relaxing, Renraku Red Samurai burst in, incapacitate the runners, and steal the girl. The runners wake up in a warehouse somewhere near the DFW Airport facing down the Yakuza who want to know where the girl is.

They determine that Renraku has Jenna. The Yakuza strongarms the runners into getting her out of Renraku and to the contest on time. Bishop and Hong Lang freak when blood samples are taken from them - Bishop slugs the collector and Hong Lang transforms into a rhino. Hong Lang and Bishop spend some quality time in the hospital.

The raid on the uncompleted Renraku building goes surprisingly smooth. Lynx, Guttersnipe, Dancing Flame, a troll named Tiny, and a friend of Guttersnipe's goes along on the raid. They find Jenna being questioned by a mage and a mundane, so they cap off a sleep grenade in the examination room. Carting an unconscious (again) Jenna out of there, they drop her off at a local police station.

The next day, they head out to the hospital to visit Hong Lang and Bishop ['cept for Guttersnipe, who went to the police station to check up on Jenna, only to be arrested by the CBI]. The runners at the hospital are bothered by several phone calls. The first was a person who thought the runners were playing games with him in regards to a chip that the runners didn't know about. Frustrated with him, the runners hang up. The next call a few hours later was the Yakuza thanking them for their assistance. On the trideo, Jenna Holiday comes on stage to compete in the contest.

Miss UCAS, Kylie Navoy, wins the Miss World. Jenna Holiday wins runner-up.