Things That Go Bump in the Night

Apr 15, 2056 - Apr 17, 2056

Short and Sweet

The runners are hired by a metahuman rights activist to protect a pack of ghouls from someone hunting them down. While on a food run, the hunter attacks and follows the fleeing ghouls to their hidey-hole. The runners fortify the ghoul's home, but the hunter breaks in, starts a fire, and everyone (except the runners) dies.

How It Went Down

Returning to Dallas/Fort Worth, the runners find that 20Questions is still gone and that they missed Guttersnipe's eighteenth birthday. Not to mention 'Snipe's adoption. A guy named McConnally lost his thirteen year old son in the same explosion that killed Guttersnipe's father five years ago. McConnally and Guttersnipe agreed on the adoption a week before 'Snipe's eighteenth birthday.

That weekend, a woman approaches the runners. She's a metahuman rights activist who needs help for her friends. A group of metas are being hunted down by someone and they need protection. The runners agree to meet the leader of the metas and head out to Dallas's version of the Barrens. There they find that the metahumans that need help are ghouls.

Initially reluctant to assist ghouls, the runners (core group) decide to help out. They visit the ghoul pack's hideout, meeting a cybered ghoul and a ghoul decker (both infected with the Krieger strain of HMHVV). There they talk to the only survivor of one of the attacks. Whatever attacked was swift, silent, and deadly. The ghoul didn't recognize the scent of the hunter.

The ghoul pack is low on food and they hear of a street gang fight a few blocks away. Hoping for some fatalities, they grab a few body bags and head out with the runners. Lynx and Dancing Flame ride out ahead to scope out the combat zone. There, one of them thinks she saw something on the rooftops of the four story buildings across the street.

The ghouls get there just as one gang chases the other off. The ghouls descend on the ganger's bodies. Hong Lang levitates to the rooftop with something on it while Guttersnipe and Queensryche keep an eye on the ghouls. Bishop, Lynx, and Dancing Flame are in the street. Hong Lang screams as something hidden in the mists and steam on the rooftop jumps up a good two meters and pulls him down. Bishop, Flame, and Lynx run up the fire escape to help out. Guttersnipe watches as Hong Lang's body is thrown from one rooftop to another. The three combatants get to the roof in time to see a bloody Hong Lang collapsed on the rooftop and a menacing figure run behind a roof access door. When they get to where the figure went, they found the figure had vanished.

The gang and the ghouls beat a hasty retreat to the ghoul hideout at about 3:30 am. Queensryche downloads a vid picture of the guy that attacked Hong Lang to Guttersnipe's personal sec'y so that everyone could see who the person was. The ghouls retire to the top two floors of the building while the runners decided to crash out in a second story room letting Lynx take guard duty. Bishop and Hong Lang stayed up on the fourth floor, playing poker with the Ghouls. About an hour later, Lynx, making a circuit of the first floor, encounters the man from the vidpicture in the building, spreading kerosene around the floor. The man sees her, shushes her, and smiles. She cries out to the man who then throws her a good five meters. She fires at the man with her pistol, but the man shrugs off the wound.

Alerted by the gunfire, the rest of the crew run downstairs to play hide-and-seek with this man until they realize that the man hunting the ghouls is a vampire and nothing they have seems to be able to stop him. They realize that they're out of their league and leave while two earth elementals of Hong Lang's slows the vampire down. Guttersnipe warns the ghouls that the lair has been invaded before casting a spell and passing out from the drain. The team escapes the building, accidentally setting the kerosene ablaze.

After a few taunts by the the vampire, the vampire stays in the building, killing off the ghouls. Hong Lang parks his car a block away and heads back in astral form to help the ghouls escape the building, only to find that the vampire is still in the building, killing the ghouls. Hong Lang manages to temporarily k.o. the vampire and push him four stories down into the burning building. The group scampers off into the night after calling the fire department.

A few days later, the runners catch a short news item regarding the fire in Grand Prairie - it mentioned that a fire claimed the lives of several ghouls and a few non-ghouls in the block blaze. A call to a friend of this mission's Johnson relates the bad news: all the ghouls were dead. Later that week, Bishop returns to the scene of the fire and discovers that the fire escape was intact and the exits to both did work. Discussing the vampire with the initial contact, he discovers that the vampire was a member of the Humanis policlub who vanished a week or two ago. One of the bodies found in the blaze was the vampire's. If the ghouls managed to escape or how they were killed still remains a mystery.