Friday Night Chaos

Feb 18, 2056 - Feb 21, 2056

Short and Sweet

After a night of violence in southern Dallas, the runners are hired by TandyCorp to determine the manufacturer of a BTL chip. Along the way, they discover that there are crooked elements in Lone Star. A regional director has introduced this BTL into the sprawl to show the inability of the DFWPD to contain the current violence and that Lone Star will be given the sprawl's contract. The runners set up a sting operation to catch him.

How It Went Down

In our runner's first adventure, 20Questions, Guttersnipe, Lynx, Bishop, Hong Lang, and Queensryche witnessed a drive-by shooting at 6:30 pm on Friday. That evening, south Dallas explodes in massive outbreaks of random violence. During a lot of running around, the runners hear that the gang that committed the drive-by was killed. Gunfire echoes in the background, sirens are heard, looters are having a field day. The runners come across fights and firefights, a mandatory curfew is imposed on the cities, and the runners spend the night with a friendly gang.

The next day, the runners find out that over the last two Fridays, violent crimes had increased significantly in the south Dallas area. Mulling this over, a fixer calls up Our Heroes with a job offer. Mister Johnson is from TandyCorp and has a zippy-lock bag containing a BTL chip. It seems that on Friday night, five executives geeked each other in imaginative ways 'bout 8:10pm. All of them were chipping, and Tandy wants the runners to find out where the chips are coming from.

An investigation into the chips reveals coding from a local simsense company and the runners track down an engineer/encoder who was laid off from said company months ago. The encoder had somehow come into some nuyen and has a little shop set up. Unfortunately, the encoder is dead. It seems that a local gang performed a drive-by shooting early Friday evening, and the encoder was one of the dead. And now that gang turned up dead. Looks like someone's covering their tracks.

Hong Lang spends the night at Bu'trey's (the Lone Star mage) where he tells her what they've found out about the BTLs. She hopes to uncover the plot with the runners and get noticed in the ranks of Lone Star, in return she'll kick some Lone Star runs to Hong Lang's group or help out clearing records. Hong Lang confides in her. The BTLs are one-shot ecstasy chips with a hidden code inside them, which they can't decipher.

The next day, Hong Lang returns to his apartment to find four corrupt Lone Star cops who suggest (with a taser/cattle prod) that his boys stop investigating. Realizing that the cops are going to kill him, he summons his bound earth elementals to take care of the mundane cops.

Further investigation turns up names. The encoder's silent backer is Gary DeMichaels, regional director of Lone Star Security Services. They also discover the name of a female street assassin in town from Quebec called St. John.

The runners head to the warehouse where the encoder set up shop, only to be on hand when a Lone Star response team arrives disguised as TandyCorp. All hell breaks looks as the runners escape with proof of DeMichaels' involvement. He's stirring up trouble in the cities, then when it looks like the local police can't handle the increased violence, Lone Star will step in to assist. The BTLs will be cut back and it will have looked like Lone Star saved the day. And the city law enforcement contract is up for renewal in just three months. Perhaps Lone Star will get it.

They learn that St. John killed the gang and is meeting with her Mr. J - DeMichaels. Setting up a sting with undercover DFWPD officers, they record DeMichaels conspiring to kill Hong Lang and two of the other runners. DeMichaels is caught, but St. John slips out. Lynx and Bishop chase her to a parking garage and kill her.

The runners inform TandyCorp and they get paid. Two days later, they check out the warehouse - it's empty.

They later find out what was on the second program on the chip, a program that made the chiphead susceptible to subliminals, subliminals piggybacked on a trideo program broadcast at 8:00 pm on Fridays, Firefight This Week. The subliminals read "Kill, Kill, Kill". The runners don't know what happened to the chips.