Time Heals All Wounds, part two

July 21, 2056 - June 12, 2116

Short and Sweet

After dropping off the Orb, last run's Mister Johnson immediately offers a new job: run to Aztlan and pick up the Orb's twin. Complication: Aztlan Military is supervising an archeological dig that's right over the Orb's location. The runners meet a bounty hunter from the 1880s and one of themselves from the 2110s. Someone you wouldn't think of saves the world. We find out what really happened to Elvis.

How It Went Down

The runners know the second Orb will be unearthed at 10:13am, August 3rd, 2056, near the town of Jourdanton, Aztlan (just south of San Antonio). They know that currently (as of July 8th) the second Orb is 52.3 meters below the surface. The runners accept the job.

After a bit of time recuperating, the runners discover that an archeological dig is in progress at the exact location of the buried artifact. A Matrix run-down of who's at the site brings up nothing.

Hong Lang shows up with a sword and starts talking about Immortals who have lived for hundreds of years and some immortal humans that mutated into elves when the Awakening came about. He thinks that Mr. Johnson has been alive since at least the 1880s. The 1880s were also the last time the Orbs were seen, according to some research that Guttersnipe did.

Lynx visits a library and finds a note she left for herself along with a magical bullet carved with odd runes. The note reads "Good luck. -L"

Everyone ponders.

On the 21st, they head out to Aztlan. Crossing the border in West Texas (after seeing what looked like a feathered serpent but wasn't), the runners hide from Aztlan military. Sneaking further into the interior, the runners discover the area cordoned off by national policia.

A quick surveillance of the site reveals that there is a large hole in the earth and Aztech military supervising. Guttersnipe goes astral, Hong Lang goes batty, and Roadkill sends a drone to the site where they discover that there's a weird astral phenomena happening inside the dig itself and something else in the astral space above the site.

Guttersnipe flees back to his meat body as Hong Lang (in bat form) is attacked by a big nasty. Roadkill's spotter drone tries to help Hong Lang, but the big nasty disappears. The drone heads back to the truck where everyone waits a few minutes for Hong Lang before bugging out. Hong Lang never comes back.

The survivors regroup in San Antonio to wait about a week for the Sphere to be unearthed. Queensryche and Dancing Flame decide that a good idea would be to head to the dig site, posing as a travelling music band. Roadkill and Guttersnipe head back to the area south of the dig to look for Hong Lang, only to find that there are several foavea in the area, denser near the site. The runners make plans to attack the dig site when Roadkill gets a call from Bu'trey Ailla who knows where Hong Lang is.

Our Heroes go searching for the missing magician, discovering that the foavea are getting more numerous near the site and moving in a rough circle around the dig. Dancing Flame and Lynx manage to sneak past the police roadblock with the help of a new-found friend, discover Hong Lang, and manage to get him to a San Antonio MediCarro facility. There, he becomes coherent and slaps the others for even suggesting that they drop him off in an Aztechnology-owned hospital.

Back on track, Lynx and Dancing Flame get a job with Phood, Inc., the food service company that's supplying the civilian workers at the dig. They smuggle Roadkill and several kilos of C-6 in two days before the object is to be unearthed, running into Bishop in San Antonio. Bishop joins up with the old gang, and they plan some more and more and more.

While Roadkill waits at the rendevous point, the others head into the camp disguised as Phood employees, drug the phood knocking out almost every civilian in the camp. Unfortunately, Phood doesn't provide any food for the military, guns go off, and the shit hits the fan so hard, it's knocked into next week.

After several explosions, many bullets, and a royal astral ass-kicking, the earth elementals uncover the Orb and a human frozen in a cyro-tube, Brisco County, Jr. Everyone skedaddles under cover of multiple explosions, taking the Orb. Brisco finds out who the Mr. Johnson is, and informs everyone that that's really James Bly, his sworn rival, who has been bouncing around time and arrived here. All they need is the second rod for this Orb to power it up, but Bly has it. Just then, a golden light appears and Lynx from the future (now calling herself "Alicia") appears and gives the runners the missing rod.

Alicia looks like she's just been dragged through Hell. One odd feature she has is bumps all over her skin, like hives or welts. This becomes important later. Alicia tells the runners Bly's tale:

Bly is an elf from thousands of years ago who entered into a pact with the Enemy. He was going to bring the Enemy into our world in exchange for immortality and to be able to rule the world. He was defeated and took the three Orbs to the future at the next time Magic would be strong enough to bring the Enemy through. There, once again, Bly was defeated by a different group of people and he intended to head back in time to the 1900s, where he would kill the ancestors of the people who defeated him in 2116. But one of the Orbs was damaged, and he overshot his mark.

Bly wound up in the 1880s, where he had to wait for the Orbs he sent back in time with him to come into the timeline. All three Orbs showed up in 1888. The damaged one was destroyed and there Bly ran into Brisco. Brisco managed to stab Bly with a rod from one of the two remaining Orbs which dispersed him until the magic level would be strong enough for him to reform.

Alicia traveled back in time to help Brisco defeat Bly, and told him that Bly would return in 2011. Brisco's friend, Professor Wickwire, built a "sleep chamber", where Brisco stayed in suspended animation until he was unearthed in 2056 (a little bit too late). Bly managed to get the runners to grab one Orb, but he's about to go to 2116 to help his younger self in bringing the Enemy over. Brisco has to stop Bly in 2116.

Everyone takes an aspirin. Alicia returns to the future after telling everyone that they should "kill Guttersnipe before he causes any more trouble." Lynx gives Brisco the bullet she found.

After the dead silence while everyone stares at Guttersnipe, the runners decide to head to 2116 with Brisco (the approaching Azzie helicopters had something to do with it).

2116: The runners pop up in a large marble hall. Lynx collapses and thorns or spikes start growing from her body, breaking the skin. Brisco and Hong Lang head in the direction of sounds of combat and see 2116's Bly in the middle of a huge fight. A bunch of humanoids are firing big guns and casting mega spells against Bly 2116 and a horde of creatures that are dropping out of black holes in the air. Things look bad for the good guys. Hong Lang levitates Brisco so Brisco can shoot Bly 2116, but Brisco is hit by a stray shot, his gun goes flying, and he starts to age quickly.

Meanwhile, in the room with the other PCs, Bly from 2056 jumps to the future with his Orb and attacks the characters, trying to get to the other Orb. The runners do their best to stop him (which merely results in slowing him down). Overhead the great hall, the Mothership arrives and six aliens and a guy in power armor beam down and assault Bly 2116. Hong Lang scrambles to get the gun while three nasty, nasty creatures attack his elemental. Hong Lang manages to get a clear shot off with Brisco's gun and kills Bly 2116 -- at that moment Bly 2056 vanishes, his extra rod falls to the ground. Everyone in the marble hall heads to the great hall and finds out that Hong Lang just saved the world.

Power Armor Elvis thanks Hong Lang and says if Dr. Gilliard hadn't made contact with the alien race Elvis was now King of, they wouldn't have gotten there in time to help out. Alicia takes Bly 2056's rod and heads back in time to give it to the runners outside of the Aztechnology dig site. The 2116 people send Brisco back to 1888, where he should de-age back to 27, and then send the runners to a snowy field outside Dallas, on August 7th, 2056, where the magic level is too low for her body to sustain the thorns, and they fall out/off over the next several days.

End of Season One.