The Seven Deadly Sins

August 22, 2056 - August 23, 2056

Short and Sweet

The runners are hired to investigate the theft of seven art pieces from The Church of Gaia. Tracking the thief down, they wind up at a showdown at a fence's establishment. The gang gets the thief and leave, sans artworks.

How It Went Down

Someone stole seven art pieces from The Church of Gaia. Left to the Church of Gaia by renowned artist Alan Aloné, the controversial etchings were stolen while visiting the Dallas Main House.

Gideon is introduced to the other shadowrunners a mutual contact of Hong Lang's. They head over to the CoG's Dallas Main House to meet with Consul Applewhit, the woman in charge of Dallas operations. There, they inspect the room where the theft occured and view a video from a camera the thief disabled. The runners split up to pursue different leads, planning on heading back that evening to interview the guards who were on duty.

As everyone pursues different paths of investigation, time passes. Independently, our gang of seven pick up several pieces of the puzzle. When they're all together, they discover that they have enough information to find the thief -- if only they move fast enough.

They head out to Jackaroo, an affluent suburb of Fort Worth, where they believe the thief, a ganger on the outs with The Ancients, is heading/has been to fence the goods. When everyone arrives, the ganger is just finishing up negotiations with the fence.

The ganger, Acheron, recognizes Lynx. While she's talking to the thief, one of the bodyguards grabs Lynx's arm and her pistol comes out into full view. All hell breaks loose. Both bodyguards restrain Gideon and Lynx, while outside, Queensryche and Guttersnipe think a free-for-all firefight is about to take place. However, a third party to all this is attacked by Hong Lang, said third party (a physad called Lightning) watching Queensryche and Guttersnipe. Lightning hits Hong Lang, who goes flying. Queensryche opens fire on Lightning, who appearantly teleports away.

Meanwhile, in the fence's store, Acheron tries to take the fence, Callahan, hostage. Both bodyguards rush upstairs, followed by Lynx and Gideon. Hong Lang flys across the road and smashes into the upstairs room, while Guttersnipe and Queensryche run into the downstairs. Roadkill and Dancing Flame head to the store.

Upstairs, Lightning appears and blinds/shocks Acheron. Rain and the other bodyguard (Thunder) prepare to do battle, while Gideon and Lynx negotiate for Acheron and the artwork. They wind up getting the ganger, but not the artwork. Outside, sirens herald the approach of the DFWPD.

Back in the bolthole by the Church, the runners decide to wait until the morning to deliver Acheron to the CoG. After questioning Acheron, they determine that the thief had help and was set up by his Mister Johnson. Dancing Flame leaves for the night, and Hong Lang is called away. But back at the abandoned apartment building, the runners find out that a pair of ghouls call the place home. By the dawn, the ghouls are dead and the building has sustained minor structural damage.

In the morning, the runners go to drop off Acheron at the Church after Lynx drugs Acheron. At the Church of Gaia, Consul Applewhit examines the captive. Satisfied that the runners have delivered the theif, she pays off the runners. They ask about retrieving the artworks, but the Consul withdraws that part of the deal.