Behind The End of the World as We Know It

This section of the web site is for GAMEMASTERS ONLY. This part of the site has short descriptions of each of the runs planned and ran in my campaign. If I find out that any of the gamers in my group has read any of this, your characters will start to have abnormally short life spans.

If you are a player, will always be a player and never a GM - don't read this section. Your GM may have visited this site and taken an idea for your campaign. And there's nothing like spending an hour infiltrating a site and then realizing that you've read this all before.

Disclaimer: Beware SPOILERS for various Shadowrun modules and sourcebooks.
  • In the Crosshairs:
    As the war between the CAS and Aztlan heats up, a vital shipment of weapons for the Texas National Guard is diverted by the Sons of Sauron. But the guns and ammo wind up in the hands of an ambitious go-gang leader.

    Meanwhile, Ares Macrotechnology RoboKnight program has been greenlighted. In the FWD sprawl, 'volunteers' for the program start disappearing, abducted and implanted into several RoboKnight bodies. One of the missing people is a contact of the runners.

    Based on the 'Lost in the Crowd' issue of the Robocop comic book series and about a third of the Robocop television episodes.

  • The Hanging Garden:
    Mister Zero is back, and this time it has captured a schoolbus full of children. Finally ready to leave Suzanna's body for good, it (along with Valdemos) is planning a mass sacrifice.

    An image I have for this adventure is one of a large group of children hanging from chains or hooks inside an abandoned chemical factory while a Blood Mage Gestalt-like catheter flows between them all. Pretty sick.

    This adventure introduces Janette, Suzanna's adoptive mother.

  • "The view from up here is breathtaking":
    Murder mystery on board a zeppelin.

  • The Buzz from Atlanta:
    Jenna Holiday, now a host body for a Mantis Spirit, joins forces with the local Church of Gaia to hunt down and silence the runners that know about the Chruch's secret.

  • Remember the Alamo!:
    The war continues as the CAS force's advance reaches San Antonio. The local Azzie population is fleeing San Antonio, much like the Parisians in WW2 when the Nazis rolled in. The runners are hired to get in to San Antonio, grab something, and get out before the CAS forces get into town.

    This one is based off of the film Kelly's Heroes.

  • God's Country:
    The runners encounter their analogs, doubles from an alternate Earth, who have fled here. The analogs are pursued by enforcers from the alternate Earth - who are also scouts for an invasion party. This alternate Earth is controlled by a State Religion, the Church of Gaia.


  • C.O.D.:
    A rewrite of the C.O.D. run from Shadows of the Underground. Hired to sit on a package for a day, then deliver it to downtown Fort Worth, the runners have no idea that they're shepherding a live nuke into the largest sprawl in North America.

  • Ground Zero:
    By this time, an NPC buddy of one of the runners has married Janette and Mister Zero/Suzanna has decided that the new dad would make a fine host. The spring equinox is drawing near, and the permanent conversion will take place then unless the runners can save their friend and destroy the evil Mister Zero.

    This adventure is based off of HPL's "The Thing on the Doorstep".