Our Contestants This Evening

Gideon: Played by George.
The new kid on the block, Gideon is a large man with a shady past -- but then again, aren't all shadowrunners? Caffeine junkie.

Starbucks? Yeah, I remember them.

Guttersnipe: Played by Bill.
The youngest member of the group, John "Guttersnipe" Taylor turned eighteen back in April. He's a raccoon shaman born and raised in the FW/D Sprawl. Orphaned at 13, he grew up in the custody of the DFW Child Protection Services. He was adopted a week before his eighteenth birthday by a man who lost his son in the same explosion that killed Guttersnipe's father.

Ants! Gettemoffme! Gettemoff!

Hong Lang: Played by Landon.
Hong Lang, aka Crimson Wolf, aka Lobo Cremsi is a Spanish-Chinese-Caucasian Earth Elementalist human from the Dallas area. He studied at the University of Illinois at Chicago's Elemental Hall before returning to the FW/D Sprawl. He has an on-again, off-again relationship (currently on-again) with an elf mage, Bu'trey Ailla, who works for Lone Star at the BeLTV compound. He also has the worst luck of any of the runners. Carries a sword, talks about immortals.

There can be only one.
Hong Lang

Lynx: Played by Tamara.
An elfin ex-Texas Ranger, Lynx is in that gray area between physical adept and street samurai. She's the team's major muscle, proficient with guns, martial arts, and her favorite, the katana -- and her new favorite, an axe.

Let's go.

Napalm: Played by Thomas.
Introduced in The Big Easy. Napalm is a fire elementalist ork with an abrasive personality. He constantly smokes flavored cigars and has a bad fashion sense. He thinks he's irresistable to women. Operative word here is "thinks". Worked with 20Questions years ago, when they worked in the Confederate Bureau of Intelligence.

I can't believe they only wanted 5 nuyen for this tie!