Commercial Break

Dateline: 05/14/97

+++++insert commercial

Camera pans down from black onto a long, dimly lit corridor. An ork, dressed in dark clothes, slowly slides to the metal door and the lit maglock set into the frame of the door. He has a pistol in one hand and a soy-burger in the other. Quickly looking around, he stuffs the burger in his mouth and pulls out a strip of paper from his pocket with his free hand.

Close up of the paper: "Enter XYL29AU. Code word: 'Black Lace'." Paper is pulled out of our vision, revealing a security panel with many keys, a speaker grill, and two lights. The red one is lit.

The ork takes a bite out of the soy-burger and throws the rest away. We see him enter the code onto the pad. From the grill, we hear a mechanical voice. "Please state code word now."

"Bmampk mamphce." Says the ork, chewing on his food.

"Incorrect. Please restate code word."

The ork tries to swallow, can't. "Bmack wathse! Bwamph waftse!"

The red light on the security panel starts to strobe red and alarms go off. A spotlight illuminates the ork from behind. The ork turns, finger in his mouth. Fade to black card with the words "got milk?" in center of screen.

SFX: multiple automatic rifles fire

+++++end commercial

+++++insert commercial

Shot of blue skies, with SFX of a vehicle zipping by quickly. Camera pans down through a cityscape, the color getting grayer as we truck to street level. The view is down a long, straight, empty street. Several intersections down, a white shape zips across the street. Seconds later, the shape zips across a nearer intersection, then again across a closer intersection. Then blazingly fast, the white shape rushes at the camera and stops. We see that itís a white 2058 Chrysler-Nissan Neon. The word "Hoi." appears above the car. Suddenly, the car explodes.

Cut to shot of chromed mercenary with an over the shoulder missile launcher, still smoking. The merc smiles and doffs his hat.

V.O.: "Ares Arms. When you want to send a big message and you donít want any misunderstandings."

Merc gives a big thumbs up to the camera.

+++++end commercial

+++++insert commercial

Camera shot of several clean-cut guards checking IDs as a line of corporate wage slaves files through a security checkpoint, out of the building. Over the checkpoint is a sign reading "Now Leaving Corporate Extranational Territory."

Closeup of an elf, entering the end of the queue. He sticks a folder marked "Umbra Secret: Authorized Personnel Only" into his jacket and looks around nervously. As he gets closer to the checkpoint, he starts to sweat. A security guard looks straight at him and starts walking towards him.

Extreme close up of the elfís right hand as it slowly dips into his jacket pocket and pulls out a package of mints. Cue music.

He pops a freshmaker and smiles. Casually pulling the pin on a small grenade, he drops the explosive on the floor and kicks it over to an open elevator. As the elevator shuts, the guard rushes forward but is knocked back when the grenade explodes.

Chaos reigns in the hallway as the elf, confident and sure of himself, grabs the clipped on ID card from the person in line ahead of him. Fire alarms are going off, but all our hero can hear is the singing "Nothing gets to you, staying fresh, staying cool, with Mentos, fresh and full of life."

He joins the rush on the checkpoint and is waved through with a glance at his purloined identification card. The elf gets outside and pops another freshmaker and turns back to the carnage. He and the wounded security guard share a laugh and the camera holds on a close up of the mint package.

V.O.: "Mentos -- the freshmaker!"

+++++end commercial

+++++insert commercial

Open on long shot of a fishing boat in the middle of the ocean. On the deck are three men.

Extreme close up of one manís heavily cybered upper back as another person hooks a chain through a large ring set in the cybered shoulder. The hooked man starts walking forwards and we can see that most of his body has been converted over to cyberware -- very little natural skin can be seen even though heís wearing only a speedo.

Cut to shot of the cybered man walking towards the camera, dragging the chain, and without a pause, he drops out of sight below the camera.

SFX: Splash as cybered man sinks into the ocean.

Quick shot of chain running into the ocean off the deck of the boat.

V.O. (thick Australian accent): "Anchor."

Quick cut to a can of Foster's slamming onto a bar.

V.O. (thick Australian accent): "Beer. Foster's is Australian for Beer."

+++++end commercial

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