The Rant List

Deciphering Shadowspeak
How to tell the difference between your fuckups and your fragups.

Denver Passes
FASA tries to make the Denver Boxed Set a collectable item.

The Joys and Frustrations of Shadowrun PBeM.

Shoes Dropping
Now hear this! is no more!

Home Again, Home Again, Jiggidy Jig.
Back online after the wedding, move, and a computer crash.

Campaign, Ho!
Sure, your campaign can go on and on, but with a limited campaign, you always know your goal, the final destination.

How many ways can the players screw up the run? Letís count, shall we?

The Shadowrun Webring
Zip around the web with a click.

Buy the Book!
Fill your Shadowrun Bookshelf.

Alternate Campaign: The Bureau for Paranormal Research and Defense
Ghostbusters with an attidude? Twisting Mike Mignola's Hellboy a Shadowrun campaign.

This Just In
Another playing aid for your campaign: News from the Sixth World..

FASA: On Target
The coolest thing about the new sourcebook for Shadowrun -- Target: UCAS.

Storylines and A Little Advice (3)
Conclusion of a look at what a gaming group should get when delving into Shadowrun.

Books for The World of Shadowrun (2)
Part two of a look at what a gaming group should get when delving into Shadowrun.

Starting Your Shadowrun Bookshelf (1)
Part one of a look at what a gaming group should get when delving into Shadowrun.

"Court will take a short recess..."
...while you dig through sourcebook after sourcebook for one stinkin' rule.

"Intelligence? That's just a stat."
How to think.

The Never Ending Game
The run's over, right? Right? Wrong.

Computer Crash
So, you think you're an Evil GM, do you?

Noteworthy Nodes
It's time to start contributing to the World Wide Web.

Commercial Break
I don't know what I was thinking.

Why Insurance Rates for Shadowrunners Are So High
Does it seem like your GM has it out for your characters?

City of Crime
The Underworld Sourcebook and Mob War! products are reviewed.

An Example Of Play
FASA didn't provide one, so here you go.

Conflict: The Necessary Evil
After all, it's an action/adventure game system.

What Is A Role-Playing Game?
Answers for the curious.

Getting Out Of First Gear
A few tips on speeding up your game.

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