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Dateline: 08/06/97

Starting today, you can purchase almost any Shadowrun book through this web site. This site has teamed up with to offer you low rates on all the novels, sourcebooks, and game aides we can get our hands on!

The best thing about this association is that you can order your books in about two clicks from this page. You don't have time to get to a bookstore and thumb through the meager selection of Shadowrun material in the hopes that they just might have a copy of Shadowtech? Well, just a click over to a secure server at, and you're on your way to get pristine copies of the newest Shadowrun books.

I've ordered Jak Koke's Stranger Souls from them (after the bookstore on the corner said it'd be a little over a week to get their copies in), and two days later a padded package arrived at my apartment.

Here's how to read the Shadowrun Bookstore entries:

The list is broken up into several areas, usually grouped by Stock Numbers (the numbers FASA uses for record-keeping). So you've got an area for adventures, an area for novels, an area for 2nd edition core books, and so on.

Selecting the title will take you to where you can purchase the book right away. Several of these books are hard to find - things go out of print. But when selecting hard to find books, will look for those books over the next few weeks. If it gets a copy of the book in house, they'll send you an e-mail listing the selling price. You can always decline the book then.

Next to the title might be a few icons. The first icon - - indicates that FASA lists the book as still being in print. The second icon - - indicates that there is a review of the book available on this site. Click on that icon to read the review. Currently, there are only a few reviews available. More will come.

Following that is the author's name (for novels) and the FASA stock number.

The search for out of print books is the neatest thing. How long have you been looking for a copy of Lone Star or The Universal Brotherhood? Now you can get someone else to help you hunt it down, a bookstore that has considerable resources to find that elusive sourcebook. And if we find it for you, you're not obligated to purchase it.

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