The Rod To Aztlan

May 16, 2056 - May 27, 2056

Short and Sweet

The runners are hired to transport a stolen object d'art across the Aztlan/Texas border. A quick in and out results in the near death of one of the runners.

How It Went Down

The runners are hired to pick up a stolen museum piece in Tenochtitlán and smuggle it out of Aztlan. They are warned not to touch the item - skin oils could discolor the artifact. The runners who stole the item will hand it off to our runners in a religious gift shop in the outskirts of Tenochtitlán.

While Queensryche and Lynx recover from their wounds from last time, Hong Lang receives a rock in the mail.

After spending several hours discussing the details of how to get in, the runners (Hong Lang, Guttersnipe, Dancing Flame, Lynx, and Queensryche) decide to head to Big Spring and meet up with Roadkill and Transit, who will take them to the drop.

The insertion and drive across Northern Aztlan is rather uneventful (aside from a few inter-party conflicts, Guttersnipe playing with the car alarm on a great dragon's limo, and Hong Lang almost being ditched in the desert), and the crew gets to Tenochtitlán with a day to spare.

The runners are driving up to the meet, a few minutes early, when a brilliant blue light flashes out from the windows of the religious store. Everyone jumps out of the vehicles ('cept the riggers and Dancing Flame) and heads to the storefront where they see two people running out of the back room towards the exit. A one-sided fight begins and ends rather quickly with one stranger dead, the other unconscious.

From the back room, a curious blue glow is seen. The room contains two things to note - a scorch mark on the far wall of a man's silhouette and directly in front of the mark, the carrying case the runners were supposed to pick up, open. Inside is a glowing blue rod, about 40cm long, capped with oricalchium.

The policia arrive, and the two magically active runners both get shot. The runners geek the cops and high-tail it out of Tenochtitlán, skillfully evading any confrontation with anyone else in Aztlan.

Crossing the border, the runners get to the drop hours before they need to drop off the rod. Guttersnipe is hospitalized and the others go to the meet. There, the art collector (called "Mr. B" by one of his bodyguards) accepts the rod and gives the runners a bonus.