Confederate Starr

May 4, 2056 - May 9, 2056

Short and Sweet

Trideo star Jenna Holiday hires the runners as bodyguards on the set of her new movie. Things happen on the set as the runners clash with set security. A toxic lion shaman attacks the set and the runners almost get Jenna killed as that's when Jenna's stalker decides to kill her.

How It Went Down

In the days that follow the ghoul caper, both Queensryche and Lynx encounter a very paranoid 20Questions, but lose him both times. Hong Lang moves into his new digs over near Hurst, Queensryche auditions for a band, and Guttersnipe has a belated birthday party at his adopted father's house. At the party, everyone has a good time, except for a few odd occurrences, including some bad news delivered to Guttersnipe before the party's end.

A few days later, Napalm contacts Hong Lang with a job offer. Hong Lang gathers Queensryche, Guttersnipe, and Lynx to meet with the fire elementalist in Garland. There, Napalm explains the basics of the gig: bodyguard Jenna Holiday on the location shots up in Oklahoma on her first big trideo shoot. Knight Errant is the hired security for VoxCSA's trid, Confederate Starr. After her kidnapping under the noses of Knight Errant, she's not ready to trust KE right again and contracted out for personal guards.

On the 4th, the crew, along with Jenna's agent/manager, Dave, travel to Oklahoma City, then out to the Black Kettle Grasslands. KE has a decent sized mobile operations command post set up. Dave leaves them alone, hoping that they'll take care of things before Jenna shows up on the 5th at 8:30am. The running gang splits up, Guttersnipe heads out to scout the perimeter, trips a watcher, and all hell breaks loose. Hong Lang gets into an astral shouting match with holier-than-thou Security Mage Lt. Johnny Pike, and lets slip that it was Hong Lang that broke past KE's defenses in Dallas two months back. Queensryche and Lynx actually make friends with a KE grunt. Napalm tests almost all the food in the catering truck to ensure it isn't poisoned.

Guttersnipe meets with the KE Commander, Shiela Dawsey, and her second, Lt Royce Thompson. They agree to meet each day to go over security details. After bumping into the director, the runners meet up for dinner and discuss security procedures and how Dancing Flame has a crush on Napalm (she doesn't, but Napalm doesn't know this). That night, Guttersnipe wards Jenna's trailer.

The next morning, hunky co-star Micha O'Brien shows up, followed soon by Jenna Holiday. The runners meet Jenna for the first time (not disguised), and they begin the bodyguarding in earnest. Shooting goes well that day, and the runners retire back to the trailer park.

The next day, agent Dave brings some potentially bad news. VoxCSA received an anonymous e-mail from someone demanding the cessation of filming Confederate Starr and the removal of 'Yankee and Foreign influences' from the Black Kettle Grasslands.

That day, inter-party conflicts continue. Hong Lang proceeds to tell Jenna about Dallas and Jenna talks about the events from the Babewatch adventure. Fearing the worst, Guttersnipe shoots Hong Lang in the foot with his narco-jet pistol. Lt. Royce Johnson of Knight Errant wants Guttersnipe to provide KE with the SINs of everyone in Jenna's bodyguard complement which leads to complications when the runners find out that Queensryche doesn't have a SIN and all of her cyberware is technically owned by Fuchi-America, currently stolen by Miss Queensryche. The gang decides to stall the KE guards until they can get a suitable fake SIN for Queensryche. They arrange for Dancing Flame (still in Dallas) to pick up the SIN from Guttersnipe's fixer. Dancing Flame (caucasian this time) meets Guttersnipe up in Oklahoma City when they get a call from Queensryche. Yet another complication...

For earlier that afternoon, when the crew and cast broke for lunch, Queensryche overheard a conversation between two members of Knight Errant - Lt. Pike and an elf discussing how they've checked out Hong Lang's boast about the Dallas escapade, and they're arranging suitable payback. While Hong Lang is off bodyguarding Jenna (and trying to hit on her), Napalm guards the trailers, and Lynx slips off to mega-hunky actor Micha O'Brien's trailer with said mega-hunky actor, Queensryche calls Guttersnipe with the bad news.

Back in Oklahoma City, Guttersnipe prepares for the worse by hiring a gang to obtain some getaway vehicles for the runners to be left in Elk City - just in case they need to use them. Guttersnipe and Dancing Flame then come back to the set. They arrive after shooting is called for the day, due to cloudy skies rolling in.

Napalm, Queensryche, and Hong Lang escort Jenna back to the trailer park. Napalm and Guttersnipe go off for a talk, things get straightened out, and Napalm and Hong Lang go off for a talk. While Hong Lang is gone, Queensryche tells everyone about Pike and the elf everyone realizes that Hong Lang must have let something slip. While the bickering continues, Pike shows up and (yet again) insults the runners. Napalm is annoyed with Hong Lang and storms off. Lynx and Guttersnipe are annoyed with Hong Lang and storm off. Queensryche and Dancing Flame storm off and Queensryche downloads footage of Hong Lang telling Napalm how Dancing Flame really is attracted to Napalm.

The plan is to bring the vehicles up to the ghost town of Ross, about eight miles to the east the next day. An assistant to the director tells the runners that because of the cloudy weather, they'll be shooting the western town scenes tomorrow. All 150 extras should be in the compound by about 8 o'clock.

After the change of guards outside Jenna's trailer, Hong Lang walks off to get something to eat, but Jenna follows him, suggesting that he join her for a drink. Realizing something was wrong, he astrally perceived that it was really Dancing Flame. Blowing the cover on the trick, Dancing Flame and Hong Lang get in an argument. She storms off, and the Ubiquitous Lt. Pike appears to trade insults with Hong Lang. Hong Lang goes to talk with Napalm to smooth things over with the ork fire elementalist but winds up hurting the ork's feelings. They're followed by Guttersnipe "out on patrol", who bugs out when spotted.

The fun never stops as the runners try to protect Jenna the next day of filming with almost 150 extras roaming around the set. Two light fixtures explode during filming, sparking our heroes to run from cover and protect Jenna. It turns out to be nothing, and filming continues. During lunch break, Guttersnipe sends a spirit in astral towards an elf hanging out with some KE Security when he can't get around a large Air Elemental to get a good astral view of the elf. The elemental eats 'Snipe's spirit in about two seconds. 'Snipe then goes up to the KE elf security mage and demands an explanation for why the elf's air elemental killed 'Snipe's spirit. The elf realizes that Guttersnipe is lying and blows him off. Yet another friend is made with the on-site security.

As the day goes by, a thunderstorm rolls in, halting production. As the rain starts to fall, Jenna's boyfriend, Christo, arrives, dropped off by a jeep. While Knight Errant is checking out Christo, Lynx chases after the driver (who is leaving the compound), and over-zealous Guttersnipe casts an Acid Stream spell at the jeep. Once again, the team nails an innocent person. When Christo meets up with Jenna on the set and hugs her, Dancing Flame - disguised as an extra - hears another extra mutter "that bitch", but she cannot tell which person said that.

Dancing Flame relates this news to the crew while they're waiting for the rain to let up. Lynx and Guttersnipe decide to ride on the buses back to Elk City (where the 82 extras what will be used tomorrow are staying) and pick up the cars the gangers from Oklahoma City hopefully left for the runners. Dancing Flame rides into Elk City on her bike, mingles with the extras, and rides back to the set. Lynx and 'Snipe check out the two cars. One is a stolen Oklahoma City police car and the other is a '53 Ford Americar. They leave the COP-One, drive to the abandoned town (getting stuck in the mud after pulling off the road), and run back to the set with the aid of a prairie spirit.

The rain lets up, and the KE Security is scrambled, keeping everyone in their trailers. Another e-mail message was received from the same people, claiming responsibility for the storm and promising death and destruction if the shoot continues.

The shoot continues.

During shooting, the attack begins. Isao "Pride of the South" Jackson, sends in several watchers to confuse the astral watch, and then Wreckers one of the false front sets, collapsing it, nearly crushing some extras. KE is active, as is Guttersnipe, Lynx, Queensryche, and Napalm as they all go after Isao. Only Dancing Flame and Hong Lang protect Jenna. Hong Lang places a barrier spell around Jenna, DF, and three extras. Queensryche takes a shot at Isao's creation and Isao grounds a Manablast through her, killing two extras, and nearly killing Queensryche and Lynx (who tumbles off her motorcycle). While Guttersnipe plays with a Watcher, Queensryche and Lynx manage to get off a shot at Isao, who gets killed when Lt. Pike grounds a spell through Isao's active focus. Guttersnipe astrally and Queensryche and Lynx physically check out the body. Unfortunately, that's not their job.

Because back inside the barrier, Timothy McClaine, Jenna's stalker, takes opportunity of the chaos to take his revenge on Jenna. He saw her kiss Micha O'Brein during filming yesterday, and then saw her hug and kiss Christo. Obviously, she's cheating on him. While Dancing Flame is distracted, he knocks her off-balance and approaches Jenna, taking a small pistol out of his pocket. Hong Lang sees this and drops the barrier spell. Shouting at Jenna, he shoots Timothy. Lynx somehow sees this and manages to get off a shot at the stalker. Timothy falls down, dropping the gun, sobbing. Jenna's in shock. Dancing Flame and Napalm stand over the stalker, disgusted at the pitiful worm. Guttersnipe gets over to the stalker and proceeds to bully the cowering man, slapping him. Napalm, physically repulsed by Guttersnipe's actions, restrains him.

The set is ruined, and Jenna decides to withdraw from the picture. That evening, she leaves for her California home and the runners head back to Dallas.