Behind Snowfall

This section of the web site is for GAMEMASTERS ONLY. This part of the site has short descriptions of each of the runs planned and ran in my campaign. If I find out that any of the gamers in my group has read any of this, your characters will start to have abnormally short life spans.

If you are a player, will always be a player and never a GM - don't read this section. Your GM may have visited this site and taken an idea for your campaign. And there's nothing like spending an hour infiltrating a site and then realizing that you've read this all before.

Disclaimer: Beware SPOILERS for various Shadowrun modules and sourcebooks.
  • Better Dying Through Science:
    A chemist has discovered that what he was working on will stabilize and mask a deadly poisonous compound. He hires the runners to break into his lab, steal and destroy everything, and meet him after the job. But security catches the chemist. The corp tries everything to get his work back - and the runners have the only copy.

    Skipped due to time constraints.

  • The Seven Deadly Sins:
    August 22. A thief has stolen a touring art exhibit from the DFW Church of Gaia's Chapterhouse and saw something he shouldn't have. The CoG hires the runners to track the thief down and bring the artwork and the thief to them, obstinately to determine how he broke in. A simple run, with no plot twists.

    This adventure introduces the Church of Gaia, a Universal Brotherhood for 2056. It also introduced Consul Applewhit.

    Our first PBeM scenario.

  • Hypothermia:
    September 16. The Queen Euphoria run with changes. Mercurial is the target of this run. Moved up to allow an action-packed run following the 90% legwork run The Seven Deadly Sins.

    About this time, the DFWPD goes on strike. The strike ends when the City Manager files a motion on behalf of the cities that the DFWPD has broken their contract, and signs the law enforcement contract over to Knight Errant.

  • The Strange Case of Mister Zero:
    October 26. Mister Zero, one of the (hopefully) few Horrors that have gotten into the Sixth World, has formed an evil group, the Cabal of Zero. They've kidnapped a son of a local crime figure and are planning on sacrificing the son. The crime figure hires the runners to find his son. The climax should fall on Halloween night.

    This adventure introduces Mister Zero, the Cabal, Suzanna, and Valdemos. Parts of this adventure are cannibalized from Ivy and Chrome. The concept of Mister Zero comes from H. P. Lovecraft's short story "The Thing on the Doorstep".

  • 20,000 Leagues Under The Sea:
    November 3. The CBI hires the runners to investigate an underwater facility on the continental shelf and find out what is really going on down there. Moved back to allow the discovery of the Sprite weather control system later in the season.

    This adventure includes the revelation that one of the runners actually is a CBI plant; that there is a secret war brewing between elements of the CBI, NSI, and the UCAS; and what's really going on with the weather.

  • The Shell Game:
    The Yakuza discovers that an assassin is coming into town to kill someone. The policlub that is hiring the assassin will give the assassin the details and target of the hit to the assassin when he arrives in the sprawl. The Yakuza wants a Texas Senator killed, and pose as CBI agents to hire the runners. The false agents tell the runners that they want the runners to take the place of the Johnson hiring the assassin and give the assassin a target that will be well protected by the CBI (The Senator). The Yakuza gets a free hit and the runners take the fall.

    Originally due to be run in the first season, will be skipped over when we get to it. Based off of the movie Sneakers and a "Mission: Impossible" television episode.

  • In Mother's Arms:
    November 21. Consul Applewhit from the Church of Gaia (The Seven Deadly Sins) has had her daughter kidnapped by a Roach Nest. She hires the runners to get her daughter back from a "cult group" that her daughter joined. The mother knows of the Roach Nest's existence, but the Roach Nest doesn't know about the Church of Gaia's link to the Bug Threat.

    A simple run with lots and lots of combat when the runners get in over their heads.

  • Your Last Day on Earth:
    December 19. The Missing Blood run, with the Church of Gaia (Fly and Wasp) as the target instead of the Universal Brotherhood.