what's it all about

A play-by-chat-room game based on the old Star Wars RPG, put out by WEG many moons ago. A two-page PDF overview of the current D6 game system might be worth looking at. Check out the Basic Rules and Combat Basics of this section for our rules. Don't worry if you don't want to read everything on the pages -- there are summaries of the rules at the top of each page. Just make sure you've read over those.

gaming times

The game is currently on hiatus. However, when the game is run, we generally will be playing on Sunday afternoon/evening, around 6:00 EST. Log using your character name and /label yourself with your real name. Subscribe to #RebelScum for game time and day updates and more announcements. We generally keep the game door open for a few minutes to see if anyone else would like to join up.

a note on the galaxy far, far away

As far as I'm concerned, there's only three Star Wars movies and they feature Luke, Han, and Leia. I've read a few of the novels, seen the Star Wars Holiday Special, the two Ewok movies, have the complete run of the Droids comic book series, and yes, have even thumbed through an "Alien Races of Star Wars" book at one time. All of them are nice, but they aren't what I consider canon to the game universe we'll be playing in. (For game purposes, just consider them "authorized" fan fiction.)

Bascally, I might reference a planet or system that has been developed fully in some book I haven't read. If I say it's a highly volcanic planet that the Empire uses as a prison colony for its worst offenders and you know it's supposed to be a lush jungle planet populated with over five billion peace-loving people, it's a highly volcanic planet that the Empire uses as a prison colony for its worst offenders.

Oh, and if The Force is "an energy field created by all living things. It surrounds us and penetrates us", then that's that. It's not "an energy field created by all living things except for this group of beings introduced in a book that came out years after Return of the Jedi". I'll probably never use the term "midi-cholrians" either.

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