advancing characters

skill points

At the end of a full-fledged adventure, the GM distributes Skill Points. The better you do in the adventure, the more skill points you receive. Most adventures award three to ten skill points. Depending on the length of the adventure, heroic and dramatic actions your character may have taken, coming up with a unique solution that the GM didn't even think of, meeting certain goals in the mission, or just being an all-around fun player in the chat room, you might get even more skill points.

For our purposes, we'll give out a base of one skill point for each game session you attend, as long as you showed up for even a little bit. Some goals only occur in specific game sessions, so players that showed up for those key sessions might have more than people who weren't able to show up.

If you do not use all your skill points between adventures, you can save them until the end of the next adventure, when you can add them to the reward for the next adventure.

improving skills

To increase a skill code by one pip, you must spend as many skill points as the number before the D. So increasing a skill that's 2d+1 to 2d+2 costs two skill points. Increasing it again from 2d+2 to 3d costs two more skill points. Increasing it again from 3d to 3d+1 is three skill points.

When increasing a skill by a pip, a skill with no + goes to +1; a skill with +1 goes to +2; and a skill with +2 loses the +2, but increases the number before the D.

You can spend skill points in any order you wish, increasing any of your skills by any amount, as long as you don't spend more skill points than you have.

improving attributes

To improve an attribute, it is done in the exact same manner as improving a skill, except the cost is ten times the number before the d. Improving that Perception of 3d+1 to 3d+2 will require 30 skill points. All your basic, non-improved skills now use the new die code. This means if you previously increased your Command to 4d+1, when you improve your Perception from 3d+1 to 3d+2, your Command skill stays at 4d+1.

improving equipment

This is done exactly the way you would improve your skills. If you wanted your blaster to do more damage, you would pay four skill points to move the damage from 4d to 4d+1.

Potentially confusing bit: Equipment that affects a character's skill or attribute code, such as armor, costs three more skill points per pip than equipment that doesn't affect skill or attributes. Improving 1d armor to 1d+1 armor costs four skill points. Note that this also increased the Dexterity penalty. To remove this penalty, you can pay the same amount. Increasing 1d armor to 1d+1 for Str to resist damage yet keeping the Dex penalty 1d, would cost eight points (four to improve the Str bit, four to move the Dex bit back down). You can reduce the Dex penalty even further by paying more -- the same improvement but moving the Dex penalty from -1d to -2 (pips) would be twelve skill points. Note also that the maximum the protection you can upgrade any one suit of armor is 1d higher than the base protection for Str/damage resistance. The lowest you can minimize the Dex penalty is -1 (pip).

I know what I'm talking about and even I find that confusing. Contact me if you're interested in this.
Oh, and if that's not confusing enough, you'll have to make Technology rolls after you spend the points but before you actually improve the weapon or armor or whatever PER PIP OF IMPROVEMENT. The rolls start off Very Easy and move up the scale to Difficult. If you fail the roll, the skill points are wasted.

One more thing: you can also spend points to improve starships and vehicles. If you're interested, let me know.

learning new force skills

It would probably be easier to just loan Tamara the books for this section.

force points

You gain Force Points by using Force Points. See the basic rules for more information.

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