dear darth abby

on reaction skills

Darth Abby, If you are attempting to use only one skill in a round, and you use a reaction skill before then, does the ONE skill get a reduced die? Or does the die reduction for reaction skill use only apply if you are already being reduced by using more than one skill in a round?

- Confused in Canada

Gentle reader, when you declare only one action, but you must use a reaction skill before that action, that reaction skill use is considered a second action. As you are now performing two actions that round, both actions suffer a -1d penalty.

Assuming all your skills are at 3d, if you declare that you are throwing a thermal detonator and are forced to dodge before you get the throw off, you are now doing two actions. Your dodge is made at 2d and your throw is made at 2d. If you were able to throw before you needed to dodge, you would have made your throw at 3d and then realized you needed to dodge. Your dodge would be reduced to 2d.

Likewise, if you had declared that you were throwing the thermal detonator then firing a shot from your blaster pistol, knowing that these two actions reduce your die codes to 2d each, a dodge made at any time in that combat round would reduce the dodge and any actions after the dodge to 1d each.

on declaration order

Darth Abby, does everyone roll a perception roll at the start of the combat to determine action declaration order? And do players get to use their high perception to know what NPCs will do before declaring their own actions? Or just the other PCs?

- A Gamer from Calgary

Gentle reader, no roll is needed. The order is based off of the die code for Perception. This simulates those with a better ability to tell what is going on to act on that knowledge.

To your second question, yes, everyone that your character can see and/or knows about will declare what he, she, or it is doing during the declaration phase. A hidden sniper will not have to declare who he is shooting at, but a group of angry Stormtroopers will let you know who they are shooting at this round during the declaration phase.

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