character templates

Note: Actual pre-generated characters will appear here on or about Thursday.

Armchair Historian - A military hobbyist with no actual military experience. High: Kno, Per; Low: Tech

Arrogant Noble - From the upper classes of society. High: Per; Low: Tech

Gambler - *cough* Lando *cough*. High: Per, Dex; Low: Tech, Mech

Laconic Scout - Soft-spoken outdoorsy type. High: Kno; Low: Per

Loyal Retainer - Think Alfred Pennyworth goes to war. Average stats

The Merc - The only thing that's better than one blaster is two. High: Dex, Str; Low: Per

Old Senatorial - Think Senator John McCain. High: Kno, Per; Low: Tech, Str

Pirate - A true scoundrel at heart. High: Dex, Mech; Low: Kno

Quixotic Jedi - Someone who really really wants to be a Jedi. Comes with minor Force powers. High: Dex; Low: Tech

Retired Imperial Captain - Disallusioned with the Empire. High: Mech; Low: Str

Smuggler - *cough* Han Solo *cough* High: Mech; Low: Kno

Tongue-Tied Engineer - More at home with droids than humans. High: Tech; Low: Dex, Per

[Stats: Dexterity, Knowledge, Mechanical, Perception, Strength, and Technical]

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