The following is more or less unedited for those of that are curious about how a play-by-chat-room session looks. Times are listed to give the curious an idea about how long it takes a conversation or game action to be completed. This session ran five hours and eighteen minutes.

the journey to Kwenn

12:00:30 - Thomas: We are now recording.
12:00:32 - Keeor: I will also transcribe, just because I think it's cool that I can do that.
12:00:44 - Keeor: But not yet.
12:01:01 - Ren: Kai-la is Lynette, and wishes to be invited.
12:01:06 - Keeor: I have no jelly in the house, so I think I'll slap some cheese slices on a bagel.
12:01:22 - Keeor: Better hurry.
12:01:25 - Keeor is away.
12:01:43 - [RinkChat] User Kai-la is invited to the room by Thomas.
12:02:13 - Kai-la has entered.
12:02:30 - Kai-la: Jessie wants to watch.
12:02:49 - [RinkChat] User Jessie is invited to the room by Thomas.
12:03:15 - Jessie has entered.
12:03:47 - Jessie: I wish I'd known ahead of time whether I'd be here. Ah well. I'll watch.
12:04:20 - Thomas: If you want, grab a character. There's room.
12:04:35 - Jessie: What, make one up on the fly?
12:04:47 - Keeor is back.
12:04:57 - Kai-la: No, from the character... thingies...
12:05:03 - Thomas:
12:05:16 - Kai-la: -> gameworl -> Rebel Scum -> Character Templates
12:05:21 - Kai-la: ...What he said!
12:05:24 - Thomas: Let's let Jessie know who's who here.
12:05:45 - * Keeor = Monkeyma
12:05:48 - Keeor: +n
12:05:49 - Kai-la: I'm a Twi'lek smuggler named Kai'la.
12:06:10 - Thomas: Tell her what character templates you've picked, too.
12:06:22 - Kai-la: (smuggler = Smuggler)
12:06:36 - Keeor: I'm a Rodian butler who has been assigned to watch his mistress's niece's (Sara's) back.
12:06:48 - Ren: I'm a tongue-tied engineer named Ren Nodell.
12:06:49 - Keeor: (Loyal Retainer)
12:07:26 - Sara: I am a Jedi, at your service. My name id Sarah Thistle.
12:07:26 - Jessie: I'll be a Merc, I guess. Is anyone else being a merc?
12:07:44 - Keeor: Nope.
12:07:49 - Kai-la: Jessie: Nope. Merc your heart out.
12:07:51 - Sara: Note: Sara is a quixotic jedi.
12:08:05 - Thomas: Merc is okay.
12:08:08 - Jessie: I love that quixotic jedi is a class.
12:08:12 - Thomas: What's your Merc's name?
12:08:21 - Keeor: Actually, it's a template.
12:08:22 - Sara: Me too!
12:08:38 - Keeor: It appears that d6 does not have "classes" in the traditional sense.
12:08:53 - Keeor: But the Quixotic Jedi is an AWESOME template.
12:10:27 - Jessie: Yick. Everything has to be PDF, I suppose?
12:10:59 - Thomas: Just that one file. Can't download it?
12:11:55 - [RinkChat] User Keeor rolls 4d6: 3 + 2 + 3 + 6 = 14
12:11:59 - Jessie: Well, I can't download it onto my computer. I can view, though.
12:12:10 - Keeor: Huh. I thought the /roll command allowed plusses.
12:12:16 - Thomas: Okay. Just keep that open in another window then.
12:12:18 - Kai-la: I printed it from viewing. Can you do that?
12:12:23 - Keeor: But "/roll 4d6+1" is invalid.
12:12:43 - Thomas: The /roll command does not allow for plusses. We have to add those in ourselves.
12:12:45 - Sara: Uh oh, does that mean we have to do math?
12:12:47 - [Ren->Thomas] Concerning the ship, how does this look (except much smaller)? An AA-line Coruscant Freighter Dating back to the Clone Wars, but massively retrofitted.
12:12:53 - Keeor: Not much.
12:13:02 - Keeor: +1 or +2. Nothing more. :-)
12:13:07 - Sara: I think I may be able to handle it then.
12:13:12 - Keeor: Oh, and maybe some more math on a good roll of the wild die.
12:13:33 - Sara: Wild die are good things.
12:13:34 - Jessie: I never did any thing like this, so I am a complete noob.
12:13:39 - Kai-la: Do we get to start now soon maybe? *bounce*
12:13:43 - Thomas: And just using the roll Don/Keeor made, that first 3 is what we'd be looking at for the wild die.
12:13:48 - Jessie: Yay, printingness.
12:13:51 - Kai-la: Oh, and I'm *really* sorry about my schedule stupidities, everyone.
12:13:54 - * Jessie is holding you all up and is sorry.
12:14:04 - Keeor: Right.
12:14:07 - Thomas: Because he got a three, it's just a three.
12:14:11 - [RinkChat] User Ren rolls 9d31: 18 + 22 + 12 + 7 + 29 + 7 + 23 + 12 + 14 = 144
12:14:12 - * Kai-la HUGS Jessie!!!!
12:14:22 - [Thomas->Ren] sure. good ship.
12:14:24 - Keeor: Kai-la: Not a problem. Originally my schedule was going to have us start 45 minutes from now.
12:14:35 - Kai-la: Fair enough.
12:14:44 - Keeor: Ack. I'm so in character I can't even call you Lynette now. :-.
12:14:44 - Thomas: Everyone ready?
12:15:02 - Keeor: Yes, ready.
12:15:02 - Sara: Ready
12:15:22 - Ren: Oui.
12:15:26 - Jessie: I guess I'll just have to be Jessie the merc... yeah.
12:15:35 - Jessie: Okay.
12:15:37 - Kai-la: Keeor: Dude, you smell.
12:15:50 - Thomas: What name do you want to be?
12:16:13 - * Keeor does not smell, thanks to years of experience with showering and using perfumes to cover his pheromones.
12:16:26 - Kai-la: Oh. Awesome, okay.
12:16:27 - Jessie: Neela.
12:16:42 - Jessie: Invite that, and I'll go make Neela the female human merc.
12:17:32 - Jessie has left.
12:17:32 - Jessie has entered.
12:17:32 - Ren: Keeor: Now you just smell like a pansy.
12:17:35 - Thomas: Create that username and I'll invite her. Come in as Neela.
12:17:56 - Keeor: Ren: Not THAT kind of perfume.
12:18:00 - [RinkChat] User Neela is invited to the room by Thomas.
12:18:10 - [RinkChat] User Jessie has been kicked from the room by Thomas.
12:18:11 - Neela has entered.
12:18:26 - Neela: Urgh. Why am I still here?
12:18:34 - Thomas: Okay. Let's see now.
12:18:40 - Keeor: Jessie refuses to leave.
12:18:42 - [RinkChat] User Jessie has been evicted from the room by Thomas.
12:19:05 - Ren: Goodness.
12:19:10 - Thomas: She'll time out on her own.
12:19:11 - Jessie has left.
12:19:25 - Neela: AND GOOD RIDDANCE
12:19:33 - Thomas: Okay then.
12:19:39 - Keeor: For anyone who has just created a new name for this, remember to either switch to streaming or shorten your refresh cycle to 7 seconds if you want.
12:20:19 - Kai-la: Hey, smart.
12:20:20 - Ren has left.
12:20:27 - Ren has entered.
12:20:32 - Sara has left.
12:20:34 - Kai-la has left.
12:20:34 - Neela: Did it already.
12:20:36 - Ren: Thanks.
12:20:36 - Thomas: Cool. I'll have to do the same thing.
12:20:37 - Sara has entered.
12:20:39 - Kai-la has entered.
12:20:56 - [RinkChat] User Sara has been made a moderator by Thomas.
12:20:58 - Thomas has left.
12:21:02 - Thomas has entered.
12:21:18 - Keeor: Streaming sucks on this computer, so I may have up to a seven-second response time delay. Apologies in advance. :-)
12:21:25 - [RinkChat] User Thomas has been made a moderator by Sara.
12:22:03 - [RinkChat] User Sara has had moderator status revoked by Thomas.
12:22:14 - [RinkChat] User Sara has been labeled 'Tamara' by Thomas.
12:22:20 - [RinkChat] User Ren has been labeled 'James' by Thomas.
12:22:55 - Thomas: Okay. Has everyone read over the introduction at ?
12:23:08 - Sara: I have.
12:23:08 - Keeor: Yes.
12:23:21 - Kai-la: Yes.
12:23:24 - Ren: Aye.
12:24:19 - [Keeor->Thomas] Remind me again -- what damage does my hold-out blaster do?
12:24:39 - Thomas: So while Jessie reads it over, let's take a look over at The Saucy Wench, Kai'la's ship.
12:24:52 - Keeor: Excellent.
12:25:02 - [Thomas->Keeor] It's a small, concealable blaster. Damage is 3d+1.
12:25:07 - Ren: It is.
12:25:39 - Kai-la: She's not much to look at, but she'll get us where we need to go.
12:26:08 - Thomas: It's a bit run down. Rather old, actually, but Ren is happy with the amount of ducting tape he's used to hold pretty much everything together.
12:26:08 - [Keeor->Thomas] Assume that I keep it concealed until further notice, unless keeping it concealed is likely to hinder me in some way.
12:26:56 - Ren: It's better old than most ships are new, these days.
12:27:19 - Thomas: Luckily, there's enough in the cargo hold for you to fit all of Princess Reppana's stuff carefully on board.
12:27:32 - Keeor: As worried as I am about the age of this ship, I can't help but be impressed that the two of you have managed to keep it space-worthy.
12:28:26 - Thomas: "Be careful, you clod," seems to be her favorite phrase. Her second-favorite phrase is "Be careful with that, you oaf."
12:28:31 - Kai-la: To think we'd ever have to stoop to carting around a bloody princess's boudoir...
12:28:39 - Neela: Lovely person.
12:29:17 - Thomas: But after a good half hour, you've managed to get everything on board and she's finally satisfied, if just barely.
12:30:10 - Keeor: I am quite unimpressed with the princess's manners. My mistress is able to maintain dignity and cordiality.
12:30:27 - Keeor: But I won't be telling her that.
12:30:42 - Neela: I'll tell her what I think if she doesn't watch herself.
12:30:48 - Kai-la: Mind if I tell her for you?
12:31:10 - Keeor: You may do as you wish. It's your ship, after all.
12:31:13 - Ren: So... she's... y'know... a real princess?
12:31:19 - Sara: Let me deal with the lady. She is in need.
12:31:25 - * Kai-la grins at Neela.
12:31:34 - Kai-la: I think you and I'll get along just fine.
12:31:42 - Neela: I believe we will.
12:31:46 - Thomas: "And now I take my leave, your Grace," the Princess' manservant bows. "I shall attempt to distract your father, while you make your escape."
12:31:53 - Kai-la: Hey, Renny, keep your mind on your work, or you're fired. I mean it this time.
12:32:17 - Ren: Eeep.
12:32:33 - * Keeor mutters under his breath, "Rupert is leaving? Great, there goes her voice of reason."
12:32:43 - * Thomas assumes this is just stuff you've been muttering whilst loading the cargo.
12:32:50 - * Sara bows to the princess.
12:33:06 - Sara: Shall I show you to your quarters?
12:33:14 - Keeor: Thomas: That sounds about right.
12:33:28 - Thomas: She nods. "Indeed Rupert. We shall contact you once we safe at Kwenn."
12:34:11 - [Kai-la->Thomas, Ren] Oooh, can the princess's quarters have a whole bunch of the souvenirs in them? Just for the amusement value?
12:34:16 - Thomas: Princess Reppana smiles at Sara. "Finally, one who knows her place. We allow you to escort us to our quarters."
12:34:31 - Sara: Please follow me your highness.
12:34:38 - * Keeor plans to tag along with Sara and Reppana.
12:34:47 - Thomas: "We only hope it is not covered in filth and grime like the rest of this vessel."
12:34:47 - Keeor: Unless prevented.
12:35:01 - * Kai-la raises an eyebrow at Ren and follows.
12:35:03 - Thomas: The princess follows Sara.
12:35:33 - * Ren mutters to himself about the fine quality of his ship.
12:35:38 - * Keeor follows the princess.
12:35:50 - Sara: I hope it will suffice m'lady. We are just poor space travlers. We shall attempt to make your stay here as comfortable as possible during our trip.
12:36:20 - * Neela is going to hang around in the cargo hold and avoid the royalty.
12:36:28 - Neela: The ship ain't that bad.
12:36:46 - Thomas: When Sara arrives at the passenger quarters, the princess is most shocked. "Are these the best accommodations on board?"
12:37:43 - Sara: Unfortunately so m'lady.
12:37:53 - Keeor: I'm afraid that those who flee from their responsibilities can not often be afforded the luxuries they are used to.
12:37:55 - Thomas: The door to the passenger quarters has several cheaply-made holographic logos of various planets stuck to the frame.
12:38:10 - * Keeor tries to keep the derision out of his tone.
12:38:40 - Kai-la: No, but as long as I'm captain here, I'm going to be staying in the best accomodations. So it's either here or back to your palace.... Your Majesty.
12:39:26 - Keeor: (Is she paying well for this service? Paying in advance?)
12:39:57 - Kai-la: (I have no idea. Is she?)
12:40:12 - Thomas: "Under these circumstances, this will have to do. We shall wait here until your manservant cleans our quarters." She looks at Keeor.
12:40:38 - Kai-la: Hey, he's not my manservant.
12:40:40 - Thomas: [You have a deposit, but the majority of the funds will be transferred to you upon arrival.]
12:40:44 - * Keeor sighs and takes a look around the room to see what can be done and how long it will take.
12:41:04 - Kai-la: Hey, Keeor, you touch the holographs, you answer to me, alright?
12:41:09 - Thomas: Keeor thinks he should start by removing the dirty laundry from the bed.
12:41:16 - Keeor: Yes, captain.
12:41:31 - * Keeor gathers the dirty laundry from atop the bed.
12:41:38 - * Kai-la heads up to the cockpit to prep the ship.
12:41:40 - Keeor: Where should I take this, captain?
12:41:50 - Sara: Thank you Keeor. Please m'lady, perhaps we can get some refreshment while we wait.
12:42:05 - * Keeor calls this after Kai-la as she walks away.
12:42:15 - Kai-la: Erm, elsewhere? Third room down the hall's empty, I think.
12:42:18 - Thomas: "We approve," she says.
12:42:25 - Thomas: [now for some ship procedures.]
12:42:27 - Kai-la: (I'm assuming I don't have laundry on board)
12:42:32 - * Sara leads the way to the messhall.
12:43:03 - * Keeor carries his load down the hall in search of the third room, assuming that all the clutter he picks up will be deposited there.
12:43:09 - Sara: What do you wish, m'lady?
12:43:12 - Neela: (Um... little confused here... I assume I'm ship's crew?)
12:43:43 - Thomas: :: once the ship is spaceborne, someone uses the astrogation computer to plot in a course for Kwenn. That person makes an astrogation roll, or a Mechanical roll, if they don't have astrogation.
12:43:43 - Keeor: (I assumed Neela was hired muscle in case of trouble.)
12:43:53 - Kai-la: (No.... the ship is mine, and Ren is my crew. Kinda like Han and Chewie. Why *do* we have all these other people along, Thomas?)
12:44:05 - Kai-la: I have Astrogation.
12:44:19 - Neela: (I can be hired muscle. Heehee.)
12:44:31 - Sara: I think it is good for the captian to have Astrogation.
12:44:32 - [RinkChat] User Kai-la rolls 4d6: 2 + 6 + 3 + 1 = 12
12:44:32 - Keeor: (Good for our captain and pilot to have astrogation. :-) )
12:44:37 - Kai-la: +1
12:44:42 - Kai-la: 13.
12:44:45 - Kai-la: Ouch.
12:45:01 - Ren: Oh dear.
12:45:12 - Thomas: [I'm guessing you're all part of the Rebel Alliance, whose mission is to gather information while posing as HOLD ON A SEC.
12:45:21 - Thomas: Wait.
12:45:25 - Kai-la: O.o
12:45:42 - Sara: I don't know how to pose as HOLD ON A SEC
12:46:08 - Thomas: [... while posing as mercenaries or whatever. Viola, a reason for all you to be together. Oh, and you know each other pretty well.]
12:46:21 - Thomas: But right now, you're still on the ground.
12:46:27 - Kai-la: [Oh, we do? Well then. Go us.]
12:46:31 - Keeor: [OK then.]
12:46:37 - Kai-la: [Oh, sweet! The crappy roll doesn't count!]
12:47:00 - * Neela makes her way up to the cockpit because it's boring and lonely in the cargo hold.
12:47:06 - Neela: (Also, done the reading.)
12:47:23 - Kai-la: [So are there any character things we should know about each other before we really get rolling, since we apparently know each other pretty well?]
12:47:30 - * Keeor continues to clean the princess's quarters. This could take a while...
12:48:21 - Thomas: Right. We'll pause for a second while you divulge all about your characters.
12:48:36 - * Ren is keeping an eye on the engines during take-off, and making sure Kai-la doesn't crash the nav computer again.
12:48:54 - Ren: [PAUSE.]
12:49:47 - Kai-la has left.
12:50:16 - Thomas: Dang. Those twichy escape pods.
12:50:16 - Neela: (Geh. I wish someone could find it possible to talk to me/ask me to do something without yelling. I have a few chores to do... may be slow to respond..)
12:50:33 - Kai-la has entered.
12:50:39 - Kai-la: [So are there any character things we should know about each other before we really get rolling, since we apparently know each other pretty well?]
12:51:04 - Kai-la: Sorry. Computer briefly went kerplooey.
12:51:19 - Kai-la: Okay, I'm a twilek'lek.jpg
12:51:22 - * Keeor has been in service to Sarah's aunt (a very kind noblewoman) for many years. When his mistress joined the Rebel Alliance, Keeor began to use hit combat training from his younger days more often. While primarily serving as a bodyguard and servant to his mistress, Keeor is sometimes given special tasks such as this one: watching Sarah's back in case she gets in over her head. Sarah's aunt finds Sarah's insistence on being a Jedi to be a little eccentric, and a cause for concern.
12:52:03 - Kai-la: (except with more clothing.
12:52:16 - Keeor: *use his combat training
12:53:05 - Keeor: I'm a Rodian:
12:53:48 - Keeor: I dress in human fashions, however, and try to be as un-bug-monster-like as possible. Which is not easy. But Rodians are common enough that I probably don't seem too out of place.
12:54:39 - * Ren is reasonably tall, lanky, and fairly awkward. Light brown hair, and though he's young, slightly balding. Most people after meeting him would probably attribute it to stress. He's nervous, non-confrontational, easily intimidated... except when it comes to the ship and its operation. He's a bit of a hick, and the exotic, alien, or just plain fancy tend to scare and/or impress him, and he easily falls into a bit of a hero-worship mode.
12:55:55 - * Sara is fully convinced that she is a Jedi. Though it upset her family, she felt it her duty to take up the fight of the rebels against the dark force and those under it's thrall. A source of amusement to others in the ship, she can be quite useful in close quarter fights. She has trained for years for the use of a lightsaber. Though she does not have one now, she can be quite deadly with her duelling sword.
12:56:05 - Keeor: Oh, yes. And I'm fairly short. 5'5" or so. Fairly quiet most of the time, and self-assured.
12:57:03 - * Kai-la - to avoid being a status symbol and sex object - went into the smuggling business, and eventually saved up enough to buy her own starfreighter. She and Ren have been working together for several years now. She joined the rebellion a couple years ago, when the Empire really started to restrict trade, basically because it pissed her off. She's not entirely sure what she thinks about the whole good/evil Jedi/Sith thing... but she does know that it's harder for her to make money, and that she finds the Empire's policies odd, to say the least. Mostly she just cares about her ship, herself, and not getting killed.
12:57:40 - * Ren has known Kai-la the longest out of the crew, and has a bit of a friendly crush on her. He mistakenly believes this is not completely obvious, despite the fact that he often turns bright red in certain situations around her.
12:58:02 - Neela: I'm Neela, I'm human, I'm short and blond because I haven't the time to come up with anything else. I'm a merc, dislike the empire because they betrayed me and some other mercs and a lot of us died. I'm sort of crude, but I work well with others. I don't have a particularly good or bad opinion of Jedis/Sith.
12:58:42 - Neela: I like blasting things, apparently, because that's where all my skills are.
12:58:54 - Neela: And I found the broom.
12:59:05 - Kai-la: The Saucy Wench is well taken care of, if old, and a bit quirky. There are stickers and souvenirs from pretty much every major starport all over the ship - Ren has the odd habit of buying me something whenever we make port.
12:59:13 - Keeor: I could use that broom.
12:59:28 - Kai-la: [I think that's everybody]
12:59:35 - Keeor: [LOL at Ren's odd habit.]
13:00:01 - * Sara is given to calling Keeor padawan.
13:00:10 - Kai-la: Oh, and I'm dark bluish-purple.
13:00:19 - Keeor: [Good lord, there are a lot of people elsewhere in RinkChat right now.]
13:00:30 - Ren: The Saucy Wench, I'll have you all know, is a classic AA-5 Coruscant Freighter.
13:00:57 - Kai-la: Yes, Ren, we know it is. Is the duct tape holding?
13:01:26 - * Keeor is somewhat embarrassed at being referred to as "padawan", since he knows what it means and doesn't feel that the title fits him at all. Still, he is somewhat flattered by it, and makes no attempt to stop Sarah from referring to him that way.
13:01:54 - Thomas: Princess Reppana is a very attractive woman that wears hats that cost more than The Saucy Wench. She's rich but not an altogether nice person. She has red hair.
13:02:14 - [RinkChat] User Kai-la has been labeled 'Lynetter' by Thomas.
13:02:21 - Kai-la: LYNETTER
13:02:23 - [RinkChat] User Kai-la has been labeled 'Lynette' by Thomas.
13:02:28 - Ren: It dates back to the Clone Wars. They knew how to build them to last, then. Completely retrofitted, of course, with Cordellian engines, a Nubian hyperdrive, a...
13:02:29 - Keeor: Fortunately, we Rodian's don't blush. But we do smell faintly of skunk when embarrassed. I try to keep it under control.
13:02:37 - Thomas: Supid Ttypo.
13:03:05 - Ren: (Roughly the style of the ship, but smaller: )
13:03:07 - Keeor: *Rodians
13:03:16 - Thomas: So... here we are, ready to leave the planet.
13:03:41 - Kai-la: Let's go!
13:03:49 - Keeor: Yes. Should I be bracing myself during take-off, or can I keep cleaning?
13:03:58 - Thomas: You can keep cleaning.
13:04:13 - Keeor: OK.
13:04:37 - * Neela will find a quiet place to sit out of the way and mope a bit.
13:04:39 - * Keeor, while offended by Reppana's attitude, is comfortable having a task to complete that he can handle.
13:05:23 - Thomas: So we've got Keeor in the quarters, Sara in the mess hall with Reppana and where's everyone else during takeoff?
13:05:24 - * Sara takes coffee to Reppana and sits to attempt conversation.
13:05:39 - Kai-la: I'm in the cockpit, obviously.
13:06:15 - Ren: I'm near Kai-la, to monitor things during lift off and to make sure Kai-la doesn't break anything.
13:06:29 - Kai-la: Hey! I don't break things!
13:06:44 - Thomas: The Saucy Wench lifts off from the spaceport with only a few things falling off. It quickly rises into the sky, leaving the atmosphere of Bellisarus. In just a few minutes, you'll be out of the planet's gravity well and able to make the jump to lightspeed. The trip to Kwenn is about 36 hours, but you're certain that you can shave some time off that. With your current passenger, you're praying you can.
13:06:55 - Ren: W-what about at Dantooine?
13:07:18 - * Kai-la grumbles and turns back to the controls.
13:07:29 - Kai-la: Do I make that Astrogation roll now?
13:07:41 - Thomas: Yep. Almost clear of the gravity well. Just have to get past the Royal Armada up there and you're home free. Huh. There seems to be some fighters heading your way. It's probably nothing.
13:07:54 - Ren: Oh dear.
13:07:55 - Thomas: Sure, go ahead and make that roll.
13:08:00 - Sara: I feel a disturbance in the force.
13:08:01 - [RinkChat] User Kai-la rolls 4d6: 5 + 1 + 5 + 4 = 15
13:08:05 - Kai-la: +1
13:08:08 - Kai-la: 16
13:08:48 - Thomas: Meanwhile, in the mess hall, Reppana is disgusted with the semi-liquid "coffee" drink and leaves, heading for her quarters.
13:08:59 - Keeor: Uh-oh.
13:09:08 - * Sara breathes a sigh of relief.
13:09:43 - * Sara puts the coffee cups away, and follows Reppana to look for Keeor.
13:09:58 - Thomas: The navicomputer comes up with a route to Kwenn that will take 35 hours, eleven minutes. "Save some time off, indeed," you think.
13:10:07 - Keeor: [Would any of the rest of us be aware of the Armada?]
13:10:36 - Thomas: [Not Keeor at least. Only the people in the cockpit know they're there.]
13:10:38 - * Kai-la shrugs.
13:10:44 - Kai-la: You win some, you lose some.
13:11:26 - Sara: Rounding the corner, Sarah sees Keeor with a broom.
13:11:42 - Kai-la: Whaddaya say, Renny? Shall we get out of here?
13:11:49 - Sara: "Padawan, you are finished then?"
13:11:49 - Thomas: Reppana looks in to see Keeor piling things into a storage container. She makes a disgusted sound (one of her favorite pastimes, you gather) and heads past him, towards the bridge.
13:11:55 - Ren: I-I told you we should have sprung for the Cordellian 26640 nav com...
13:12:11 - Ren: I'd like to go very much, I think.
13:12:19 - * Ren eyes the fighters.
13:12:20 - Thomas: It'll take you a few more minutes until you're able to make the jump.
13:12:28 - Kai-la: Oh. Blast. Tum te tum.
13:12:30 - Thomas: There are four fighters in the group flying towards you from the planet's surface. Someone's hailing your ship. "Attention... Saucy Wench. This is His Royal Majesty's Protector. You are under arrest for kidnapping the Royal Princess Reppana and ordered to dock immediately and prepare to be boarded." The HRM Protector must be that huge frigate of your port bow. Dang. That's big.
13:12:45 - Keeor: "Mistress Sarah, I don't know if I will ever be finished with this room."
13:12:47 - Neela: Well, crap.
13:12:55 - Kai-la: Weeeeeell that's no good.
13:13:11 - * Ren twitches.
13:13:15 - Kai-la: We can't fight our way out of this one.
13:13:26 - Neela: Why not? Let me at those guns!
13:13:52 - Kai-la: There are four of them...
13:14:03 - * Sara joins Keeor in attempting to make the room more presentable.
13:14:04 - Neela: Pffft.
13:14:14 - Ren: Thomas: Can I do anything to attempt to shave down the time before we can jump?
13:14:15 - Thomas: The fighters are small, x-wing sized craft.
13:14:31 - Kai-la: Can we fly our way out of this?
13:14:39 - Thomas: [yay! time for combat rounds... in space!]
13:14:44 - Kai-la: Well, then there's the frigate...
13:14:59 - Thomas: Yes, you can attempt to fly away. Here's a quick bit of rules on space combat:
13:16:16 - Thomas: Each ship has a speed code. The pilot can try to run away by adding the ship's speed code to her piloting skill. Higher piloting skill means you pull away from them. You get a lower roll, the chasers catch up.
13:16:55 - Thomas: If someone fires at you, you can use the ship's shields to defend the ship. It's like dodging and increases the attacker's chance to hit you.
13:17:28 - Keeor: You mean decreases?
13:17:32 - Thomas: You can evade by juking back and forth, but that's like dodging -- if anyone is firing from your ship, they get a penalty for firing based on your evade roll.
13:17:40 - Thomas: Yes, decreases.
13:18:44 - Neela: Here's an idea. I have starship gunnery as a skill. Is it feasible to attempt to flee while firing back to pick off the little fighters?
13:18:48 - Thomas: There is a chance you can escape. All ships are at long range. There are three ranges: short, medium, and long range. If you outrun them right now, they'll drop out of long range and you'll be able to run away.
13:19:04 - Thomas: Yes, Neela can shoot from the gun turrents that all ships seem to have.
13:19:05 - Kai-la: Ooh! you have starship gunnery! Go! Fire! Shoot!
13:19:27 - Thomas: However, if Kai'la evades, it'll make it a bit harder to hit what you're aiming at.
13:19:32 - Kai-la: Or at least be prepared to, if they come much closer
13:19:39 - Thomas: Sure.
13:19:47 - Neela: Sir yes sir!
13:19:55 - Neela: Shall I go up to the gun turrets, then?
13:20:29 - Kai-la: Yes please.
13:20:38 - Kai-la: Anyone else have Starship Gunnery?
13:20:56 - * Neela nods and heads off to the gun turrets, ready to stick it to the man.
13:21:10 - Sara: Cleaning, happily oblivious to the impending danger.
13:21:14 - Kai-la: Is there some sort of intercom system so I can let everyone else know what's going on?
13:21:18 - Thomas: So let's go into action declaration. We start with the lowest Perception out of the people that this combat will impact -- that's Kai'la, Ren, and the fighters right now.
13:21:23 - Keeor: Don't forget that even without specific ranks in the skill, anyone can use Starship Gunnery at their Mechanical base score.
13:21:32 - Thomas: Yes, you can let everyone know what is going on.
13:22:06 - Kai-la: Alright, everyone, we're going to be doing a wee bit of fancy flying - you may want to hang on to something for a minute.
13:22:19 - Thomas: The lowest Perception scores are the fighters, so they declare first -- they're going to try to catch up to you.
13:22:26 - Keeor: What's going on out there?
13:22:46 - Sara: Let's go see.
13:22:54 - Kai-la: We've been accused of kidnapping Her Royal Majesticness.
13:22:58 - Keeor: Good idea.
13:23:05 - * Keeor heads for the bridge.
13:23:13 - Thomas: Ren? Anything special you're doing before Kai'la declares her action?
13:23:27 - * Sara heads for the bridge with Keeor
13:23:37 - * Thomas says we're declaring actions right now. Hang on a second.
13:23:40 - Keeor: [What is our impression of the Bellisarians? Good, but Reppana is fleeing anyway, corrupt, downright evil?]
13:24:11 - Ren: Nothing I can think of except holding on and keeping an eye out for exploding bits to repair.
13:24:32 - Keeor: Oh, right. I should wait to declare that I'm heading for the bridge.
13:25:20 - Thomas: Okay, let's go to Kai'la. Are you just running (adding your piloting roll to the speed code of the ship), evading, or just flying like normal?
13:25:22 - [Sara->Thomas] On second thought, can Sara search Reppana's stuff looking for clues as to why she is fleeing?
13:25:34 - [Thomas->Sara] Sure.
13:25:34 - Kai-la: I'm running.
13:25:55 - Thomas: Okay. Let's do the chase sequence first.
13:26:46 - [Sara->Thomas] That is my action. I am declaring it privately because I don't want anyone suspicious. Is all of her stuff in the cargo hold, or is stuff also in her room. I will start with her room, once Keeor leaves, if she has stuff in it.
13:27:08 - Thomas: Lynette rolls her Starship Piloting skill plus 2d. I get to roll 4 times, once for each ship. That's 3d plus the pilot's SS Piloting skill.
13:27:14 - Thomas: Go ahead and roll.
13:27:30 - Kai-la: roll 7d6
13:27:37 - [RinkChat] User Kai-la rolls 7d6: 6 + 5 + 2 + 1 + 5 + 4 + 5 = 28
13:27:50 - Kai-la: PLUS WILD DIE 6!!
13:27:53 - Sara: Yay, wild 6
13:27:59 - Keeor: Yay wild die!
13:28:01 - [RinkChat] User Kai-la rolls 1d6: 1 = 1
13:28:02 - Sara: Go Go Go!
13:28:05 - [RinkChat] User Thomas rolls 6d6: 2 + 2 + 2 + 3 + 6 + 5 = 20
13:28:10 - Kai-la: 29+2=31
13:28:14 - [RinkChat] User Thomas rolls 6d6: 5 + 1 + 6 + 3 + 4 + 5 = 24
13:28:22 - [RinkChat] User Thomas rolls 6d6: 6 + 4 + 1 + 4 + 5 + 5 = 25
13:28:30 - [RinkChat] User Thomas rolls 1d6: 4 = 4
13:28:38 - [RinkChat] User Thomas rolls 6d6: 6 + 1 + 2 + 2 + 6 + 3 = 20
13:28:46 - [RinkChat] User Thomas rolls 1d6: 4 = 4
13:28:47 - Keeor: One tie, then.
13:29:10 - Kai-la: No. I got a 31.
13:29:23 - Sara: Depends on the other fighter pilots skill.
13:29:36 - Keeor: You have +2?
13:29:47 - Kai-la: My skill is 5d+2
13:30:00 - Keeor: I thought the other pilots' skill was included in the 6d.
13:30:16 - Keeor: Kai-la: Right, that makes sense.
13:30:36 - Thomas: Your ship begins to accelerate and, even though you are yelled at to stop or you'll be fired upon, you manage to fly past the Armada ships.
13:30:53 - Thomas: The four starfighters are left behind you.
13:31:25 - * Ren goes "Eeeeeeeeeee," as they pass the ships.
13:31:26 - Neela: I want to fire at the one closest to us.
13:31:35 - Kai-la: Booyah.
13:31:38 - Neela: Oh, wait.
13:31:39 - Kai-la: NO FIRING.
13:31:45 - Neela: I WANT TO USE THE GUNS
13:31:58 - Neela: Harrumph.
13:32:06 - Thomas: Neela gets to the gunnery platform as The Saucy Wench goes flying past the overly large ships.
13:32:36 - Thomas: Keeor gets to the bridge just as Reppana does.
13:32:54 - Thomas: Meanwhile, Sara enters the cargo hold.
13:33:35 - Kai-la: [I just turned the radio on, and it was playing "Fly Away" by Lenny Kravitz. I thought it was apropos]
13:34:09 - Keeor: [Sara enters the cargo hold? I thought she was heading for the bridge with me.]
13:34:34 - Thomas: She turned around and headed back. Do you still want to go to the bridge?
13:34:51 - Keeor: Yes.
13:34:54 - Ren: [I have the Beastie Boys' "Intergalactic" on.]
13:35:30 - Kai-la: [Is this a Millenium Falcoln-sized bridge, or is it bigger?]
13:35:48 - Thomas: Falcon-sized. You can get six crowded people in there.
13:35:51 - Neela: [Everyone squish over. We'll fit.]
13:36:06 - Kai-la: [Well, YOU'RE in the gun turrets]
13:36:28 - Neela: [Ahhh, solitude.]
13:36:41 - [Thomas->Sara] Okay, go ahead and make a search roll.
13:37:01 - [RinkChat] User Sara rolls 4d6: 5 + 5 + 5 + 2 = 17
13:37:25 - [Thomas->Sara] My god... the shoes... the shoes...
13:37:54 - [Sara->Thomas] and. . .
13:38:16 - * Keeor wonders what Sara is up to. (in-character)
13:38:37 - Kai-la: [So, did we get away? Or what?]
13:38:40 - Thomas: "What is going on?" Princess Reppana demands, as she enters the bridge. "Don't you know how to fly this thing? You almost made us trip in the corridor!"
13:39:17 - Thomas: You are now clear of the gravity well and can jump to lightspeed.
13:39:33 - Ren: Aieee, gogogogo!
13:39:39 - Kai-la: Somebody get the brat out of here
13:39:41 - Kai-la: !
13:39:44 - [Sara->Thomas] So she had no belongings in the room?
13:40:00 - Kai-la: Do I need to make a roll for jumping?
13:40:14 - Keeor: Your highness, perhaps it would be best if you accompanied me back to your quarters for now.
13:40:52 - * Sara meets Keeor and the princess in the hall just outside the bridge
13:40:54 - Thomas: "We actually had to touch the walls of this vessel and now... look at our glove! It's ruined!" She holds out her right hand, showing a faint smudge on the white palm of the glove.
13:41:19 - Thomas: (Nope, you just have to say "I'm jumping to lightspeed.")
13:41:19 - Keeor: Sara, is everything alright?
13:41:29 - Kai-la: I'm jumping to lightspeed.
13:41:44 - Sara: "Things are fine. Just making final adjustments to M'lady's room"
13:42:17 - Thomas: The ship lurches a bit when you make the jump, tumbling the princess backwards against the doorframe. A smear of grease now marks her dress.
13:42:42 - Keeor: Oh no.
13:42:44 - * Ren snickers and tries to hide it.
13:42:45 - Thomas: She is aghast.
13:42:58 - * Ren isn't very good at hiding things.
13:42:59 - * Sara runs to help the princess.
13:43:22 - Sara: "M'lady. I apologize for the rough take-off. Please, walk with me."
13:43:34 - Thomas: "You... you..." she seethes at the Twi'lek. "Of all the indignities..."
13:43:38 - Kai-la: [Is she still in the bridge?]
13:43:49 - Thomas: She turns and storms out of the bridge, past Sara.
13:44:09 - Keeor: Your highness, perhaps you would prefer to rest for a bit while I attempt to clean your clothes.
13:44:09 - * Sara doggedly follows her.
13:44:18 - * Keeor follows as well.
13:45:00 - Sara: "M'lady, perhaps we could attempt to clean your dress when you change.
13:45:08 - * Neela hangs around in the gun turrets.
13:45:20 - Kai-la: Look who's talking about indignities! I risk being arrested - or worse, shot down - by her royal father, and she tries to accuse ME of mistreating HER!
13:46:01 - Thomas: "We shall retire to our chambers," she mutters to the Rodian and Sara. "You shall bring the large blue suiter to our quarters from the cargo hold. Then we shall change into something that is not ruined."
13:46:07 - Ren: Aye... and we have how much longer with her, again?
13:46:20 - Sara: I know it is asking a lot, but perhaps you could tell me why you are fleeing. It could help in evading those who follow. Keeor and I will keep anything you say to ourselves if you wish.
13:46:22 - Kai-la: 35 hours and... 10 minutes, now.
13:46:31 - Thomas: Ren looks at the countdown clock. Click. 35:10.
13:46:48 - Kai-la: (go me with the guessing!)
13:47:00 - Ren: Oh, man....
13:47:09 - Sara: Keeor, please get the princess' blue suiter.
13:47:16 - * Keeor nods his agreement with Sara.
13:47:29 - * Neela is going to come down from the gun turrets now, because it doesn't seem anyone going to attack while they're at light speed.
13:47:34 - * Keeor goes to the cargo hold to fetch the blue suiter.
13:47:55 - * Kai-la begins to smirk.
13:48:03 - Kai-la: I think I may know how to keep her out of our hair...
13:48:08 - Neela: I didn't even get to blow anything up...
13:48:15 - Thomas: "Our father arranged a marriage between myself and a Duke from a rival world. The man is a boorish fellow, most disagreeable," she says.
13:48:17 - Ren: I thought princesses were supposed to be... well... nicer.
13:48:46 - Kai-la: You read too many romance novels, Renny.
13:48:48 - * Neela is going to head to the bridge, by the way.
13:48:57 - Keeor: [Am I still close enough to hear Reppana?]
13:49:08 - * Ren gives Kai-la a "Uh-oh, what are you thinking of this time" look.
13:49:11 - Sara: Indeed? And would you have to move away to his world.
13:49:59 - Kai-la: [Is there any reason I need to stay on the bridge now?]
13:50:13 - Thomas: "We would rather leave our position on Bellisarus until this ridiculous notion of marriage is put out of our father's mind than submit to even being in the presence of the Duke," she continues.
13:50:36 - Sara: Why would your father arrange such a marriage if it is not furthering your station. Surely this arrangement would improve your station.
13:50:45 - Thomas: [Keeor can overhear this as he's lugging up the suitcase. Kai-la is free to roam the ship.]
13:51:06 - Sara: Or is there another reason to disagree to this marriage?
13:51:16 - * Kai-la heads back to the princess's room.
13:51:32 - Thomas: "The man is a loathesome beast and a mere Duke at that!"
13:52:12 - Sara: Why would your father marry you to a Duke rather than a prince. Seems a waste to me.
13:52:20 - * Ren tags along behind, curious, bumping into Neela on the way. Oof.
13:52:29 - * Neela grins.
13:52:32 - Neela: Hey, Ren.
13:52:52 - Kai-la: Come along and watch the show, Neela.
13:53:06 - Neela: What're you up to?
13:53:12 - Thomas: "Our father believes this will strengthen our market share. We do not agree."
13:53:22 - * Ren tends to shiver at the grins of mercs.
13:53:23 - Kai-la: Keeping the princess out of my hair.
13:53:30 - [Keeor->Thomas] Gahalyn would like to pop in and watch the rest of the session if it's OK...
13:53:42 - Neela: I like, I like. I'm at yer disposal.
13:53:45 - [RinkChat] User Gahalyn is invited to the room by Thomas.
13:53:51 - Sara: Please excuse my ignorance, but market share? In trade?
13:54:03 - Gahalyn has entered.
13:54:28 - Thomas: "Do you know nothing of Bellisarus?"
13:54:41 - Thomas: [Sara -- make a Planetary Systems roll]
13:55:08 - [RinkChat] User Sara rolls 2d6: 5 + 2 = 7
13:55:19 - Sara: Total is 8
13:55:55 - [Thomas->Sara] You know it's a city planet, and that everything you've seen there was stamped with the royal crest, but that's about it.
13:56:36 - Sara: Again, forgive my ignorance. I know little of Bellisarus. Please enlighten me.
13:57:03 - Keeor: [Can I make a similar roll, or is it irrelevant now anyway?]
13:57:25 - Thomas: "House Bellisarus Products are reknowned galaxy-wide," she says in astonishment. "Clearly you are from some backwater planet."
13:57:40 - Thomas: [Go ahead]
13:57:51 - [RinkChat] User Keeor rolls 2d6: 2 + 6 = 8
13:57:52 - Sara: My jedi training leaves little time for studying marketing.
13:58:02 - Keeor: (Total is 10.)
13:59:05 - [Thomas->Keeor] Yes, you know that the entire planet's major industries are owned by the royal family. In all matters, she's not just a princess, but she's on the board of directors.
13:59:43 - Keeor: I know a little of your planet.
13:59:45 - Thomas: "Where is that manservant with our things?" She looks past Sara to the corridor.
13:59:49 - Keeor: And your business.
14:00:07 - Keeor: And here are your things, your highness.
14:00:26 - Kai-la: [Are we there yet?]
14:01:04 - Sara: Why would marriage to the Duke increase your marketability then?
14:01:08 - Thomas: "Fine," she says. "Perhaps you can explain to your fellow more about it whilst we change." She waits for you both to leave her chambers.
14:01:27 - * Keeor steps out into the corridor.
14:01:48 - Sara: As you wish M'lady. I will be just outside if you need any assistance whatsoever. Or should I stay to assist you.
14:02:02 - * Ren manages to walk into Keeor.
14:02:13 - Thomas: "We must change," she replies. "Kindly leave us."
14:02:20 - * Neela notes Ren appears to do that a lot.
14:02:29 - * Sara walks into Ren
14:02:50 - Sara: The doors swish closed behind the mess
14:03:11 - Keeor: Ahem.
14:03:16 - Sara: Forgive me Ren. I am glad that the ship ran well. thank you.
14:03:33 - Kai-la: How's Her Royal Snittiness doing?
14:03:38 - * Ren falls over, blushing red, and keeping notably clear of Keeor. "Ah, um. T-thanks."
14:03:49 - Keeor: She needs her rest, I think.
14:04:03 - Neela: I doubt rest'll help her attitude any.
14:04:09 - * Neela offers Ren a hand up.
14:04:26 - Sara: Indeed padawan. I shall keep guard of her room. I am hoping to learn more of her plight.
14:04:35 - Keeor: I would agree. I am surprised that she is given such authority with such... Demeanor.
14:04:42 - Kai-la: Oh, give me a break.
14:04:42 - * Ren accepts it, and only trips twice more before getting up.
14:04:49 - * Kai-la knocks on the door.
14:05:52 - Thomas: There is no response from inside.
14:06:05 - * Kai-la knocks again, a little louder.
14:06:12 - Neela: Want me to break down the door? I can do that.
14:06:33 - Ren: Eeep.
14:06:34 - Kai-la: Maybe. Give her a minute.
14:06:46 - Sara: Perhaps we should see if Ren can open it, after a minute or so. She was changing.
14:07:13 - Neela: Oh, fine.
14:07:36 - Neela: [Hey, Mr. DM? What would a Demolition skill be used for?]
14:07:38 - Kai-la: Your Majesty? I wished to apologize for the roughness of our takeoff.
14:07:38 - * Ren stutters vague agreement with Sara.
14:07:55 - Kai-la: [I might need to make a Con roll in here somewhere]
14:08:03 - Thomas: The door slides open. Reppana is dressed in a light yellow dress that she might call "simple". "Why do you bother us?" she snaps.
14:08:13 - Sara: I have a feeling you will see your day in battle. Be patient Neela. Your skills will come in handy, I am sure of it.
14:08:33 - * Kai-la pulls off a relatively impressive and respectful bow.
14:08:35 - Sara: Ah M'lady. You seem refreshed.
14:08:53 - Thomas: [Demolition -- ability to set and blow explosives]
14:09:04 - Keeor: You look splendid, your highness. May I take your other clothes for cleaning?
14:09:08 - Neela: [Cool!]
14:09:11 - Kai-la: I apologize for the turbulence we encountered earlier, m'lady.
14:09:37 - Kai-la: You see, I find your presence on my ship highly flustering. I have never been in the presence of such royalty before.
14:10:17 - Kai-la: And while I am deeply aware of the honor you have bestowed upon me by deigning to travel on my humble ship, it might be best for all of us if you stayed off of the bridge.
14:10:53 - Thomas: "We find your apology acceptable," she says. "Our ruined clothing is upon the table, next to the gilded 'I heart Coursucant' statuette."
14:11:09 - Keeor: [LOL]
14:11:19 - Neela: [Snerk.]
14:11:34 - * Sara taps Keeor on the head.
14:11:38 - * Keeor nods his head respectfully and moves cautiously past the princess to gather the clothing.
14:11:52 - * Keeor looks up at Sara.
14:12:06 - Sara: Just get the clothing please padawan
14:12:13 - Kai-la: In fact, you might find yourself most comfortable if you spent the majority of your time in your cabin. I am sure that my crew would be more than happy to see to your needs, and we could avoid any more unfortunate incidents which might ruin your splendid clothing.
14:12:30 - * Neela tries not to smirk.
14:13:11 - Kai-la: And now, if I might have your leave to return to the bridge, m'lady?
14:13:19 - * Sara thinks the portion of the Jedi code: There is no emotion; there is peace over and over to prevent outward show of amusement.
14:14:31 - [Sara->Thomas] What is the name of the planet we are headed for?
14:14:45 - Keeor: [By the way, anything I type in the [] brackets I intend to be out of character commentary -- just so you know, my "LOL" was Don, not Keeor.]
14:15:22 - Thomas: "We have no intention of ruining more of our precious clothing by traipsing around your vessel," she replies. "You shall notify us when supper shall be served. We prefer Duquat d'Roux as the main dish. We are certain whatever other courses you have shall be... adequate. Now, you may return to your duties."
14:16:13 - Thomas: You idly wonder if she'll like the freeze-dried food cubes you have in the galley.
14:16:18 - * Kai-la turns on her heel and manages to make it several feet before she begins smirking.
14:16:32 - [Thomas->Sara] Kwenn Space Station.
14:16:33 - Neela: Yuh? What's Duquat d'Roux?
14:17:06 - Sara: M'lady, if I may ask, what made you choose to go to Kwenn?
14:17:22 - * Keeor gives Neela a look that probably doesn't make it across the species barrier.
14:18:06 - * Keeor walks off down the corridor after Kai-la, hoping to ask (once out of earshot of the princess) if there is ANY chance of cleaning supplies for the clothing being found anywhere onboard.
14:18:15 - * Ren stops craning his somewhat greasy mug through the door and follow's Kai-la. "W-wow. That was almost... diplomatic."
14:18:31 - * Neela shakes her head and follows Kai-la.
14:18:42 - Thomas: "We have a private estate where we shall remain until all thoughts of marriage are forgotten," she responds.
14:18:43 - Kai-la: If by diplomatic you mean blatant lying, then yes.
14:19:05 - Sara: Your father is unaware of this estate?
14:19:39 - Ren: That's what diplomacy's always sounded like to me.
14:19:49 - Keeor: Kai-la, are there any supplies that might be used to clean the clothing available aboard the Saucy Wench?
14:20:03 - Thomas: "It is a private estate," she replies. "We desire rest. Leave us."
14:20:22 - Sara: Yes M'lady. Sleep well.
14:20:44 - * Sara backs out of the room until the door closes.
14:20:45 - Kai-la: You can check the supply cabinet, but I haven't attempted to clean my own clothing since the disaster back on... where was it, Ren?
14:20:56 - Kai-la: But anyway, there might be some.
14:21:11 - * Sara searches for Kai-la.
14:21:23 - * Keeor heads off to check the supply cabinet, not expecting to find anything.
14:21:58 - Thomas: There are several industrial cleaners in the closet.
14:22:01 - Ren: B-bespin, I think. Disintegrated everything.
14:22:09 - Sara: "Ah captain. I believe we will find trouble at Kwenn. It seems the princess is fleeing to a private estate, of which her father is aware I am sure."
14:22:25 - Ren: Oh dear.
14:22:40 - * Keeor contemplates whether or not to take a chance on the industrial cleaners destroying the dress and glove entirely.
14:23:03 - Kai-la: Is there any such thing as an intelligent princess anywhere in this godforsaken universe?
14:23:10 - Sara: Oh, and I assume there is no gourmet fixings on board?
14:23:13 - Neela: Doesn't suprise me. I don't think this Princess is the smartest gal around, y'know.
14:23:14 - * Keeor decides against the risk, and decides to hide the dress in his own quarters until the ship's arrival on Kwenn.
14:23:26 - * Keeor then looks for the rest of the group.
14:23:49 - Sara: I am sure there is. However, training still seems mainly reserved for the male heir apparent on many of the worlds.
14:24:04 - Kai-la: No. She's going to have to make do with good old-fashioned freeze-dried food-cubes, just like the rest of us.
14:24:15 - * Neela twitches under a brief flash of feminist rage.
14:24:39 - Kai-la: If she doesn't feel like eating them, it won't kill her to fast for 35 hours.
14:24:52 - Sara: However, one must still travel their own path. There are ways to train oneself.
14:24:54 - Ren: T-the autochef rehydrates a good bantha noodle-soup, Sara. M-maybe she'll like that?
14:25:21 - Sara: Thank you Ren. We will try that. Maybe it will be exotic for her.
14:25:41 - Neela: Bantha noodle-soup sounds a hell of a lot better than... than... whatever the hell she wanted to eat.
14:26:07 - * Keeor arrives in the room.
14:26:20 - Keeor: [Any chance that I know what Duquat d'Roux is?]
14:26:28 - Ren: S-Sara... d'you mean Jedi training?
14:27:05 - Sara: Well, there are many paths. Jedi training is not for all. It requires great discipline to adhere to the code.
14:27:37 - Thomas: [Yes, it's a very elaborate dish made of ingredients that cost more than everything you currently own.]
14:29:05 - * Ren "ohhhhh"s, pretending he has the faintest idea what the Jedi code might be.
14:29:20 - Sara: There are many ways to learn diplomacy. Books as well as experience. It seems she has travelled. Therefore, she must have had opportunity to discover other peoples cultures, a basic of diplomacy.
14:29:25 - Keeor: There is no way that we could even attempt a Duquat d'Roux with what we have here, and even if we could, I am sure that my attempts to prepare it would be unsatisfactory. I shall endeavour to make whatever meal we have for her highness as appetizing as possible.
14:29:40 - Keeor: My apologies for the interruption, Sara.
14:30:04 - Sara: Thank you. Not a problem. I was thinking that we should train later.
14:30:26 - Kai-la: If you ask me, any code that doesn't allow for a pleasant night's *ahem* interlude on Courascant doesn't sound like much fun to me.
14:30:33 - Sara: However, now seems to be a relatively good time.
14:30:45 - * Ren blushes.
14:31:03 - Keeor: Yes, I would enjoy some time training.
14:31:14 - Sara: One must follow the path that the force gives them.
14:31:39 - Sara: If we all followed the same path, life would be relatively boring. Don't you think?
14:31:59 - * Keeor nods.
14:32:09 - * Kai-la flicks a tentacle.
14:32:28 - Sara: Keeor, if you could take the training gear to the training room, I will be there shortly.
14:32:56 - * Keeor nods again and goes to fetch the training gear.
14:34:58 - * Kai-la goes to check on the dials and knobs and suchlike
14:35:00 - * Ren, still red, busies himself with recalibrating his equipment.
14:35:02 - Thomas: The training room is a smallish cargo hold that Sara uses. She's claimed the corner furthest from the entrace as her own living quarters. This is separated from the rest of the room by a folding curtain.
14:35:27 - Thomas: The trip seems longer than 35 hours and eleven minutes. Nothing seems to please the Princess. Even though Keeor tried his best to clean the dress and glove, she wasn't pleased to see the charred remains of her clothing. Over supper, she was most displeased with the way the food cubes were mushed together in the shape of a soft, brown lump. Of course, her complaints about the food were cut off when Ren tripped and splashed the Blue Sun Tea all down her left side. Keeor wasn't able to clean that dress either. She managed to stay in her room for the rest of the trip, only emerging to berate whomever was in the corridor at the moment. She thinks that Neela was exceptionally rude for walking away in the middle of being yelled at.
14:36:22 - Thomas: "Two minutes..." Ren looks over the countdown eagerly, watching the seconds go by.
14:36:41 - Keeor: [Heheheh.]
14:37:18 - * Sara sits in meditation as they approach Qween.
14:37:29 - Sara: [I meant Kwenn]
14:37:35 - Thomas: The ship is only a few moments from dropping back into realspace. Reppana says in her quarters. I'm assuming Ren and Kai'la are in the cockpit. Where's the rest of you?
14:37:40 - * Kai-la looks up from a hand of solitaire.
14:37:52 - Neela: I'm in the cockpit, too.
14:38:31 - Keeor: I'll wait at the quarters to try to satisfy Reppana if something goes wrong.
14:38:36 - Keeor: (Futile hope.)
14:38:54 - Kai-la: Hey, Neela, want to head up to the turrets just in case we run into any trouble?
14:39:33 - Neela: You expecting some?
14:39:36 - * Neela stands up.
14:39:50 - Kai-la: With the cargo we've got, you never know.
14:39:59 - Neela: Yeah, okay.
14:40:14 - * Neela heads up to the turrets.
14:40:58 - * Ren peers out the cockpit window, as if to spot any of said trouble before they reenter normal space.
14:41:13 - Ren: I-I've got a bad feeling about this.
14:41:17 - * Kai-la ruffles Ren's hair.
14:41:48 - Kai-la: Fear not, little man. I'm piloting this ship, remember?
14:42:15 - Ren: Uhhhh... right. Y-yeah.
14:42:28 - Thomas: The usual shuddering The Saucy Wench makes seems longer this time as you drop out of hyperspace. Ahead of you is the Eriadu system in the middle of Saeswena sector, you're about twenty minutes from Kwenn, a huge station orbiting a reddish gas giant. Further in sunward is the prosperous city-planet Eriadu. Under the main bulk of the station, inside the wireframe docking structure, is an Imperial Star Destroyer. It looks like there's enough room in the docking area for two more. Dozens and dozens of other smaller ships flitter to and fro around the station.
14:42:29 - * Ren bites his lip.
14:42:49 - Ren: Yeep.
14:42:58 - Neela: Well, wheee.
14:43:23 - Kai-la: We have no reason to believe they're here for us. Let's just stay calm...
14:43:54 - [Thomas->Kai-la] Procedures usually indicate that as you near any station, you contact the station for docking instructions.
14:44:17 - [Thomas->Kai-la] Any space station that you decide to dock at, that is.
14:44:38 - * Sara snaps out of meditation as the ship drops out of hyperspace. She prepares for docking. She dons her duelling sword grimly. She has a feeling that it will be used. She just hopes it is not for a dark purpose.
14:44:51 - * Kai-la initiates contact with the station.
14:45:02 - Ren: I-I don't think "stay calm" and "Star Destroyer" are two thoughts I can fit in my brain at once.
14:45:07 - * Keeor remains obliviously by the princess's door.
14:45:22 - Kai-la: This is The Saucy Wench to Kwenn. Waiting for docking instructions.
14:45:43 - * Sara heads to the princess doorway. She will need a proper escort when they reach their destination.
14:45:55 - Neela: [Have I reached the turrets yet?]
14:46:19 - Thomas: The radio buzzes to life. "Saucy Wench, this is Kwenn Docking Control. Stand by for your approach instructions."
14:46:35 - Thomas: Neela is at the gun turret.
14:47:01 - * Neela readies herself. She's got a bad feeling about this.
14:49:08 - Thomas: "Saucy Wench, proceed to docking level G, approach vector 237-b. Follow the guide markers to gate 213. Be advised there is a 50 credit docking fee as authorized by Imperial decree 84218.23.8"
14:50:02 - * Kai-la follows instructions.
14:50:14 - Thomas: The voice resumes. "Imperial Customs Agents will be on hand at your docking port upon arrival. Kwenn Docking Control out."
14:50:54 - Kai-la: [Is this all normal stuff? And do we have papers and such like?]
14:51:00 - Thomas: The docking instructions, thankfully take you to the far end of the station, away from the Imperial ship.
14:51:15 - Thomas: [Yes, this is normal procedure.]
14:51:31 - [Sara->Thomas] Thomas, the sheet says that sometimes I can feel the Force if I am in great danger or when things are breaking m way I can use the Jedi powers. Can I feel anything?
14:51:44 - Kai-la: [Okeydoke]
14:52:31 - Ren: I'd feel better if we had a cargo we could stuff under the floor panels like usual.
14:52:45 - * Kai-la snorts.
14:53:01 - Kai-la: I must admit that I would, too.
14:53:18 - * Kai-la intercoms: "Looks like everything's normal here. Prepare for docking."
14:53:31 - Thomas: Kai-la easily slides the ship under the docking clamp, like a pro.
14:53:41 - Kai-la: (Go me!)
14:53:52 - * Neela, having nothing to do in the gun turrets, heads down to the cockpit again to see what's up.
14:54:30 - * Keeor knocks on the princess's door. "Your highness, it appears that we have arrived."
14:54:50 - Thomas: The Saucy Wench is clamped on to the docking system via the starboard airlock.
14:55:46 - [Sara->Thomas] Sara, who is obsessed with the dark force and Vader, attempts to feel whether he is there.
14:57:07 - * Kai-la shuts down the ship, whatever that entails.
14:57:10 - Thomas: The door opens. "It's about time," she replies. "If we had to spend one more minute aboard this...." She looks around. "As long as you are here, our valise is ready. You may bring it to the exit ramp."
14:57:54 - Thomas: Reppana turns and walks towards where she thinks the exit ramp is.
14:57:57 - Keeor: "Perhaps we should wait here while the captain makes sure our affairs are in order. I simply wanted to be sure that you were ready, and it appears that you are."
14:58:05 - * Neela has no idea where she's going and decides to head to the ship's exit because that would probably be a better idea.
14:58:28 - Thomas: Neela arrives at the starboard airlock.
14:58:55 - Keeor: If Reppana doesn't turn around, I'll grab her valise and run to catch up.
14:59:08 - Kai-la: Oh, bloody hell. Ren, show them the way out.
14:59:13 - Thomas: Keeor grabs the valise and runs to catch up.
14:59:28 - Keeor: [Dangit.]
14:59:44 - [Sara->Thomas] I shall escort you. You should have an escort, and be properly announced.
14:59:51 - * Ren goes to help Keeor.
15:00:02 - Sara: I shall escort you. You should have an escort, and be properly announced.
15:00:30 - * Sara stands from the bow, and turns.
15:00:31 - Kai-la: [Am I free to head out, or do I have to do stuff on the ship, first? I don't know the technicalities of this]
15:00:56 - Kai-la: [And we're giving my mom birthday presents. Can we pause? I'll be back in, like, 10]
15:01:02 - Thomas: Keeor, Sara, and Ren arrive to the entrance ramp that folds out from the bottom of the ship. "Well? We have docked, we wish to take our leave."
15:01:12 - Sara: Ren, if you would get her valise. Keeor, please take rear guard.
15:01:23 - Kai-la is away.
15:01:40 - * Neela crosses her arms and sighs.
15:01:42 - Thomas: Kai-la is free to head to the air lock, which is not where Princess Reppana is standing.
15:02:27 - * Keeor takes a position at the rear of the group, as watchful as he can be for trouble.
15:02:31 - Sara: As they neer the entrance ramp, Sara asks whether there was someone that Reppana is meeting.\
15:02:38 - [Thomas->Neela] You can open the airlock door now, if you wish. Or you can wait until anyone else on the ship arrives to the airlock. Where the heck is everyone, anyway? Don't these people want her off the ship?
15:03:05 - * Keeor has no idea that Reppana is in the wrong place.
15:03:25 - [Thomas->Sara] She's going the wrong way. She's heading to the entrance ramp, which only works if you're on the planet. You're attached to the starboard side of the ship.
15:03:41 - * Neela is terribly impatient to get this blasted Princess off the ship. She starts opening the airlock door, while wondering about where everyone else is, and what the heck that Destroyer is doing out there, anyway.
15:03:50 - * Ren attempt to handle the valaise, dropping and smearing it several times over.
15:04:28 - Thomas: "Our retainers shall be here," she replies.
15:05:35 - * Sara leads her past the entrance ramp towards the airlock at the starboard portion of the ship. She is using a roundabout way, hoping to confuse the princess so that she does not guess they were ever walking in the wrong direction.
15:05:53 - Thomas: Neela opens the airlock. There is a long corridor that leads to a liftshaft. Colorful signs indicating that Customs is that direction as are the happy animated signs that welcome you to Kwenn.
15:06:34 - Thomas: There is nobody else in the corridor outside the airlock.
15:06:47 - * Keeor, slightly confused, follows Reppana if she follows Sara.
15:07:39 - * Ren follows Keeor, while he focuses on not dropping luggage.
15:07:41 - Thomas: The princess does indeed follow Reppana, who asks "Why are we being led through the ship's galley?" Eventually, you arrive at the airlock with Neela. Kai'la arrives shortly after.
15:07:58 - Sara: Any problems Neela?
15:08:13 - Sara: Signs of trouble?
15:08:16 - Neela: Nah, all's clear.
15:08:24 - Sara: Very good then.
15:08:48 - * Sara leads Reppana down the clear path towards Customs
15:09:03 - Thomas: The lift doors at the far end of the corridor open. Three men are inside, all dressed in Imperial Navy uniforms. The leader starts walking towards you.
15:09:22 - * Ren squeaks.
15:09:25 - * Sara walks forward.
15:09:35 - * Keeor tenses slightly, and puts a hand on his hidden hold-out blaster as surreptitiously as possible.
15:09:38 - Sara: Our papers sir.
15:09:38 - Thomas: "This is the... Saucy Wrench?" he askes, not looking up from his datapad.
15:09:52 - * Neela puts a hand on her blaster rifle, as well.
15:09:53 - Sara: Yessir.
15:10:01 - * Keeor moves his hand away from his blaster.
15:10:59 - Thomas: He looks up. "Well then. Welcome to Kwenn Station. You and your crew can proceed up to customs, we'll be securing this vessel."
15:11:12 - Sara: Thank you sir.
15:11:25 - * Sara walks with confidence towards Customes
15:11:32 - Ren: S-securing?
15:11:32 - Sara: or customs
15:11:37 - * Keeor wonders if it is normal for Imperial officers to secure the vessel after landing, and if anything on board is likely to cause any problems.
15:11:51 - Kai-la is back.
15:11:59 - Thomas: He holds up his identicard. It reads "Colonel Simmons, Imperial Customs"
15:12:15 - * Sara hopes the confidence in her walk will defer any extreme searches of the vessel.
15:12:52 - Thomas: [There is nothing on board to be worried about. However, not every ship is always searched. This is probably just a random search.]
15:12:53 - * Keeor follows Sara's lead as he wonders these things.
15:13:07 - * Neela dislikes Imperial officiers greatly. She hunches her shoulders and follows along to Customs.
15:13:15 - Kai-la: [Sorry, everyone.]
15:13:33 - * Kai-la nods to the Customs Officers and follows the group.
15:13:35 - Sara: Oh, officer Simmons. What do you need sir.
15:13:48 - * Keeor walks more confidently after his ponderings.
15:14:52 - Thomas: "We'll just be looking over your cargo manifest," he says. "Standard procedure. Enjoy your stay." He and the Navy soldiers disappear into the ship. The rest of you reach the lift.
15:15:55 - * Ren whispers "W-what if they do something to the ship?"
15:16:14 - Thomas: "Next stop, Customs," intones the lift. The doors open upon a large room. A bald man sits behind a reinforced booth. He leans forward and speaks into a microphone. "Approach, please."
15:16:15 - * Ren wrings his hands.
15:16:40 - * Sara approaches the bald man.
15:16:45 - Kai-la: Ren, we've had Customs Officers search our ship before. This is all standard. There's nothing to worry about.
15:17:13 - * Kai-la follows Sara.
15:17:13 - Thomas: "Captain Kai-la? This says you're a Twi'lek," he says, looking up from his terminal at Sara.
15:17:29 - * Kai-la sighs and nudges Sara out of the way.
15:17:48 - Kai-la: I'm Kai'la.
15:17:51 - * Sara backs behind Kai-la graciously
15:17:55 - * Ren, having forgotten the luggage while wringing, picks it up again, shaking it and hearing a tinkling noise.
15:18:23 - Thomas: "Ah," he says. "Purpose of visit, system of origin?"
15:18:59 - Keeor: [Have we prepared lies for this, or planned to tell the truth?]
15:19:10 - Thomas: Reppana glares at Ren.
15:19:13 - Kai-la: [What Keeor said]
15:19:24 - Thomas: [Whatever you want to say.]
15:19:28 - * Ren shrinks.
15:19:33 - * Neela glares at Reppana.
15:19:56 - Sara: [I would assume a smuggler would have a standard answer to this question.]
15:20:12 - Sara: [Trade would probably suffice.
15:20:15 - Kai-la: [Yeah, but I (Lynette) don't actually have one]
15:20:24 - Neela: [Pleasure.]
15:20:25 - * Ren squeaks "I'm s-s-sorry your maj--... your Gra--... your... Municipality...."
15:20:47 - Sara: [R&R]
15:21:01 - Kai-la: [Also, I need a star-system to come from. I'm not up on my Star Wars Trivia]
15:21:07 - Sara: [What is Kwenn's trade? Anyone know?]
15:21:19 - Keeor: [Dantooine. We came from Dantooine.]
15:21:42 - Keeor: [Can I make a Planetary Systems check on Kwenn?]
15:21:53 - Thomas: [Kwenn is sort of like a Las Vegas in space. That and a bit of Babylon 5ishness.]
15:21:55 - Sara: [good call]
15:22:08 - Kai-la: We've come from Dantooine. Here on pleasure.
15:22:26 - Kai-la: [B5!!!]
15:22:29 - Keeor: [I've never been to Vegas OR watched B5. I'll wing it, though. :-)]
15:22:50 - Sara: [Oh, you should watch B5. Well worth it!]
15:23:12 - Kai-la: [Mmmm. B5. I just saw the last episodes a couple days ago! *sniffle*]
15:23:23 - Keeor: [Someday, I hope. :-)]
15:23:34 - Thomas: "Fine, fine," he says. "Place your hand on the scanner." A panel opens up from the wall and a large hand scanner shoots out from the cavity.
15:23:44 - * Kai-la does so.
15:24:54 - Sara: [uh oh]
15:24:57 - Thomas: "Enjoy your stay," he says. The scanner retracts.
15:25:24 - * Sara goes towards the exit.
15:25:34 - Thomas: The large doors on the right side of the room open, revealing the interior of the station.
15:25:47 - * Ren peers.
15:25:49 - * Kai-la heads toward the exit - ahead of Sara - muttering under her breath about how the rest of this crew needs to chill out a bit.
15:25:49 - * Keeor waits for Reppana to follow, and then follows her.
15:26:30 - * Ren bumps into a lot of people on the way through, catching up with Kai-la.
15:26:47 - Sara: Do you see your delagation?
15:27:56 - Thomas: It's like being in a large city at night. The permiglass covers the city in space at a high altitude, encasing huge skyrakers. Outside the doors, dozens of people are seen, hustling to and fro. Two large speeders sit outside the customs office.
15:28:24 - Sara: Perhaps those speeders?
15:28:32 - Kai-la: [Were we paid to do anything aside from getting her here?]
15:28:34 - * Ren coos at the sight of the speeders.
15:29:03 - * Keeor gapes a bit at the sight of the city, not having seen much like this in a long time.
15:19:56 - Sara: [I would assume a smuggler would have a standard answer to this question.]
15:20:12 - Sara: [Trade would probably suffice.
15:20:15 - Kai-la: [Yeah, but I (Lynette) don't actually have one]
15:20:24 - Neela: [Pleasure.]
15:20:25 - * Ren squeaks "I'm s-s-sorry your maj--... your Gra--... your... Municipality...."
15:20:47 - Sara: [R&R]
15:21:01 - Kai-la: [Also, I need a star-system to come from. I'm not up on my Star Wars Trivia]
15:21:07 - Sara: [What is Kwenn's trade? Anyone know?]
15:21:19 - Keeor: [Dantooine. We came from Dantooine.]
15:21:42 - Keeor: [Can I make a Planetary Systems check on Kwenn?]
15:21:53 - Thomas: [Kwenn is sort of like a Las Vegas in space. That and a bit of Babylon 5ishness.]
15:21:55 - Sara: [good call]
15:22:08 - Kai-la: We've come from Dantooine. Here on pleasure.
15:22:25 - Kai-la: [B5!!!]
15:22:29 - Keeor: [I've never been to Vegas OR watched B5. I'll wing it, though. :-)]
15:22:50 - Sara: [Oh, you should watch B5. Well worth it!]
15:23:12 - Kai-la: [Mmmm. B5. I just saw the last episodes a couple days ago! *sniffle*]
15:23:23 - Keeor: [Someday, I hope. :-)]
15:23:34 - Thomas: "Fine, fine," he says. "Place your hand on the scanner." A panel opens up from the wall and a large hand scanner shoots out from the cavity.
15:23:44 - * Kai-la does so.
15:24:54 - Sara: [uh oh]
15:24:57 - Thomas: "Enjoy your stay," he says. The scanner retracts.
15:25:24 - * Sara goes towards the exit.
15:25:34 - Thomas: The large doors on the right side of the room open, revealing the interior of the station.
15:25:47 - * Ren peers.
15:25:49 - * Kai-la heads toward the exit - ahead of Sara - muttering under her breath about how the rest of this crew needs to chill out a bit.
15:25:49 - * Keeor waits for Reppana to follow, and then follows her.
15:26:30 - * Ren bumps into a lot of people on the way through, catching up with Kai-la.
15:26:47 - Sara: Do you see your delagation?
15:27:56 - Thomas: It's like being in a large city at night. The permiglass covers the city in space at a high altitude, encasing huge skyrakers. Outside the doors, dozens of people are seen, hustling to and fro. Two large speeders sit outside the customs office.
15:28:24 - Sara: Perhaps those speeders?
15:28:32 - Kai-la: [Were we paid to do anything aside from getting her here?]
15:28:34 - * Ren coos at the sight of the speeders.
15:29:03 - * Keeor gapes a bit at the sight of the city, not having seen much like this in a long time.
15:29:08 - Thomas: "Dovall!" cries the princess. The men by the speeders look up, then rush over. The customs doors close behind you.
15:29:34 - Keeor: [Was that a cry of excitment or alarm?]
15:29:35 - * Neela nods approvingly at the speeders. A good model.
15:29:37 - Kai-la: [Oh, hey, what happened to all the princess's crap?]
15:29:52 - * Sara watches the reunion with a wistfull smile.
15:30:03 - Thomas: [you all were bringing it, I assumed.]
15:30:24 - Sara: Me too.
15:30:32 - Kai-la: [Ah. Okeydoke.]
15:30:44 - * Ren shakes a sad-looking bag.
15:30:53 - Thomas: "Your Highness," the lead man says. The other four bow. "We were expecting you sooner."
15:31:10 - Sara: We made the best time we could sir.
15:31:31 - * Neela looks indignant.
15:31:36 - Kai-la: Here's the princess, here's her stuff, where's my money?
15:31:38 - * Sara steps back allowing Kai-la to take the lead.
15:31:46 - Thomas: "Dovall," she says. "You shall gather what we have brought and take us to Villa Saffrona.
15:32:36 - * Sara keeps watching the crowd for anything out of the ordinary once she steps back.
15:32:53 - Thomas: "At once, m'lady," he says. He and the other servants start gathering her luggage.
15:33:47 - * Ren hands over a piece of scraped, stained, and be-holed luggage.
15:36:20 - Thomas: "Money?" she replies with a sneer. "Of course, Dovall!" He runs back to the princess. "This... woman demands we pay her for the pleasure of our company, after we had been so gracious when our clothing was ruined and goods mishandled. Our price was ten thousand credits, paid upon delivery. Minus eight thousand for the damage to our clothing. But we are not petty. Pay them five thousand."
15:36:50 - Kai-la: Excuse me?
15:36:55 - Thomas: She turns and heads towards the lead speeder.
15:37:09 - * Keeor, unsurprised, looks at Kai-la.
15:37:11 - Thomas: "Of course," Dovall says.
15:37:14 - Kai-la: Your clothing was damaged because you tried to walk around my ship!
15:37:50 - * Neela narrows her eyes.
15:37:52 - Sara: Of course, we could just let her father and the good Duke know where she is now.
15:38:03 - Kai-la: Look, you'll be paying me my 10,000 credits, or we'll be going straight back to your home planet to tell your father where we left you!
15:38:27 - Sara: [Some are more subtle than others]
15:38:28 - Thomas: She has reached the speeder, and selectively does not hear any of you.
15:38:43 - * Kai-la storms after the princess.
15:38:59 - Thomas: Dovall looks upon the ensuing fracas.
15:39:39 - * Keeor hangs back near Sara, watching out for trouble from Dovall and the servants.
15:39:48 - Thomas: One of her servants opens the door for Reppana, who begins to climb into the speeder.
15:39:53 - Sara: Up to you, or course Dovall. It surely does not need to come to unpleasantness. The crew simply wants fair compensation for safely bringing the runaway princess to you.
15:39:58 - * Kai-la grabs the princess's arm and hisses into her ear: "Don't think I won't, brat. Tell them to give me my money."
15:40:28 - Thomas: "How dare you! Norath!" she cries.
15:40:38 - Thomas: combat rounds hold up on your postings
15:40:58 - Ren: Eeep.
15:41:14 - Kai-la: [Oh, ye gods, getting into combat just past customs.... we're screwed]
15:41:21 - Thomas: Egad! Let's declare actions in Perception order!
15:42:18 - Thomas: I think all the NPCs declare first.
15:42:39 - Keeor: Even ahead of Neela?
15:43:19 - Neela: Cough. Sorry. Phone call.
15:43:21 - Thomas: We'll just have most of them (except Dovall and Reppana) be at 2d for Per.
15:43:37 - Keeor: Right, OK.
15:44:26 - Thomas: Norath, the servant holding the door open, will pull out his hold-out blaster and point it at Kai'la.
15:45:20 - Thomas: The other three start to run towards Kai'la from behind the various speeders.
15:45:31 - Thomas: What is Ren planning?
15:46:55 - Ren: Do they all have blasters?
15:47:16 - Thomas: Only Norath has a weapon. The others don't have weapons drawn.
15:48:40 - Thomas: Just waiting then?
15:48:50 - Ren: Nope.
15:49:06 - Ren: I'm going to try to tackle him, desperately.
15:49:18 - Thomas: Well, Neela also gets to declare her actions now. Jessie?
15:49:19 - Ren: Norath, that is.
15:49:24 - Thomas: Okay.
15:50:24 - Thomas: Jessie?
15:50:26 - Neela: Mmmm. I'll grab my vibroaxe, and go for the nearest of the guys going after Kai'la.
15:50:34 - Thomas: Okay then.
15:51:16 - Thomas: Dovall looks like he's about to say something to Sara, but then turns and tries to tackle Neela.
15:51:31 - Thomas: Keefor? Sara? Kai'la?
15:51:56 - Keeor: How far away am I from Kai'la?
15:52:01 - Kai-la: I'm going to yell "Everybody calm down!" and loosen my grip on the princess's arm.
15:52:09 - Kai-la: Can I talk to her in the same round?
15:52:13 - Thomas: Okay.
15:52:15 - Thomas: Yes.
15:52:28 - Kai-la: Do I need to declare now what I'm going to say?
15:52:34 - Thomas: No.
15:52:41 - Kai-la: Okeydoke.
15:52:52 - Thomas: Sara? Keefor?
15:53:10 - Keeor: How far am I away from Kai'la?
15:53:25 - * Sara draws her duelling sword discreetly.
15:54:02 - * Sara yells "Hold up, a night in prison helps no one!"
15:54:05 - Thomas: About nine meters or so.
15:54:13 - * Keeor moves towards the altercation quickly, but without running and trying carefully to show no signs of aggression.
15:54:38 - Thomas: Okay. Repanna is going to say something nasty to Kai'la.
15:54:46 - Thomas: So let's resolve these actions.
15:54:52 - * Sara notes Keeor's movements greatly impressed.
15:55:56 - * Sara holds further actions.
15:55:58 - Thomas: "Let go of her," Norath says, blaster pointed at Kai'la. "Everyone calm down!" Kai'la shouts as everyone starts running. "Hold up," Sara calls out. "A night in prison helps no one!"
15:56:26 - Ren: [Uh-oh.]
15:56:40 - Neela: [You and me both, Ren.]
15:56:54 - Thomas: Neela runs to the approaching menservant, Dovall is right behind her. Keeor is sauntering over as Ren almost knocks him down...
15:58:14 - Thomas: And now we're at the point in the action round where we move into another action segment. Neela is about to attack, Doval is about to tackle her, Ren is about to tackle Norath. Let's see if y'all follow through with that.
15:58:30 - Kai-la: No I still want to talk!
15:58:31 - Thomas: Neela? Still attacking? If so, roll your Melee Combat.
15:58:50 - [RinkChat] User Neela rolls 4d6: 1 + 2 + 4 + 4 = 11
15:58:55 - Thomas: Kai'la is talking to Reppana, not Neela or Ren or Dovall.
15:58:57 - Neela: Total 13.
15:59:17 - Kai-la: Oh, okay, fair enough. Sorry.
15:59:20 - Thomas: Ren?
15:59:35 - Thomas: Dovall attempts to tackle Neela.
15:59:45 - [RinkChat] User Thomas rolls 4d6: 4 + 2 + 6 + 5 = 17
16:00:17 - Neela: Yaaargh.
16:00:47 - Ren: If I stop short of tackling, can I still position myself between Kai and Norath's blaster?
16:00:49 - Thomas: Oh, I forgot to ask if you wanted to parry the tackle.
16:01:01 - Thomas: Ren would blunder between them, so sure.
16:01:17 - Kai-la: Look, Princess, I don't want a fight here. It won't do any of us any good - this will just draw attention to you, which I'm sure you don't want.
16:01:18 - Thomas: If you want to parry, you suffer -1d for each roll.
16:01:40 - Neela: I'll parry.
16:02:14 - Thomas: Roll your brawling parry at -1d. I'll just take the last die from your attack roll off your attack.
16:02:34 - Neela: So, 3d instead of 4d?
16:02:38 - Ren: I'm blundered between them.
16:02:54 - [RinkChat] User Neela rolls 3d6: 6 + 2 + 5 = 13
16:03:01 - Neela: Total 15.
16:03:23 - Gahalyn has left.
16:03:29 - Neela: Neeerrrr, not fair not far I'm going to have to go.
16:03:33 - [Sara->Thomas] Knowing full well the damage deflecting blasters through a duelling sword (likely severe burns to the hands) would do to her, she will defelct any blaster fire to Dovall or (and especially) to Neela).
16:03:53 - Neela: For a bit, anyway.
16:04:20 - Thomas: Dovall tries to tackle you, but you twist as he wraps his arms around you, throwing him off. Unfortunately, that was enough to make you miss your swing at one of the manservants.
16:05:23 - Thomas: "Then just be grateful that we're paying you anything at all," she says, reaching to the door handle.
16:05:41 - Thomas: Ren manages to blunder between Norath and the Twi'lek.
16:06:05 - Thomas: Next round -- declarations
16:06:07 - * Kai-la grabs the door handle so the princess can't open it.
16:06:13 - Neela: (Thomas, I want to come back but I have to run for a bit. So can I leave Neela blundering around as an NPC until I get back?)
16:06:18 - Kai-la: Oopsie. Ignore that.
16:06:23 - Neela: Or something?
16:06:26 - Thomas: [sure]
16:06:43 - Neela: (Mmmkay thanks. Don't uninvite me.)
16:06:45 - Neela has left.
16:08:12 - Thomas: The menservants near Neela jump back. One reaches under his jacket and grabs a hold-out blaster. One runs around the far side of Reppana's speeder. The third backs away and pulls out a communicator. Norath will roughly shove Ren to the ground.
16:08:16 - Thomas: Ren?
16:08:40 - Thomas: Neela turns and tries to kick Dovall in the face.
16:10:14 - Ren: Aie.
16:10:46 - Ren: Can I attempt to simply force myself back up and maintain my position between Norath and Kai?
16:11:04 - Thomas: Yes you can. That's a brawling parry roll you'll have to make.
16:11:30 - Kai-la: (You're so sweet, Ren)
16:11:34 - Thomas: Dovall tries to block Neela's kick, then rushes her, trying to knock her down.
16:11:39 - Ren: Yech.
16:11:42 - Thomas: Keefor? Sara? Kai'la?
16:11:49 - [RinkChat] User Ren rolls 2d6: 6 + 1 = 7
16:12:04 - Ren: +1 is 8.
16:12:05 - Kai-la: (Wild 6, Ren!)
16:12:11 - Keeor: How far did I get last round? 5 meters?
16:12:13 - Ren: Ooooh.
16:12:27 - Thomas: Keefor is about 4 meters away.
16:12:31 - Keeor: (Ren: We're still in declarations. Rolling will come later.)
16:12:39 - Ren: [What do I roll for that again? 8-. ]
16:12:44 - Kai-la: I'm going to maintain my hold on the princess (I'm willing to roll some sort melee thing, if she tries to struggle away) and attempt to talk to
16:12:46 - Ren: Ohhhh.
16:12:48 - Kai-la: Norath
16:13:02 - Keeor: I'll move towards the manservant who just pulled out the blaster and attempt to disarm him.
16:13:11 - Ren: [ :-. ]
16:13:14 - * Sara runs towards Dovall, and attempts to stun him and take him hostage.
16:13:34 - [RinkChat] User Sara rolls 4d6: 4 + 4 + 3 + 2 = 13
16:14:09 - [Sara->Thomas] So that is 15 total.
16:14:09 - Thomas: Reppana will attempt to pull away and slam the door shut.
16:14:19 - Keeor: (Or am I wrong? Rolling now? Should I be rolling for my disarm attempt?)
16:14:19 - Kai-la: We're not rolling yet.
16:14:31 - Thomas: Wait wait wait.
16:14:39 - Thomas: Now let's resolve actions.
16:15:11 - Thomas: We'll start with Ren. You rolled a 6 and a 1 for your parry, roll 1d6 because of the wild die.
16:15:28 - Sara: Keeping that roll, it is 15 total.
16:15:29 - [RinkChat] User Ren rolls 1d6: 6 = 6
16:15:36 - Thomas: Keep going.
16:15:38 - Ren: Hoy.
16:15:46 - [RinkChat] User Ren rolls 1d6: 3 = 3
16:15:58 - Keeor: My goodness, Ren. Not going down easy.
16:16:03 - Thomas: So you're at 17 for the parry. Norath rolls...
16:16:07 - Sara: [You go Ren!]
16:16:12 - [RinkChat] User Thomas rolls 4d6: 1 + 2 + 4 + 5 = 12
16:16:46 - Thomas: ...not enough. "Squirmy little gutterpuke," he says, trying to shove you out of the way.
16:17:04 - Thomas: Back to Neela vs Dovall
16:17:04 - Gahalyn has entered.
16:17:35 - Kai-la: (Ah, the strength of love)
16:17:36 - Thomas: Gah! Want to play Neela? You're kicking someone in the face.
16:18:04 - Sara: You're speaking to Gahalyan?
16:18:36 - Thomas: Yes.
16:18:51 - Thomas: If so, roll 3d6 and add 2 for her parry.
16:19:03 - [RinkChat] User Gahalyn rolls 3d6: 6 + 2 + 5 = 13
16:19:04 - [RinkChat] User Thomas rolls 4d6: 2 + 6 + 2 + 1 = 11
16:19:11 - Gahalyn: 15.
16:19:22 - Thomas: Good! Roll 1d6 -- you got a 6 on your first die.
16:19:22 - Sara: Wild die! EXCELLENT
16:19:48 - [RinkChat] User Gahalyn rolls 1d6: 4 = 4
16:20:00 - Keeor: Nie parry.
16:20:11 - Keeor: *Nice
16:20:27 - Sara: [got it. and you be right!]
16:20:36 - Thomas: Your parry is 19, mine was 11. Now roll your attack -- you'll need to beat a 17 by rolling 4d.
16:20:42 - [RinkChat] User Thomas rolls 4d6: 2 + 1 + 2 + 4 = 9
16:20:50 - [RinkChat] User Gahalyn rolls 4d6: 1 + 1 + 4 + 2 = 8
16:21:57 - Thomas: Dovall tried to grab your leg, but missed. He managed to twist under you, and kicked out with his left foot, but you flipped back up, out of harm's way.
16:22:56 - Thomas: Over to the Princess vs. the Captain. You're holding on, so let's do a brawling vs brawling opposed test.
16:23:09 - [RinkChat] User Thomas rolls 2d6: 3 + 3 = 6
16:23:14 - [RinkChat] User Kai-la rolls 4d6: 6 + 6 + 4 + 5 = 21
16:23:25 - Thomas: You've got her.
16:23:32 - Kai-la: Ayup.
16:23:44 - Thomas: "Let go of our arm!"
16:24:02 - Thomas: Who's left? Keeor and the manservant?
16:24:12 - Keeor: Yep.
16:24:16 - Kai-la: I'm going to try to reason with Norath. Should I roll Bargain?
16:24:17 - Keeor: Dunno who else.
16:24:40 - Thomas: Let's take care of this first.
16:24:46 - Kai-la: Okay.
16:25:11 - Thomas: Disarming? Let's do a Brawling action, opposed by Str.
16:25:16 - [RinkChat] User Thomas rolls 2d6: 1 + 5 = 6
16:25:17 - Keeor: OK.
16:25:25 - [RinkChat] User Keeor rolls 4d6: 6 + 3 + 2 + 4 = 15
16:25:30 - Thomas: Beat an 8.
16:25:31 - [RinkChat] User Keeor rolls 1d6: 1 = 1
16:25:38 - Keeor: Total is 17.
16:25:51 - * Keeor flexes.
16:26:03 - Keeor: [ O:-) ]
16:26:21 - Sara: "Way to go padawan!
16:26:32 - Thomas: He pulls out a small weapon, but one two three quick punches to the arm and the weapon goes flying aross the speeder into the hedges.
16:27:07 - Keeor: Can I say something to him as well?
16:27:08 - Thomas: declarations again
16:27:15 - Keeor: Eh, it'll wait.
16:27:16 - Thomas: Sure.
16:27:23 - Kai-la: Eeph. I still haven't talked!
16:27:35 - Kai-la: Do I have to wait for next round?
16:27:51 - Thomas: Let's do the talking bits.
16:28:00 - Kai-la: Okay.
16:28:01 - Thomas: K, and K -- whatcha say?
16:28:09 - * Kai-la speaks loudly, so everyone can hear her.
16:28:19 - Keeor: I just tell him, "I don't want anyone to get hurt -- including you."
16:29:07 - Kai-la: I risked my own neck, and the necks of everyone here, to bring the princess here safely. She got a small grease stain on one of the hundreds of dresses she brought along. Considering all we did, I don't think we deserve to have our pay halved. I'm sure you can all see the unfairness of this situation!
16:30:00 - Thomas: Okay, declarations.
16:32:17 - Thomas: The manservant that backed away now has a blaster pistol out. He's standing by the other one, who is talking on a communicator. The one that was disarmed just stares at the little Rodian. Norath points his blaster at Ren. "Step away from the speeder, kid," he says.
16:32:51 - Gahalyn has left.
16:32:56 - Thomas: Ren and Neela get to declare what they're doing, based on what they've just seen. After all declarations are over, we'll resolve actions.
16:33:13 - [Sara->Thomas] How close is Sara to the speeders?
16:33:30 - Thomas: [That was for the woman that just left. Unless she comes back in a sec, I'll continue to NPC Neela.]
16:33:56 - [Thomas->Sara] You'll have to do a run action to get there this round. Just under 10 meters.
16:33:57 - Keeor: [Right.]
16:34:03 - Kai-la: [Heh. The campaign I'm currently playing in, my character is a psychic. I keep wanting to talk to everyone else in my head, or mentally stun a guard or something. But I CAN'T!!]
16:34:25 - Kai-la: Ack. I have to go for a couple minutes. Be RIGHt back.
16:34:37 - Thomas: Oh, Kai'la, make a Bargain roll.
16:34:43 - Ren: I'm going to hold my ground and tell him "Y-you point that thing away from her... u-us first."
16:35:13 - Thomas: Er, Command roll.
16:35:20 - Thomas: [sorry]
16:35:45 - Thomas: I'll roll for her.
16:36:10 - [RinkChat] User Kai-la rolls 3d6: 5 + 5 + 1 = 11
16:36:27 - Thomas: That's good.
16:36:59 - Thomas: Neela takes a swing at Dovall.
16:37:02 - Neela has entered.
16:37:09 - Thomas: Or maybe not.
16:37:25 - Neela: Nah, continue the round.
16:37:35 - Thomas: Neela takes a swing at Dovall.
16:38:01 - Thomas: Dovall tries to counter the blow, but doesn't swing back.
16:38:09 - Thomas: Keefor? Sara? Kai'la?
16:38:21 - Kai-la: I'm going to maintain my grip on the Princess and keep talking, if necessary.
16:38:24 - Keeor: How far am I from the guys with the communicator and the blaster?
16:38:52 - Thomas: They're on the other side of the speeder. You can run to them if you wish.
16:39:27 - Keeor: I so wish, and I also want to try to hear what the communicator guy is saying. I'll attempt to disarm the blaster guy.
16:39:41 - Thomas: Okay then. Sara?
16:40:19 - [RinkChat] User Neela has been labeled 'Jessie' by Thomas.
16:40:47 - * Sara attempts to "discomm' the guy with the communicator.
16:40:47 - Neela: Whoops.
16:40:56 - Thomas: Okay.
16:40:58 - Keeor: We forgot Sara's action from last round.
16:41:13 - Thomas: Reppana will attempt to pull away and slam the door shut. Again.
16:41:23 - Keeor: She was going to try to stun Dovall and take him hostage. Did that change, and I just missed it?
16:41:53 - Thomas: No, I just missed it. Let's see her attempt the stun. Roll your Melee.
16:42:16 - [RinkChat] User Sara rolls 4d6: 4 + 5 + 5 + 5 = 19
16:42:34 - Sara: That is a totla of 21
16:43:17 - Thomas: That would have hit. Roll your damage roll.
16:44:15 - [RinkChat] User Thomas rolls 3d6: 3 + 4 + 5 = 12
16:44:33 - [RinkChat] User Sara rolls 4d6: 4 + 5 + 3 + 3 = 15
16:44:39 - Sara: Total is 15
16:44:55 - Sara: Sorry, total is 16
16:45:33 - Thomas: He drops to the ground, stunned. Now, will this change Neela's action?
16:46:03 - Neela: Well, there's no point in taking a swing at him, I suppose.
16:46:28 - Neela: Can I tackle him while he's down?
16:47:28 - Neela: *cough* I've been advised differently.
16:47:30 - Kai-la: Sorrysorrysorry.
16:47:33 - Neela: No clue what's going on.
16:47:54 - Thomas: As I see it, we've got two speeders -- everyone seems to be around the lead one. Kai'la, Ren, Norath, and the princess are on the side facing you. Keeor is at the rear of the speeder, almost between the two vehicles. There is a manservant by him. There are two other servants on the other side of the speeder.
16:48:05 - Kai-la: Oh hey! It didn't matter!
16:48:23 - * Kai-la does a little happy dance.
16:48:26 - Thomas: Sara and you are together, as if you were running towards the rear vehicle.
16:49:16 - Thomas: You can just wait and see what's going on.
16:49:24 - Neela: Yeah. I'll wait.
16:49:47 - Neela: Just chalk it down to "I'll hit this guy ---wait, where'd he go?"
16:49:54 - Thomas: Okay and Sara? Still de-communicating the guy?
16:51:31 - Thomas: She said yes.
16:51:47 - Thomas: Okay. Let's go. I think we're all set.
16:53:14 - Thomas: "Step away from the speeder, kid," Norath says, but Ren holds his ground. Keeor runs to the back of the speeder. Sara follows.
16:53:33 - Thomas: The princess tries to pull away. Let's do that contest again.
16:53:42 - [RinkChat] User Thomas rolls 2d6: 3 + 1 = 4
16:53:58 - Thomas: Not going to happen anytime soon.
16:54:04 - [RinkChat] User Kai-la rolls 4d6: 6 + 5 + 2 + 1 = 14
16:54:12 - [RinkChat] User Kai-la rolls 1d6: 3 = 3
16:54:18 - Kai-la: 17.
16:54:19 - Thomas: That's okay.
16:54:31 - Sara: Sweet!
16:54:38 - Thomas: Keenor, same thing -- let those fists of fury fly.
16:54:50 - [RinkChat] User Thomas rolls 2d6: 1 + 3 = 4
16:54:54 - Keeor: Do I have a penalty for running, or no?
16:54:57 - Thomas: Good Ness.
16:55:05 - Thomas: Yes, -1d. Beat a 6.
16:55:15 - [RinkChat] User Keeor rolls 3d6: 1 + 2 + 5 = 8
16:55:19 - Keeor: Total 9.
16:55:26 - Sara: NICE
16:55:29 - Keeor: I'm a disarming machine.
16:55:40 - Thomas: That did it. Whap whap whap and the weapon goes flying.
16:55:52 - Thomas: "Hey!" he says, dumbly.
16:56:21 - Keeor: When I have the chance, I'll tell him roughly the same thing I told the other guy. Did I overhear anything from the communicator guy?
16:56:30 - Thomas: Sara tries to de-phone the guy. That's brawling at -1d.
16:56:56 - [RinkChat] User Sara rolls 2d6: 6 + 6 = 12
16:57:04 - Sara: roll 1d6
16:57:06 - Keeor: NICE
16:57:13 - [RinkChat] User Sara rolls 1d6: 4 = 4
16:57:23 - Neela: Hee.
16:57:27 - Thomas: "Quickly, outside customs on level G! We're under--"
16:57:30 - [RinkChat] User Thomas rolls 2d6: 1 + 1 = 2
16:57:41 - Keeor: Uh-oh.
16:57:52 - Keeor: At least he's cut off.
16:57:57 - Thomas: That's all he gets out before the personal communicator winds up with the collection of hold-out blasters.
16:58:05 - Sara: That is a total of 16
16:58:29 - Keeor: The "dice" are not with out foes today.
16:58:37 - Keeor: *with OUR
16:58:38 - Neela: Apparently not.
16:58:55 - Kai-la: So it appears that nobody is paying any attention to me whatsoever?
16:59:19 - Kai-la: [Do we have to go back through customs to get back to the ship?]
16:59:23 - Keeor: I think the princess is still paying attention to you.
16:59:35 - Thomas: The princess attempts to pull away, but fails again. "Fine. You can have your money. Now let us go."
17:00:03 - Kai-la: Say that loudly, so everybody can hear you promise us our money.
17:00:23 - Thomas: [Yes, the entrance is around the other side of the building. You came out the exit.]
17:01:26 - Thomas: "Dovall!" the princess says to the man who staggers to his feet. "Give this person her payment. We wish to be rid of them."
17:01:53 - * Kai-la releases the princess and takes several steps back.
17:02:06 - Thomas: Norath looks in surprise, then quickly puts his weapon away.
17:02:19 - * Sara loods at him patiently waiting him to follow his princess' orders
17:02:21 - * Ren steps back, as well.
17:03:36 - * Neela straightens, releasing her hold on her weapon.
17:03:45 - Thomas: Dovall gets up and walks over to the princess. "Are you all right --" "Of course we're not all right, you buffoon," she screams. "These brigands dared to touch me! Now give them their money!"
17:03:55 - Thomas: *us
17:04:07 - * Keeor waits for payment to be given, and if and when it is, collects the discarded weapons and returns them to their owners, upside-down, handle first.
17:04:12 - * Thomas knew he'd slip up one of these times.
17:04:37 - Keeor: The Royal We is hard to maintain.
17:05:03 - Thomas: Bitterly, Dovall hands over payment -- in full -- to Kai'la. "Take it," he says.
17:05:34 - * Keeor does his thing.
17:05:56 - Thomas: He turns his back on her and heads to the lead speeder. Norath shuts the door -- you cannot see the princess inside the vehicle.
17:05:59 - * Kai-la takes it.
17:06:32 - Thomas: The others dust themselves off and board the black landspeeders.
17:06:42 - Neela: We should get out of here as quickly as possible, before the reinforcements arrive, eh?
17:06:48 - Thomas: Within moments, they are gone.
17:07:08 - Neela: We're going to have trouble with the station security, I wouldn't be surprised.
17:07:23 - Keeor: I wonder if perhaps we should leave Kwenn entirely -- although it may look suspiscious for us to leave again within minutes of our arrival.
17:07:59 - Keeor: They may well be calling the authorities from within their vehicles as we speak.
17:08:07 - Sara: Best we try to elude trouble. Let's try to take off and allude any troube.
17:08:27 - Sara: A quick trade is not unknown.
17:08:33 - Kai-la: I think we should stay.
17:08:46 - Keeor: But we said we were here for pleasure.
17:08:49 - Kai-la: If we melt off into the crowd, they'll never find us.
17:09:06 - Keeor: [Is there anyone here close enough to be listening in?]
17:09:06 - Kai-la: And it would look awfully suspicious if we left 10 minutes after we arrived on a so-called "pleasure" trip.
17:09:16 - Sara: Right. well, when should we meet?
17:09:37 - Keeor: I agree with Kai'la. Can we perhaps try to blend in for one night before leaving?
17:09:45 - Kai-la: I'd rather we stick together, at least for now.
17:09:53 - Keeor: Perhaps tomorrow morning, soon after daybreak?
17:09:55 - Thomas: [Pretty much everyone around when the fight started has vanished. Other passersby don't act as if there was just a fight in this area.]
17:10:01 - Kai-la: If any trouble does come up, it'll probably be within the next hour.
17:10:21 - Keeor: We could stay together, although we may stand out, unless there are many other Twi'lek and Rodians here.
17:10:27 - Kai-la: And I, for one, don't relish the thought of being alone. How about we stop off in a pub for a quick drink, and plit up after that, if we want to?
17:10:40 - Kai-la: Of course there are other Twi'lek and Rodians. This is a major spaceport.
17:10:41 - Thomas: Kwenn is home to dozens of different types of alien life forms.
17:10:42 - Neela: I like that plan.
17:10:49 - Keeor: I was thinking if we split up, it should be two groups.
17:11:05 - Keeor: Stay together, then. For a drink, if you wish.
17:11:40 - Neela: A drink, and then split up into two groups?
17:11:55 - Kai-la: A drink, and then we can discuss further.
17:12:04 - Keeor: Perhaps we can decide when we finish.
17:12:09 - Keeor: Yes.
17:12:40 - Neela: Agreed.
17:13:00 - Thomas: So, just doing stuff overnight and then leaving Kwenn in the morning, assuming nothing bad happens overnight?
17:13:12 - Kai-la: Yeees.
17:13:23 - * Kai-la will attempt to pick up an attractive male Twi'lek.
17:13:29 - Keeor: Sounds good to me.
17:14:29 - Neela: Right.
17:14:39 - Keeor: {What happened to James?]
17:14:56 - Ren: [ :-. ]
17:15:10 - Keeor: [Right then.]
17:17:15 - Thomas: The next morning, some of you are nursing hangovers, but you're none the worse off for wear. You stand in the queue to proceed through customs when you are approached by a stranger in an Imperial Navy uniform, accompanied by two Stormtroopers. A small floating droid, orb-shaped, circles you. "Captain Kai'la, of The Saucy Wench?" he says. "I'm to inform you that your ship has been impounded by the Station Manager per request of His Royal Excellency Theor of Bellisarus. You, and your crew, are to remain on Kwenn until His Royal Excellency arrives in one day. Please sign here." He holds out his datapad.
17:17:33 - Thomas: To be continued...
17:17:39 - Neela: Ooooh my head...
17:17:45 - * Ren pales.
17:17:46 - Keeor: Dangit.
17:17:50 - Kai-la: Fork.
17:17:54 - Neela: Yarrr.
17:17:54 - Ren: Oooooh my ship...
17:18:04 - Neela: Ahhh, the cruelty.

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