The following is more or less unedited for those of that are curious about how a play-by-chat-room session looks. Times are listed to give the curious an idea about how long it takes a conversation or game action to be completed. This session ran four hours and fifty-nine minutes.

a meeting, of sorts

14:56:55 - Thomas has entered.
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15:01:17 - Sara has entered.
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15:06:03 - Keeor has entered.
15:06:27 - Thomas: Hello!
15:06:36 - Keeor: Heya.
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15:07:16 - Keeor: I saw it right after the session.
15:07:26 - [RinkChat] User Keeor rolls 3d6+1: 6 + 4 + 2 = 12, modified by 1 = 13
15:08:45 - Thomas: That's right. Sam added code to the chat room to do /roll XdY+Z.
15:09:01 - Keeor: Yep. Works well, too. Nice and clear.
15:09:11 - [RinkChat] User Keeor rolls 4d1+20: 1 + 1 + 1 + 1 = 4, modified by 20 = 24
15:10:20 - Ren has entered.
15:10:27 - Ren: OOPS.
15:10:37 - Keeor: Heheh.
15:11:15 - Ren: I actually forgot this was today until I checked through my old memos by chance this afternoon.
15:11:19 - Ren: :-.
15:12:00 - Thomas: Was Jessie going to join us today?
15:12:32 - Ren: She's moving today.
15:12:44 - Keeor: Last memo I saw said she was moving today and hoped to be here.
15:12:52 - Thomas: And Lynette was going to maybe join us later.
15:12:55 - Keeor: And Lynette has that birthday thing today.
15:13:02 - Keeor: Yeah.
15:13:05 - Thomas: Right.
15:13:09 - Ren: Moving always takes longer that you think it will.
15:13:33 - Keeor: I think it will take me several years.
15:13:49 - Keeor: Most of that is building the will to want to do it again.
15:14:17 - Ren: From what I can see, the part of RPGs that takes the most strategy is trying to schedule the sessions.
15:14:34 - Keeor: Only with a group like this.
15:14:57 - * Thomas quickly reads something...
15:15:13 - Keeor: With my regular group, it's just Tuesday nights. Every week. But we're all in the same time zone, so we usually go from about 7:00-10:00 and it works for everyone.
15:18:16 - * Thomas stops. Nope, that won't work.
15:18:30 - Keeor: ?
15:18:31 - Thomas: So let's wing this motha!
15:18:47 - Ren: Whooooooo!
15:18:49 - Keeor: OK.
15:18:57 - Thomas: So, let's see... we've got the Quixotic Jedi, her "bodyguard", and an engineer.
15:19:14 - Thomas: ...walk into a bar...
15:19:27 - Keeor: LOL
15:19:41 - Thomas: Meanwhile, the smuggler and the merc are NPC for the count.
15:19:52 - Keeor: Right.
15:20:02 - Sara: OK
15:20:27 - Keeor: [Just so you know, I am still barely awake -- if I become unresponsive, I've probably passed out in my chair. IM me.]
15:21:02 - Thomas: You're all on Kwenn Space Station, the ship has been impounded, and you're all awaiting the approach of the father of the woman you've kidnapped/escorted off-planet.
15:21:34 - Keeor: Right.
15:22:01 - Thomas: The next morning, some of you are nursing hangovers, but you're none the worse off for wear. You stand in the queue to proceed through customs when you are approached by a stranger in an Imperial Navy uniform, accompanied by two Stormtroopers. A small floating droid, orb-shaped, circles you. "Captain Kai'la, of The Saucy Wench?" he says. "I'm to inform you that your ship has been impounded by the Station Manager per request of His Royal Excellency Theor of Bellisarus. You, and your crew, are to remain on Kwenn until His Royal Excellency arrives in one day. Please sign here." He holds out his datapad.
15:22:29 - Thomas: "WHAT?" screams the twi'lek captain.
15:22:48 - Ren: My ship!
15:23:40 - Sara: Where is the ship held, sir?
15:24:49 - Thomas: "Beyond customs, ma'am," he replies. "You won't be able to pass through customs until the Station Manager releases authorization."
15:25:21 - Keeor: Hrm.
15:25:36 - Thomas: "I don't frelling believe this," rants Kai'la as she looks over the datapad. "What if I need to get a shipment of perishable goods off-ship?"
15:25:45 - Keeor: Did His Majesty give any explanation for why our ship is being held?
15:26:38 - Thomas: "I'm afraid not," he replies. "You'll have to wait until the Station Manager approves your departure. Sign there. And there."
15:26:57 - Keeor: How can we reach the Station Manager?
15:27:29 - Thomas: "Or at least, no explanation that I know of," the naval officer says.
15:27:56 - Ren: You'd damn w-well better not touch anything!
15:28:37 - Thomas: "If you would like to lodge a complaint, feel free to visit Trassik Tower, in the central area of the station. Level 4. That's the Station Manager's office."
15:28:40 - * Ren manages to fume and fret simulaneously.
15:29:05 - Keeor: "We appreciate your assistance, sir."
15:29:59 - Thomas: He takes back the datapad from the very upset Twi'lek. "Enjoy your stay on Kwenn."
15:30:22 - Keeor: "Kai'la, we should leave. This officer here is only doing his job and does not have the authority to help us."
15:31:20 - Sara: Let us go see the Station Manager
15:31:30 - Thomas: Kai'la growls at Keeor, but then turn and stomps out of the customs queue.
15:31:33 - Keeor: I agree.
15:32:00 - Thomas: "I'd like to talk to him," Neela says, patting the large blaster holster on her side.
15:32:46 - Ren: Damn w-well right. K-kick h-his damn....
15:33:02 - * Ren trails off into incoherency.
15:33:12 - Sara: Sara heads in the direction of Trassik Tower.
15:33:36 - * Keeor follows.
15:33:54 - Sara: We should try diplomacy first, my friends. We will likely want to come back to this place in the future.
15:33:59 - * Ren, as well.
15:35:48 - Thomas: The station is built on several levels, you are at what appears to be the ground level of any overly-large city. Far above you are several catwalks in the sky, ringing the various skyrakers. Transit between these levels is generally done through large, open elevators. From one end of the city to another, transit is accomplished by the use of an extensive replusolift tram system.
15:37:03 - Ren: Oooh, trams.
15:37:04 - [RinkChat] User Sara rolls 2d6+1: 1 + 1 = 2, modified by 1 = 3
15:37:44 - * Ren is distracted by all the engineerical things about.
15:37:45 - Sara: So, what do we know of this Theor of Bellisarus?
15:38:07 - Thomas: Your trip there takes longer than you anticipated. Although the tram system is speedy, the delays at the stops as you get closer in seriously lengthens the trip. That and Ren certain that you really wanted to take the yellow line when you really wanted to take the green line.
15:38:36 - Keeor: He is a businessman as well as a king.
15:38:41 - Ren: [ahhh, dial-up and phone wanted back in a jiff]
15:39:11 - Thomas: Hurry back.
15:39:32 - Thomas: We'll just wait until everyone's back.
15:39:42 - Keeor: If memory serves, his daughter is not only princess, but also a member of the board of the business.
15:41:26 - Ren: [back]
15:41:47 - Ren: [Excusez-moi]
15:43:31 - Thomas: Egad! That was quick!
15:43:45 - Keeor: 46 seconds.
15:44:03 - Ren: :)
15:44:24 - Keeor: Although I guess some of that may have been time spent timing out if the window was already closed.
15:44:57 - Sara: So, I wonder if our station manager has had direct dealings with Theor?
15:45:06 - Thomas: "Ah, Trassik Tower," Neela says as the tram slows to a halt. "Let's get this over with.
15:45:40 - Thomas: "A lot of trade does come through here," Kai'la says."
15:45:47 - Sara: Let us not appear hostile right at first. Perhaps we can convince the station manager there has been some sort of misunderstanding.
15:46:06 - Sara: How much were we paid?
15:46:28 - Keeor: I believe in the end we were given the full payment, 10,000 credits.
15:46:40 - Thomas: "Full price," Kai'la replies. "All -- yeah, that's right."
15:47:04 - Sara: Hmmm. Perhaps a small "gift" for the station manager is in order.
15:47:11 - Thomas: "Ungrateful wench," she continues to mutter. There are a few other choice words said.
15:47:44 - Keeor: We shall have to judge his character to see if he would be open to such a gesture.
15:47:58 - * Keeor ignores the mutterings of his captain as best he can.
15:48:05 - Sara: Indeed.
15:48:12 - Thomas: "That might be a good idea," Kai'la replies, following Keeor through the maze of the office tower.
15:50:04 - * Thomas switches computers.
15:50:43 - * Thomas's main computer is still acting up.
15:51:47 - Thomas: Everyone make a Bureaucracy roll.
15:52:09 - [RinkChat] User Keeor rolls 2d6+2: 6 + 6 = 12, modified by 2 = 14
15:52:30 - Keeor: SWEET
15:52:35 - [RinkChat] User Keeor rolls 1d6: 3 = 3
15:52:43 - Keeor: Total 17.
15:52:50 - [RinkChat] User Sara rolls 2d6+1: 2 + 6 = 8, modified by 1 = 9
15:52:54 - [RinkChat] User Ren rolls 4d6: 4 + 6 + 5 + 3 = 18
15:53:18 - Sara: Wow wren, very cool.
15:53:19 - Thomas: Knowledge is Power!
15:53:42 - Ren: [I do that if my stat for Knowledge is 4D but I don't have a specific score in Bureaucracy, right?]
15:53:55 - Keeor: I thought Power would be somewhere under Strength. ;-)
15:54:05 - Keeor: [Ren: Correct.]
15:54:13 - Sara: No, the pen is mightier than the sword.
15:54:49 - Keeor: Apparently.
15:55:14 - Keeor: Our ship wasn't stopped by the sword of several fighters, but the pen of impounding seems to be working like a charm.
15:57:10 - Thomas: It takes a little while, but you are able to find the right office. You file past several beings at large desks, all talking to various people and creatures that appear on various holoscreens. At the far end of the room is the Assistant to the Station Manager, an Ithorian, who has you wait for only a half of an arn before letting you know that the Station Manager is ready to see you.
15:57:34 - Keeor: [What's an arn?]
15:58:01 - Keeor: I thank the Ithorian, and if it seems appropriate, walk into the office.
15:58:24 - Keeor: (The station manager's office.)
15:58:31 - Thomas: The Station Manager's office is huge, overlooking the "north" end of the station, providing a magnificent view of the nearby planet.
15:58:46 - Ren: Oooooh.
15:58:57 - * Ren gawks.
15:59:19 - Keeor: What does the Station Manager look like?
15:59:38 - * Keeor is momentarily taken aback, and compliments the stunning view.
16:00:00 - Thomas: Off to the right side of the office sits a long metal tank, filled with murky water. There is no desk here in the office, only a few chairs, arranged facing the end of the tank.
16:00:40 - Thomas: (The tank isn't alongside the wall, it juts out into the office.)
16:00:47 - Keeor: Is the station manager apparent elsewhere, or is it safe to assume that he/she/it is in the tank?
16:01:31 - Sara: Tries to detect movement in the tank.
16:01:42 - * Ren peers into the water, nervously.
16:01:50 - Thomas: As you enter, a holo-field flickers off, You only get a glimpse of the figure before it vanishes.
16:02:35 - Keeor: Vanishes? Where to? What holo-field?
16:02:36 - Thomas: Perception check, please.
16:02:54 - [RinkChat] User Keeor rolls 3d6: 1 + 5 + 3 = 9
16:03:01 - Keeor: Ouch.
16:03:16 - Keeor: Could have been worse, I guess.
16:03:19 - [RinkChat] User Sara rolls 3d6: 3 + 3 + 3 = 9
16:03:26 - Thomas: There, in front of the end of the tank is a round disc in the floor, obviously a holofield projector.
16:03:27 - Sara: Gah
16:03:27 - [RinkChat] User Ren rolls 2d6+1: 3 + 1 = 4, modified by 1 = 5
16:03:58 - [RinkChat] User Thomas rolls 3d6: 5 + 4 + 4 = 13
16:04:11 - [RinkChat] User Thomas rolls 2d6+1: 4 + 5 = 9, modified by 1 = 10
16:05:14 - Thomas: All you three saw as the holofield flickered out was a bipedial shape. Could've been anything.
16:06:08 - Sara: Hello?
16:06:12 - Keeor: So was the holofield covering the bipedal figure, or projecting an image of a bipedal figure?
16:06:13 - Thomas: "Please be seated," comes a voice from over hidden speakers in the room. The speakers are evenly spaced around the office, which makes the voice appear to come from all around you.
16:06:19 - Thomas: It is most unnerving.
16:06:41 - * Keeor, though unnerved, takes a seat.
16:07:05 - * Ren shivers while sitting.
16:07:30 - Neela has entered.
16:07:33 - Thomas: Your captain begins, "We're--" "You are the crew of the Saucy Wench. You are to be detained," interrupts the voice.
16:07:35 - * Sara sits next to Keeor, apparently unaffected by the disembodied voice.
16:07:53 - Neela: (Yoiks. Did I miss everything?)
16:08:04 - Sara: What is the reason for this?
16:08:08 - Thomas: we pause for a second for someone to recap
16:08:21 - Ren: (HUZZAH)
16:08:56 - Thomas: Keeor! Recap duties! Go!
16:09:03 - Keeor: OK.
16:09:11 - Keeor: As you know, our ship was impounded.
16:09:23 - Neela: Yes, I remember this.
16:09:35 - Keeor: We requested more information from the officer in charge, and he told us we would need to speak to the station manager to get anything done about it.
16:10:09 - Keeor: He gave us the location of the office, and we came here, and discussed the possibility of bribing the station manager.
16:10:31 - Keeor: The office is huge and has a stunning view and a metal tank, and I think everything else is still in the buffer.
16:10:46 - Keeor: (Did I miss anything important? Neela, any questions?)
16:11:17 - Neela: Nope, makes sense.
16:11:26 - * Neela even found where she packed her character sheet.
16:11:27 - Sara: Cool.
16:11:44 - Keeor: Awesome.
16:11:44 - Thomas: Right! Jolly good show! Pip pip!
16:12:45 - Thomas: As you are sitting, you notice that something quite large in the tank moves, churning the dark water.
16:13:16 - Keeor: Can I make a Knowledge - Alien Races check to see if I might know what it is?
16:15:00 - Thomas: "You will be detained amoung us until the arrival of His Royal Majesty's Valour," the voice continues. "The vessel will be docking in twelve point seventeen arns."
16:15:23 - Keeor: [What's an arn?]
16:15:31 - Thomas: [arn is space-talk for an hour]
16:15:40 - Keeor: [OK.]
16:15:49 - Thomas: Go ahead and make Alien Races rolls.
16:15:59 - [RinkChat] User Sara rolls 2d6+1: 5 + 5 = 10, modified by 1 = 11
16:16:02 - [RinkChat] User Keeor rolls 3d6: 1 + 2 + 4 = 7
16:16:10 - Keeor: Yuck.
16:16:20 - Keeor: I think it might be aquatic!
16:16:57 - Neela: Might be?
16:17:00 - Ren: ( =-o )
16:17:12 - Keeor: With that roll, I make no promises.
16:17:24 - [RinkChat] User Ren rolls 4d6: 6 + 3 + 1 + 1 = 11
16:17:29 - [RinkChat] User Neela rolls 2d6+2: 3 + 1 = 4, modified by 2 = 6
16:17:36 - Sara: Yay, wild 6 Ren.
16:17:45 - Neela: You have more of a clue than me, Keeor.
16:17:49 - [RinkChat] User Ren rolls 1d6: 1 = 1
16:19:03 - Keeor: LOL
16:19:08 - * Neela dies.
16:19:15 - * Sara dies
16:19:18 - Keeor: Good thing we don't have hit points.
16:19:32 - * Keeor survives.
16:19:38 - Ren: X-o
16:19:44 - Neela: I just died from laughter, is all.
16:20:06 - Thomas: "You have come to discuss terms of leaving," the voice says. "There are no terms to be given. You will report to north customs office upon arrival of the Valour or security forces will be dispatched."
16:20:15 - Keeor: It's my fault. I rmsg'ed him, forgetting what name I was using. Must have made him aware of what we were doing.
16:20:34 - Keeor: [Sorry. Back to game.]
16:20:43 - [Thomas->Ren] You are pretty sure that whatever the Station Manager is, it's aquatic.
16:21:02 - Keeor: "Can you at least explain to us why we are being held, sir?"
16:21:10 - Sara: I am guessing no one knows who or what we are talking to then?
16:21:15 - [Ren->Thomas] :-)
16:22:39 - Thomas: "Of course, gentlebeing," the voice replies. "You are being held as part of a personal favor to King Theor of Bellisarus. There is some matter of a kidnapping you are suspect of committing."
16:23:16 - Ren: We didn't kidnap nobody!
16:23:20 - Keeor: "Kidnapping. Of course. A false, but understandable, accusation."
16:24:25 - Thomas: "However, it does not seem as if His Royal Excellency wishes to extradite yourselves from this station. If that was his wish, you would certainly be guests of our security forces."
16:24:54 - * Neela balls her fists.
16:24:54 - Sara: So, are we free to go about our business until His Royal Excellency arrives?
16:25:16 - Keeor: "Understood. I appreciate your leniency with us, sir. I assure you, we have no intention of causing any trouble here."
16:25:30 - Thomas: "Thus, we wish for you to meet with the Valour when it arrives," the voice explains.
16:26:10 - Keeor: "We will be there. It seems a better choice than to be taken there by your security forces."
16:26:11 - Sara: I understand. We will be at the north customs office at the appropriate time. Thank you sir.
16:26:42 - Thomas: The waters move again, and a glimpse of a thin pale arm(?) can momentarily be seen. "You may enjoy your stay here on Kwenn."
16:27:00 - Keeor: "Thank you, sir."
16:27:01 - Ren: Our ship'd b-better be in one piece when we get it back.
16:27:08 - * Keeor stands up, preparing to leave.
16:27:08 - * Ren grumbles.
16:27:22 - * Keeor watches Kai'la, trying to read her mood.
16:27:25 - Thomas: "This meeting has now concluded," the voice says. The doors leading out to the office open.
16:27:32 - Sara: I am sure we will. Kween is well known for it's fine hospitality.
16:27:45 - Thomas: Kai'la has been fuming silently in her chair.
16:27:46 - Sara: Sara walks out of the office.
16:28:09 - * Keeor looks pointedly at Kai'la, even though the look is probably lost on her.
16:28:16 - * Keeor follows Sara.
16:28:36 - Thomas: The twi'lek gets up and storms out of the office, mood black as space.
16:28:36 - * Ren stares at the water for a few moments before getting up and following the others out.
16:28:44 - Sara: Sara stops just outside of the office waiting for the others to join her and Keeor.
16:29:34 - * Neela grinds her teeth, following the others.
16:29:47 - Neela: This is ridiculous.
16:29:51 - Thomas: You head out of the office and are now on level four, overlooking the massive space station. You are at the highest walkway of the station. It is a bit crowded.
16:30:18 - Sara: I suggest we go get breakfast and discuss our predicament.
16:30:28 - Thomas: "I completely agree, Neela," the twi'lek says.
16:30:39 - Keeor: "I would like to get back to ground level, if it is acceptable to the rest of you. This height makes me... Somewhat uncomfortable."
16:31:34 - Sara: Then we will look for a food establishment on the ground floor.
16:31:56 - Sara: I believe the lift is this way.
16:32:13 - Neela: I could definitely use something to eat after that mess of a meeting.
16:32:40 - * Sara walks towards a lift to take the group to the ground floor.
16:32:50 - * Keeor follows.
16:33:18 - Thomas: The lift isn't all that crowded. The trip to ground level takes about a quarter arn, as it slides slowly down dozens and dozens of stories.
16:33:55 - Thomas: Eventually, you find a place called Hakk Poi's. It looks like it's safe enough to eat in.
16:34:26 - Keeor: I suggest we go in and find a table.
16:34:39 - Sara: Yes, this will do.
16:34:40 - Neela: Sounds good. I'm starving.
16:34:40 - Ren: Hmph. Foreign food.
16:34:41 - Keeor: Preferably with a little privacy. A booth, perhaps?
16:34:57 - Sara: Good thinking.
16:35:30 - * Sara searches the interior of the restaurant for a secluded booth or table to sit at.
16:35:38 - Thomas: "This way, sirs and ladies and neuters," intones the tall, thin droid as it leads you a booth in the back.
16:35:48 - Keeor: [I'm going to try not to think about the fact that sometimes Rodians get shot in booths. ;-)]
16:36:04 - Thomas: Just as sudden as it shows up, it vanishes again.
16:36:09 - Neela: [Awww. We won't let that happen.]
16:37:03 - * Sara sits on the end of the booth.
16:37:14 - * Keeor sits as well.
16:37:37 - * Ren admires the droid, and watches for it to come back again.
16:37:38 - * Neela squishes in.
16:37:48 - * Ren sits.
16:38:10 - Keeor: "I think you should all know that I am... Nervous to speak of any important matters here. I suspect that we are being watched carefully, and I wouldn't be surprised to find out that were being listened to as well."
16:38:11 - Ren: Accidentally, on Neela, since I'm busy looking for droids.
16:38:34 - Thomas: "I don't care if this is neutral space," Kai'la begins. "I'm not setting foot on board any Bellisarus ship."
16:38:41 - Sara: Understood Keeor.
16:39:03 - * Neela sniggers and pokes Ren in the back.
16:39:16 - Ren: awk. 8-.
16:39:35 - Sara: Well, I find it intriguing that we are free to roam Kween.
16:39:42 - Keeor: "I agree with Kai'la. Does anyone know anything about the legal system here? How easy would it be for us to be removed from the station?"
16:39:47 - Neela: That's a lot of freedom for prisoners.
16:40:02 - Thomas: Hakk Poi's is a small restaurant, a dive if you will. Only about twenty tables are here, and only four others are taken.
16:40:08 - Keeor: "It's just a large prison, as far as I can tell."
16:40:11 - Sara: I believe that this indicates that Theor is a rational man.
16:40:44 - Keeor: I believe you may be correct, Sara.
16:40:58 - Ren: Ummmm. What's Theor's... uh... relationship with the Empire, again?
16:41:01 - Keeor: I am concerned, though, about the fact that we are being held as a favor to Theor.
16:41:16 - Thomas: "Well, we are out near the Outer Rim," Kai'la says. "It's supposed to be neutral, but it's just an Imperial outpost for the most part. You saw that Star Destroyer parked underneath us, right?"
16:41:26 - Sara: I am hoping that we can convince His Excellency that we did not kidnap his daughter, but made a business decision.
16:41:26 - Keeor: Ren: I'm not sure. [Is there a check we can attempt?]
16:41:58 - Thomas: [Planetary Systems would work.]
16:42:05 - Keeor: I think that may be our only good option at this point.
16:42:09 - Sara: Perhaps a bad one, but as a business man he may be understanding.
16:42:16 - [RinkChat] User Keeor rolls 2d6+2: 4 + 5 = 9, modified by 2 = 11
16:42:24 - [RinkChat] User Ren rolls 4d6: 6 + 3 + 3 + 2 = 14
16:42:37 - [RinkChat] User Neela rolls 2d6+2: 2 + 6 = 8, modified by 2 = 10
16:42:50 - [RinkChat] User Sara rolls 2d6+1: 6 + 6 = 12, modified by 1 = 13
16:43:12 - Keeor: "Do any of you have any idea what the station manager is, or who or what he was talking to before we came in?"
16:43:23 - [RinkChat] User Sara rolls 1d6: 4 = 4
16:43:35 - Sara: Total is 17
16:43:50 - Keeor: Ren has a wild die too.
16:44:15 - Thomas: [Bellisarus info coming in a sec. Let me have Kai'la answer Keeor's question first.]
16:44:26 - [RinkChat] User Ren rolls 1d6: 4 = 4
16:44:31 - Ren: :-.
16:44:40 - Ren: 18!
16:45:27 - Thomas: "You didn't see him?" Kai'la asks. "Imperial Navy. very high rank. Probably an admiral, is my guess."
16:45:42 - Ren: Uh oh.
16:46:32 - Keeor: "I couldn't make anything out in that murk. Well, this will not be someone we want to cross, then. His influence almost certainly reaches far beyond this station."
16:46:38 - Thomas: "He could've been on that big ship below the station or somewhere else. You know how holo-net works, Ren," she continues.
16:47:29 - Keeor: [Oh, I see now. I thought we were talking about the station manager, not the hologram.]
16:48:10 - Ren: Hummmm.
16:48:14 - Thomas: "I've got no idea what that Station Manager is," she finishes.
16:48:42 - Thomas: [She meant that she saw the Imperial officer on the holo-field thing]
16:48:47 - Keeor: "I hope it was a coincidence that the station manager was speaking with an admiral before we came in."
16:49:17 - Sara: "Me too."
16:49:18 - Ren: I don't believe in any coincidences. B-bad for the health.
16:49:38 - Neela: I'm with Ren, actually. This makes me nervous.
16:49:52 - Keeor: As am I.
16:51:08 - Sara: Well, as I see it, we could wait this out, and see if Theor is a rational and forgiving man, try to take our ship by force, or try to get off the planet some other way.
16:51:41 - Sara: As I see it, staying and trying to reason with Theor seems to be our best option.
16:52:01 - Keeor: With that Star Destroyer right there, stealth would be our only option for either of those last two.
16:52:02 - Thomas: Bellisarus is one of the Corporate World planets, out at the far end of the galaxy. It never was part of the Republic, nor is it part of the Empire. Bellisarus Corporation maintains ties with the Empire. It is neither an ally nor an enemy, merely a supplier of goods and services. The ruler, King Theor, has been very popular with the shareholders, even though the current stock of the company has been down, due, in part, to fears of Imperial acquisition of industries.
16:52:23 - Ren: Hummm. W-we should make preparations for when... i-if... things hit the fan.
16:52:47 - Neela: I'm not inclined to wait around to be handed over to Theor.
16:53:05 - Ren: Not leaving the ship.
16:53:24 - Thomas: "Nor am I," Kai'la responds. "But I won't leave my ship."
16:54:23 - Keeor: [How well guarded did the customs area look?]
16:55:09 - Sara: I don't think that we can get through customs to the ship. Even if we did, I believe we would be dead the moment we started the engines. However, I am not sure it would be a bad thing for someone to be absent if we meet King Theor.
16:55:31 - Sara: Someone to watch our back, perhaps?
16:55:35 - Neela: We're far too outnumbered to have a hope of taking the ship by force.
16:55:49 - Keeor: Do you think they would let us do that?
16:55:51 - Neela: If it comes to that, I'll volunteer.
16:55:54 - Keeor: I suppose they might...
16:56:15 - Sara: Perhaps if Neela were "running late" so to speak.
16:56:45 - Ren: I-I think. Hm. I think I should maybe take a look at the security and computer systems this place has. I-in case we have to... bypass anything.
16:56:53 - Thomas: "We'd have to force our way past the lines of passengers, overwhelm several guards -- stormtroopers as well as station security --" Kai'la shakes her headtails. "It's be suicide."
16:56:58 - Sara: However, it might also be an invitation for the security detail to search her out and drag her there by force.
16:57:22 - Sara: So, taking the ship by force is right out.
16:58:13 - Keeor: So we meet with Theor.
16:58:23 - Thomas: "However, the back door..." Kai'la looks up.
16:58:24 - Sara: I doubt we could bribe King Theor with goods or money, but he may be in need of our services.
16:58:31 - Keeor: Has anyone even told us that anyone other than Kai'la has to be there?
16:58:43 - Sara: And there is the back door option.
16:58:45 - Keeor: "Back door?"
16:58:57 - Keeor: The exit, you mean?
16:59:53 - Thomas: "When we came through customs, we went from the lift to that one room," she says. "From there, through that short hall to where Princess High and Mighty's speeders were," she says. "That's not how we went in."
16:59:54 - Neela: I really dislike the idea of any of us facing Theor alone.
16:59:55 - Sara: Do you have an idea Kai'la. Someone with access to a back door?
17:00:18 - Thomas: "Exactly, Keeor," she replies.
17:00:28 - Keeor: I agree, Neela. But we may only need to send two or three people to meet him.
17:01:23 - Keeor: Even if we do get in through that back door and get onto the ship, how will we get past that Star Destroyer?
17:02:33 - Ren: R-run. Keep any fighters off us long enough to get the h-hell out of here.
17:02:38 - Thomas: "The only problem with that plan is this is one of the major stops on the way to the Outer Rim," she says. "We'd be persona non gratis here."
17:02:43 - Neela: Running worked last time.
17:03:39 - Keeor: There was no Star Destroyer last time.
17:03:59 - Sara: Well, the question is how important are we to King Theor and how high up do his personal favors go. Are we worth chase by a Star Destroyer?
17:04:15 - Sara: If we could even get to the ship?
17:04:15 - Keeor: And if we run, they won't pull any punches. We won't have a princess on board to make us a scary target to fire on.
17:04:33 - Keeor: You make a good point, Sara.
17:04:45 - Sara: True Keeor. They would shoot to kill, if they give chase.
17:05:10 - Sara: I am still leaning towards dealing with King Theor.
17:05:28 - Ren: M-my ship is faster than those lumbering things. B-but... we'd prolly have the Empire's attention. At least a little of it. Bad thing.
17:05:29 - Keeor: I think that is my preference, too.
17:05:30 - Sara: Just because his daughter was difficult does not mean her father is also difficult.
17:05:37 - Thomas: "True." The twi'lek frowns. "And those Bellisarus ships were nowhere as big as an ISD."
17:06:20 - Neela: The last thing we want is the Empire's attention. Pffft.
17:06:49 - Sara: Well, let us determine where we are. Who is in agreement with meeting with the King, and who is opposed?
17:07:03 - Ren: W-we should talk to him. Maybe. But be ready to run.
17:07:17 - Neela: I think we're screwed either way, actually, but meeting with this King might be safest.
17:07:58 - Sara: Kai'la?
17:08:04 - Ren: Offer our s-services to him if he's mad. We did get past him. We've shown our worth.
17:08:21 - Keeor: I am agreed that we should meet with him. But perhaps not all of us.
17:08:57 - Sara: How would we communicate if not all of us meet with him.
17:09:41 - Keeor: [How secure would the transmissions from my comlink be? Does anyone else have a comlink?]
17:09:46 - Thomas: "The only thing I can be certain of is I'm getting on his ship and I'm not leaving mine behind," she says.
17:09:49 - Neela: [I have one.]
17:10:39 - Thomas: [whups.]
17:10:51 - Keeor: I could go to the meeting and keep my comlink on and broadcasting. If things went badly, you would know and could decide what to do based on what you hear.
17:11:11 - Thomas: "The only thing I can be certain of is I'm not getting on his ship and I'm not leaving mine behind," she says.
17:11:49 - Sara: Very good. Perhaps Neela could stay behind and "be late" listening to her com.
17:12:06 - Sara: The rest of us will meet with the King.
17:12:14 - Neela: I can do that.
17:12:47 - Keeor: Sara, I was thinking perhaps you could stay back with Neela.
17:13:05 - Keeor: If the rest of us are taken into custody, two of you would be able to do more than one.
17:13:32 - Keeor: And if we are taken by force, I don't think that four of us would be much more likely to prevail than three.
17:14:11 - Neela: I guess I agree to that.
17:14:17 - Sara: That is true. The rest of you could bargain.
17:14:49 - Sara: Alternatively, Ren may be useful if she needs to break through security codes, etc.
17:14:57 - Keeor: Hmm, ture.
17:15:00 - Keeor: *true
17:15:10 - Sara: What do you think Ren?
17:15:10 - Thomas: "I'll need to be there," Kai'la says. "Captain and all."
17:15:12 - Keeor: Ren, would you be willing to stay with Neela?
17:15:33 - Keeor: Yes, I think we have no choice but to send Kai'la.
17:15:39 - Sara: Absolutely, and given your bargaining skills, I think it would be benificial if you were there Kai'la
17:15:50 - Sara: [beneficial]
17:16:06 - Ren: Ummmmmm, I guess....
17:16:44 - * Ren looks nervous at the prospect of leaving Kai'la.
17:17:13 - Thomas: "I should be calmer by then. It just infuriates me that that... woman caused all this headache," she says.
17:17:26 - Keeor: I understand your concerns, Ren. Be assured that I will do everything in my power to keep her safe. As you saw yesterday, I am... Competent.
17:17:44 - Sara: And oh so modest, et Padawan?
17:17:47 - * Neela will be there to protect him, though.
17:18:32 - Sara: So, it is agreed then. Kai'la, Keeor, and myself go meet with the King, and Neela and Ren lag behind?
17:18:48 - * Keeor grins sheepishly, although the Rodian equivalent of a grin looks somewhat frightful.
17:19:18 - Keeor: I agree.
17:19:20 - Neela: Yeah, fine.
17:19:50 - Thomas: "Yep."
17:19:56 - Ren: Aye.
17:20:42 - Thomas: We can jump forward a few hours to the set-up for the meeting, or does anyone want to do anything special before the meeting?
17:20:43 - Sara: Good. Well, shall the three of us meeting the King meet here an arn prior to meeting with the king?
17:20:56 - Keeor: I have no special plans.
17:21:10 - Keeor: We could do that.
17:21:15 - Neela: Unless someone wants to go shopping, I say we skip ahead.
17:21:16 - Sara: Perhaps you could scout a good location to wait during the meeting.
17:21:31 - Sara: [that was for Neela]
17:21:48 - Ren: Should I get anything that might be useful for... security purposes?
17:22:02 - Sara: Good thinking Ren.
17:22:57 - Sara: Well, let us adjourn until later.
17:23:06 - Sara: Be careful today.
17:23:20 - Sara: and May the force be with us all.
17:23:32 - Thomas: Kai'la rolls her eyes.
17:23:42 - Ren: The R2 unit's back on the ship. Impounded. Dammit.
17:23:52 - * Keeor nods slightly.
17:23:56 - Neela: That's life, I guess.
17:24:49 - Sara: [During the day, Sara looks for a simulator to practice her swordplay with.]
17:25:40 - Keeor: [During the day, Keeor looks for a training sword of his own so that he might be able to practice with Sara in future.]
17:25:58 - Neela: [Neela goes location-scouting.]
17:26:11 - Thomas: [During the day, Kai'la starts drinking.]
17:26:32 - Sara: [OH that is going to suck!]
17:27:31 - Thomas: hang on a sec.
17:27:59 - Ren: [Ren manages to communicate with the R2 unit through his commlink.]
17:29:45 - Neela: [Neela is stuck peeling potatoes in the kitchen so may be slow to repond.]
17:29:49 - Neela: [Respond, even.]
17:31:09 - * Ren goes for a longshot, and sends the R2 to find an out-of-the way interface with the station computers, and try to maintain a communications link from there.
17:31:41 - * Ren frets.
17:32:03 - Neela: It's just a droid.
17:32:05 - * Thomas looks up droid stuff.
17:32:12 - * Ren sputters.
17:32:44 - Keeor: [Sorry, had a phone call from the president of the condo association about my sidewalk which is currently being rebuilt.]
17:32:54 - Ren: N-not just a droid! They're a-almost people.
17:33:11 - Keeor: Indeed.
17:33:31 - [RinkChat] User Thomas rolls 1d6: 5 = 5
17:33:40 - [RinkChat] User Thomas rolls 7d6: 6 + 6 + 4 + 6 + 5 + 5 + 2 = 34
17:33:47 - [RinkChat] User Thomas rolls 1d6: 4 = 4
17:34:00 - Ren: :-.
17:34:20 - Thomas: Ren spends an anxious few minutes before R2-D0 contacts him again.
17:34:35 - Ren: Whooo!
17:35:10 - Ren: What's it got to say?
17:35:31 - Ren: "Say", I guess.
17:36:24 - [Thomas->Ren] R2-D0 is now hooked up to a terminal by the lift, at the far end of the long corridor that is outside your ship. You know, the thing that goes between your ship's spacelock and the lift? That thing.
17:37:25 - [Thomas->Ren] There was nobody in the long corridor to the ship. There are a few other ships docked on that walkway strut, but nobody is about down there.
17:38:18 - Neela: It says beep beep whistle.
17:38:41 - [Ren->Thomas] Excellent. I want it to examine the station's systems, passively, especially the security, but otherwise just wait for us.
17:38:49 - Keeor: LOL
17:39:46 - [RinkChat] User Thomas rolls 2d6: 6 + 3 = 9
17:39:54 - [RinkChat] User Thomas rolls 1d6: 4 = 4
17:40:14 - Ren: *fret fret*
17:40:20 - [Thomas->Ren] It beeps and whistles in a good way.
17:40:33 - [Ren->Thomas] :) Okay then.
17:40:45 - * Ren breathes a sigh of relief.
17:41:22 - Ren: [Ren is ready to wait till the meeting, now.]
17:42:03 - Keeor: [Me too.]
17:42:15 - Sara: [Me too.]
17:42:23 - Neela: [Can we assume I've found some safe, out of the way spot? If so, then I am.]
17:42:23 - Thomas: Arns pass, and you all return to the restaurant. Kai'la shows up late, swinging a dark green bottle as she walks.
17:42:48 - Sara: Sara looks at Kai'la with an arched eyebrow.
17:42:53 - Neela: Oh, great.
17:42:56 - * Ren sighs at Kai'la.
17:42:58 - Thomas: Neela has found a good spot to wait, just about a block away from the north customs area.
17:43:32 - Sara: [How does drinking impair abilities?]
17:43:32 - * Keeor trusts that Kai'la is able to hold her liquor well enough, and thinks that she may even make a better impression on Theor this way.
17:43:46 - Thomas: "What?" she says. "I figgure if I'm about to be hauled off for kidnapping a gundar, I'm going to enjoy myself."
17:44:04 - Ren: Are there any n-nearby computer terminals, Neela?
17:44:21 - Neela: Yep. There's one.
17:44:29 - Neela: I looked for one.
17:44:30 - Ren: Ah, g-good.
17:44:32 - Sara: Perhaps some food Kai'la?
17:44:41 - Neela: Or coffee?
17:44:46 - Sara: We should all eat.
17:44:58 - Thomas: "Got a nice massage," she says. "Little parlor up the street."
17:45:23 - Sara: Very good, so you are good and relaxed now?
17:45:41 - Sara: Sara orders dinner.
17:45:52 - * Keeor does likewise.
17:46:09 - Sara: While ordering, she informes the waiter (or robot) that the group is in a hurry.
17:46:17 - Thomas: "Oh, I'm fine," she says, waving at Sara. "Just peachy." She takes another swig from the bottle.
17:46:56 - Neela: I really think you should stop drinking now.
17:47:27 - Thomas: "Killjoy," she says, putting the bottle on the table.
17:47:36 - Neela: One thing we learned in the company is to never drink before a mission.
17:48:49 - Sara: Sara eats her food in silence.
17:49:01 - Keeor: I'm still trying to approach this from the mindset of it being a meeting.
17:49:02 - * Neela digs in eagerly.
17:49:05 - Thomas: "Look, I'm fine," she says. "I'll just sit down and tell King Theo that his daughter is a spoiled little ginza, and if he wants her back, he can have her."
17:49:09 - Keeor: Plan for the best, prepare for the worst.
17:49:58 - Thomas: "She's over at whatis place? Estate something." She looks down. "Food!" She starts to eat.
17:50:07 - Keeor: Kai'la, perhaps you should allow me to speak to the king. Assuming he would allow it, of course.
17:50:58 - Sara: I believe that would be a wise decision. I would rather not be imprisoned anywhere for a kidnapping that we did not perform.
17:51:08 - Thomas: "Hey, who's in command of this ship, anyhow?" she says, shovelling in the flaan. "I'll talk to the guy."
17:51:29 - Thomas: "I'll let her know exactly what I think of his daughter."
17:51:58 - * Keeor shrugs his shoulders almost imperceptibly.
17:52:10 - Kai-la has entered.
17:52:13 - Thomas: She continues eating.
17:52:27 - Thomas: ROFL
17:52:31 - Kai-la: [Sorry, everyone. I quite honestly got here as soon as I could]
17:52:48 - Thomas: Okay, who wants to do the recap?
17:53:12 - Sara: Oh, I think you should share what her character is up to.
17:53:22 - Keeor: Kai'la: You're drunk.
17:53:23 - Kai-la: James said I'm drunk.
17:53:37 - Thomas: A little.
17:53:37 - Keeor: Heheheheh. I'm with Sara.
17:53:46 - Neela: Heeeee.
17:53:59 - Thomas: Okay. Recap.
17:54:02 - Kai-la: Thumbsup on the roleplaying of my character, Thomas.
17:54:24 - Sara: She seems to be catching up quickly.
17:54:31 - * Neela is actually going to have to go eat supper. Nyeh.
17:54:34 - Thomas: After being told that you're going to be stuck on the station until the King's ship arrives, you went to see the Station Manager.
17:54:48 - Neela: I can't possibly stay any longer.
17:55:18 - Sara: OK. See you next time :)
17:55:32 - Keeor: Bye!
17:55:46 - Keeor: Sorry you have to go, but we'll survive.
17:55:59 - Sara: Somehow.
17:56:12 - Kai-la: holy crap. and now we're having desert and i *have* to go because it's my sister's birthday
17:56:18 - * Kai-la kicks things and screams.
17:56:23 - Kai-la: I'll be back ASAP.
17:56:26 - Thomas: There, you met with the Station Manager and found out you're stuck there until the King's ship arrives. The Station Manager has a great view from his office. Oh, and he was talking to an Imperial guy, probably an Admiral, via a hologram thingy.
17:56:31 - Neela: Or wait, I don't have to go after all. I'm here.
17:56:39 - Thomas: HEY! I was recapping!
17:56:59 - Keeor: LOL
17:57:04 - Keeor: Confusion abounds.
17:57:05 - Thomas: Okay, let's just hang out until she gets back from desert.
17:57:24 - Sara: Is she coming back?
17:57:24 - Keeor: Sounds good.
17:57:35 - Keeor: I'm shopping for insurance anyway.
17:58:15 - Keeor: One thing I love about the online gaming -- the gaps in conversation combined with the fact that I'm sitting in my study make it so that I can get useful stuff done DURING the game.
17:58:55 - Keeor: Critical Illness insurances is WAY expensive compared to life insurance or accident insurance. I guess maybe because critical illnesses are way more common?
17:59:23 - Kai-la: Oooookay, I got away with just singing. I'm back. SO sorry.
17:59:51 - Kai-la: We don't have another birthday in the family until January, so this shouldn't be a problem again.
18:00:02 - Keeor: No problem. :-)
18:01:04 - Sara: Thomas is popping popcorn, potentially our dinner for tonight.
18:01:04 - Thomas: Okay, blah blah blah. Station Manager. Blah blah blah. Then you went to discuss things.
18:01:55 - Thomas: Now, you've all decided to go ahead and meet with the King. However, Neela is going to hang back and stay in touch via her comlink, Oh, and Ren is too.
18:02:05 - Keeor: The station manager is this weird thing living inside a big tank of water.
18:03:22 - Ren: Who's been talking to some Imperial admirals. Or something.
18:03:25 - Thomas: Ren's got something going on with his droid but hasn't told anyone what. You went off and spent the rest of the day getting a wee bit tipsy and getting a massage at a "reputable" massage parlor because hey, if you're going to be hauled off for kidnapping a princess, you might has well enjoy your last day out of the clink.
18:03:50 - Thomas: Everyone else was "responsible".
18:04:05 - Kai-la: I rule.
18:04:41 - [RinkChat] User Ren has been labeled 'James' by Thomas.
18:05:01 - Thomas: You can decide how drunk you wound up.
18:05:02 - Ren: :-.
18:05:43 - Kai-la: I can walk straight, but my speech is a tiny bit slurred, and I'm even less likely to censor myself than I normally am.
18:07:01 - Thomas: The place Neela found was an empty shop, just about a block away from the north customs building. She's got the codes for the doorlock (don't ask how). That's where she and Ren are thinking of waiting during the meet.
18:08:11 - Thomas: And that brings us up to now.
18:08:24 - * Neela is sort of at the supper table but watching.
18:09:03 - * Sara finishes her dinner and prepares to leave for the meeting.
18:10:26 - * Kai-la sits on Ren's lap.
18:10:37 - Ren: 8-.
18:10:43 - * Neela wonders why everyone keeps sitting on other people's laps today.
18:12:24 - Sara: "We should leave now" Sara says looking at the clock. That way, we can be well prepared by the time the Valor lands.
18:13:31 - * Keeor agrees.
18:13:31 - Kai-la: Yeah, sure, whatever.
18:13:52 - Neela: Right.
18:14:41 - Sara: Sara gets us and walks towards the meeting location.
18:15:18 - * Keeor follows.
18:15:34 - * Kai-la puts an arm around Keeor.
18:15:46 - Thomas: The north customs area is larger than the one you came through, several stories tall, and as wide as the Saucy Wench herself. On the left side of the office is the exit, where a small crowd has gathered, waiting for recent arrivals.
18:15:54 - Kai-la: Sho, Keeor, what're you gonna do in prison to keep yerself busy?
18:16:26 - Keeor: I don't expect we'll end up in prison, captain.
18:16:47 - * Neela rolls her eyes and heads off to the empty shop she and Ren will wait at.
18:16:58 - Neela: Listening to comlink, of course.
18:17:17 - Ren: Aye.
18:17:25 - * Sara gives Keeor a let's try to keep Kai-la out of trouble look.
18:17:25 - Thomas: On your way there, you spot several Imperial Navy officers roaming the street, as well as more station security personnel than you've noticed before. But it's probably just one of those things where you start noticing things that worry you.
18:17:37 - Sara: Right.
18:17:42 - Ren: eee.
18:17:43 - * Keeor turns on his comlink to transmit only before the meeting begins.
18:18:04 - * Ren moves a bit closer to Neela as they walk. Eeep.
18:18:27 - * Neela concentrates on looking like she doesn't have any business except completely normal business.
18:19:04 - * Sara scans the crowd for officers while awaiting the valor.
18:19:19 - Thomas: High overhead, past the transteel canopy covering the station, you can see another Imperial Star Destroyer approach the station.
18:19:45 - Ren: Uh oh.
18:19:56 - * Keeor also keeps a watchful eye.
18:20:09 - * Ren attempts not to panic.
18:20:17 - Thomas: A small convoy of enclosed landspeeders pulls up to the crowd. All six of the black vehicles park in a line.
18:20:22 - Neela: Damn Empire.
18:20:32 - * Kai-la sticks her tongue out at an officer's back.
18:20:33 - * Keeor tenses.
18:21:06 - * Sara walks a small distance from Kai-la, keeping a crowd between her and the convoy.
18:21:15 - Thomas: In the crowd, you can see several -- at least six -- members of the station security try to keep the crowd back from the line of cars and the customshouse exit.
18:21:55 - * Keeor keeps an eye on the cars while looking the other way. Faceted eyes do have some benefits.
18:23:01 - Thomas: Several people come out of the speeders, all are wearing variations of that silly outfit Princess Reppana's manservant wore. They're all armed.
18:23:26 - Sara: Interesting. . .
18:23:29 - * Keeor looks around for exits.
18:23:50 - Keeor: (Alternative ways out that don't go past the convoy.)
18:24:32 - Thomas: Four of them head to the exit door, the other six stand by the speeders. Two of the ones by the speeders are scanning over the crowd, looking up from a datapad.
18:24:56 - Thomas: Keeor is happy to note that there are several ways to run away from here if need be. This is sort of a plaza.
18:25:03 - [RinkChat] User Thomas rolls 3d6+2: 2 + 4 + 2 = 8, modified by 2 = 10
18:25:03 - * Keeor tries to blend in. (Ha.)
18:25:14 - Sara: Wait here with Kai'la, Sara says to Keeor.
18:25:27 - * Keeor does.
18:25:44 - Neela: [I assume Ren and I are in the empty shop by now?]
18:25:45 - Sara: Sara starts walking towards the apparant Bellisarians.
18:25:47 - Thomas: One of the men scanning the crowd points at Kai'la and Keeor.
18:25:55 - Thomas: [Yes, you are.]
18:26:29 - Thomas: "Ma'am, you'll just have to wait here," says one of the station security guards to Sara.
18:26:48 - Sara: Sara waves at the man with the datapd.
18:27:02 - Thomas: However, the two that were scanning the crowd have started to walk towards the near-Jedi.
18:27:25 - * Ren has his commlink open with R2, and has instructed it to help keep them appraised of station events.
18:27:27 - Keeor: [Are there any ways out? If not, where are the least number of these guys?]
18:27:58 - Neela: Ren, let me know if the droid says anything I should know, right?
18:28:02 - Thomas: The man looks at the pad, then up again. "That's okay, she's supposed to be with us," he says.
18:28:13 - Thomas: Keeor is happy to note that there are several ways to run away from here if need be. This is sort of a plaza.
18:28:16 - Sara: Sara waits calmly for the men to approach her, and then greets them.
18:28:18 - Ren: Aye-aye.
18:28:47 - Sara: Good sirs, we were to come here to meet with King Theor. Are we to wait with you?
18:28:57 - Thomas: "Oh," says the security officer. "Sorry, I, uh, didn't know." He steps aside.
18:29:24 - * Keeor moves casually towards an exit far from any of the servants, keeping a hand on Kai'la's arm, and trying his best to look casual and unaware.
18:29:30 - Thomas: "Yes, you were expected," the lead one says. "You and your captain and the others."
18:29:40 - * Keeor keeps an eye on Sara as well.
18:29:52 - Sara: I see. Is that the Valor approaching?
18:30:57 - Thomas: "No," he says, looking at the Star Destroyer. "The Valour has already docked. His Royal Excellency is just about to arrive on station. If you'll bring your captain and the rest of your crew over?"
18:31:15 - Sara: Of course. I will return momentarily.
18:31:32 - * Sara walks over towards Keeor and Kai'la.
18:31:38 - Thomas: "I expect it must be more shore leave," his companion says, regarding the Star Destroyer.
18:31:52 - Sara: Reaching them, she appraises Kai'la's mood.
18:32:18 - * Keeor is a bit more relieved at Sara's casual demeanour.
18:32:23 - Sara: The guards are courteous. We should go over there, but we must not be hostile at this point.
18:32:32 - Sara: Are we ready?
18:32:56 - Kai-la: Yeah. Whatever. I'll be good.
18:32:58 - Keeor: Yes, I am.
18:33:07 - Sara: The King is docked and awaiting us.
18:33:18 - Sara: Let's go then. Sara leads the way back to the guard.
18:33:19 - Keeor: Then we shall meet with him.
18:33:50 - * Keeor stays behind Kai'la, keeping a hand ready to steady or steer her if necessary.
18:34:44 - Sara: When they get to the guards, Sara greets the guard. Here we are. Shall we go?
18:35:37 - Thomas: "We'll just wait here," he says. The other one clears his throat before saying "Weren't there supposed to be more of you?"
18:36:19 - Kai-la: [Did we come up with an explanation for that already?]
18:36:20 - Sara: More of us? Oh, right. Well the others got separated from us. We did not want to be late, so we came here ahead of them.
18:36:30 - Sara: [yes]
18:36:53 - Thomas: "Well, that's a shame," he replies. "His Royal Excellency is on a tight schedule and -- ah, here he comes."
18:36:56 - Sara: I am sure they are merely delayed. But our good captain is here. They know where we are to meet.
18:37:16 - Sara: Well, we will try not to waste his precious time.
18:37:25 - Keeor: Besides, we didn't expect you would need all of us here. This is between His Highness and our captain, is it not? I almost took the day to enjoy the station myself.
18:37:27 - Sara: [No sarcasm is in her voice]
18:38:01 - Sara: At the King's approach, Sara bows low to show deep respect.
18:38:11 - Sara: "Your Excellency"
18:38:25 - Keeor: [What protocol would be appropriate for meeting the king? A kneeling bow, or does it matter less when we're off his homeworld?]
18:38:42 - * Keeor bows as well, assuming it wouldn't be completely out of place.
18:38:42 - Thomas: The doors open as a small throng comes out of the doors. Over a dozen courtiers surround a tall gentleman, obviously Theor. He's talking to a younger man, about Ren's age, who is followed by another, younger lad.
18:38:52 - * Kai-la bobs her head - might have been a bow, but also might have been her dozing off.
18:39:12 - Thomas: The Bellisarians lower their heads in a nod as the clot of regality approaches.
18:39:30 - Sara: Sara stays bowed until the King recognizes her.
18:39:42 - Thomas: "Well, Conrad, are we ready to proceed?" the King says.
18:40:26 - Thomas: "Of course, Your Excellency," the guard you've been talking to says. "But first the matter of Reppana's kidnappers..." He indicates you.
18:41:14 - Sara: Pardon me, but we did not kidnap anyone.
18:41:43 - Thomas: King Theor looks at you in surprise. "Yes, well. We greet you. Unfortunately, we have urgent pressing matters that require our attention. Shall we meet for dinner in... two arns? We understand the Fresh Aire restaurant is quite good."
18:41:45 - Sara: Her voice carries well, considering that she is still bowed.
18:42:06 - Thomas: He smiles. "Conrad, make the arrangements."
18:42:17 - Keeor: Dinner with you would be an honor, your Excellency.
18:43:05 - Sara: Once the King moves forward, Sara stands up and looks at Conrad.
18:43:12 - Thomas: "Yes, it is," he says as he continues to the vehicles. The royal clot follows.
18:43:40 - Kai-la: Well, that went rather well...
18:43:41 - Sara: Uhm, dinner with the King. Have I missed something here?
18:43:43 - Ren: Gosh.
18:44:25 - Thomas: Conrad looks up at her. "No, just be early," he says. "Formal wear, please." He dashes off after the entourage.
18:44:27 - Sara: [That last question was to Conrad]
18:44:37 - * Keeor waits until no servants or other members of the entourage are within earshot.
18:44:40 - Neela: Uhhhh.
18:44:47 - Sara: Well, that was unexpected.
18:44:54 - Neela: This is what I get for volunteering. I miss out on a nice meal.
18:45:02 - * Keeor also watches Conrad, trying to read his reaction to the king's statements and the situation in general.
18:45:10 - Sara: We should prepare, and buy appropriate clothing for dinner.
18:45:10 - Thomas: Within moments, the royal procession and convoy of speeders rushes off further into the station.
18:45:35 - Thomas: Keeor: Make a Cultures roll
18:45:39 - Kai-la: Uh. Neela and Ren should prolly be with us, since we said they would find us soon...
18:45:50 - Keeor: M'lady, I already have appropriate clothing -- assuming we can get on board the ship.
18:45:59 - [RinkChat] User Keeor rolls 3d6: 5 + 1 + 2 = 8
18:46:25 - Thomas: The crowd around you starts to disperse as a wave of passengers from various ships slowly trickles out from customs.
18:46:37 - * Keeor asks Ren and Neela (via the comlink) if they can find anything out about the Frash Aire restaurant.
18:46:47 - Keeor: *Fresh
18:46:50 - Sara: Well, we should see about getting on the ship. But, as Kai-la suggests, you should tell Neela and Ren to meet us here.
18:47:05 - * Keeor does so.
18:47:07 - * Neela isn't going to have to wear a dress, is she?
18:47:19 - Sara: [Is the guard still there Thomas?]
18:47:28 - Neela: Ren, you're at the computer terminal. Can you look for info on this restaurant?
18:47:45 - * Ren attempts to do so.
18:47:59 - Thomas: No, the Bellisarian guard has left with the vehicles. The station security presence has diminished as well.
18:47:59 - Kai-la: [Mmmm. B5 references. flaarn, Fresh Aire...]
18:48:25 - Sara: No, I meant the station guard.
18:48:52 - Thomas: There are fewer station security personnel around.
18:48:58 - Sara: Well, let us see if we can get onto our ship. We must move quickly, 2 arns is not long.
18:49:11 - Thomas: They apparently were there simply as crowd control for the royals.
18:49:35 - Thomas: Ren: Technical roll.
18:49:48 - Sara: Keeor, can you tell Neela and Ren to meet us at security check to get to our ship?
18:50:04 - Thomas: Keeor: You don't think that Conrad was shocked to hear that you've been invited to dinner.
18:50:37 - [RinkChat] User Ren rolls 4d6: 2 + 3 + 6 + 1 = 12
18:51:31 - * Keeor does so.
18:52:51 - Kai-la: Could I take a nap b'fore dinner?
18:53:22 - Thomas: Fresh Aire is a very upscale restaurant, specializing in Nyminian cuisine. There's an incredibly long wait to get in to the restaurant. You check the menu prics and realize that you couldn't afford an appetizer, even after ferrying Little Miss Snitty across the galaxy.
18:53:23 - Keeor: I would doubt it, captain.
18:55:05 - Kai-la: Fine. I don't want to wear a dress.
18:55:34 - Neela: I don't want to wear a dress either. I have feminist rage or something. Suit?
18:56:14 - Keeor: [Can I take a guess at what would be acceptable formal attire for women?]
18:56:52 - Sara: [I assume we are talking on the way to the ship.]
18:58:30 - Thomas: As you get to the customshouse that your ship is attached you, you see that the lines aren't nearly as long as this morning.
18:59:14 - Sara: Sara looks around for Neela and Ren.
19:00:09 - * Neela waves to get Sara's attention.
19:00:16 - * Ren is following Neela, and fretting a bit over R2 again.
19:00:47 - * Kai-la transfers her arm to Ren's shoulder.
19:01:58 - * Ren supports, blushing again.
19:02:12 - Thomas: As you gather in the queue to get to the station, you're stopped by a different Imperial Navy officer. "Captain Kai'la, you are not authorized to depart this station," he says.
19:02:43 - Keeor: Sir, we need to board our ship to acquire our clothing.
19:03:03 - Neela: [Too bad we can't drop off the keys before boarding.]]
19:03:07 - Keeor: King Theor of Bellisarus has requested our company at a formal dinner.
19:03:53 - Thomas: He peers down his nose at the Rodian. "I have my orders," he says. "You are not authorized to pass through this customshouse to your ship."
19:04:41 - Sara: Could a guard perhaps accompany us, to prevent escape?
19:05:04 - Thomas: Sara, roll Bargain.
19:05:37 - [RinkChat] User Thomas rolls 2d6+2: 3 + 1 = 4, modified by 2 = 6
19:05:38 - [RinkChat] User Sara rolls 3d6: 5 + 1 + 4 = 10
19:07:27 - Thomas: He nods. "I suppose... but just one of you. TK023, RG288!" He waves towards some Stormtroopers standing by the custommaster's office.
19:07:46 - Kai-la: Not me. Find something for me to wear.
19:07:55 - * Kai-la waves vaguely in the direction of the ship.
19:08:05 - Sara: Thank you sir. Keeor, could you find appropriate clothing for all of us.
19:08:15 - Neela: Stay out of my underwear drawer.
19:08:32 - Sara: Sara looks at Neela and Ren: Did you see a coffee shop close by?
19:08:37 - Thomas: The two 'troopers come over and stand at attention. "Escort one of these to G-213."
19:09:05 - Thomas: The naval officer points in your general direction.
19:09:29 - * Keeor goes to find appropriate clothing for everyone, as best he can.
19:10:03 - Sara: Sara looks around for a shop selling coffee or other legal stimulants.
19:10:21 - * Neela shrugs.
19:13:22 - Sara: There is a coffee shop. Perhaps Keeor and I can meet the rest of you there. Some strong coffee may be good" she says looking at Kail-la
19:14:38 - * Neela sniggers.
19:14:51 - Kai-la: Mmm. Coffee.
19:15:42 - Thomas: Keeor returns, having taken his time selecting just the right items.
19:16:25 - Keeor: [Did I find things I thought appropriate?]
19:16:33 - Thomas: Yes.
19:16:43 - Thomas: And now... the dinner date.
19:16:45 - Neela: [If you had to roll for that, I would just laugh.]
19:17:13 - Neela: [We all show up in innappropriate garb...]
19:17:40 - Keeor: [Heheheheheh]
19:18:01 - Kai-la: [Did I have to wear a dress?]
19:18:06 - Neela: [Swimsuits and shorts... "It's not our fault! He failed his Search roll!"]
19:18:50 - Ren: [heee.]
19:19:31 - Thomas: You are sitting in a secluded booth in one of the fanciest restaurants on Kwenn. In attendance around the low table are your group, Theor, and two younger men, introduced as Paola and Borda of the Toolan Group.
19:20:15 - Thomas: Paola and Borda are brothers, Paola the elder.
19:20:36 - * Kai-la is vaguely sober, now.
19:21:28 - Keeor: [Do I know anything about the Toolan Group?]
19:22:03 - Thomas: The room is covered in soft, comfortable pillows, upon which the diners are kneeling on. The walls are covered in sheer fabric, creating the illusion of privacy. However, you did notice several people outside the booth, all members of the Bellisarian guard.
19:22:27 - * Neela watches the guards out of the corner of her eye.
19:22:50 - Thomas: [Just a sec.]
19:23:40 - * Ren manages to look awkward in anything he wears, and doubly so attempting not to mess up the fancy decor.
19:24:02 - Thomas: "So, Reppana's kidnappers," King Theor begins with a smile. Paolo chuckles, but Borda simply looks... annoyed.
19:24:53 - Thomas: "You'll have to forgive all of this," he continues. "We just wanted to meet you personally to get your side of what happened."
19:25:22 - Kai-la: Wait... so we're not getting arrested out of hand?
19:25:24 - Thomas: "So, if you don't mind."
19:25:36 - Keeor: "Forgiveness is yours, your excellency."
19:26:18 - * Neela isn't sure what she was expecting, but this isn't it.
19:26:55 - Sara: [Thomas had to take a phone call]
19:27:03 - Sara: [He will be right back.]
19:28:52 - Thomas: "No, not really," he says. "I just wanted to see your side of this. And I'm on holiday now, so you can forget about the 'your excellency' thing, if you don't mind."
19:29:40 - Keeor: "Certainly, sir."
19:30:00 - Keeor: "Perhaps Sara would like to explain the events of our trip...?"
19:30:05 - Kai-la: "She hired us to get her off the planet. Claimed you were going to marry her off to some duke. I don't particularly care why she was running, just that she paid me - which she made a desparate attempt not to do, when it comes to that."
19:31:41 - Thomas: "That sounds like my daughter," Theor says.
19:31:44 - Sara: Well, that is pretty much what happened sir. We apologize for the inconvenience, but I must stress that the princess was not kidnapped. She approached us.
19:32:32 - Kai-la: "And, if you don't mind me being blunt, sir, your daughter is an utter brat."
19:32:36 - Thomas: "She is a bit headstrong," he also comments. Paolo nods.
19:32:41 - Sara: So, if I may. Why are we honored by dining with you.
19:34:00 - Thomas: "We thought this was the reason why she ran off," he says. "Rupert told us as much. However, she doesn't realize what a terrible burden this causes my family, my company..."
19:34:34 - Kai-la: "I can say with utter certainty that she didn't put the least bit of consideration into what effect her running off would have on anyone else."
19:35:51 - Thomas: "If I may, sir," Paola interjects. "My formal title is 'duke'. I'm the one she's running away from. Reppana can be so... independent." He sips some of the wine. "But the matter is she and I are to be wed and I would have no other."
19:37:57 - Kai-la: "Well, bully for you, but I don't see what we're supposed to do about that."
19:38:14 - Thomas: "This... charade of a 'kidnapping'," he continues, "comes out at a time where our two corporations are set to merge. Her fleeing her familial duties... in the press, this would be disastrous for both our corporation's stock. But I don't care about the stock, all I care for is her."
19:38:33 - Sara: So, you love her then?
19:38:59 - Thomas: "Yes," he says. "Yes, I do." His brother rolls his eyes.
19:39:04 - Keeor: I can respect that sentiment.
19:39:04 - Sara: It would appear to be more than a business arrangement.
19:39:26 - Sara: I see. Does she know of your love?
19:41:02 - * Neela doesn't think Paola is so bad looking. That Princess is nuts.
19:41:42 - Thomas: "I have written to her several times, but I fear she is simply afraid of losing her independence. I'm certain that I could convince her that she would still be her own woman."
19:42:25 - [RinkChat] User Kai-la rolls 3d6: 5 + 5 + 5 = 15
19:44:07 - Thomas: "I know we have imposed on you, but I was hoping we could ask you for help," Paola says.
19:44:20 - [Thomas->Kai-la] Yes, for a human.
19:45:08 - Neela: Help how, exactly?
19:45:29 - [Keeor->Thomas] How much longer do you expect for this session? No need to rush, but I've been invited to dinner and a movie with friends if it's soon...
19:45:32 - [Kai-la->Thomas] Okay. I flash him a look that's mostly glare, but with a tiny bit of quirked eyebrow thrown in.
19:46:05 - [Keeor->Thomas] I can live with not going, though. So don't stop early on account of me.
19:46:51 - Thomas: "My father-in-law-to-be has told me there is an estate here on Kwenn that Reppana keeps -- she probably doesn't know that he knows about the place. She's most likely staying there." He pauses. "I've sent someone over, but he couldn't gain entrance. I was wondering if you'd... well, help me get in to see her."
19:47:04 - [Thomas->Keeor] We'll probably stop on the hour.
19:47:22 - * Kai-la grins.
19:47:31 - Kai-la: Sounds like a good time to me.
19:48:09 - Neela: I'm all for this.
19:48:19 - [Keeor->Thomas] OK, cool.
19:48:31 - Thomas: "Excellent!" he says. "Wonderful news!"
19:48:53 - Thomas: "Yes, just wonderful," Borda says with a heaving sigh.
19:49:05 - Keeor: Are we expecting forceful armed resistance?
19:49:40 - Keeor: Reppana's servants seemed quite aggressive when we me them, and they seem more loyal to her than to you, Theor.
19:49:42 - Kai-la: Oh, I'm sure we can find a way of getting in without fighting...
19:50:18 - * Neela eyes Borda curiously.
19:51:21 - Sara: Would both of you be joining us, or Just you duke Paola.
19:51:44 - Thomas: Theor clears his throat. "I'm afraid the courier I dispatched upon our arrival was met by guards outside my daughter's compound. She most likely has several people guarding her. Unfortunately, because she does not know that I know of this place, whatever guards she has are probably loyal to her. Mercenaries and whatfor."
19:52:17 - Kai-la: Well, we're on a space station, aren't we? There have to be other ways in.
19:52:51 - Thomas: "I should try to join you, but this is something I feel a suitor should be able to accomplish by himself," Theor says. "Or, in this case, with a lot of back up."
19:53:10 - Keeor: [Heheheheheh.]
19:53:55 - Thomas: Borda looks at the twi'lek, then the rest of the crew. "What the heck," he says. "I'll tag along with big brother." He slaps Paola on the back.
19:55:05 - Thomas: "Wonderful!" Paola says. "We should probably start right away."
19:55:42 - Thomas: and by "right away", I mean "next game session"
19:55:53 - Thomas: DUN DUN DUNNNN

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