The following is more or less unedited for those of that are curious about how a play-by-chat-room session looks. Times are listed to give the curious an idea about how long it takes a conversation or game action to be completed. This session ran two hours and eleven minutes.

a plan is made

14:30:32 - Thomas has entered.
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14:55:25 - Ren has entered.
14:56:01 - Ren: :-.
14:56:58 - Sara has entered.
14:57:13 - Sara: hey there
14:57:59 - Ren: Hey hey.
14:58:20 - Thomas: Hello.
14:59:23 - Sara: So, we are off to get the Princess, eh?
14:59:48 - Thomas: I think so. Anyone know where Lynette is?
15:00:07 - Neela has entered.
15:00:39 - Ren: I haven't seen her much at all.
15:02:31 - Thomas: Hurm.
15:11:34 - Thomas: Okay, well, shall we begin?\
15:12:30 - Sara: OK. I am ready.
15:16:29 - Neela: Um, yes, sorry. Let's begin.
15:17:00 - Thomas: Okay, then. Last time, Duke Paola asked for your help in wooing Princess Reppana. And your response was?
15:17:40 - Thomas: ... a "sure, why not?"
15:17:48 - Sara: yup, looks like.
15:20:01 - Thomas: "Excellent!" says Paola. "We should probably proceed to Reppana's estate here on Kwenn as soon as it is possible!"
15:21:09 - Sara: We should probably go get properly attired for the trip.
15:21:19 - Thomas: "If I can only just get in to see her..." he continues. "Well, that's all I ask of you."
15:21:47 - Sara: We will do what we can.
15:22:02 - Sara: Can we get to our ship so that we can get our gear?
15:22:14 - Thomas: Kai'la smirks. "Sure. Let's meet back here in... one arn?"
15:22:41 - Neela: Yeah. I'm not keen on the idea of running around in this get-up for much longer.
15:23:01 - Thomas: King Theor tells you that he's already spoken to the Station Manager. "You have free access to you ship," he says.
15:23:19 - Sara: Good news.
15:23:39 - Thomas: "Indeed," says Keeor.
15:23:49 - Sara: Then let us be on our way so that we can meet up here within one arn.
15:24:00 - * Ren beams.
15:24:57 - Thomas: As your entire group gets up to leave, Paola's brother Borda whispers something to Kai'la, who turns a deeper shade of blue. She storms out, but the young heir laughs.
15:25:37 - * Sara follows Kai'la out.
15:25:59 - Thomas: Now you're all outside Fresh Aire, on a somewhat crowded pedestrian thoroughfare, walking back towards the customshouse and your ship.
15:26:21 - Neela: What did he say, captain?
15:26:25 - Sara: Well, that was interesting.
15:26:54 - Thomas: "I'm glad that's over with," Kai'la says. "I say we blow off loverboy and head for open space."
15:27:09 - Sara: What did he say?
15:27:14 - Thomas: "But... but we said we'd help them," Keeor replies.
15:27:54 - Neela: We can't back out on this agreement now.
15:28:42 - Ren: Mmm. I'd like to be gone from this place, too. But the King prob'ly has connections. Could hurt trade.
15:29:00 - Thomas: Kai'la gives Neela an odd look. "The young human wanted to know if both of us were 'available' after we get his brother inside, to put it nicely," she says.
15:29:34 - * Ren blushes.
15:29:42 - Thomas: "He didn't say anything about you," she says, shrugging at Sara.
15:29:59 - * Neela grins smugly.
15:30:03 - Sara: I can't say that I am all that insulted.
15:31:09 - Thomas: Keeor just shakes his head.
15:31:44 - Thomas: "So, what now?" he asks. "What's your thoughts on this, Ren?"
15:31:55 - Sara: Well, you're the captain, Kai'la. I think it is your decision.
15:32:18 - Sara: However, I don't think these would be good people to annoy.
15:32:44 - Ren: I think... I think... umm... I think we get this done and get back to honest smuggling as soon as possible.
15:33:19 - Thomas: "'Transporting', my dear," Kai'la says with a laugh. "It's called 'transporting'."
15:33:52 - * Neela sniggers.
15:34:55 - Thomas: Keeor thinks. "I, too think we should do this. So if Neela thinks we should help, too..."
15:35:39 - Thomas: "I'd just like to point out that nobody is paying us for 'helping'," Kai'la interrupts.
15:35:52 - Neela: Maybe, but I see no point in making enemies of these people.
15:36:12 - Sara: I think that perhaps having access to the ship again is worth something.
15:36:15 - Thomas: "But if everyone else wants to help, I'll back you up," she finishes.
15:36:51 - Thomas: "They had no right to impound it in the first place!"
15:37:18 - Thomas: Keeor shrugs.
15:37:30 - Sara: Yes, but they had the power. I think that having that power on our side would be good.
15:37:40 - Thomas: "Look, we're almost there," he says, pointing at the customs house.
15:37:56 - Neela: Good. I want my stuff back.
15:38:04 - Thomas: "Okay, fine," the twi'lek says. "We'll be noble and help the nobles."
15:39:42 - Thomas: She enters the customs house, and leads the group through the maze of corridors in the underside of the station to the elevator. "Everyone remembered where we parked?" she jokes, before selecting the right level on the lift panel.
15:40:03 - Sara: When they get on the ship, Sara goes and changes into more comfortable attire.
15:41:02 - * Neela gets into proper clothes, as well. Not these silly formal things. Bah.
15:42:50 - * Ren finds some comfy, grease-stained work clothes. Ahhh, better.
15:43:19 - Thomas: Kai'la gets into something a bit less form-fitting.
15:44:26 - Thomas: Keeor switches to business-casual.
15:44:37 - * Ren is slightly disappointed at that. :-.
15:45:03 - Neela: What, did you want to see Keeor in form-fitting clothes?
15:45:09 - Thomas: R2-D0 beeps and chirps in an attempt to cheer up Ren.
15:45:56 - * Ren pats R2's head-top-thingy and smiles. Then he throws a bolt at Neela.
15:46:06 - * Neela ducks!
15:46:16 - * Neela gets hit in the head. Oeerrrr.
15:47:07 - Ren: Ha ha ha!
15:47:53 - * Neela growls.
15:48:39 - Ren: Warrior-woman. Heehee.
15:49:42 - Thomas: After a few minutes, everyone is ready.
15:49:55 - Thomas: And bruises begin to heal.
15:50:32 - Sara: Do we have a plan?
15:51:04 - Thomas: "I think we're just trying to get dukey in the estate," Kai'la says.
15:51:41 - Thomas: R2-D0 beeps to get Ren's attention.
15:51:47 - Ren: Hee. Dookie.
15:52:08 - Ren: Hm? What's wrong, R2?
15:52:20 - Sara: What you do with the young prince is your affair.
15:53:04 - [Thomas->Ren] Deo says that he was able to download directions to the estate and a basic layout. It's on the Saucy Wench's main computer.
15:53:21 - Thomas: The droid beeps and chirps some more at Ren.
15:53:38 - Neela: Eh. We'll get him in. After that it isn't our concern... Ren, what the hell is with that damn droid?
15:54:56 - Ren: R2's downloaded directions to the place and a basic layout to the Wench's computer.
15:54:58 - Sara: Is something wrong with the ship Ren?
15:55:07 - * Ren beams.
15:56:43 - [Thomas->Ren] There are two main entrances to the estate, which is really a misnomer -- it's one of many large townhouse-like structures over on the north rim of the station. There also is a passageway underneath the estate building, it's one of the corridors down in the underside of the station, but has no direct connection to the house.
15:57:28 - * Sara wonders what Ren is so happy about.
15:57:38 - [Thomas->Ren] The main entrance is to the street. There's a side entrance that leads to the servant's quarters, but has access to the rest of the building.
15:58:31 - Neela: Well, great.
15:58:45 - [Thomas->Ren] The estate building itself consists of two stories. The lower floor has larger rooms, probably for entertaining guests. The upstairs appears to be a hallway with several smaller rooms off it.
15:59:08 - Thomas: The R2 unit finally stops whooping.
15:59:23 - Ren: Lessee. Um. According to R2, there's a main entrance, and a servant's entrance to the estate building itself, and also a passageway beneath the place, but... looks like there's not an actual direct connection to the house from there...
16:00:17 - Sara: From the underground passage?
16:00:28 - Thomas: Artoo-deo spins around and rolls off towards the familiar surroundings of the engine room.
16:00:48 - Ren: And... I think the personal chambers and stuff are on the second floor. There's two stories. Uh.
16:01:12 - [Thomas->Ren] That passage is one of the many corridors below the station, like the docking arm that secures your ship to the station. I'm not sure if I was clear on that.
16:01:14 - Ren: Yeah. The underground passage is part of the station infrastructure... I think....
16:02:53 - Ren: So. Anyone got an idea?
16:03:26 - Ren: I don't think walking in the front door would be the best idea.
16:04:12 - Sara: I think that the servants quarters would be our best bet
16:05:26 - Thomas: Kai'la leans in uncomforably close to look over Ren's shoulder at the plans of the estate. "Looks like that's in a ritzy part of the station," she says. "Station security is probably crawling all over that neighborhood."
16:05:41 - * Ren blushes.
16:05:50 - * Ren stammers.
16:05:53 - Neela: Well, of course. Seeing as how everything else has gone these past couple of days, it's not surprising at all.
16:06:02 - Thomas: "So no blasting our way in?" Keeor says.
16:06:05 - Sara: I wonder how the servants dress?
16:07:26 - Ren: U-u-um. If we dressed up as servants... shouldn't take much to bribe any of them if we need them to be quiet?
16:07:37 - Thomas: "I'll wager they're all wearing that silly outfit Reppana's manservant had on," Keeor replies.
16:08:13 - Sara: My guess as well. I wonder how difficult it would be to convince the Princley pair to dress as servants.
16:08:18 - * Sara laughs at the idea
16:08:55 - Sara: However, I am sure that we could get some outfits from them, or from the King.
16:09:58 - Neela: If I dress as a servant, where will I keep my blaster?
16:10:18 - Thomas: "I hadn't thought of that," Keeor replies. "I'm sure a ship as big as the Valour would have several dozens of servants. And where there's several dozens of servants, there's several dozens of changes of clothes..."
16:10:25 - * Neela doesn't want to leave her blaster behind. :(
16:10:31 - Ren: Neela: C-carry it in a basket of laundry...
16:10:50 - Neela: Oh, okay. I can do that.
16:10:56 - Ren: Always w-works in the novels.
16:11:08 - Thomas: Kai'la agrees with Neela. "I'm not leaving mine behind either."
16:11:49 - Sara: It will be easier to hide the blasters than my swords. Or perhaps you could dress as security detail.
16:12:04 - Thomas: "Well, it sounds like we have a plan, then," Keeor says.
16:14:12 - Thomas: Kai'la nods. "We do indeed."
16:14:32 - * Ren fidgets.
16:14:49 - Sara: Let's go meet with the brothers and see if they are willing to play along.
16:15:13 - Thomas: The screen does one of those wipes to indicate a sceen transition, just like in the movies.
16:15:35 - Ren: [HOORAY]
16:15:52 - Sara: [Makes me think of the Landoliers by Stephen King]
16:15:58 - Thomas: You are now standing outside Fresh Aire again. The duke and his brother approach. They're both dressed in the finest of fineries.
16:16:20 - * Neela buries her face in her hand to keep from laughing.
16:16:42 - Sara: Sara doesn't bother hiding her amusement
16:17:22 - Sara: However, it does give her an idea.
16:17:29 - Thomas: Bardo has a quizzical look on his face, but smiles when he sees Kai'la and Neela again.
16:17:37 - Thomas: *Borda
16:17:52 - Sara: "Hey, perhaps we could serve as their security team. Important visitors and all.
16:19:19 - Thomas: "Dressed like that?" Paola asks.
16:19:43 - Sara: Do you have security uniforms?
16:19:48 - Thomas: "'Dressed like that?'," the younger brother mocks.
16:20:36 - Thomas: "You make it sound as if they're wearing rags," Borda continues. "You there," he points to Neela. "Why don't you turn around so we can see if your outfit will suffice?"
16:21:00 - * Neela snorts.
16:21:02 - Thomas: Paola ignores Borda. "Of course, we have some uniforms you can borrow."
16:21:33 - Neela: Why don't you turn around for me, then?
16:21:37 - Sara: That may be better. And patronizing those who are trying to help you won't get you very far.
16:21:59 - * Sara directs the last comment to Borda
16:22:20 - Thomas: Borda simply smiles.
16:24:12 - Sara: Shall we change then?
16:24:29 - Thomas: Paola waves his arm and a small speeder pulls out from behind the restaurant, stopping by your group. In it are two Bellarusian security guards. "It looks like we'll be needing some uniforms," Paola says. "Dash off to the Valour and pick up five... " He looks at Borda. "No, six security uniforms."
16:24:38 - Thomas: "What?" Borda says.
16:25:05 - Thomas: His older brother shrugs. "You wanted to come along," he reminds him.
16:25:18 - * Neela curses under her breath.
16:25:49 - Thomas: The security officer nods. "At once,sir. We'll return in a few minutes."
16:26:33 - * Ren whispers to Neela: "I think m-maybe these two'll be the biggest trouble out of this whole thing."
16:27:02 - Thomas: The speeder rushes off. "Shall we wait inside for their return?" asks Paola.
16:27:16 - Sara: Yes, that would be good.
16:27:27 - Thomas: Borda grumbles as he enters the lobby of Fresh Aire.
16:27:59 - Sara: Once seated Sara tells Paola the plan.
16:28:04 - * Neela nods to Ren.
16:28:44 - Sara: "We should have no problem getting close to the estate. However, at the estate, the 2 of you will likely be recognized. We were thinking of entering the estate through the servant's quarters.
16:28:50 - Thomas: "We can wait in the lounge, here," Paola explains. "I'll have Borda arrange some rooms suitable for changing."
16:29:52 - Thomas: "How will we get in," the man asks.
16:30:46 - Sara: You could go bearing gifts, and we could tell the servants it is a surprise visit.
16:31:01 - Sara: Or, we could also get servants clothing and sneak in as servants.
16:31:07 - Thomas: "Good question," Kai'la says, flagging down a serving droid for a drink.
16:31:25 - Sara: Or, if anyone has an alternative plan . . .
16:31:49 - Sara: I think we should attempt to avoid blasters etc.
16:33:04 - Thomas: "Yes, gifts!" Paola says. "I am planning on bringing a few items, with which I hope to win fair Reppana to my side."
16:33:13 - Thomas: Kai'la rolls her eyes.
16:33:57 - Sara: You should also bring some coin in case a bribe or two are in order.
16:34:28 - Neela: Money talks.
16:35:36 - Thomas: "Of course," he says.
16:36:13 - Thomas: "And don't think I won't reward you for your efforts here tonight," he says. The twi'lek's headtails twitch happily at the sound of that.
16:37:05 - Ren: I like the way money talks.
16:37:42 - Thomas: Borda gloomily returns to your group. "The concierge has provided a changing room for us, brother," he says. "And it looks like the uniforms are arriving." He points to the street, where a Bellisarian speeder pulls up.
16:38:27 - * Sara follows Borda to get her uniform and find the changing room
16:38:36 - Thomas: Sure enough, two security guards rush in, each carrying parcels containing security uniforms.
16:39:47 - Thomas: Luckily, they've brought back a variety of sizes. Each member of the crew (plus Borda) gets fitted out in uniforms that fit.
16:40:58 - * Neela changes in the changing room, then.
16:41:26 - * Ren looks like his clothes are ill-fitting even when they fit him perfectly.

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