The following is more or less unedited for those of that are curious about how a play-by-chat-room session looks. Times are listed to give the curious an idea about how long it takes a conversation or game action to be completed. This session ran three hours and fifty-seven minutes.


18:10:07 - Thomas: Unfortunately, I smurfed up the last game session's transcript, but here's what I remember:
18:11:23 - Keeor: Dang, I should have transcribed. Maybe I'll get back into the habit of making my own transcripts, in case you have troubles.
18:11:52 - Thomas: The group jumped to Paradise and arrived in the center of The Big Red X. There, we went through customs and the agent you're supposed to meet -- Lire -- arrived at your Docking Bay.
18:14:46 - Thomas: So now, here we are, standing in the middle of a blasted out crater that's been walled in. Someone calling themself "Lire" has just approached the group as you've disembarked from the ship. It is mightily cold and you all wish you had something warm to wear.
18:15:15 - * Ren shivers.
18:15:47 - Keeor: You're Lire? Can we go somewhere warmer and talk?
18:15:47 - * Ren's nose runs.
18:15:48 - Thomas: (A quick recap of the mission: Find Adar Tollen before the ISD Relentless arrives in orbit to capture him. Return Tollen to the Rebel Alliance.)
18:16:40 - Lire: Hey guys, my name's Lire. I was told to find you here.
18:17:00 - Thomas: Kai'la bundles up in her flight jacket, but it doesn't provide much protection from the chill. "I'm going to turn even bluer," she says to Ren.
18:17:15 - Lire: I saw a cafe of sorts up the street. It's warmer there.
18:17:53 - Keeor: Then let us make haste.
18:18:05 - * Keeor waits for Lire to lead the way.
18:18:25 - Thomas: The morning rush is already underway as you exit the docking bay. Humans, numerous droid models, and aliens of all types move through the crowded streets, concentrating intently on their own business. The pace is hurried for such a backwater world, but you suspect everyone's trying to get in out of the cold. Landspeeders roar by, uncomfortably close in these narrow walkways.
18:18:55 - Thomas: Kai'la follows Lire, quickly.
18:19:56 - * Lire heads north a bit to a sort of diner.
18:20:38 - Thomas: As you follow Lire to the north, you see that the majority of buildings all have the same logo on them, the same logo that was on the customs agent's badge.
18:21:00 - Thomas: "Listen my children!" shouts a thin man dressed in thick robes, seemingly untouched by the chill. He stands upon a discarded crate, shaking his staff at the many passers-by who are content to ignore the man. "We have been given a great mystery to unravel, a message of importance if we can only see!"
18:21:25 - Thomas: The diner is just a few doors north of the man's pulpit.
18:21:50 - * Keeor ignores the man and makes for the warmth.
18:22:17 - Thomas: Across from the diner is a large empty lot with a small cylanderical structure, a power recharge station.
18:22:48 - * Lire ignores the man as well, but waits to see what the others will do.
18:22:52 - Thomas: Kai'la ignores the man's spiel and follows Keeor into the diner.
18:23:11 - * Ren stops by the man, to listen a little.
18:23:21 - Sara: Sara slows to hear the next sentence of the spiel.
18:24:05 - Thomas: The man, amazed to see that people have actually stopped to listen, turns to his audience, still speaking loudly to the passing crowd.
18:24:12 - Thomas: "And what is this mystery?" he continues. "It is the Bantha! That sacred, noble, elegant creature that can be found the galaxy over! The Bantha is a gift from beyond whose meaning we have not yet begun to fathom!" You see that there's a tiny carved statuette of a Bantha glued to the top of his staff.
18:25:02 - * Keeor looks back, noting that Ren and Sara and Lire are not inside yet.
18:25:23 - Thomas: "Freezing nutter," Kai'la whispers to Keeor.
18:25:43 - Thomas: Neela stops to watch the street preacher.
18:25:57 - * Ren hurries along ahead, vaguely disappointed.
18:26:24 - Thomas: She's the only one (aside from Lire) that has clothing appropriate for an ice ball like Paradise.
18:26:30 - * Keeor nods in Kai'la's direction.
18:26:40 - Thomas: "For when we do finally come to understand why the Bantha has been placed throughout the galaxy, we will achieve the Age of Bounty!" he continues. "Wherever we go in our space vessels, no matter how far, the Bantha is there to welcome us and make us feel at home!"
18:27:00 - Sara: Sara turns and moves on, walking into the diner.
18:27:06 - Thomas: Neela follows.
18:27:58 - Lire: Lire follows the last person in the group.
18:28:18 - Ren: I-I really hope Banthaism isn't the one true religion.
18:28:48 - Thomas: The diner is rather small and nearly empty of customers. Your group squeezes into a booth on the long wall and waits for the serving droid to come over.
18:29:10 - Thomas:
18:31:07 - Thomas: A thin serving droid comes over. "Greetings, sentients. I am 8X-P3 Serving Droid. Would you like to see a menu?"
18:31:16 - Keeor: Unless we are to be off this frozen rock in a day, I suspect that acquiring suitable clothing for the unprepared among us should be one of our priorities.
18:32:01 - Keeor: (To the droid): I am interested in something warm that will not offend my palate too much -- I'm sure you can recommend something...?
18:32:33 - * Keeor is a bit more snippy than usual -- he doesn't care for the cold.
18:32:39 - Thomas: "Of course, sentient," P3 replies. "Some hot jalla all around?"
18:32:56 - Keeor: That would be fine, thank you.
18:32:57 - Lire: Sounds good to me.
18:33:20 - Thomas: "And may I recommend the fried spoo?"
18:33:21 - Sara: Very good.
18:33:34 - Ren: Sounds, uh, good.
18:33:37 - Keeor: Certainly.
18:33:41 - Thomas: Kai'la wrinkles her nose. "Yuck, spoo."
18:33:42 - Sara: Something sweet for me please.
18:33:48 - Lire: Oh, you have spoo here? I'll take some. It's been a while.
18:34:59 - Thomas: "Of course," the droid says. " I shall procure your order momentarily, sentients." It turns and wheels off towards the kitchen.
18:36:15 - Sara: Once the droid leaves, sara looks at Lira. "I hope your travel here went well. I am glad that you found us so quickly."
18:36:23 - Keeor: So, Lire, I am pleased at how easily you found us. You seem to be well prepared. Are you familiar with the... Let's say the "mutual friend" we are here to meet?
18:36:29 - Thomas: Neela looks around and sees that the only other customer is an old Ithorian, sitting by the window facing the street. The hammer-headed alien is about three tables down. She turns from him to the others and listens in to the conversations.
18:38:10 - Lire: The trip was fine, thanks. I was told where to find you, so it was no problem. And I'm always well-prepared. You can't survive in some places if you're not.
18:38:16 - * Keeor whispers, "I think it best to not say too much, even in such an empty place as this. Droids and hammerheads alike have excellent hearing, and we do not want to reveal too much to others when we do not know where our foes lie."
18:38:24 - [Thomas->Ren] I'm assuming that you've left R2-D0 on the Saucy Wench.
18:38:53 - [Lire->Thomas] How much do I know about this guy? I can't remember, if it came up last time; otherwise... I don't know. Not sure what to say.
18:39:43 - [Thomas->Lire] Adar Tollan is a hero of the Old Republic. He was thought dead several years ago... fifteen, I think. A famous naval admiral.
18:39:52 - Keeor: [I need to work on being relevant to the conversation. You're all still in small talk. :-)]
18:40:36 - Lire: I know a little about the guy, but not much more than you can find out in the news. I've never met him.
18:40:46 - Keeor: Unfortunate.
18:41:05 - Keeor: I wonder how we should go about searching for him?
18:41:18 - Thomas: "Yes, " Kai'la says. "I was just about to ask that same question."
18:41:47 - [Ren->Thomas] Aye-aye.
18:41:48 - [Sara->Thomas] Remind me, was this guy Tallon a jedi?
18:42:03 - Thomas: The serving droid wheels up with your order and places cups of steaming hot jalla in front of everyone.
18:42:05 - [Sara->Thomas] If so, can I attempt to "sense" him?
18:42:23 - [Thomas->Sara] No, he was simply a military genius.
18:42:33 - [Sara->Thomas] Oh, OK. Thanks.
18:42:54 - Thomas: The droid turns and heads back to the kitchen.
18:43:01 - * Ren sips.
18:44:17 - * Keeor warms his hands on the cup before drinking.
18:45:14 - Lire: Well, we can't exactly go around and ask random passers-by on the street. Even that old Bantha loon could be a spy.
18:45:41 - Sara: Does anyone know if there are any other "towns" on this planet?
18:46:07 - Thomas: "Well, what do we know about the man?" Kai'la says. "Apart from being thought dead a dozen years or so ago?"
18:46:31 - [Lire->Thomas] This is the main settlement, right? I can't recall if there are others or not.
18:46:46 - [Thomas->Lire] Yes, this is the only settlement on the planet.
18:47:01 - Lire: He was a hero of the Old Republic, I heard.
18:47:35 - Sara: Where was he from?
18:47:59 - Lire: (to Sara): No other civilization that I know of. This is it.
18:48:19 - Thomas: "According to Dana's datapad, some pirates knew that he survived," Neelay says.
18:48:58 - Sara: Well, I think that we should go to a more disreputable place and listen to the talk, once we finish our food and Jalla.
18:49:43 - Sara: This place didn't seem to be too big, we should be able to find out something, even if it is through rumors.
18:49:50 - [RinkChat] User Keeor rolls 2d6+2: 1 + 2 = 3, modified by 2 = 5
18:50:03 - [Keeor->Thomas] So I don't know anything eh? :-)
18:50:25 - Thomas: "Somewhere in the Core Worlds, I think," Kai'la says. "Corellia, maybe?"
18:51:20 - Thomas: The captain of the Saucy Wench continues. "I remember reading about him a few years back. Definately a human."
18:52:08 - Sara: What made him so well known?
18:52:54 - Lire: He was in the military. Naval admiral or somesuch.
18:53:05 - Lire: Don't know how that got him famous though.
18:53:12 - [Thomas->Keeor] He wasn't a Rodian, of that you're sure.
18:53:46 - Sara: Is he known for any particular battles, or was he just a powerful figurehead?
18:54:04 - Keeor: I'm afraid I don't know anything about the man, except that he's not Rodian. I suspect we already knew that; not many of my people ever made heroes of themselves in the Old Republic.
18:55:10 - Thomas: Kai'la checks out Dana's datapad again.
18:55:49 - Sara: Oh, and does anyone have any idea how old this man is?
18:56:43 - * Thomas retypes something that I think was lost in the missing transcript. Just a sec.
18:58:21 - * Thomas found it, already typed up.
18:58:54 - Thomas: This is something I think the crew tracked down from the Encyclopedia Galactica databanks:
18:59:07 - Thomas: Commander Adar Tallon, a brilliant tactician and naval commander, served both the Old Republic and the emerging New Order during his long career. His space-fighting strategies and maneuvers are legendary and became the basis for modern starfighter and fleet combat tactics. His fame reached heroic proportions during the Clone Wars.
18:59:30 - Thomas: Shortly after Emperor Palpatine took charge to lead the ailing Old Republic with the vision of his New Order, Tallon's impressive career came to an abrupt halt. Tallon entered the Dalchon system to investigate a disproportionate amount of pirate activity. While touring the area, Battalion -- Tallon's patrol craft -- received a priority distress call. A medium-sized freighter was under attack by a heavily-armed pirate pinnacle. Heedless of the danger and the greater firepower, Battalion dove straight for the pirate ship. This brought the freighter the time it needed to acheive hyperspace -- but at a terrible cost.
18:59:41 - Thomas: Battalion was obliterated. No trace was ever found of Tallon or his crew.
18:59:47 - Thomas: End of article.
19:00:22 - Keeor: And he is supposed to be here now...
19:00:45 - Thomas: "And that was fifteen years ago," Kai'la says, sipping her drink.
19:01:36 - Keeor: I think we will need to gather more information before we can track him down.
19:01:52 - Thomas: "... on this ice ball," Neela says, finishing Keeor's statement. "Couldn't have picked a more inhospitable place to hide out in if he tried."
19:01:57 - Keeor: He is almost certainly in hiding, and his cover could be anything.
19:02:55 - Lire: Was there a picture of him in that article? Looks can be changed, but that would be a start.
19:03:19 - Keeor: Perhaps if we could locate a suitable place to gather information, I could go to acquire some better clothing for the rest of us and meet up with you later? I find that my presence sometimes causes difficulties in negotiations.
19:03:43 - Sara: I agree. I suggest going to the most disreputable tavern in this place and finding out local rumors and legends.
19:03:54 - Thomas: "Yes, here," Kai'la shows the datapad to Lire. "That's the man we're looking for."
19:04:08 - Lire: Thanks.
19:04:46 - Thomas: The image on the datapad shows a human in his late thirties, early forties, with silver and black hair, chiseled chin, short nose.
19:05:22 - Keeor: I will also keep my eyes and ears peeled; I do not expect to learn anything, but one never knows...
19:06:02 - Thomas: "That sounds good," Neela says. "I'm up for some disreputableness."
19:06:06 - [Lire->Thomas] I got an idea but it might mess up the game so I won't say it out loud. Would he be the sort to hide in plain sight? Say, as a prophet for a phony religion?
19:06:11 - Sara: I would think that a man like this would be in a leadership position. Perhaps finding out who the leaders in this town are through news sources would be a good idea.
19:06:28 - [Thomas->Lire] If you want to, you can discuss that with the others.
19:06:32 - Sara: Keeor, if you are shopping anyway, perhaps you could look into that.
19:07:04 - Lire: Would he be the sort to hide away where he couldn't be found? Or might he be hiding in plain sight somewhere?
19:07:13 - Keeor: I certainly will.
19:08:02 - Lire: I know he was an admiral, but things happen.
19:08:17 - Sara: Unknonwn. If we split up, we should definitely have com-links. Ren, do we have one available for Lire?
19:08:39 - Thomas: [We'll say Lire already has one.]
19:09:14 - Thomas: [Lire just needs to set it to your frequency.]
19:10:46 - Sara: I think that we should look into these questions and meet up at the ship in 2 arns.
19:10:50 - Keeor: Lady Sara, please be careful. I know that you are capable of handling yourself, but even still, watch your back.
19:11:11 - Keeor: Two arns it is.
19:11:21 - * Keeor heads out.
19:11:41 - Keeor: ...after asking the serving droid where he should start his search for warm clothes.
19:13:25 - Thomas: "There is a Nakteth company store just three blocks to the south, sentient," the droid says. "Just across from the speeder lot on the other side of the central spaceport landing bays."
19:14:38 - Thomas: Neela says she'd like to tag along.
19:14:46 - Thomas: (With Sara, that is.)
19:15:13 - Sara: OK. Ren? Coming along, or do you want to try to gather info from the ship?
19:15:47 - Ren: Does this place even *have* any sort of data network?
19:16:29 - [Keeor->Thomas] I'll wait for your lead on what I should do -- I can do it all in PMs if you think that would be better for the flow of the story.
19:16:49 - [Keeor->Thomas] I know WHAT I want to do, just not WHEN I should do it. :-)
19:17:27 - [Thomas->Ren] Well, it's not like a space station -- you're in a little town at the far end of the galaxy. On the bright side, it is a corporate town, so there's bound to be corporate records you can tap into, somewhere.
19:17:46 - [Thomas->Keeor] Okay.
19:19:13 - Ren: Hmm. I th-think I'll just call back to R2, and ask him to work at cracking into whatever's here.
19:20:15 - Sara: Good, let us go then.
19:20:48 - * Sara stands up and prepares to leave.
19:21:30 - Lire: I'll go with you, Sara.
19:22:30 - Thomas: Kai'la mutters something about hoping this disreputable tavern is close. "Don't want to turn into a Twi'lekcicle before we get there,
19:22:35 - Thomas: " she says.
19:23:37 - * Sara walks out, looking up and down the street to get her bearings.
19:23:41 - [Thomas->Keeor] as you head outside, you see that the street preacher is gone. On your way down to the company store, you notice that there are a lot of people walking around the streets, all heavily armed.
19:24:22 - Thomas: The Bantha preacher is gone, but the streets seem even more crowded.
19:24:53 - [Keeor->Thomas] I act as normal as possible, and keep my eyes open for looks of recognition from anyone who looks my way.
19:25:33 - [Keeor->Thomas] And I keep my comlink in my hand.
19:25:45 - Lire: I wonder what's up with all the traffic.
19:26:00 - Thomas: The diner is on one of the narrow passageways that seem to criss-cross this town. There are only a few streets wide enough for speeders, which makes walking along the narrow pedestrian streets much more crowded than a small town like this should be.
19:27:05 - Thomas: Up above, you hear the roar of yet another starship flying overhead, this one landing on the east end of town.
19:27:56 - [Thomas->Ren] Make a Technology roll.
19:28:07 - [RinkChat] User Thomas rolls 2d6+1: 2 + 1 = 3, modified by 1 = 4
19:28:13 - [Keeor->Thomas] I also watch for any indication of Imperial uniforms or identification among the armed folk.
19:28:55 - [Lire->Thomas] Where's the tavern we're heading to? Should I know, or are we just wandering?
19:29:08 - [RinkChat] User Ren rolls 5d6: 6 + 3 + 2 + 6 + 2 = 19
19:29:09 - Thomas: "S-s-s-so, where's this tavern?" Kai'la says.
19:29:09 - Sara: Well, any preference in which way we go? Lire, did you see any drinking taverns on your way to our ship. I would imagine the place to look is close to the landing areas.
19:29:34 - [Thomas->Lire] you know about that cantina near the docking bay -- did you get the e-mail?
19:29:51 - [Lire->Thomas] Oh, I haven't checked! Sorry. I'll do that now.
19:30:03 - Lire: [Give me a minute. :) ]
19:30:30 - [Lire->Thomas] I don't get e-mail notifications.
19:31:17 - [Thomas->Ren] The ship that flew by overhead and landed -- that's no freighter. It's a decommisioned militiary scout ship, a Sorosub 626, from the looks of it -- a two-seater long range scout vessel. Looked like it was still well-armed.
19:32:10 - [Lire->Thomas] Okay, thanks. :) Sorry about that.
19:32:44 - Lire: Why don't we try Hochuli's Cantina? It's near your bay and it seems pretty popular.
19:33:02 - [Thomas->Keeor] Your brisk walk to the company store takes you by Docking Bay 16. You see Ren's droid, R2-D0, wandering the streets. It whoops at you in a pleasant tone.
19:33:16 - Ren: H-h-hey! Wait... that ship that just landed over there... that's an old military scout ship!
19:34:24 - Sara: How old?
19:34:43 - Sara: Would it still be used by the military now?
19:34:46 - [Keeor->Thomas] Keeor nods at R2-D0 on his way by.
19:34:58 - Ren: W-well, it's a Sorosub, decommissioned.
19:35:19 - [Thomas->Keeor] Deo whirrs and spins, then heads down a walkway.
19:35:32 - [RinkChat] User Ciaran has been labeled 'Neela' by Thomas.
19:36:15 - Thomas: "Well, that's very nice, Ren," Kai'la says, "But I'm more interested in that cantina. Lead on, Lire."
19:36:16 - Ciaran: [Ready to play now for a bit. :)]
19:37:12 - * Lire leads the way back toward the docking bay.
19:37:19 - Sara: How about Ren and I meet you there in half an arn. We will scout out the east, and see what this ship is.
19:37:42 - Sara: Shall we Ren?
19:37:42 - * Ciaran nods. She's interested in the ship too.
19:37:53 - Ren: S-sounds good.
19:37:58 - [Thomas->Keeor] Sure enough, the droid's directions were spot on. A company store is right next to a used speeder lot. The foot traffic in this part of the town is lighter than up north.
19:38:01 - Sara: Neela, good to have you with us. Let's go.
19:38:26 - Ciaran: Right on.
19:38:49 - * Sara turns and walks towards the east landing bay.
19:38:49 - Thomas: "See you soon," Kai'la says, following Lire.
19:39:09 - * Ciaran tags along behind Sara and Ren.
19:39:38 - Lire: (to Kai'la): So, just the two of us then, eh? Well, let's see what we can find out.
19:39:42 - [Keeor->Thomas] Keeor heads into the store, and starts by browsing around for clothes in the right sizes. If necessary, he asks for information on what he'll need.
19:41:20 - Thomas: As the group heads east, they suddenly realize that they're quickly running out of actual town. Just as they clear a small boxy apartment building, they realize there's no east landing bays after all -- the X's landing bays are so crowded, they're diverting ships to land outside town. The scout vessel sits on the frozen ground near two other smaller ships.
19:41:33 - [Thomas->Keeor] The company store looks to be picked over. One large, wolf-like creature straightens up a toppled display, throwing folded shirts haphazardly onto the shelves. "Frelling off-worrrlders..." you hear him grumble. "No frrrelling respect." He looks over his shoulder at you and smiles. Or at least you hope those fangs are a smile.
19:42:10 - [Thomas->Lire] Meanwhile, you and the twi'lek make it to Hochuli's. "Hochuli's Cantina" are the same two words on the outside of the building, written in seven different languages. The building is a large prefabricated black box and crowded, crowded, crowded. Dozens of sentients huddle around tables in the alcoves of the dank room in groups of two or three; the long bar that separates the cantina in two only has a few patrons. A holofield opposite the door showcases an old LaLummba trid, a once-popular musical troupe in the Core Worlds. The holofield is out of sync, with the colors skewed towards green.
19:43:06 - [Keeor->Thomas] Keeor greets the creature cordially, and asks for his assistance in finding the clothing he needs, listing sizes and races for all who need it. While he speaks, Keeor lends a hand in tidying up, if possible.
19:43:22 - * Lire enters Hochuli's and finds an empty-ish spot at the bar.
19:43:30 - Thomas: The scout vessel is much smaller than the Saucy Wench, probably about a third the size. An armored... man? Hard to tell from here, is yelling at the customs officer that checked in your ship.
19:44:18 - Sara: Wonder what the problem is, Sara mutter.
19:44:37 - Sara: [that is -- Sara mutters.
19:45:01 - [Thomas->Keeor] "Thanks," the alien says, as he cleans up the place. "Good to see someone that's not belligerrrent in here. I'm Tar, I run this store with my wife. Anything I can help you find... not that there's much left... let me know."
19:45:36 - Ciaran: Not sure. Were we carrying anything that might have been a problem?
19:46:28 - [Keeor->Thomas] "There are too many folk out there who don't understand what it's like to run a business."
19:46:41 - Sara: [I think that the new ship is the one the custom officer is at, not ours]
19:47:43 - [Thomas->Lire] There's two open tables, one near the entrance and once further back, beyond the bar. There are six tables on the entrance side of the bar, eight on the far side. There's plenty of places at the bar. Would you like to sit at the bar next to the well-armed men, by the old woman, or in an empty spot away from people at the bar? Or would you and Kai'la want to take a table?
19:48:05 - [Keeor->Thomas] [Does Keeor have much trouble finding what he needs?]
19:48:05 - Ciaran: [Oh. Um, yeah.]
19:48:37 - Thomas: The armored arrival crosses his arms and lets the customs officer board his scout vessel.
19:49:04 - Sara: "Lets wait a couple of minutes to see what happens here, and see if the customs officer knows of a good tavern.
19:49:08 - [Thomas->Keeor] Nope. You wind up with thermal parkas and suits for everyone.
19:49:21 - [Thomas->Keeor] The door opens, letting in another blast of cold air. "Tar Lup," calls a voice from the entryway. You turn to see a short dark green-skinned creature with long, pointy ears walk in, followed by a Gammorean: both are bundled up for the cold weather. The newcomer looks over the near-empty stores. "Looks like business is good," he continues. "You know you're late this month." The shopkeeper growls lowly.
19:49:35 - Ren: L-let's talk to him. Empathize with his troubles. E-enough to see what he looks like, at least?
19:49:40 - Lire: Hmm. Kai'la, want to go to that empty table back there?
19:50:24 - [Keeor->Thomas] Keeor tries to remain inconspicuous during the exchange.
19:50:26 - [Thomas->Lire] Go ahead and send me /msgs until we regroup. I'm only sending the other stuff in the clear because we've got three actual player-controlled characters together.
19:51:00 - [Lire->Thomas] Ah, right. Heh. Okay, so I guess we'll take the back table. Seems like a good place to listen.
19:51:07 - Sara: You mean the man on the ship? Sounds good. Let's wait until they are done, then go over there.
19:51:10 - Ciaran: (to Ren:) It could be an idea
19:51:11 - [Thomas->Lire] "Sure," Kai'la says, following Lire to the table in the back. The back is more crowded, but unfortunately, the view to the front door is blocked by the bar from your table.
19:53:00 - [Thomas->Keeor] The short creature, a full head shorter than you, bobbles up to Tar. "Creds now," he says. "Plus fifty late fees."
19:53:05 - [Lire->Thomas] Yeah, I was thinking of that. I figure we can move if nothing's going on in the back.
19:54:09 - [Thomas->Keeor] The large wolfish creature nods, slowly. "Okay, Arrkik," he says, reaching under the counter. The Gammorean glares in your direction.
19:54:10 - [Keeor->Thomas] Keeor watches and waits.
19:54:28 - [Thomas->Lire] I'll be with you in a sec, gotta handle this bit first.
19:54:53 - [Keeor->Thomas] Cancel that in light of second message -- Keeor turns away when the Gammorean glares, but watches out of the corner of his giant faceted eyes.
19:54:58 - [Thomas->Lire] We'll just have you and Kai'la start drinking and taking in the... atmosphere.
19:55:39 - * Sara stamps her feet while waiting to see how long it will take to resolve the customs issue.
19:55:41 - [Lire->Thomas] Heh. That works.
19:55:50 - Thomas: The customs official comes out of the newcomer's ship and says something to the armored man. The pilot nods.
19:56:46 - Thomas: The armored man and the customs official finishes their business, the official heading to his speeder, the newcomer sealing his ship.
19:58:37 - [Thomas->Keeor] "Good," Arrkik says, accepting Tar's package. "Make sure this doesn't happen again. Gorrt!" he calls to the pig-faced creature. "We're out of here." As they leave, Gorrt knocks over a display, shattering glass shelves on the floor. Tar winces.
19:58:56 - Sara: Well, guess we are not going to chat. Shall we get to the cantina and get something to warm us up.
19:59:18 - Thomas: The newcomer is dressed in full black body-fitting armor. He heads towards the town -- and your group.
19:59:46 - Ciaran: Do you think he's headed for us?
20:00:19 - Thomas: As he gets closer, you see he's got wrist-mounted blasters and a sleek jet pack. There's a wicked-looking blade strapped to his right leg.
20:00:42 - Ren: Ooh.
20:00:44 - [Thomas->Lire] You notice that the majority of the people in the cantina are heavily armed. Several are wearing brand-new thermal parkas. The big lug over to your right still has the price tag hanging from his sleeve.
20:00:49 - * Ren bites his lip.
20:00:49 - [Keeor->Thomas] Keeor approaches Tar with his selections, and says, "Let me help you to recoup some of your losses." While Tar is calculating the bill, Keeor asks, "So who really runs the show around here? I'm not just talking about those goons, either -- you see that sort all over -- but who runs the Big Red X?"
20:00:55 - Ciaran: Nice outfit.
20:01:27 - Ciaran: Shall we talk?
20:01:32 - [Thomas->Keeor] Just a sec.
20:01:54 - Sara: Sara walks to meet the newcomer. Hello sir. Do you know this town? We are looking for a place to get a drink.
20:01:55 - * Ren speaks up, hesitantly. "A-a-ah, s-sir?"
20:02:10 - Thomas: "Out of my way, proles," the black-clad person says as he walks through the middle of your group.
20:02:26 - [Keeor->Thomas] No problem. Take as long as you need. By the way, that little incident led kinda well into what I wanted to ask anyway -- funny, that.
20:02:55 - Ciaran: "Do you know this town? We could use a drink."
20:03:24 - Thomas: He ignores Neela as he strides into the town.
20:03:36 - * Ren mutters. "Didn't seem too heroic to me."
20:03:46 - [Lire->Thomas] Lire says to Kai'la "There seem to be a lot of new recruits here. Wonder what kind of company this Nakteth is."
20:04:21 - [Thomas->Lire] "I've never heard of the company," she says.
20:04:22 - [Lire->Thomas] Er, in a soft voice, so as not to attract attention by said armed men.
20:04:28 - [Ciaran->Thomas] [Actually, I think I need to go now... I don't think I'm doing very well at this anyway, but that's probably just inexperience...]
20:04:29 - Sara: Well, we have no time for rude individuals. Let us wander towards the other place we heard about.
20:05:00 - Ciaran: [I think I need to go now... sorry it was so short.]
20:05:10 - [Lire->Thomas] "From what I know, it's the company that owns most of this place. I don't know what they do though."
20:05:37 - [Lire->Thomas] Sorry, I forgot that other than seeing the symbols, we haven't really talked about the company.
20:06:23 - [Thomas->Lire] "Same here," Kai'la says. "It's like they purchased the whole frelling planet."
20:06:37 - Ciaran has left.
20:07:33 - [Thomas->Keeor] "The corporation runs this whole planet," Tar says. "But I don't know what's worse, Naketh Corporation or Urrga's boys. All goods that come in, both get a bite. Everything I sell here, I've got to cut both groups in. There's an Imperial office here, too, but they don't do anything to help." He continues cleaning up the glass.
20:07:49 - Sara: I assume the three of us make it to the Cantina.
20:07:53 - Thomas: Your group eventually makes it back to the cantina.
20:08:19 - Thomas: "Hochuli's Cantina" are the same two words on the outside of the building, written in seven different languages. The building is a large prefabricated black box and crowded, crowded, crowded. Dozens of sentients huddle around tables in the alcoves of the dank room in groups of two or three; the long bar that separates the cantina in two only has a few patrons. A holofield opposite the door showcases an old LaLummba trid, a once-popular musical troupe in the Core Worlds. The holofield is out of sync, with the colors skewed towards green. You spy Lire and Kai'la in the back part of the building.
20:08:54 - Thomas: They're sitting at a table in the middle of the back area.
20:09:02 - Thomas: You notice that the majority of the people in the cantina are heavily armed. Several are wearing brand-new thermal parkas. The big lug over to your right still has the price tag hanging from his sleeve.
20:09:34 - [Keeor->Thomas] Thanks. It's always good to know whose side you want to be on if trouble finds you.
20:09:54 - [Thomas->Lire] A booth in back seems to be drawing a fair number of well-armed off-worlders, the majority of which don't appear to be fully equipped for the climate. As you've been waiting for the others to arrive, you've seen that a few groups of one or two come up to the booth, talk to the muscular blue-scaled creature at the booth for a few minutes, then leave.
20:10:43 - * Sara walks over twoards Lire and Kai'la trying to sense the mood of the room.
20:11:02 - [Keeor->Thomas] So where would I go on this planet to find a good pilot? The ship I came in on has a decent chap, but we're thinking about bringing on another to help out... Any suggestions, while I'm planetside?
20:11:14 - [Thomas->Keeor] "So you're part of the new visitors," he says. "But not as rude as the others."
20:11:34 - [Thomas->Keeor] [heh. overlap]
20:11:55 - * Lire spots Sara, once she gets around the edge of the bar.
20:12:05 - Lire: Hey Sara. Find anything out?
20:12:42 - [Keeor->Thomas] Actually, I'm here on my own business, but I have noticed a lot of people around for a ball of ice like this. You have any idea why so many right now? Is this tourist season on Paradise? [The last said with a little wry sarcasm in Keeor's voice.]
20:12:44 - [Thomas->Keeor] "There's plenty of good pilots in town," he says. "But I'd ask around a bit. Too many newcomers in town, hard to tell who's who."
20:12:56 - Ren: There are scary people on this planet.
20:13:08 - Sara: Not much. However, this place is really hopping. I don't think they are usually this busy. They are landing ships on an empty field to the east.
20:13:41 - Sara: And I think that the person in that ship that landed was a bounty hunter, or merc or someone along those lines.
20:13:57 - Sara: It was well armed and armored at least.
20:14:23 - Sara: Sara looks around to see if she sees the armored person.
20:14:43 - [Thomas->Keeor] "We don't have tourist season here," he says. "In fact, we don't have many seasons. We're in summer right now, but luckily it takes 86 years to orbit the suns, so it probably won't get really bad until after I'm dead." He chuckles.
20:15:09 - Lire: Lots of people seem to be talking to that blue guy over there, but I wouldn't know if your guy came in here. Sorry.
20:15:51 - Sara: Blue guy?
20:16:06 - * Sara looks around for said blue guy.
20:16:11 - [Thomas->Keeor] "I'm in the dark about why there's so many off-worlders in here. I keep hearing ships land all day today."
20:16:28 - Lire: He's over there, in a booth near the back.
20:16:31 - * Lire points.
20:17:02 - Thomas: There's a blue-scaled muscular creature in a booth alcove. He's talking to a well-armed human.
20:17:09 - [Keeor->Thomas] "Well, I'm glad to know that it isn't likely to get any worse than this during my stay here." Keeor shivers involuntarily. "Thanks for your help." Keeor pays for the garments, tipping Tar generously in the process, and heads out of the store. [How much of the two arns have passed to this point?]
20:17:26 - [Thomas->Keeor] About one.
20:18:09 - [Keeor->Thomas] Any chance Keeor can send a "page" type of signal on the comlink, indicating he wants to speak to someone, but with no urgency?
20:18:14 - Thomas: The human nods and signs a datapad the blue guy pushed over to him. The blue alien looks over the datapad and smiles.
20:18:44 - [Thomas->Keeor] Sure. Who you gonna call?
20:18:59 - [Keeor->Thomas] Sara, first.
20:19:21 - Thomas: The human stands up and leaves the blue creature's table.
20:19:40 - [Thomas->Sara] Your comlink chirps once.
20:20:33 - Thomas: The blue-scaled creature sips his drink and looks over the room. You can see that there's a silver-plated blaster pistol sitting on the table. Beyond that, he doesn't appear to be armed.
20:21:37 - [Thomas->Keeor] You're outside and have beeped Sara's commlink. Remember, when you start talking to her, please include me in the /msging.
20:22:18 - [Thomas->Keeor] You're also much warmer in your new parka.
20:22:27 - [Sara->Thomas] Go ahead. Sara says into the com with her mouth covered.
20:22:51 - Lire: Think we should check him out?
20:22:58 - [Keeor->Thomas] Should I just go ahead and PM her and you with that stuff, then?
20:23:07 - [Thomas->Sara, Keeor] It's Keeor's signal. "Go ahead".
20:23:21 - [Thomas->Sara, Keeor] ...she says.
20:23:34 - [Thomas->Keeor] yes.
20:23:57 - [Keeor->Thomas, Sara] "I've finished up my shopping a little early, and I thought I might come meet you and give the rest of you your parkas. Where can I find you?"
20:24:11 - Thomas: Sara picks up her comlink unobtrusively and starts to have a whispered conversation.
20:25:06 - [Sara->Thomas, Keeor] We are at Hochuli's Cantina. Come on over.
20:25:15 - Thomas: Kai'la looks over at the scaled man. "Looks... big," she says with a smirk.
20:25:24 - Thomas: Neela scoffs.
20:25:41 - Sara: Looks like Keeor is on his way.
20:25:56 - [Keeor->Thomas, Sara] "See you shortly. I'll contact you again if I have trouble finding it."
20:26:08 - Thomas: Everyone at the table, make Perception checks, target number 11.
20:26:21 - [RinkChat] User Thomas rolls 3d6: 3 + 1 + 6 = 10
20:26:24 - [Keeor->Thomas] Keeor heads over -- let me know if he has any trouble finding it.
20:26:31 - [RinkChat] User Lire rolls 2d6: 4 + 2 = 6
20:26:34 - [RinkChat] User Sara rolls 3d6: 2 + 6 + 6 = 14
20:26:38 - [RinkChat] User Thomas rolls 2d6+1: 5 + 6 = 11, modified by 1 = 12
20:27:01 - [Sara->Thomas, Keeor] Good see you soon.
20:27:23 - Lire: Where is Ren?
20:28:59 - * Sara looks around. "He was just here."
20:29:25 - [Thomas->Keeor] As you head over to the cantina, you pass the Regional Government Office, which is in the same building as the Naketh Corporate Offices. Once again, you see R2-D0. It chirps when it sees you and wheels towards you.
20:29:40 - [Thomas->Ren] ?
20:29:44 - Ren: [ACK]
20:29:51 - [Keeor->Thomas] Does it seem to want something from me?
20:29:53 - [RinkChat] User Ren rolls 2d6+1: 1 + 4 = 5, modified by 1 = 6
20:30:55 - [Thomas->Sara] The blue-scaled man flashes his seven-fingered hand twice at someone just around the corner of the bar, then goes back to his drink.
20:31:56 - [Thomas->Keeor] It beeps and chortles at you for a moment, then looks around. It looks at you.
20:32:27 - [Keeor->Thomas] I try to get Ren on the comlink.
20:32:42 - [Sara->Thomas] Sara looks to see who the man was signing to. If needed, she will get up unobtrusively and walk that direction.
20:32:44 - [Thomas->Ren] Your comlink chirps.
20:33:20 - [Thomas->Ren] It looks like Keeor's signal.
20:33:31 - * Sara gets up and heads to the bar to refresh her drink.
20:34:11 - [Ren->Thomas] Ah, what's he say?
20:34:40 - [Thomas->Ren, Keeor] Ren answers.
20:35:07 - [Thomas->Sara] Make a Hide roll, followed by a Perception roll.
20:35:17 - [RinkChat] User Thomas rolls 3d6: 4 + 2 + 2 = 8
20:35:33 - [RinkChat] User Sara rolls 3d6+2: 2 + 2 + 5 = 9, modified by 2 = 11
20:35:46 - [RinkChat] User Sara rolls 3d6: 3 + 3 + 4 = 10
20:36:00 - [Keeor->Ren, Thomas] "I'm in the street right now, and Deo is here -- I think it wants something from me. Is everything OK?"
20:36:36 - [Sara->Thomas] the broncos game is starting
20:38:26 - [Ren->Keeor, Thomas] Deo? Ah, I think e-everything is okay. We seem to have run across a number of large, dangerously-armed beings, but none have impaled us on anything yet.
20:38:27 - [Thomas->Sara] There's just more heavily armed people by the bar and sitting around in some of the seats. There's some locals here as well. You can't tell who the guy was signalling.
20:39:09 - * Sara looks around while at the bar, shrugs her shoulders, and brings her refreshed drink back to the table.
20:39:09 - [Thomas->Ren] Deo chirps some more, complaining that he can't find any public ports to access. He doesn't know what to do.
20:39:10 - [Keeor->Ren, Thomas] OK. I'll leave Deo here and join the rest of you in a moment.
20:39:36 - [Keeor->Thomas] Keeor pats Deo on the dome and sets off for the cantina again.
20:39:40 - Sara: Look sharp, that blue guy just signalled someone, there may be excitement ahead.
20:39:40 - [Thomas->Keeor] Deo chirps loudly while you're talking to Ren, but it calms down.
20:39:56 - [Thomas->Keeor] Deo spins and follows you.
20:40:31 - [Ren->Keeor, Thomas] Ah, okay.
20:40:44 - Ren: Keeor says he's on his way.
20:41:10 - Thomas: Kai'la gets up. "Got to visit the facilities," she says, heading over to the door in the back.
20:41:37 - [Ren->Thomas] I'll tell Reo to head back to the ship, then.
20:42:05 - [Thomas->Keeor] Deo turns and heads back to the ship.
20:42:11 - [Thomas->Ren] Okay.
20:43:04 - Thomas: At the table next to you, you see that two large beefy men look at the blue-scaled creature. One of the men nods to the other and they both head over to the booth.
20:43:25 - [Keeor->Thomas] Keeor watches Deo to see if it is trying to indicate anything else, but keeps walking.
20:43:53 - [Thomas->Keeor] You arrive at the cantina. As you enter, make a perception roll.
20:43:59 - [Sara->Thomas, Keeor] Careful coming in, there may be trouble brewing.
20:44:19 - [RinkChat] User Keeor rolls 3d6: 2 + 6 + 6 = 14
20:45:22 - [Thomas->Keeor] As you approach the doors, a blond man in a black parka pushes his way in before you. He doesn't even look back.
20:48:23 - [Thomas->Keeor] You step inside and see the blond guy. He's an older man, with thinning hair. He approaches a Tradoshan and an insect-like biped, but they stand up as he approaches. "Na'rkaath shoo," the lizard-man says, shaking his head. "Do-dau koshasha."
20:48:31 - * Lire is watching and nursing a drink, just waiting to see what happens.
20:48:37 - [Thomas->Keeor] Go ahead and make a languages roll.
20:49:13 - Thomas: The three people at the table talk for a short time, both humans looking over their shoulders all the while.
20:49:29 - [RinkChat] User Keeor rolls 3d6+2: 3 + 5 + 4 = 12, modified by 2 = 14
20:49:36 - [Thomas->Lire] Make a perception roll.
20:50:06 - [RinkChat] User Lire rolls 2d6: 6 + 6 = 12
20:50:20 - [Thomas->Keeor] You're not sure, but you think the lizard-like creature said "Not here, too dangerous." The two aliens start to escort the new arrival outside.
20:50:20 - [Lire->Thomas] I get to roll 1d6 again, right?
20:50:25 - [Thomas->Lire] Yes.
20:50:29 - [RinkChat] User Lire rolls 1d6: 5 = 5
20:50:42 - Lire: [Sweet.]
20:51:46 - [Thomas->Lire] Both these guys look like they've got all new equipment. Those blaster pistols the humans have look like they were just purchased yesterday. Not a scratch on 'em. The way they walk, the way they talk -- those two are rank amateurs.
20:51:54 - [Keeor->Thomas] I try to get a feel for the blonde man's mood.
20:52:37 - Thomas: The three come to some sort of understanding; the humans sign the datapad and the blue-scaled man smiles.
20:52:49 - [Keeor->Thomas] Like, does he WANT to go outside with them?
20:53:12 - [Thomas->Keeor] He's a bit nervous, but follows them out, quickly. He glanced around the cantina before following the two out.
20:53:56 - Thomas: The humans get up, all smiles, and head out of the cantina.
20:54:16 - [Keeor->Thomas] I'll meet up with the group, I guess. Unless the man looked old enough to be Tallon, with dyed hair.
20:54:23 - Sara: Hmm, wonder what that is all about.
20:54:28 - Lire: Looks like someone's recruiting for something.
20:54:36 - Lire: Look at the equipment - it's all brand new.
20:54:39 - [Thomas->Keeor] He looked old enough, but nothing like Tallon.
20:55:02 - [Keeor->Thomas] OK. I'll sit.
20:55:09 - [Thomas->Keeor] You can see the group in the back.
20:55:11 - Lire: I want to talk to the guys that just left.
20:55:24 - * Keeor sits down at the table with the rest of the group.
20:55:47 - * Keeor distributes parkas.
20:55:50 - Lire: Keeor! Feel better?
20:56:00 - Thomas: Kai'la comes out of the restrooms. "Someone should clean those," she says. "Keeor! Warm things!"
20:56:23 - * Sara takes her parka and puts it on.
20:56:25 - Thomas: Neela shakes her head.
20:56:30 - Keeor: Much better.
20:56:58 - [Thomas->Lire] The two humans have walked past the bar and are heading out of sight.
20:57:10 - Sara: Perhaps someone should talk with the blue man. See what he is recruiting for.
20:57:44 - Sara: He will probably respond best to someone well armed.
20:58:40 - Thomas: Neela wonders why everyone is looking at her.
20:58:47 - * Lire hurries out of the cantina, leaving the others at the table.
20:59:35 - [Thomas->Lire] "I told you this was going to be easy money," you hear one human say to the other as you approach them.
20:59:58 - Keeor: I could accompany her. My people have a reputation.
21:00:07 - [Lire->Thomas] I was going to ask if anyone else wanted to join me, but got sidetracked and I don't want them to get away.
21:00:17 - Thomas: Neela agrees. "Yeah," sounds good.
21:00:31 - [Lire->Thomas] Lire listens a minute, pretending to examine something on the side of the road but keeping them in sight.
21:00:51 - Sara: Good idea. Those two looked like they could handle themselves. Com me if you need back-up.
21:01:00 - Keeor: Will do.
21:01:00 - Sara: Good luck Keeor.
21:01:06 - Keeor: Thanks.
21:01:20 - [Keeor->Thomas] Should I handle the conversation in PMs?
21:01:26 - Sara: Neela, we have your back. Just see what is going on.
21:01:42 - [Lire->Thomas] If they don't say anything else but continue on, I'll approach and speak to them.
21:02:13 - Sara: Maybe Kai'la and I should accompany you over there, strength in numbers and all.
21:02:22 - Keeor: [Oh, whoops -- Sara, I meant I could accompany Neela, not Lire. Corrections needed to the rest of these actions?]
21:02:26 - [Thomas->Lire] Okay, you're behind the two guys. "Piece of cake," the other says. "We just sit back, let the others do all the work, and get the cred. Then we're set --" "Yeah," the other one interrupts. "We get that reputation and we're halfway to fame, babes, and all the credits we can eat."
21:02:50 - * Thomas thought Keeor and Neela were going to the blue man.
21:02:52 - Sara: Oh, sorry, misunderstood. That is also a good idea.
21:03:05 - Sara: Thomas was right. I misunderstood.
21:03:13 - Sara: I guess Lire went by herself then?
21:03:22 - Thomas: Neela gets up and leads Keeor over to the blue-scaled man.
21:03:39 - Keeor: [Rodians are generally known as bounty hunters and warriors, is what I meant. May not need weapons to impress, in those circumstances.]
21:03:41 - Lire: [Yeah, apparently I'm by myself. There wasn't time to form a party. They were getting away.]
21:03:57 - Thomas: "More hu-unters, good, good," says the blue-scaled creature behind the booth. "You're here for the manhunt, yes? Sit, sit. I am being Puggle Trodd. Sit, sit." He motions with a muscular webbed hand to the chairs facing the table.
21:04:29 - * Keeor sits.
21:04:39 - Thomas: Neela sits as well.
21:04:43 - [Lire->Thomas] Lire approaches and asks "Know where I can find work around here?"
21:04:50 - * Keeor asks, bluntly, "What can we do for you?"
21:05:12 - [Thomas->Lire] Let me finish up with the blue man group.
21:05:14 - [Lire->Thomas] Heehee. If you want me to end my questioning and go back to the cantina, let me know.
21:07:08 - Thomas: "Puggle knows you here for same reason as Puggle," he says. "Puggle hunter, you hu-hunter, you hu-hunter. We form posse, work together, track quarry. You join with Puggle, you split bounty."
21:08:30 - Keeor: "I don't generally like to work with others, but I'd be glad to split the bounty in exchange for information. At the moment, you have me at a disadvantage -- you know the quarry and the buyer."
21:10:10 - Thomas: The blue-skinned creature looks at you with astonishment. "Of course you know. What game is this? Imperials posted bounty, everyone come here for Tallon. Work on own, you never find him. Work together, work better."
21:11:46 - Thomas: "Puggle has large group -- sixteen now," he says. "Pay you ten credit each day each one. Pay you one hundred credit each when we capture Tallon. Puggle plan work. Work well."
21:11:48 - Keeor: "How many are working with you already? From what we've seen, it looks like a lot. Would you rather split the bounty with all of them, or just with us? We'll give you half, and you don't even have to lift a finger. Just share what you know. I'm sure that's a much better cut than you'll get otherwise."
21:13:31 - Thomas: "Two alone not find Tallon," he says. "Twenty hu-hu-hunters total, split bounty, defeat others hunt in one or two. Puggle plan good."
21:14:30 - Keeor: "I can see that you're a wise man, Puggle. Give me a moment to discuss your terms with my partner privately, if you wouldn't mind?" Keeor pushes back his chair.
21:14:37 - Thomas: "You join, you work with Puggle, you get credits, you get fame, you get more work in future," he says.
21:14:52 - Thomas: "We'll be right back," Neela says, standing up.
21:15:10 - Thomas: Puggle frowns, but watches the two of you.
21:15:35 - * Keeor heads back over to the table with the rest of the group.
21:15:52 - Thomas: Neela follows. "Well, that's interesting," she says to the others.
21:16:09 - Sara: What is he up to?
21:16:26 - [Thomas->Lire] The guys look at you, down at your weapon and smile. "You handy with that blaster?" the one on the right says.
21:16:33 - Keeor: "Looks like everyone here is after Tallon, and that Puggle chap is forming up a mob to hunt him down."
21:17:38 - [Lire->Thomas] "Handy enough. Why do you ask?"
21:17:38 - Ren: If he wasn't laying low before, he will be now.
21:17:47 - Sara: Oh joy. So he will be even more in hiding that usual. That can't be good. However, we should likely join him to get the info.
21:18:06 - Sara: I mean, join Puggle.
21:18:07 - Keeor: I'm not sure that he has any info just yet -- just a plan.
21:18:37 - Keeor: If we DO join him, we have to figure out a way to find Tallon without the rest of that mob around -- not likely to be easy.
21:19:09 - [Thomas->Lire] "There's a guy in the back of the cantina, hiring gunhands to hunt down someone the Impies want... bad," he explains. "The pay's okay, but you'll have to share the glory with everyone else." "Yeah," the other says. "He's trying to get a large posse together to hunt this guy down. Figures a large number of bounty hunters will have a better shot than a bunch of people working on their own."
21:19:31 - Sara: True. Also, if Tallon finds out we are with Tallon, he will not likely trust us if we do find him.
21:19:59 - Sara: I meant, if Tallon finds out we are with Puggle, Tallon will not likely trust us.
21:20:04 - Keeor: Exactly. [I know you meant Puggle the seconf time.]
21:20:32 - [Lire->Thomas] "Sounds interesting. Who's the target?"
21:20:58 - [Thomas->Lire] The first one grins, "And if we come across one lucky gundar that captured this hero, well, we're about two-dozen men against one." "Can't beat those odds," his partner says.
21:21:12 - Sara: So, if you had all of these hunters after you, where would you hide. I would not stay in the city.
21:21:43 - Keeor: Me neither.
21:22:01 - Keeor: But I can't think of any way to get inside Tallon's head except to join up with that bunch.
21:22:03 - [Thomas->Lire] "Adar Tollan," the first one says. "The hero of the Old Republic -- you can tell everyone that you were the one that brought in that outlaw. Set you up for any other bounty."
21:22:40 - [Lire->Thomas] "Hey, I've heard of him. Didn't he die a while back?"
21:23:52 - [Thomas->Lire] "That's what I heard, too," says the second. "Apparently, the Imperials discovered he just faked his death and he's here, on this iceberg."
21:24:09 - Thomas: Kai'la just listens.
21:24:35 - Sara: One way that he may be safe in the city is if the locals protect him. If that were the case, then he would be safer within the city than out in the open tundra trying to camp out.
21:25:07 - Keeor: I don't know that there are any locals who would stick their necks out for anyone.
21:25:10 - Sara: If he has been here for a while, the locals may think of him as one of their own, and be willing to help him.
21:25:18 - [Lire->Thomas] "Isn't the payoff less if there are a lot of people searching?"
21:25:26 - Thomas: "He says he only needs four more," Neela says. "I'm for shadowing Puggle's herd -- twenty hunters working together aren't exactly invisible."
21:25:28 - Sara: By the way, I wonder if Lire is OK. I will try to com her.
21:25:37 - Keeor: From what I learned talking to our clothier, there are two groups running the show here and both of them care more about profit than people.
21:25:52 - Keeor: Neela's idea may work well.
21:26:08 - Keeor: My only fear would be if they came after us for trying to cut in on their deal.
21:26:50 - [Sara->Thomas] Sara tries to com Lire.
21:27:25 - [Thomas->Lire] "Yeah, but look -- if you wound up going after him alone, not only do you have to worry about getting Tallon, you've also got to worry about getting past the posse that's waiting to snatch him up." The other nods, "Yeah, the pay's not the key thing, but we'll get the man."
21:28:01 - [Thomas->Lire] "Besides," he continues. "We can always re-negotiate after we get the-- hey, your vest is beeping."
21:28:11 - Sara: Was Puggle one of the two groups?
21:28:13 - [Thomas->Lire] Your comlink starts to beep.
21:28:35 - [Lire->Thomas] "Thanks for the info." Lire walks away from the two.
21:28:38 - Keeor: [Hold on...]
21:29:02 - [Thomas->Lire] "You join up, you watch our backs and we'll watch yours," he says as you walk off.
21:29:16 - [Thomas->Lire, Sara] Lire answers.
21:29:27 - Keeor: Not that I'm aware of, no. I think he's small time, maybe off-worlder.
21:29:43 - Keeor: But one of the two groups appears to be organized crime.
21:30:00 - [Lire->Thomas, Sara] Hey. Is everyone okay there?
21:30:06 - Thomas: "Did you see those gills?" Neela asks. "No way an amphibian calls this planet home."
21:30:23 - [Sara->Lire, Thomas] Everyone is OK here. Are you doing alright?
21:30:39 - Thomas: [Tamara's computer batteries are almost out, so we'll be stopping soon.]
21:31:02 - [Lire->Sara, Thomas] Yeah, I'm heading back to the cantina.
21:31:32 - [Sara->Lire, Thomas] Good. See you soon.
21:31:50 - Keeor: [OK.]
21:32:20 - * Lire gets back to the cantina and rejoins the group.
21:32:36 - Thomas: Lire returns.
21:32:49 - Sara: Hi Lire, find out anything interesting?
21:33:43 - Lire: There's a big group of fame-seekers looking for Tallon. Those two guys just signed up.
21:34:24 - Thomas: "Yeah, we spoke to blue over there," Neela says. "He's signing up everyone with a blaster, it seems."
21:34:31 - Lire: The bounty on him must be huge, to get such interest.
21:35:07 - Sara: Yes, it seems so.
21:35:23 - Sara: So, should we join the mob, or continue our search on our own?
21:35:44 - Thomas: "I can't imagine a group that big is needed to search a small town like this," Kai'la says.
21:35:57 - Lire: Looks like if we don't join the mob, they'll cheerfully take Tallon from our collective corpses.
21:36:10 - Thomas: "Lovely," Neela says.
21:36:11 - Keeor: Sounds about right to me.
21:36:24 - Lire: But I don't really want to associate with them.
21:36:37 - Sara: Me either.
21:37:44 - Thomas: "Yeah, my thoughts exactly," Kai'la says. "We'd be better on our own."
21:38:56 - Keeor: Well, then. Where do we go from here?
21:39:38 - Sara: Well, perhaps we should further our plans in the ship, where things are more private. We can also see if R2 picked anything up.
21:40:35 - Thomas: Neela agrees. "Yeah, I feel a bit... exposed here." She turns to look at Puggle, who is just sitting back, sipping his drink.
21:42:00 - Thomas: Kai'la sighs. "Let me finish my drink first..."
21:42:26 - Keeor: Should we say anything to Puggle?
21:43:41 - Thomas: "Yeah," Neela says. "We should sign up, find out where they're meeting. Then we can track them."
21:44:40 - Thomas: "Anyone think that's a bad idea?" she says.
21:44:54 - Keeor: How do we back out once we're signed up?
21:45:32 - Lire: Too bad we've all been seen together. It might be a good idea for some to sign up, but not all.
21:45:38 - Thomas: "Everyone's getting up and leaving," she says. "We just get up and leave."
21:45:59 - Thomas: "Never show up to the meet," she continues.
21:46:26 - Keeor: Sounds good.
21:46:29 - Thomas: "It's not like they're not gonna go after Tallon if two people don't show up."
21:46:34 - * Keeor stands up to head back to Puggle.
21:46:40 - Thomas: Neela follows.
21:47:09 - Thomas: "Back, back, back... good, good, good," Puggle says as you approach. "Puggle plan good. Puggle plan sound."
21:47:24 - Thomas: "You and you join Puggle?"
21:47:36 - Keeor: Yes.
21:47:40 - Keeor: We'll join.
21:47:45 - Thomas: Neela nods.
21:48:22 - Thomas: "Good good," he slides over a datapad. "Names here. Only need two more after you and you. Names."
21:48:38 - Thomas: Neela writes a name down on the datapad. It's not hers.
21:49:13 - * Keeor also writes down a false name.
21:49:45 - Thomas: "Good, good," he looks at the datapad. "Wylie Stafford, Dixie Cousins. Good good."
21:51:00 - Keeor: We look forward to working with you.
21:51:01 - Thomas: "First light, we meet at power station, north end of town," he says with a smile. "Puggle has four speeders, one hopper. We charge and go. First light in morning. You and you be there. Bring own weapons. Puggle has no weapons to give."
21:51:05 - * Keeor turns to walk away.
21:51:23 - Thomas: "We'll be there," 'Dixie' says.
21:51:30 - Thomas: She follows Keeor.
21:52:10 - Thomas: "That was easy," Neela says, back at the group. "Shall we go?"
21:53:12 - Sara: Yes, let's be on our way.
21:53:55 - Lire: I heard something about "two more". What did he mean? Is he trying to meet some quota?
21:54:13 - Keeor: Sounds that way. Do we want to fill it?
21:55:02 - Keeor: [I'm a little more distracted because there's a Star Wars documentary on A&E right now and my roommate is watching it in my study because my sister is watching something else upstairs. Talk about a fitting distraction. :-)]
21:55:21 - Thomas: "Looks like those two did," Kai'la says, pointing towards two new arrivals at Puggle's table.
21:55:52 - Thomas: "Lovely," says Neela.
21:56:50 - Sara: I heard something about speeders. Sounds like you will be searching outside the town.
21:57:17 - Keeor: Yes, and if we're going to not join them, we'll need our own way to follow them.
21:57:49 - Thomas: "Yeah," Kai'la says. "We can get some transportation of our own or try to follow in the Wench." She looks around. "We should discuss this someplace a bit more... private."
21:58:11 - Lire: Back to your ship, then?
21:58:21 - Thomas: Kai'la nods.
21:58:30 - Thomas: As you head back to the Saucy Wench, you head down a narrow walkway. "Shame about Heff," you overhear as two mongreloids pass by you. "Yeah," the other replies. "It's always sad when one of the old-timers make that final jump."
22:01:29 - Sara: "Wonder who Heff was" Sara wonders aloud.
22:02:03 - Thomas: One looks back at your group, but continues walking with his friend.
22:02:27 - Thomas: They round a corner and they're gone. Soon, you're back at the Wench.
22:02:38 - Thomas: Which is where we'll stop for the session.
22:02:46 - Thomas: Ahem.
22:02:53 - Thomas: Dun dun dunnn.
22:02:59 - Ren: DUNN

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