The following is more or less unedited for those of that are curious about how a play-by-chat-room session looks. Times are listed to give the curious an idea about how long it takes a conversation or game action to be completed. This session ran three hours and fifty-seven minutes.


18:00:35 - Ren has entered.
18:00:59 - Reyd has entered.
18:01:31 - Lire has entered.
18:14:32 - Sara has entered.
18:14:55 - [RinkChat] User Sara has been labeled 'Tamara' by Thomas.
18:17:31 - Thomas: Your group, Kai'la, Neela, Sara, Keeor, and Ren -- are heading back to the Saucy Wench to confir on plans.
18:18:18 - Thomas: You head down, back towards the center of town, heading through various narrow passageways.
18:18:37 - Thomas: As you're heading through the narrow passageways back to the docking bay, you notice a scuffle in the passage to your right. Down about seven meters away, three green-skinned armored bipeds have cornered an old man against a wall. The larger one is holding a blaster pistol under the human's jawline. "Suppose you tell me where your buddy Adar Tollen is hiding out on this rock?" the green-skinned brute says to the man.
18:18:58 - Thomas: What do you do?
18:20:23 - Ren: Eeep.
18:20:24 - Sara: "That's hardly fair!" Sara exclaims as she starts down the passage drawing her sword.
18:20:39 - * Ren hides.
18:21:11 - Lire: Lire draws her blaster.
18:22:01 - Thomas: "Oh dear," Keeor says, ready to follow Sara.
18:22:44 - Thomas: Kai'la shakes her head. "Why me?" she asks to nobody in particular. Relucantly, she pulls her blaster pistol out.
18:23:24 - Thomas: Neela smiles and reaches behind her for her blaster rifle.
18:24:56 - Thomas: (and, as we're totally doing this out of order, the others in the alley look up.)
18:25:23 - Thomas: "Geort!," says the smallest of the three. "We've got trouble!" He points at you.
18:26:16 - Thomas: Geort growls.
18:27:17 - Thomas: So here's what we've got based on the actions. Three guys around an old guy, seven meters away. Sara leads the way into the narrow passage, it's really only just three meters across.
18:27:40 - Thomas: Keeor starts after her, everyone else is by the intersection, getting weapons ready.
18:29:44 - Thomas: So now, we'll go with actual action declarations. Lire, you're up first and have your blaster out. Sara is rushing forward, but you've still got clear shots at the villains.
18:30:28 - Thomas: What are you doing?
18:31:35 - Thomas: Oh, of the four people down the pedestrian alley, they're basically in a diamond formation. Closest to you is the short greenskin, behind him is the big guy (on your left) and the old guy (on your right). Behind them is another armored greenie.
18:31:56 - Lire: I'll shoot at the short guy. Two quick shots, I guess.
18:32:04 - Thomas: Okay. Ren?
18:32:38 - Ren: I'm ducking for any cover I can find.
18:32:46 - Thomas: Neela tries to pop the big one in the head. One shot only.
18:32:55 - Thomas: Sara?
18:33:32 - Thomas: Keeor takes cover on the left side of the alley in a door's alcove.
18:34:35 - Thomas: Kai'la is still in the main passage, and uses the building at the intersection as cover. She's on the right side of the alley.
18:35:02 - Sara: Sara charges to attack the either the big guy.
18:35:17 - Thomas: Geort pushes the old man to the armored guy in the back. "Take 'im back to the speeder," he says.
18:35:54 - Thomas: The greenie in the back will grab the old man and drag him to the far end of the alley.
18:36:20 - Thomas: The short greenie will use his force pike to bash in Sara's head.
18:36:31 - Thomas: The old guy will try to break free.
18:36:46 - Thomas: resolution
18:37:06 - Sara: Wait
18:37:27 - Sara: Sara will use an action to parry the short greenie's pike.
18:38:14 - Thomas: Let's see, Sara's and Neela's actions may affect Geort's action. Lire's action may affect Shorty's attack, which may affect Sara's attack, so let's resolve all these attacks.
18:38:33 - Thomas: Lire, fire twice. That's two blaster shots at -1d each.
18:39:11 - [Lire->Thomas] I roll Blaster, right?
18:39:20 - [Thomas->Lire] Yes.
18:39:30 - Thomas: That guy will attempt to dodge,
18:39:33 - [RinkChat] User Lire rolls 1d6+2: 4 = 4, modified by 2 = 6
18:39:41 - [RinkChat] User Thomas rolls 4d6: 2 + 5 + 6 + 6 = 19
18:39:51 - Lire: Oh wait, that was one.
18:39:56 - Thomas: Your first shot misses. Your second shot?
18:40:05 - [RinkChat] User Lire rolls 1d6+2: 2 = 2, modified by 2 = 4
18:40:12 - Lire: Ouch.
18:40:19 - Thomas: Both shots go wild.
18:40:40 - Thomas: (shorty's dodge was only a 13).
18:41:16 - Thomas: Shorty's attack may affect Sara. Sara, roll your melee parry at -1d and your melee at 1d.
18:41:20 - Thomas: (at -1d)
18:41:35 - Sara: Parry
18:41:47 - [RinkChat] User Sara rolls 4d6+2: 5 + 3 + 4 + 6 = 18, modified by 2 = 20
18:42:07 - Sara: Melee
18:42:17 - [RinkChat] User Sara rolls 4d6+2: 1 + 6 + 3 + 2 = 12, modified by 2 = 14
18:42:58 - Thomas: Re-roll that second roll.
18:43:08 - Sara: Sorry
18:43:19 - [RinkChat] User Sara rolls 4d6: 2 + 4 + 1 + 3 = 10
18:43:22 - Thomas: (That was because she rolled the wrong number of dice for the attack.
18:43:31 - Thomas: Shorty's attack:
18:43:43 - [RinkChat] User Thomas rolls 2d6: 3 + 4 = 7
18:44:08 - Thomas: Sara would attack before Shorty struck her, but she would've parried.
18:44:13 - Thomas: Now for Neela's shot:
18:44:22 - [RinkChat] User Thomas rolls 6d6: 1 + 1 + 2 + 3 + 5 + 1 = 13
18:44:34 - Thomas: (and Geort will be both parrying and dodging)
18:44:53 - [RinkChat] User Thomas rolls 2d6: 2 + 6 = 8
18:45:02 - [RinkChat] User Thomas rolls 1d6: 5 = 5
18:45:18 - Thomas: I think that's all the combat.
18:45:52 - Thomas: Sara comes charging in to slash at the larger brigand, almost getting shot as two blaster bolts go flying by her head.
18:46:40 - Thomas: Passing the first bounty hunter, she swings at the leader, who ducks out of the way, just as Neela's shot goes through where Geort was standing.
18:47:14 - Thomas: The short hunter swings and misses as Sara's blade slices back at him, knocking the force pike aside.
18:47:53 - Thomas: "Take him back to the speeder!" The leader shouts, roughly shoving the old man at the man in back.
18:48:10 - [RinkChat] User Thomas rolls 2d6+1: 2 + 2 = 4, modified by 1 = 5
18:48:26 - [RinkChat] User Thomas rolls 2d6+2: 4 + 2 = 6, modified by 2 = 8
18:48:56 - Thomas: "C'mon!" the one in the back says, dragging the old man off. "Quit struggling!"
18:49:26 - Thomas: He manages to get the old man about two meters further down the alley.
18:49:43 - Thomas: next round's actions!
18:49:45 - Thomas: Lire?
18:50:40 - Thomas: (Oh, and Ren found cover behind Neela.)
18:51:05 - Lire: I want to duck around the action and try to chase after the pair in back before they can get away.
18:51:10 - Thomas: Okay.
18:51:18 - Thomas: Ren?
18:51:58 - Thomas: Neela calmly steps forward with rifle raised and fires two quick shots at the short bounty hunter.
18:52:28 - Thomas: The short bounty hunter will swing his force pike at Sara.
18:53:10 - Thomas: Geort will attempt to smash his blaster's butt into Sara's face.
18:53:41 - Thomas: The other bounty hunter will fire at Lire as she comes in closer to him.
18:53:46 - Thomas: Sara?
18:54:06 - Thomas: Keeor will fire his hold-out blaster at the big guy.
18:54:51 - Thomas: Kai'la will lean around the corner and aim at the guy in the far back.
18:54:53 - Sara: Sara will parry the force pike, moving so that the short guy is between her and Geort.
18:55:42 - Sara: She will also perform a counterstrike at the short guy.
18:56:05 - Thomas: The short guy will also attempt to dodge the various blaster bolts aiming at him.
18:56:23 - Thomas: The old guy will try to spoil his captor's aim.
18:56:29 - Thomas: resolution
18:57:46 - Thomas: Keeor's shot may affect Geort's punch, which may affect Sara's move. Shorty's attack may affect Sara's actions. Neela's actions could affect Shorty's actions. Old man's actions could affect far away guy's actions.
18:57:56 - Thomas: Keeor's shot:
18:58:03 - [RinkChat] User Thomas rolls 3d6+2: 4 + 4 + 2 = 10, modified by 2 = 12
18:58:11 - Thomas: Geort's punch
18:58:32 - [RinkChat] User Thomas rolls 2d6+2: 4 + 4 = 8, modified by 2 = 10
18:58:49 - Thomas: Sara? Roll your Brawling Parry.
18:59:20 - Thomas: Shorty's dodge:
18:59:46 - [RinkChat] User Thomas rolls 3d6: 1 + 3 + 5 = 9
18:59:53 - [RinkChat] User Sara rolls 2d6+2: 4 + 5 = 9, modified by 2 = 11
19:00:02 - Thomas: Shorty's attack:
19:00:09 - [RinkChat] User Thomas rolls 2d6: 5 + 2 = 7
19:00:20 - Thomas: Sara, also do your attack on Shorty at -1d.
19:00:34 - Thomas: Neela's shots:
19:00:37 - [RinkChat] User Sara rolls 4d6: 1 + 6 + 5 + 5 = 17
19:00:46 - [RinkChat] User Thomas rolls 5d6: 1 + 6 + 4 + 2 + 6 = 19
19:00:51 - [RinkChat] User Thomas rolls 5d6: 2 + 1 + 2 + 3 + 5 = 13
19:00:58 - Thomas: Okay...
19:01:07 - Thomas: So let's see what that gets us.
19:01:47 - Thomas: Geort swings his pistol at Sara but as he's bringing the blaster around, he's struck by Keeor's shot.
19:02:20 - Thomas: (Egad. I messed up one roll. Sara, roll your Melee Parry at -1d)
19:02:39 - [RinkChat] User Sara rolls 4d6+2: 1 + 3 + 3 + 6 = 13, modified by 2 = 15
19:03:39 - Thomas: Sara spins around, swinging at the short bounty hunter as he's struck twice by Neela's shots.
19:04:04 - Thomas: She manages to club him on the side of his helmet as he is knocked backwards.
19:04:12 - Thomas: Old man:
19:04:17 - [RinkChat] User Thomas rolls 3d6+1: 6 + 4 + 2 = 12, modified by 1 = 13
19:04:22 - [RinkChat] User Thomas rolls 1d6: 5 = 5
19:04:30 - Thomas: The guy in back:
19:04:37 - [RinkChat] User Thomas rolls 4d6: 3 + 3 + 3 + 6 = 15
19:05:23 - Thomas: Meanwhile, Lire rushes forward, jumping over the falling Geort. A shot from the one in back goes wide!
19:05:44 - * Thomas does damage rolls. Shorty/Neela first:
19:05:59 - [RinkChat] User Thomas rolls 5d6: 6 + 5 + 1 + 5 + 5 = 22
19:06:03 - [RinkChat] User Thomas rolls 1d6: 5 = 5
19:06:21 - [RinkChat] User Thomas rolls 3d6+2: 2 + 5 + 1 = 8, modified by 2 = 10
19:06:39 - [RinkChat] User Thomas rolls 5d6: 4 + 1 + 2 + 4 + 4 = 15
19:06:53 - [RinkChat] User Thomas rolls 3d6+2: 5 + 4 + 5 = 14, modified by 2 = 16
19:07:08 - Thomas: Sara, roll your damage from your sword attack.
19:07:26 - [RinkChat] User Thomas rolls 3d6+2: 6 + 5 + 6 = 17, modified by 2 = 19
19:07:32 - [RinkChat] User Thomas rolls 1d6: 6 = 6
19:07:35 - [RinkChat] User Thomas rolls 1d6: 5 = 5
19:07:39 - Thomas: Roll well.
19:07:53 - [RinkChat] User Sara rolls 4d6+1: 1 + 2 + 5 + 2 = 10, modified by 1 = 11
19:08:00 - Sara: Oops.
19:08:15 - Thomas: Sara's sword just slapped the short one as he fell.
19:08:28 - Thomas: The short one is on the ground, possibly dead.
19:08:37 - Thomas: For Keeor/Geort:
19:08:47 - [RinkChat] User Thomas rolls 3d6+1: 1 + 6 + 6 = 13, modified by 1 = 14
19:08:56 - [RinkChat] User Thomas rolls 3d6+2: 2 + 5 + 2 = 9, modified by 2 = 11
19:09:27 - Thomas: Geort is on the ground, grimacing in pain.
19:09:32 - Thomas: next round's actions!
19:09:52 - Thomas: Lire? You're about three meters from the last standing bounty hunter.
19:11:33 - Lire: I'll try and hit him in the head. One blaster shot.
19:11:52 - Thomas: The two other green-skinned guys are on the ground. In a line are Geort, shorty, and Sara. Further back in the alley are Keeor and Neela. Kai'la and Ren are back by the entrance to the alley.
19:12:08 - Thomas: Ren?
19:12:40 - Ren: HIDE
19:12:52 - Thomas: Neela calmly walks up to Geort and sticks her blaster rifle in his face. "Hi there," she says.
19:13:42 - Thomas: Keeor runs forward to back up Lire.
19:13:46 - Thomas: Sara?
19:14:49 - Thomas: Geort still holds his blaster pistol. He attempts to shoot Neela. That's probably a bad move.
19:15:01 - Thomas: Kai'la fires at the guy in the back.
19:15:15 - Sara: Sara disarms Shorty and checks to see if he is dead.
19:15:30 - Thomas: Okay. Neela will dodge the shot.
19:16:01 - Thomas: Oh, and the guy in back will attempt to shoot Lire. The old guy will attempt to break free once again.
19:16:14 - [RinkChat] User Thomas rolls 2d6+1: 2 + 6 = 8, modified by 1 = 9
19:16:36 - [RinkChat] User Thomas rolls 1d6+2: 1 = 1, modified by 2 = 3
19:16:45 - Thomas: Lire, go ahead and shoot at the guy.
19:16:56 - [RinkChat] User Thomas rolls 3d6: 1 + 2 + 5 = 8
19:17:07 - Thomas: Kai'la's shot:
19:17:17 - [RinkChat] User Thomas rolls 5d6+1: 5 + 2 + 6 + 3 + 6 = 22, modified by 1 = 23
19:17:53 - Lire: Oh, sorry.
19:17:57 - Thomas: While Lire's firing, (roll your Blaster dice) , we'll look at Neela's dodge:
19:18:04 - [RinkChat] User Thomas rolls 4d6: 5 + 2 + 4 + 5 = 16
19:18:19 - [RinkChat] User Lire rolls 2d6+2: 5 + 5 = 10, modified by 2 = 12
19:18:20 - Thomas: and Geort's shot...
19:18:29 - [RinkChat] User Thomas rolls 3d6: 4 + 6 + 2 = 12
19:19:12 - Thomas: Geort fires at Neela, who simply leans to the right, dodging the blast.
19:19:40 - Thomas: Lire and Kai'la fire, both striking the head of the villain just as the old man breaks free!
19:19:58 - Thomas: Lire, roll 4d damage for your blaster.
19:20:05 - Thomas: Kai'la's damage:
19:20:19 - [RinkChat] User Thomas rolls 5d6: 1 + 5 + 1 + 1 + 4 = 12
19:20:31 - Thomas: Villain's save:
19:20:40 - [RinkChat] User Thomas rolls 3d6+2: 3 + 6 + 5 = 14, modified by 2 = 16
19:20:46 - [RinkChat] User Lire rolls 4d6: 1 + 2 + 4 + 4 = 11
19:20:49 - [RinkChat] User Thomas rolls 3d6+2: 6 + 6 + 6 = 18, modified by 2 = 20
19:21:03 - [RinkChat] User Thomas rolls 1d6: 4 = 4
19:21:31 - Thomas: You both dropped the bad guy, but he's still getting to his feet.
19:21:42 - Thomas: next round's actions!
19:22:20 - [Thomas->Reyd] Go ahead and play your character. Because you have the highest Perception, you will declare your actions after everyone else.
19:22:36 - [Reyd->Thomas] Okay.
19:22:37 - Thomas: Oh, and the guy that Sara's standing over is almost dead.
19:22:52 - Thomas: Man, that guy in back has some good armor.
19:23:17 - Thomas: Lire, the guy's just barely shaken. You can't believe it, but he's getting up!
19:23:55 - Lire: I shoot again, of course. Just once though.
19:23:59 - Thomas: Okay.
19:24:02 - Thomas: Ren?
19:24:12 - Ren: HIDE
19:24:39 - Thomas: Neela says "Be that way" as she fires at the prone man.
19:25:22 - Thomas: The guy in back says, "Frell this noise." He turns and runs down the alley.
19:25:27 - Thomas: Sara?
19:25:58 - Sara: Sara approaches the old guy and asks if he is alright.
19:26:10 - Thomas: Keeor heads over to the short bounty hunter, kicking the force pike out of the way.
19:26:35 - Thomas: Kai'la steps into the alley. "I think it's all clear, Ren."
19:26:48 - Thomas: Geort will attempt to twist out of the way.
19:26:49 - * Ren pokes his head up. "Really?"
19:26:55 - Thomas: Old man's action.
19:27:07 - * Reyd shakily finds a grip on his blaster, pulls it out, and aims it at the other guy, but doesn't shoot yet.
19:27:18 - Thomas: resolution
19:27:25 - Thomas: Lire, roll your blaster attack.
19:27:47 - Thomas: The other guy dodges as he attempts to run.
19:27:54 - [RinkChat] User Thomas rolls 4d6: 4 + 4 + 3 + 1 = 12
19:28:32 - [RinkChat] User Lire rolls 2d6+2: 2 + 4 = 6, modified by 2 = 8
19:28:51 - Thomas: Neela and Geort:
19:28:55 - [RinkChat] User Thomas rolls 3d6: 2 + 2 + 5 = 9
19:28:59 - [RinkChat] User Thomas rolls 6d6: 5 + 3 + 1 + 5 + 4 + 5 = 23
19:29:06 - Thomas: I think that pretty much ends that.
19:29:17 - Thomas: So here's what happens:
19:29:47 - Thomas: Sara approaches the old man, who pulls out an old blaster and shakily points it at the fleeing kidnapper.
19:30:00 - Thomas: Sara has a feeling that the blaster might fall apart any minute.
19:30:28 - Thomas: Meanwhile, Lire fires at the fleeing bounty hunter, who nimbly ducks around the far corner as her shot goes wide.
19:30:42 - [Reyd->Thomas] I probably had it requipped in case anything had been happening today. Ships and all.
19:30:51 - Thomas: Ren pops his head out from behind the small dumpster. "Is it over?"
19:31:04 - [Thomas->Reyd] Of course.
19:31:29 - Thomas: end combat rounds
19:32:08 - * Reyd puts the blaster down, and turns to Sara. "I'm okay, thanks to you. I was scared to death."
19:32:18 - Lire: "Frell. He got away."
19:33:13 - Sara: I am glad we got here when we did. What did they want from you? Were they looking for Tallon? I thought I overheard his name.
19:33:41 - Sara: If you know of him, we will be happy to protect you. There are many looking for him as he has a reasonable price on his head.
19:35:08 - Reyd: He was talking about someone named Adar Tollen. I've heard that name before, but I'm a bit confused. I thought he was dead.
19:35:36 - Lire: Apparently he isn't.
19:36:55 - Sara: Rumor has it, he is here. Would you like to walk with us. I would hate to see your attacker return with friends.
19:37:01 - Thomas: Kai'la steps up, surveying the carnage.
19:37:18 - Thomas: "My ship is just up the street," Kai'la says.
19:37:29 - * Ren just keeps an eye on the old fella.
19:37:41 - Thomas: "At least, I think it's this way. Bloody windy walkways."
19:38:21 - Lire: I remember the way we came from the ship.
19:38:22 - Sara: At the very least, you could get a hot cup of Kalla
19:38:23 - Reyd: Reyd feels himself for any sore spots. Finding one, he winces a little, and looks up. "Well, before I was picked up by these guys, I was going to visit a friend of mine. He might know more about this whole business. But I must admit, I could do with some rest, perhaps."
19:38:59 - Sara: If he is close, perhaps we could walk you there.
19:39:21 - Thomas: "Of course," the Rodian says. "I'm Keeor, pleased to meet you."
19:39:57 - Thomas: "This is Sara, Captain Kai'la, Neela, Lire, and over there in the corner is our mechanic, Ren."
19:39:57 - Reyd: Reyd holds out his hand. "I'm Reyd. Thank you so much."
19:41:11 - * Reyd looks around.
19:41:14 - * Lire nods to Reyd.
19:41:40 - Sara: Well, which way shall we go, the ship or your friend's?
19:42:08 - Sara: Either place is bound to be warmer than here.
19:42:08 - Reyd: I think I'll be able to walk. If you like, I can introduce you. His name's Heff.
19:42:25 - Sara: It would be a pleasure to meet him.
19:42:32 - Reyd: I'm sure he'll be glad to meet you.
19:42:57 - Sara: As they walk, Sara enquires: So, are you a native to this place?
19:43:57 - Reyd: Reyd walks along. "No. I moved here a few years ago. I'm actually a retired captain."
19:44:25 - Sara: Interesting choice in retirement home? Do you like the cold?
19:45:13 - Reyd: Not so much, but it is quiet here. And the Empire doesn't bother me.
19:45:31 - Sara: Ah, now that I understand.
19:45:43 - Sara: Did you serve with your friend Heff?
19:45:50 - Reyd: I used to work for them, but it seems to have gone wrong.
19:46:41 - Sara: Indeed? That sounds like an interesting story.
19:46:43 - [Thomas->Reyd] When you want to indicate to me that you're near the store, just have Reyd say "Ah, here we are."
19:46:49 - Reyd: No. He moved to Paradise a few years before I did. It's good to have friends in this town.
19:46:57 - [Reyd->Thomas] Okay then.
19:47:01 - [Thomas->Reyd] Otherwise, just keep talking on the way there.
19:47:52 - Thomas: In the back of the group, Kai'la talks to Neela about security on board the ship.
19:48:49 - * Reyd leads the group towards a souvenir shop.
19:49:13 - Thomas: You arrive before the store. The storefront is lit, but the front door has a closed sign on it. You can see someone moving inside the small store.
19:49:39 - Reyd: "Here we are," he says, indicating the shop. "This is where Heff is, although his daughter Nebbi usually runs the place.
19:49:52 - Reyd: "But it's closed today. That's strange."
19:50:29 - * Reyd hurries forward and looks inside the store, trying to see if he can recognise anybody.
19:51:20 - Thomas: When you enter the souvenir shop, a slight fur-covered woman with long drooping ears looks up to you. "Reyd!" she says, rushing into his arms. "It's awful! Father's... father's..." she breaks down sobbing.
19:52:28 - * Reyd greets her in his arms and holds her. "Nebbi? What's wrong?"
19:52:38 - * Lire looks around the room for signs of trouble.
19:52:49 - Thomas: Lire, make a search roll.
19:53:09 - [RinkChat] User Lire rolls 2d6+2: 5 + 4 = 9, modified by 2 = 11
19:54:09 - [RinkChat] User Sara rolls 2d6: 1 + 6 = 7
19:54:47 - * Reyd strokes Nebbi's hair comfortingly.
19:54:50 - Thomas: Lire, the place looks okay. There's a few racks of holocards that are in disarray, but nothing seems out of place.
19:54:54 - Thomas: "He's dead," she says slowly. "I just came back from Tar Lup's... Father sent me there this morning to see if he had any jaffa sticks, but when I came back, the door was wide open." She looks down at the floor just in front of the counter. "I found him, just laying there. I didn't know what to do."
19:55:25 - Reyd: Heff... dead?
19:55:35 - Thomas: "They took him away only an hour ago," she says. "He's gone, Reyd."
19:56:18 - Reyd: Reyd quickly looks around for somewhere to sit down. He suddenly feels a bit shaky.
19:56:55 - Sara: I am sorry for your loss. It seems that the bounty hunters are getting desperate. You should stay with us. I do not wish the same fate on you.
19:57:15 - Thomas: "I had some people outside go for the authorites," she says, still staring at the ground. "They took forever to come.... and he was just... there."
19:57:49 - Sara: Was there anything missing from the shop?
19:58:15 - Thomas: Kai'la slumps against the wall.
19:58:32 - Reyd: Sitting down, Reyd looks up. "Nebbi... I..." He tries again. "I'm sorry."
19:58:35 - Thomas: "I have a bad feeling this day's only going to get worse," your ship's captain says.
19:59:22 - Thomas: Nebbi shakes her head. "No, nothing was taken. He was just... there."
19:59:46 - Sara: Sara moves to Keeor. "Keep an eye for anyone approaching the door. We may have been followed, and I do not wish to be surprised in here."
20:00:21 - Thomas: Neela goes to the door and watches the street. "Sounds like word's gotten out," she says. "The locals are trying not to look at the store."
20:00:36 - Thomas: Keeor agrees and takes up station by Neela.
20:01:01 - Sara: Reyd, do you know of anyone else that may be in trouble. That may have heard of Tallon.
20:01:16 - * Reyd thinks for a moment.
20:01:53 - Reyd: Yesm there is. I know a lady called Slag Flats. I know she pops into Heff's sometimes.
20:02:04 - Reyd: He may have mentioned him to her.
20:02:27 - Sara: Perhaps we should pay her a visit.
20:03:12 - Reyd: To be honest, I don't know if I could bear the thought if she's... but I guess you might be right.
20:03:57 - * Reyd shakily stands up.
20:04:00 - Sara: If you would prefer, you could tell us where to go. We could bring her here if you wish.
20:04:11 - Thomas: "Where's this Slag Flats at?" Kai'la asks. "Around here anywhere?"
20:05:23 - [Reyd->Thomas] Do I know exactly where at Tower Ridge she is?
20:05:41 - Thomas: Nebbi looks up. "Slags? No, she's out someplace out of town. "
20:06:05 - Sara: I thought this was the only town here. There are outposts?
20:06:10 - [Thomas->Reyd] You have some idea. Off to the east, you think. Not that far in a speeder.
20:06:42 - Reyd: "She's up at Tower Ridge. It's to the east of here.
20:06:56 - Thomas: "Sure," Nebbi says. "There's a couple people that live out in the white."
20:07:37 - Reyd: "I will come with you." Reyd says. "I have some idea of where she lives. Besides that, I need to see someone about this."
20:08:07 - Sara: Alright. Nebbi, would you like to join us, or stay here?
20:08:44 - Reyd: It's easiest to get there by speeder. Do any of you have one?
20:08:45 - Sara: Also, is there a speeder or some form of transport we can use?
20:08:52 - Thomas: Everyone, except for Keeor, Neela, and Lire get to make a perception check. Lire gets to make a search check.
20:09:19 - [RinkChat] User Reyd rolls 3d6+1: 4 + 1 + 6 = 11, modified by 1 = 12
20:09:41 - [RinkChat] User Sara rolls 3d6: 1 + 4 + 5 = 10
20:09:57 - [RinkChat] User Lire rolls 2d6+2: 4 + 2 = 6, modified by 2 = 8
20:11:01 - [RinkChat] User Ren rolls 2d6+1: 2 + 3 = 5, modified by 1 = 6
20:11:55 - [Thomas->Sara] As you're looking around, you glance down at where Nebbi said Heff was found. There's something small that's stuck in a gap between the floorboards.
20:12:09 - [RinkChat] User Thomas rolls 3d6: 5 + 6 + 6 = 17
20:13:15 - Thomas: "I think I can stay here," Nebbi says. "I'll be okay."
20:13:55 - Sara: Sara nods absently as she walks over to the area that Heff was found and squats down, looking intently at a gap in the floorboards. "Whats this?"
20:14:36 - [Thomas->Sara] It's a small blue and grey dart, about a centimeter long. It looks like it fell into this crack.
20:14:42 - Reyd: Reyd turns around. "What's what?"
20:15:17 - Sara: Looks like a dart.
20:15:45 - [Sara->Thomas] She attempts to pick it up.
20:15:49 - Thomas: Keeor turns back to the group. "I passed a speeder lot earlier this afternoon, if that helps. Somewhere south of the landing bay."
20:16:21 - [Reyd->Thomas] How do speeder lots work? Do you pay to rent a speeder out?
20:16:47 - Thomas: Sara gingerly picks up a very small dart by the tail fins from a crack in the floor panels.
20:17:08 - Sara: Anyone recognize this?
20:17:26 - * Reyd walks over to Sara and examines the dart.
20:17:41 - [Thomas->Reyd] You know the place Keeor mentioned. It's a new and used speeder shop. Mostly used vehicles. Purchase only, but you've never needed one. Everything here's pretty much within walking distance.
20:18:01 - [Reyd->Thomas] Okay.
20:18:02 - Thomas: Keeor walks over to Sara and looks at the dart.
20:18:07 - [Lire->Thomas] Would weaponry like this be something Lire's likely to know? Or is it more just "man vs. nature" stuff?
20:18:55 - Reyd: You might want to be careful. It could be poisoned.
20:19:07 - [Thomas->Lire] If you'd like, you can make a Technology roll to see if you know anything about the dart.
20:19:23 - [Lire->Thomas] Okay, I'll do that.
20:19:39 - [RinkChat] User Lire rolls 4d6: 3 + 6 + 4 + 3 = 16
20:19:46 - * Sara nods. "Likely was. I imagine it is a murder weapon."
20:19:56 - Thomas: Keeor looks in shock when he sees the item. "That looks like the same dart we found back on that Rebel agent back on Kween!"
20:20:48 - Ren: W-what does that mean?
20:20:57 - [Thomas->Lire] You've seen darts like this before. The needle is hollow as is the majority of the body. It's normally used in tranquilizing guns, but could be filled with poison.
20:21:58 - Lire: Lire steps up. "Hey, I've seen something like this. Used for tranquilizers most of the time, but it could be used for poison too."
20:22:24 - [Thomas->Lire] Make a medicine roll.
20:22:59 - Sara: Sara frowns. Or as a truth serum?
20:23:33 - Reyd: Reyd looks up at Keeor. "You know who may have done this to Heff?"
20:23:55 - [RinkChat] User Lire rolls 4d6+1: 6 + 3 + 3 + 2 = 14, modified by 1 = 15
20:24:03 - [RinkChat] User Lire rolls 1d6: 5 = 5
20:24:10 - Thomas: "Um..." Keeor says, looking to Sara for help.
20:25:42 - [Thomas->Lire] You take the dart from Sara and smell the tip. Sannari, it smells like. A fast-acting and lethal poison. No truth serum here.
20:25:56 - * Reyd looks quizzically at Keeor's expression.
20:26:01 - Sara: "Likely the people looking for this Tallon. There is a rather large hunt going on. Seems that the Imperial guards are involved somehow."
20:26:02 - * Lire takes the dart to study.
20:26:27 - Thomas: "What he means is," Kai'la starts. "Yes, what I mean is..." Keeor says.
20:26:40 - Sara: Sara is very careful that the tip of the dart does not touch her, or Lira's skin.
20:27:00 - Lire: Lire sniffs the needle. "Nope, that's no truth serum. That's Sannari, unless I'm very wrong. Fast and deadly."
20:27:11 - Thomas: "We came across someone else, dead," he says.
20:27:40 - Thomas: Keeor continues, "One of these was found on the person we found."
20:28:17 - Thomas: "Suddenly I hate this planet," Neela says from the doorway.
20:28:21 - * Reyd frowns. "On Kwenn? That's some distance away, isn't it?"
20:28:56 - Thomas: Kai'la nods. "Sixteen hours away at point two past lightspeed."
20:28:59 - Sara: Indeed it is. We came upon this data pad. It contained information about Tallon.
20:29:25 - Sara: Sara looks around. Who has the pad? or is it on the ship?
20:30:28 - Thomas: "Right here," Kai'la says, tossing the pad to Sara.
20:32:53 - * Reyd turns away, not wanting to look at the lifeless body of his friend any longer. "If you're finished here, I can take you to Slag Flats if you want."
20:33:14 - Thomas: (The body's been taken away a while ago.)
20:33:50 - Reyd: (Oh, yeah.)
20:33:59 - Lire: Mind if I keep the dart? Might find a use for it later.
20:34:11 - Sara: Yes. We should go.
20:34:28 - Thomas: "Keeor, take a look at this," Neela says to the Rodian. He obediently heads over. "That guy look familar?"
20:35:05 - Thomas: Keeor looks outside and nods. "Didn't he walk by the store earlier?" "Three times now," she replies.
20:35:34 - * Reyd gathers himself together, and hugs Nebbi. "Take care of yourself, Nebbi. I'll be back if I can."
20:35:46 - Sara: Three times! Nebbi, is there a back way out. I don't want to run into any unpleasantness.
20:36:00 - Sara: People may still be looking for Reyd.
20:36:16 - Reyd: Alarmed, Reyd looks around.
20:36:21 - Lire: Could that guy be one of the ones responsible for the death?
20:36:27 - Thomas: She nods. "Yes, there's a service entrance out back. Just this way." She leads you behind the counter.
20:37:06 - * Reyd quickly follows Nebbi, so as not to be seen from the front window.
20:37:38 - Thomas: Neela shrugs. "Don't know. No visible armor or weapons, but with the parkas everyone's wearing... Might just be following Reyd here."
20:37:45 - Sara: I just don't know. There are a lot of bounty hunters from that cantina, it could be related to Heff's death, or another hunter. I think it best if we lay low for now, until we meet this Slag Flats.
20:38:08 - * Sara follows Reyd and Nebbi
20:38:28 - Thomas: "I'd feel a lot safer if we were holed up back on the Wench," Kai'la says, following the group.
20:38:47 - Sara: That would be safer, but we would not learn much.
20:39:26 - Reyd: If we go to the speeder lot, we might be seen.
20:39:29 - Thomas: Nebbi cycles a door open to a very narrow alley. "Back through here," she says. "Right takes you out onto the street in front, left takes you to another side street."
20:39:44 - Thomas: The alley is empty.
20:40:33 - Thomas: Kai'la brings up the rear of the group.
20:40:38 - Reyd: Reyd turns to Kai'la. "The Wench? What's that?"
20:40:41 - Sara: Let us go left, and then to the Wench. We can plan better there, and one or two of us getting a speeder would be a lot more inconspicuous.
20:41:11 - Sara: The Wench is short for the Saucy Wench, the name of Kai'la's ship.
20:41:19 - Thomas: "The Saucy Wench, fastest ship in this sector," Kai'la proudly says.
20:41:37 - Thomas: "Good plan," Keeor says.
20:41:43 - Sara: "Every sector it seems." Sara says with a smile.
20:41:58 - Thomas: One camera wipe later and we're on board the ship.
20:42:52 - Thomas: R2-D0 beeps hello to the newcomer then whirrs off to the engine room.
20:43:13 - Sara: Do we have an extra blaster on the ship?
20:43:16 - Lire: So this is your ship on the inside. Looks good. Roomier than my old piece of junk, for sure.
20:43:17 - * Reyd waves to the R2 unit. "Ah, an R2."
20:43:27 - [Thomas->Reyd] You've got your blaster with you. The uniform is back at your home, tho.
20:43:57 - [Reyd->Thomas] Okay then.
20:44:11 - Thomas: "Do we have extra blasters?" Neela says with a laugh. "Wait right here," she heads off to rummage through her 'collection'.
20:44:29 - Ren: A very fine R2 unit.
20:44:44 - Sara: Sara goes to the food/beverage consoles and gets a cup of hot Kalla for herself and Reyd.
20:45:08 - [Reyd->Thomas] I'll just replace my blaster with theirs. You said my one was going to fall apart anyway. :)
20:45:18 - Sara: "I feel we should let you know what information we have gathered on Tallon."
20:45:22 - [Thomas->Reyd] Well, it is an older model.
20:45:42 - * Sara pulls out the datapad and turns it on, navigating to the appropriate page.
20:45:47 - Reyd: "Yes, I wanted to ask you about that. You're evidently not on the side of these... thugs."
20:45:56 - * Lire finds somewhere to sit where she can watch the proceedings.
20:46:30 - Sara: Thank you for noticing. I think we can skip the Encyclopedia Galactica info on Tallon. If you served as a captain, you are probably aware of who he is.
20:46:45 - Thomas: Neela returns with a blaster pistol. "You look like you could handle a Jayne400 model," she says handing the blaster to the old man.
20:47:46 - Reyd: "Thank you, Neela." Reyd takes the blaster, resting his old one on the floor for a minute. "Yes, this seems good. Thank you very much."
20:48:55 - Sara: And the fact that he was last known to be involved in a battle with pirates. Within that battle, his ship was obliterated, and no trace was found of himself or his crew.
20:49:00 - Reyd: (to Sara:) I know who Commander Tallon was, yes, and what he did. I am a little surprised though. If he's not dead, how did he escape from those pirates?
20:49:42 - Sara: Ah, that is an interesting question. All we have from the data pad is this coded message:
20:49:57 - Sara: She hands the datapad to Reyd.
20:50:11 - Sara: On the page, the uncoded message reads:
20:50:13 - * Reyd reads the datapad.
20:50:51 - Sara: The Relentless tracked down a renegade pirate fleet in the Dalchon system and was heavily damaged in the ensuing battle. I was with Captain Parlan when he was interrogating the prisoners -- I still cannot believe it. Adar Tallon, hero of the Old Republic, is alive. And he's hiding on Paradise. We're to dock at Kwenn shortly, already Paraln has called out for bounty hunters. As soon as we dock, Parlan is going to meet with a whole mess of the scum -- They are to hunt down Tallon on Paradise and hold him there until the Relentless finishes repairs and arrives there. Tallon's worth to the Alliance, even as a rallying point is immeasurable....
20:51:25 - Sara: ...We must reach him first. As soon as we dock, I'll be contacting the Alliance -- they've got to get me to Paradise before the bounty hunters do. We are Tallon's only hope.
20:52:06 - Reyd: Reyd looks up. "You're with the Rebel Alliance then?"
20:52:40 - Sara: We have been known to help them out from time to time.
20:53:01 - Sara: Sara carefully notes his reaction.
20:53:43 - Reyd: Then I will be glad to help you. The Empire seems to have changed much since I started working for them. I head some Vader madman is running the show now.
20:54:05 - Reyd: ^heard
20:54:15 - Sara: Sara shudders as she thinks of the rumors she has heard regarding Vader.
20:54:47 - * Lire's hand was creeping toward her weapon, but she relaxes a bit after Reyd speaks.
20:55:04 - Sara: We are glad to have your help. I believe your knowledge of this area will prove extremely helpful. However, I fear we do not have much time.
20:55:29 - Reyd: I've been looking for something to do in my final years. This sounds like a good opportunity to do something against the Empire.
20:55:45 - Sara: There are a lot of bounty hunters on this planet, and some are even organizing into a group. They are planning to go searching outside of town tomorrow.
20:56:01 - Thomas: "Yes," Kai'la says. "We've got to reach Tallon before that Star Destroyer finishes repairs and arrives in-system.
20:56:19 - Sara: This is one reason I fear for your friend Slag. Especially if some of the hunters decide to have a look early.
20:56:35 - Reyd: Reyd nods. "I fear for her too..."
20:57:15 - Sara: In fact, I think we should obtain the speeder. Do you know of this speeder lot?
20:57:27 - Sara: Can we rent or borrow one?
20:58:01 - Reyd: The speeder lot your friend Keeor was mentioning is purchase-only. I've never had need of one though.
20:58:30 - Sara: Do you know the owner?
20:58:39 - Reyd: You can probably get a used speeder there, though.
20:58:47 - [Reyd->Thomas] Do I?
20:58:49 - [Thomas->Reyd] Nope.
20:59:01 - Reyd: No, I'm afraid I don't.
20:59:23 - Sara: Perhaps whomever has the best bargaining skills should go and purchase one. Plus, someone well armed.
21:00:26 - Sara: Neela? Keeor?
21:00:33 - Thomas: "Well, that would be me," Kai'la says. "But I'd like to stay with the ship and make certain the Wench'll be ready for departure if we find him right away."
21:01:07 - Reyd: If I remember correctly, Neela and Keeor were at the door. They could have been spotted.
21:01:48 - Thomas: "I think we should have Neela stay here with the old man," Kai'la says. "Just in case we were followed and someone tries to board the ship."
21:02:08 - Sara: Right, well then I can go. Unless Ren and/or Lire would like to go? Or all 3 of us could go.
21:02:25 - Sara: Either way, we must move quickly.
21:03:04 - * Sara walks towards the door.
21:03:30 - Thomas: "I'll come along," Keeor says. "Besides, I know where this lot is."
21:03:45 - * Ren volunteers to help keep the Wench ready for a quick take-off.
21:04:17 - Sara: OK, let's go then.
21:04:24 - Thomas: "You better take these," Kai'la says, tossing a small bag. "Thank Repanna for it. Oh, and I'll need a receipt."
21:04:44 - [Thomas->Lire] You going with them or not?
21:04:54 - Sara: Of course.
21:05:23 - Sara: Sara walks quickly by Keeor's side.
21:05:26 - [Lire->Thomas] Oh my, sorry. I didn't see my name.
21:05:36 - Lire: I'll go.
21:05:56 - Thomas: a few minutes later...
21:06:02 - Thomas: "What about those two swoops," the large woman with the shock rifle strapped to her back asks, pointing at two beat-up bikes. She's there at the edge of Spaceport Speeders, talking to a short, overweight orange-skinned biped. There's a two snake-headed creatures examining one of the three remaining landspeeders on the lot.
21:06:37 - Thomas: "There were a few more speeders here earlier today," Keeor says to Lire and Sara.
21:07:00 - Sara: I bet they were all purchased for the same reason that we have.
21:07:26 - Sara: She points to the largest landspeeder. What about that one, it should hold all of us.
21:08:04 - Thomas: "Just as long as it runs," Keeor says.
21:08:58 - [Lire->Thomas] Does this fall under repulsorlift operation? I might be able to help out.
21:09:14 - Sara: "Well, sounds sturdy" she says as she knocks on the front bumper.
21:09:17 - [Thomas->Lire] Yes, landspeeders are repulsorlift craft.
21:09:28 - Thomas: The front bumper doesn't fall off.
21:09:54 - * Sara inspects the landspeeder, looking for imperfections.
21:10:10 - * Lire does as well.
21:10:34 - Lire: Seems sound to me, but I won't know for sure unless I hear it. Will they let us start it up?
21:10:57 - Sara: Should. If not, I would definitely be suspicious.
21:10:57 - Thomas: The woman finishes her purchase, and hops on her newly acquired swoop bike. It rockets off the lot and heads north.
21:11:29 - Sara: Sara walks towards the saleswoman.
21:11:39 - Thomas: The overweight biped waddles over in your direction. "What a wonderful day, today!" she cortles.
21:11:56 - Sara: Indeed. Seems you are doing good business.
21:12:34 - Thomas: "Ah, the Mobquet A1 you are interested in, no?" she says. "Today has been our busiest day this cycle."
21:13:01 - Sara: We would like to make your day even brighter.
21:13:06 - Thomas: The two snake-heads move over to look at a three-seater.
21:13:28 - Thomas: "Wonderful, wonderful!" she says.
21:13:37 - Sara: We are indeed interested in this one. Can we turn it on and see how it sounds.
21:14:54 - Thomas: "Of course!" She deactivates the speeder's restraining bolt. "Now, this one has a rough start-up, but once it's been turned on, it's rather smooth."
21:15:35 - * Sara enters the speeder and attempts to start it.
21:16:40 - Thomas: There's a wicked shudder and it sounds like the engines are slowly powering up.
21:17:30 - * Sara waits until the engines are running smoothly before powering down again.
21:17:35 - Thomas: The landspeeder starts to rise off the ground with a jerk. The left side pops up faster than the right.
21:18:11 - Thomas: "There, there," she says. "A bit of a coax to get her in the air, but now it's all smooth sailing."
21:18:35 - Lire: Can I take it for a brief spin around the lot?
21:19:12 - Thomas: "Feel free to take it around the block," she says. "But not too far. The inhibitor will cut out the engine if you go over a thousand meters from the lot."
21:19:54 - Sara: Thank you. Sara moves into the passenger side so that Lire can drive.
21:20:10 - Thomas: "Um, I'll just wait here," Keeor says.
21:20:35 - Sara: Let's go then.
21:20:36 - Lire: Lire gets into the driver's seat.
21:20:44 - [Thomas->Lire] make a Repulsorlift Operations roll.
21:21:55 - Sara: Sara holds on tight as they start to move, in case there is more bucking.
21:22:04 - [RinkChat] User Lire rolls 3d6+2: 3 + 4 + 6 = 13, modified by 2 = 15
21:23:24 - Thomas: Within minutes, Lire pulls the speeder back into the lot from her test drive. It went well, with the exception of sharp turns. But Lire's certain that with more weight in the back seats, the back end won't swing out like that.
21:23:45 - Lire: [Hehe.]
21:24:07 - Sara: Sara looks for the biped.
21:24:58 - Thomas: She's still chatting with Keeor.
21:25:14 - Thomas: "Ah! Did you like?" she says.
21:25:17 - Sara: "Seems to run alright. How much are you asking for the Mobquet A1?
21:25:50 - Thomas: "Only thirty-five hundred credits," she says. "Best deal in town."
21:26:21 - [Sara->Thomas] How much was in the bag?
21:26:28 - Thomas: "New, these will run around twelve thousand," she says. "Very good deal."
21:27:02 - [Thomas->Sara] I think there's four thousand in the bag. This is the "ship's funds" share of the whole Reppana caper.
21:27:19 - Lire: [How much money do we have? Will we have to pool resources, or do we have Alliance funds to draw from?]
21:28:12 - Sara: Hmmm, it may be a bit much for us. We could probably pay 2750 credits, but not much more.
21:28:59 - Thomas: [Normally, you'd have to pool resources or the Alliance would provide you with the credits you need. However, this mission came up rather unexpectedly, but luckily for you, the last freelance assignment the others were on proved wealthy for the others.]
21:29:05 - Thomas: Sara, roll your Bargain skill.
21:29:15 - [RinkChat] User Sara rolls 3d6: 3 + 5 + 6 = 14
21:29:18 - [RinkChat] User Thomas rolls 4d6+1: 6 + 6 + 5 + 4 = 21, modified by 1 = 22
21:29:26 - [RinkChat] User Thomas rolls 1d6: 1 = 1
21:30:43 - Thomas: "I'm sorry," she says. "But with the way business is going today, I'll be able to find another buyer for this for the price I seek. Perhaps if you could come up with the full 3500, we could both be happy."
21:31:45 - Sara: Sara nods in understanding. It is just so close to wiping us out. However, I would rather not risk losing this opportunity. We will pay full price.
21:31:59 - * Sara hands the credits over.
21:33:39 - Thomas: The biped beams with delight. "Thank you," she says, pointing the restraining bolt tool at the craft. "There, the inhibitor has been released." She finishes up the transaction with Sara and moments later, you're on the streets with your new landspeeder.
21:34:11 - [Sara->Thomas] I assume she gave us the reciept.
21:34:22 - Thomas: Minutes later, you've driven the speeder back into the docking bay, next to the Saucy Wench.
21:34:27 - [Thomas->Sara] Yes.
21:34:59 - Sara: Hopefully the Alliance will repay us for that expenditure. It is more likely if we are successful in locating Tallon.
21:35:48 - [Thomas->Ren] When you see the new speeder, you're almost in a state of shock. How can that thing possibly still be running?
21:36:01 - Sara: Once on the ship, Sara hands Kai'la the reciept. "Was the best that I could do."
21:36:21 - Thomas: "Wow," Kai'la says.
21:36:44 - Sara: I think we should attempt to go right now. I think we will have too much competition tomorrow.
21:36:57 - Ren: Oyyyyyy.
21:37:42 - Thomas: "I'm ready," Neela says, placing her battle helmet on.
21:37:51 - Ren: I hope no one paid anything for that.
21:38:10 - Reyd: "So am I, I guess." Reyd smiles. "A good rest can do wonders."
21:38:58 - Sara: "Why not? It rat."
21:39:07 - Sara: I meant "It ran."
21:39:26 - Lire: It worked pretty well, actually. Just a little bit rough.
21:39:28 - Reyd: It looks expensive.
21:40:12 - Sara: It was the biggest of the 3 remaining on the lot. We probably already have a lot of competition out of town.
21:40:13 - Ren: I-it looks like it came out of the junkyard.
21:40:57 - Sara: Sara just shakes her head and goes to her quarters to prepare for the cold ride.
21:41:06 - * Reyd prepares to ride with the others.
21:41:53 - Thomas: "The heater works," Keeor says, helpfully.
21:41:57 - Ren: Bah. Something else to fix up.
21:41:57 - Lire: Am I driving again? Anyone else rated for speeder piloting?
21:42:03 - * Ren smiles a little.
21:42:19 - Ren: I'm an excellent driver.
21:42:43 - Lire: Oh, that's right. You're the pilot, aren't you. It's all yours then.
21:43:12 - Sara: Sara re-emerges wearing warmer clothes and eyewear to protect her eyes from the sun reflecting on the snow.
21:45:35 - Thomas: (we'll be stopping in just a moment.0
21:46:29 - * Reyd gets into the vehicle and makes sure he's secure.
21:46:32 - [Lire->Thomas] Ren and I are one point different in terms of piloting skills and can't decide who should drive. Any recommendations, silly as the question is?
21:46:44 - Reyd: to the driver's seat.
21:46:58 - [Thomas->Lire, Ren] Whichever of you decides to drive is good for me.
21:47:15 - Reyd: I'll need to tell you where you'll be going.
21:47:18 - * Ren makes way for the lady.
21:47:58 - Thomas: "Okay," Neela says. "I'll be in back so I can get a clear shot in case anyone follows us.
21:48:51 - * Sara climbs into the speeder, sitting in an empty spot.
21:49:34 - Thomas: Everyone piles in, and I'm assuming Lire's in the driver's seat.
21:49:45 - Lire: Actually... Ren, you drive. I can handle a blaster if there's trouble.
21:49:56 - Thomas: And now I'm assuming Ren is driving.
21:50:03 - Lire: [Hehe. Sorry about that.]
21:50:04 - * Ren jumps in front.
21:50:11 - Ren: Hmf.
21:50:12 - Thomas: And we're off!
21:50:16 - Ren: Hurrah!
21:50:34 - Sara: Yay!
21:50:35 - * Ren whips out spiffy driving goggles.
21:50:48 - * Reyd gives Ren directions to Tower Ridge as they drive along.
21:50:57 - Thomas: There's a quick montage of the speeder roaring out of the town with plenty of camera spiraling wipes.
21:51:07 - Thomas: By the time you reach Tower Ridge, one of the two suns have already set. Above you, on a narrow open rise of ice and rock, is the old communications array. Three small, squat buildings are at the top of the ridge. From here just a kilometer out, you can see that there's an old hopper -- a small flying transport -- is parked on the nearest building. As the landspeeder climbs the ridge, you can see the lights of the Big Red X behind you. Suddenly, there's a muffled boom, then another. The large satellite dish teeters and collapses onto the furthest building. Flashes of blaster fire and more explosions are seen in the buildings above. Uh-oh.
21:51:13 - Thomas: DUN DUN DUNNNN
21:51:31 - Ren: OHNO

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