The following is more or less unedited for those of that are curious about how a play-by-chat-room session looks. Times are listed to give the curious an idea about how long it takes a conversation or game action to be completed. This session missed the first thirty minutes because I didn't turn on the transciption tool. This session ran about four hours and forty-five minutes.

slag flats'
18:47:39 - Reyd: Ah, good point. Okay, maybe you should take the lead, then.
18:48:50 - Thomas:
18:49:03 - Sara: Yay, a map
18:49:08 - Lire: Nice.
18:49:25 - Reyd: Cool
18:49:52 - Thomas: There we go, one really quick map. The box at the top of the page is the four-story one, the one with the red markings is the two story one. Your speeder is outside, the hopper is on the roof.
18:50:52 - Sara: OK. I will lead then.
18:51:47 - Thomas: Keeor cycles the lock on the blast door and it slowly rumbles open. It's like a large garage door, slowly rolling upwards. When the door is only a half meter up, Neela slides inside. Keeor and Kai'la follow.
18:51:59 - Reyd: Maybe it would be better if I followed at the back. I'm probably wanted.
18:52:04 - Thomas: "We're closing the blast door now," Keeor says over the comlink.
18:52:15 - * Sara sneaks along the left side of the building. Once she reaches the end, she looks into the open area between the buildings.
18:52:17 - Reyd: "Okay. Good luck!"
18:52:28 - Thomas: The door rumbles shut.
18:52:29 - * Reyd follows Sara slowly.
18:52:44 - Sara: [Sara has her sword drawn.]
18:53:04 - Reyd: [And Reyd has his blaster drawn, too.]
18:53:44 - Lire: Lire follows suit - walking between Sara and Reyd in a line with blaster drawn.
18:54:32 - Lire: [Since Reyd wanted to be last, that is. Otherwise I'd go last.]
18:54:35 - Thomas: The four story building is partially visible here. You can see that the top level is gone, twisted metal and permacrete jut out of the building, spilling into the courtyard. There's some sort of causeway between the tall building and the roof level of the south building.
18:54:57 - Reyd: [Lire: Yeah, I'll go last.]
18:55:28 - Thomas: The top of the north building is engulfed in flame. You can see flashes of blaster fire coming from the second and third levels of that building. There's fighting going on inside.
18:55:29 - Lire: See anything, Sara?
18:56:07 - Thomas: [and for those of you not in the US of A, I'm counting the ground level as the first story, the one above that as the second story.]
18:56:38 - Reyd: [*grins* Thanks. I guessed that's what you meant.]
18:56:55 - Reyd: Hmm. By the time we get up there, there could be a chance that they've managed to get Slags.
18:56:55 - Thomas: There's about fifteen meters between each building.
18:57:07 - Sara: Something is going on inside that building.
18:57:24 - Reyd: And if they're watching, we could be sitting ducks.
18:57:56 - Thomas: There's a double blast door on the building on your left, the one-story building, near the north corner of the east side. It's been blasted open.
18:58:47 - Lire: Assuming it's not full of whatever enemy we're facing, that looks like good cover.
18:59:10 - Sara: Alright. I will run to that building through the blast door. You two cover me with your blasters if there is shooting. Otherwise, join me over there.
18:59:25 - Lire: Got it.
18:59:31 - Thomas: On that larger building, there's a metal stairway on the left side leading up to a door on the third story. There's also a blast door, good enough to park your speeder in, on the far corner of the north building. That door is open. Inside is the remains of a transport skiff.
18:59:36 - * Reyd nods.
19:00:42 - Sara: Once there, we will know if there are snipers. May the force be with us.
19:01:08 - Reyd: Yes.
19:01:30 - * Sara runs across through the open blaster door in the small building.
19:01:36 - * Reyd gets his blaster ready.
19:01:58 - Thomas: I've just re-uploaded that image. Your path is in blue. The entrances I've described are at the red arrows.
19:02:26 - [RinkChat] User Thomas rolls 2d6+2: 1 + 1 = 2, modified by 2 = 4
19:02:52 - * Lire watches carefully for any sign of trouble.
19:02:55 - Reyd: [...I hope that roll wasn't for us. Dude.]
19:03:19 - Thomas: Sara rushes across the debris in the courtyard and makes it to the open blast door.
19:03:51 - * Sara looks around the building making sure there are no surprise bad guys.
19:04:09 - Sara: [just the area that she can see around the door.
19:04:52 - [Thomas->Sara] Inside, it's very dark. There's blaster fire marks all along the wall here. A small corridor goes to the south, there's a body about ten meters down. This corridor follows the east wall of the building and you can see through the windows here to your companions. There are several doors off the west side of this hall to other rooms.
19:05:21 - * Sara waves Lire and Ryed over.
19:05:25 - Thomas: The intermittent blaster fire ceases from inside the larger building.
19:05:39 - * Lire follows as quickly as possible.
19:05:47 - * Reyd follows as well.
19:06:07 - Thomas: Both Lire and Reyd roll Dexterity. You need to beat a seven.
19:06:21 - [RinkChat] User Reyd rolls 2d6+2: 4 + 4 = 8, modified by 2 = 10
19:06:37 - [RinkChat] User Lire rolls 2d6+2: 2 + 6 = 8, modified by 2 = 10
19:06:54 - Thomas: Good.
19:06:59 - [RinkChat] User Thomas rolls 2d6+2: 4 + 2 = 6, modified by 2 = 8
19:07:17 - Thomas: The two of you make it to the doorway.
19:09:16 - Lire: We need to check that body.
19:09:24 - Thomas: Inside, it's very dark. There's blaster fire marks all along the wall here. A small corridor goes to the south, there's a body about ten meters down. This corridor follows the east wall of the building and you can see through the windows out to the other buildings. There are several doors off the west side of this hall to other rooms.
19:09:26 - Reyd: That's what I was thinking.
19:10:25 - Sara: I don't like that the blaster fire has stopped. I think we need to get over to the other building and see why the firing has stopped. One of you cover me, and watch the front door there. I am going to sneak up those stairs and look inside the third floor.
19:10:45 - Sara: The other can check out the body.
19:10:49 - Lire: I'll cover you. Reyd, make sure that dead one isn't your friend.
19:11:01 - Reyd: Gotcha.
19:11:17 - * Reyd readies his blaster and slowly moves forward towards the body.
19:11:39 - * Sara sneaks over to the stairs and climbs up slowly, looking for bad guys through any windows available.
19:12:15 - Thomas: Sara, make a sneak roll
19:12:23 - Thomas: Lire, make a Perception roll
19:12:33 - Thomas: Reyd, make a sneak roll.
19:12:43 - [RinkChat] User Reyd rolls 3d6+1: 4 + 6 + 1 = 11, modified by 1 = 12
19:12:47 - [RinkChat] User Lire rolls 2d6: 5 + 5 = 10
19:12:49 - [RinkChat] User Sara rolls 3d6+2: 2 + 1 + 3 = 6, modified by 2 = 8
19:13:15 - [RinkChat] User Thomas rolls 2d6+2: 3 + 3 = 6, modified by 2 = 8
19:14:41 - [Thomas->Lire] As Sara dashes across the rubble, you see a figure up on that catwalk thing between the two buildings. It's hard to make the figure out from here, and you're not certain if it saw Sara.
19:15:01 - Thomas: Sara dashes over to the side of the building.
19:15:55 - [Lire->Thomas] I'd like to try and shoot it before it has a chance to do anything. Disabling shot though, not killing, in case it's a friendly.
19:16:12 - [Thomas->Reyd] Reyd gets to the body. It's a humanoid, Corellian from the looks of him. Dressed in a ratty old blue parka, he's been shot in the back at least twice. A young fella; you don't recognize him.
19:16:30 - [Lire->Thomas] Unless it's too far for that, in which case I'll try to warn Sara somehow.
19:18:03 - [Reyd->Thomas] Too young to know where Adar Tollen might be?
19:18:05 - [Thomas->Lire] The figure is about forty meters away. That's a long range shot.... You're not sure if you can hit it from here, not with your blaster skills.
19:18:26 - [Thomas->Reyd] This guy is barely out of his teens.
19:18:53 - [Reyd->Thomas] Hmm. So these guys aren't afraid of killing innocent people who get in their way, either.
19:18:53 - [Thomas->Lire] And yes, you can set your blaster to stun.
19:19:31 - [Reyd->Thomas] Is it the sort of method Urga's gang might use to kill people? Or do they just kill people however they want?
19:19:31 - [Thomas->Sara] You're at the metal stairway now.
19:19:58 - [Lire->Thomas] I'll try and warn Sara, then.
19:20:51 - [Reyd->Thomas] Urrga, I mean.
19:21:14 - [Thomas->Reyd] There's no standard "execution" style of killing that Urrga's Boys use. They'd kill you however they wanted to.
19:21:36 - [Thomas->Lire] Okay. How are you going to do that?
19:21:38 - [Sara->Thomas] I slowly climb the stairs stopping just before the first window I come to.
19:22:07 - [Lire->Thomas] I was trying to think of something. I don't want to leave my post. She has a comlink, right? I'll try and signal her with it.
19:22:22 - [Thomas->Lire] Yes, she does.
19:22:23 - [Reyd->Thomas] Okay. Reyd walks back over to Lire.
19:22:53 - Thomas: Reyd gets to the body and looks it over. Sara begins to go up the staircase when Lire signals her on the commlink.
19:24:10 - Lire: Sara. There's company at the top. I can't pick it off from here. One person on the walkway.
19:24:13 - Thomas: [I've updated the map]
19:24:59 - Lire: [Ah, so I could've just whispered over to her then, instead of using the com. Oh well.]
19:25:20 - [Sara->Thomas] [no coms fine]
19:25:56 - Thomas: Sara's about fifteen meters away from Lire. Reyd's about ten meters away from Lire.
19:26:13 - Thomas: Er, ten and ten.
19:26:15 - Thomas: Stupid map.
19:26:35 - Sara: Let me get up further in case someone comes through that door. [said over the comlink]
19:27:31 - Thomas: Sara climbs up halfway and gets to a darkened window.
19:27:56 - [RinkChat] User Sara rolls 3d6: 4 + 4 + 6 = 14
19:28:24 - [Reyd->Thomas] Am I back at Lire yet? At a distance where I can talk to her?
19:28:33 - [RinkChat] User Thomas rolls 2d6+2: 2 + 5 = 7, modified by 2 = 9
19:28:36 - [Reyd->Thomas] Quietly, I mean.
19:28:59 - Thomas: Reyd comes back up to Lire's position.
19:29:25 - [Thomas->Lire] The figure you saw turned and went back into the north building.
19:29:58 - Reyd: (to Lire:) That body... he's barely out his teens. I think he's innocent in all this.
19:30:59 - Reyd: Shot in the back at least twice. Ratty blue parka. Corellian, looks like. Do you know anyone who fits that description?
19:31:25 - [Lire->Thomas] I wouldn't happen to know, would I?
19:31:31 - [Thomas->Sara] There's two bodies in the room, both wearing stained jumpsuits. They look like they've been shot by blasters, several times. Each was armed with a small blaster pistol.
19:31:35 - Reyd: And humanoid.
19:31:38 - [Thomas->Lire] No, it could be anyone.
19:32:09 - Lire: Reyd: I have no idea.
19:32:41 - [Sara->Lire, Thomas] More casualties. I am continuing.
19:32:59 - * Sara continues up the stairs.
19:33:09 - Thomas: Sara heads up to the top of the stairwell to the door.
19:33:31 - Reyd: In that case, we have a problem. I'm guessing these guys will kill innocent people to get what they want, even if they wouldn't be expected to know who Tollen was... uh, is.
19:33:46 - * Lire watches the catwalk, in case anyone comes across it.
19:34:02 - * Reyd joins Lire in watching out for any activity.
19:34:19 - * Sara puts her ear to the door and listens for any noise.
19:34:24 - [Thomas->Sara] There's no window on this door, but there is an old number pad that unlocks the door.
19:35:03 - Thomas: Sara, make a perception roll.
19:35:10 - Reyd: Lire, maybe you should try getting the other group on the com and asking them if there's anything to watch out for. They may be able to see something we can't.
19:35:36 - [RinkChat] User Sara rolls 3d6: 5 + 3 + 3 = 11
19:35:43 - Lire: OK.
19:36:30 - [Thomas->Sara] You don't hear anything beyond the door.
19:39:03 - Lire: Er. So Lire moves back behind Reyd to make the call.
19:39:23 - Thomas: Okay.
19:39:27 - * Reyd continues watching out.
19:39:37 - Thomas: Reyd, make a perception roll.
19:39:46 - Sara: Sara tries the door, with little hope of it just opening.
19:40:07 - [RinkChat] User Reyd rolls 3d6+1: 2 + 1 + 2 = 5, modified by 1 = 6
19:41:00 - Thomas: Sara scrambles for a place to push on the door, but it's so cold and heavy... it's immobile
19:41:18 - Thomas: Lire?
19:41:27 - * Sara goes back to the window.
19:42:00 - [Lire->Thomas] Sorry, I'm not quite sure what to do since all the others are NPCs at the moment. I want to learn the status of the other group at the hopper.
19:42:10 - Thomas: Reyd, everything looks quiet out there.
19:43:04 - * Sara peaks back through the window to see if anyone came back to that room.
19:43:46 - Thomas: Sara sneaks back down to the window. It all looks quiet inside.
19:44:09 - * Sara tries to open the window.
19:44:21 - Thomas: There's another blaster shot from inside the north building.
19:44:22 - * Reyd whispers to Lire. "After making that call, maybe we should join Sara. She doesn't seem to be having much luck there.
19:44:30 - * Lire turns on the comlink. "Keeor, are you there?"
19:45:01 - Thomas: "Lire?" you hear him reply. "Yeah. We're here. It's a mess in here. How's things on your end?"
19:46:00 - Lire: "We're about to head into trouble. Is there a lot of fighting where you are, then?"
19:46:23 - [Thomas->Sara] There's no latches on the window; it doesn't look like it's made to open.
19:46:48 - [Sara->Thomas] Does it look like it can be broken?
19:47:26 - Thomas: "Was a lot of fighting," he says. "We're on the second level, looking for the roof access. We've come across four bodies so far, all lightly armed."
19:48:26 - [Thomas->Sara] Heck, everything can be broken. You gonna smash or shoot it?
19:48:53 - Lire: "Did you find out anything about that ship?"
19:49:10 - Reyd: Tell them about the body we came across... and ask if they can see the north building at all yet., and if they can see anything happening on the second or third floors...
19:49:25 - [Sara->Thomas] Not yet, but I was thinking about smashing it.
19:49:31 - Thomas: "Not yet," he says. "Once we get up to the roof ***krrsss*** contact you there."
19:49:52 - Lire: Ah, right. "We've found one body so far, but he looks like he was a bystander."
19:50:15 - [Sara->Thomas] Can I hear what is going on over the coms, is it an open link?
19:50:36 - Thomas: "Can you repeat that?" he says. "Your comsignal is ***krrsss***ing up."
19:51:00 - [Thomas->Sara] It's a frequency you're all on, so yes, you can hear the conversation.
19:51:22 - Lire: "Get up to the roof and get back with me if you can."
19:51:50 - Thomas: "Roger that," he replies. "****krrsss*** out."
19:52:32 - Reyd: Oksy, Lire. I think we should go see what Sara's up to.
19:52:47 - * Sara smashes the window, but does not go in right away.
19:53:20 - Lire: Let's go, then.
19:53:21 - Thomas: What is Sara using to smash though the window?
19:53:33 - Sara: Handle end of her sword.
19:53:35 - Reyd: Okay.
19:54:24 - Thomas: Sara, make a strength roll.
19:54:26 - * Reyd walks to the side of the north building, just at the bottom of the staircase.
19:54:47 - [RinkChat] User Sara rolls 3d6: 5 + 1 + 4 = 10
19:56:23 - Thomas: As Reyd heads to the staircase, Sara hauls off and smacks the window with the butt of her sword. A resounding TWACK, and she left rubbing her wrist. The window didn't break.
19:56:34 - * Reyd calls up quietly. "Sara? Are you all right? Do you need cover?"
19:56:35 - [RinkChat] User Thomas rolls 2d6+2: 5 + 5 = 10, modified by 2 = 12
19:57:04 - Sara: Watch the door there. I just made some noise, so be prepared for anything.
19:57:10 - Lire: I can try to shoot the glass out.
19:57:22 - Lire: Or at least weaken it.
19:57:24 - * Sara moves out of line of sight of the window.
19:57:41 - Thomas: Where is Lire?
19:57:56 - Sara: Keep your blaster trained on it, just in case someone shows up there Lire.
19:58:18 - Lire: I'm with Reyd, near the base of the staircase.
19:58:21 - Sara: [Note, Sara moved to the lower side, towards the bottom of the stairs]
19:58:55 - * Reyd readies his blaster and points it up. "Sara, maybe you should come down to the bottom here. It's a narrow staircase; there probably isn't much room for anyone to be side by side. We could have an advantage there.
19:59:40 - Sara: [Another note: I though Lire was back in the building. If you are by Reyd, help him cover the door, and keep an eye out for our catwalk friend.
20:00:34 - * Sara nods and walks to the bottom of the stairs.
20:01:37 - Sara: "Lets go in through the door and get into some cover."
20:01:42 - Lire: [Ah, okay. Yeah, I've been a few steps behind but I did follow Reyd out. And I see that I didn't say so. Sorry!]
20:02:17 - Sara: She points inside the open doorway with her sword.
20:02:51 - Reyd: Do you mean the doorway of the left building?
20:03:05 - Thomas: hold on a sec. let me update that map.
20:03:08 - Lire: The building we just came out of?
20:03:53 - Sara: [Sorry, my misunderstanding. I thought there was a doorway on this side of the building. Sorry about the confusion.]
20:05:38 - Thomas: And that catwalk goes from an entrance on the third floor to the roof of the south building.
20:05:48 - Lire: Okay. I want to go back across to the first corner where we were a while back, so I can cover the door and the catwalk.
20:05:57 - Sara: "The door at the top is a numberlock. The window may be breakable, but that would be noisy. Our best bet may be the door at the other end of this building, with the speeder in it."
20:06:59 - Thomas: The ruined speeder is behind an opened blast door on the south side of the building, near the far corner.
20:07:08 - Sara: But we could try shooting out the window from our original spot. What do you think?
20:07:48 - Sara: Shooting the window may make a nice diversion.
20:08:08 - Reyd: Perhaps. But given that our enemies were on that floor, or thereabouts, it might be better to sneak up to them rather than risk making a noise.
20:08:43 - Thomas: The window Sara was at was on the second level.
20:09:08 - Sara: As you wish. We should go then. I will lead again.
20:09:49 - * Sara checks that the catwalk is free prior to walking along the front of the building to the far door.
20:10:02 - * Lire will follow Sara's lead and keep providing cover.
20:10:15 - Thomas: Where's Lire going to be again?
20:10:32 - Thomas: Across at the first corner or following Sara?
20:10:39 - * Reyd follows Sara and Lire.
20:10:42 - Thomas: Ah.
20:10:44 - Thomas: Okay.
20:10:54 - Reyd: [Oh, sorry, I thought she was following Sara. Is she?]
20:11:16 - Sara: Sara will be careful to crouch below any windows on the ground level.
20:11:32 - Lire: [Yes.]
20:11:48 - Reyd: [Right.]
20:11:52 - Thomas: So you're all following the blue line, then.
20:11:59 - Thomas: (just re-updated the image)
20:12:11 - Reyd: That's what I make it out to be.
20:12:31 - Sara: Once at the entrance, Sara peaks into the doorway to make sure all is clear.
20:12:35 - Thomas: All three of you make sneak rolls.
20:12:45 - [RinkChat] User Reyd rolls 3d6+1: 1 + 5 + 6 = 12, modified by 1 = 13
20:12:46 - [RinkChat] User Sara rolls 3d6+2: 2 + 6 + 4 = 12, modified by 2 = 14
20:12:47 - Thomas: (that's under Perception)
20:13:07 - [RinkChat] User Lire rolls 2d6: 5 + 6 = 11
20:13:15 - [RinkChat] User Thomas rolls 2d6+2: 6 + 5 = 11, modified by 2 = 13
20:13:20 - [RinkChat] User Thomas rolls 1d6: 6 = 6
20:13:24 - [RinkChat] User Thomas rolls 1d6: 5 = 5
20:13:32 - Thomas: Oh, you three are so hosed...
20:13:36 - Reyd: [Uh=oh.]
20:13:37 - Sara: Uh OH!!!
20:13:39 - Lire: Ouch.
20:14:53 - Thomas: As you're all sneaking along towards the door, someone in a dark cloak steps out onto the catwalk. "Intruders!" the mechanized voice calls out!
20:15:12 - Thomas: combat rounds
20:16:29 - Thomas: Okay, we've got Sara about eight meters west of the catwalk when this happens. Lire is three meters behind her, and Reyd is five meters beyond her, two meters from the west corner of the building.
20:17:27 - Thomas: Let's declare actions! Lire?
20:17:35 - Lire: I'll shoot the guy on the catwalk.
20:17:42 - Thomas: Sara?
20:18:26 - Thomas: The doorway you're heading to is four meters wide, Sara is ten meters away from it.
20:19:03 - Sara: I run towards the door, sword drawn to attack anyone that emerges.
20:19:04 - Thomas: The last two meters of that stretch is under the overpass-like thing the villain is on.
20:19:29 - Thomas: Wait -- he has to declare first. Sara can change her action after I descibe this.
20:20:13 - Thomas: The figure up top is going to use the doorway as cover and fire once at Sara.
20:20:20 - Thomas: Sara?
20:21:06 - Sara: Sara will dodge, rolling roward towards to doorway under the catwalk.
20:21:10 - Thomas: And after Sara declares what she's doing, it's Reyd's turn to declare what he's doing.
20:22:04 - Reyd: I'm going to duck and shoot at the guy.
20:22:29 - Reyd: Crouch, rather.
20:23:12 - Thomas: Okay. Let's resolve Lire's and Reyd's shots at the villain. Both of you, roll your Blaster skill.
20:23:23 - Thomas: Sara, roll your dodge.
20:23:23 - [RinkChat] User Reyd rolls 3d6+2: 4 + 6 + 4 = 14, modified by 2 = 16
20:23:41 - [RinkChat] User Lire rolls 2d6+2: 6 + 2 = 8, modified by 2 = 10
20:23:48 - [RinkChat] User Lire rolls 1d6: 5 = 5
20:24:03 - [RinkChat] User Sara rolls 3d6+2: 3 + 5 + 1 = 9, modified by 2 = 11
20:25:14 - Thomas: Lire's total is a 15, right? And Reyd's was a 16.
20:25:41 - Reyd: Yeah.
20:25:57 - Lire: Yes.
20:27:06 - Thomas: Both of your shots blast into the permacrete frame of the building, right by where the cloaked figure is taking cover. The figure fires at Sara...
20:27:14 - [RinkChat] User Thomas rolls 5d6+1: 1 + 2 + 4 + 3 + 6 = 16, modified by 1 = 17
20:28:01 - Sara: GULP
20:28:07 - Thomas: ...and it's rifle blast blows apart a bit of rubble. Sara tumbles beneath the catwalk to the doorway.
20:28:20 - Thomas: next round
20:28:27 - Thomas: Lire? Your action.
20:28:46 - Lire: I'll shoot again.
20:28:59 - Lire: Maybe try for a headshot.
20:29:05 - Lire: Though, given the last try...
20:29:44 - Thomas: Okay. The villain's action -- he throws a round sphere-like object at Lire. Sara?
20:29:55 - Lire: Ack.
20:30:40 - Sara: Sara ducks into the building. Once in, she will look for cover.
20:31:34 - Thomas: Reyd?
20:31:59 - Reyd: I'll try to shoot at the sphere-like object to throw it off course, as long as it's not too close to Lire to risk shooting her instead.
20:33:29 - Thomas: Well, okay. That'll be interesting.
20:34:05 - Thomas: Lire, you can attempt to dodge out of the way. You know, basically going prone. Or you can try to catch the orb and throw it away. But that's pretty darn difficult.
20:34:17 - Reyd: Eee. Yeah, I wondered if it would be a good idea or not. I guess we'll see.
20:34:37 - Lire: I'll try and dodge then.
20:34:50 - Lire: I certainly don't want to be hit.
20:35:04 - Thomas: Okay then. Lire, roll your dodge at -1d, please.
20:35:13 - Thomas: But first...
20:35:54 - Thomas: Okay, this is what we'll do. Lire, roll your blaster skill at -1d to see if your shot gets off before the grenade toss -- if so, you may affect his action.
20:36:07 - [RinkChat] User Lire rolls 1d6+2: 2 = 2, modified by 2 = 4
20:36:09 - [RinkChat] User Thomas rolls 4d6: 5 + 5 + 4 + 6 = 20
20:36:13 - Lire: Wow. Not much chance.
20:36:17 - Thomas: Oog.
20:36:21 - Thomas: Not looking good.
20:36:28 - Thomas: Go for your dodge roll at -1d.
20:36:41 - Thomas: Meanwhile, let's have Reyd try to shoot the grenade out of the air.
20:36:42 - [RinkChat] User Lire rolls 1d6+2: 5 = 5, modified by 2 = 7
20:36:50 - [RinkChat] User Reyd rolls 3d6+2: 2 + 6 + 6 = 14, modified by 2 = 16
20:37:01 - Reyd: I guess that means not.
20:37:36 - Thomas: As Sara slides into the blasted garage, she hears an explosion from out in the courtyard.
20:38:39 - [Sara->Thomas] I guess it is too late for one of them to use a Force point?
20:39:02 - Lire: [I hope I didn't just die!]
20:39:37 - Reyd: [I hope so too.]
20:39:50 - Thomas: Lire, make a Strength check. No penalties.
20:40:05 - [RinkChat] User Thomas rolls 5d6: 4 + 6 + 4 + 4 + 5 = 23
20:40:05 - [RinkChat] User Lire rolls 3d6: 4 + 4 + 1 = 9
20:40:11 - Thomas: That's not good.
20:40:33 - Sara: [hope is fading]
20:40:46 - Lire: [I have Survival skill, but it's probably not good in this situation.]
20:40:50 - Thomas: Reyd, you need to make a Strength check as well.
20:40:59 - [RinkChat] User Thomas rolls 3d6: 4 + 3 + 3 = 10
20:41:10 - [RinkChat] User Reyd rolls 2d6+1: 5 + 3 = 8, modified by 1 = 9
20:42:56 - Thomas: The grenade landed right at Lire's feet as she tried to twist away. The explosion knocks her off her feet and throws her back three meters where she slams into the wall and slides down, unconsious. The explosion rocks Reyd backwards and he falls to the ground, peppered with bits of rubble.
20:43:04 - [Thomas->Lire] You are Incapacitated.
20:43:13 - [Thomas->Reyd] You are Wounded.
20:43:34 - [Reyd->Thomas] That's -1d to all rolls until healed, right?
20:44:00 - Thomas: -- how to hurt people for details on the wound levels.
20:44:04 - [Thomas->Reyd] Yes.
20:44:34 - [Thomas->Lire] You're not dead, just ko'ed. Someone's got to get to you with a medipac to help you.
20:44:51 - Thomas: next round
20:45:28 - Thomas: The cloaked figure peeks out at the courtyard below.
20:45:30 - Thomas: Sara?
20:46:05 - [Lire->Thomas] Ah, okay. Should I just wait for them, then? (Logic says yes, but I want to be sure.)
20:46:24 - [Thomas->Lire] Yes. Someone might get to you soon in order to help you out.
20:46:28 - Sara: Sara looks back around the doorway to see what happened. She coms Keeor and company to tell them about the sentry on the catwalk and what happened to Lire and Reyd.
20:46:44 - Thomas: Reyd?
20:47:25 - Reyd: I'm going to get up and make my way as quickly as I can to Sara, or as close as I can get in the time.
20:48:05 - Thomas: Sara or Lire?
20:48:57 - Lire: I'm, well, out of it at the moment. I do nothing.
20:49:19 - Reyd: [I think he was asking me whether I meant to go to you or Sara.]
20:49:35 - Lire: [Oh. Oops.]
20:49:58 - Reyd: Thinking about it, can I change my direction? I want to try to take cover behind thte west side of the building, at the staircase.
20:50:10 - Reyd: If not, then make it Lire.
20:50:55 - Thomas: Okay... Sara looks out and sees Lire prone on the ground, about fifteen meters away from her location. There's a big black scorched mark on the ground between you and her. Just past her, Reyd shakily gets to his feet and staggers around the west corner of the building.
20:53:36 - Sara: Sara activates her com. "Hey, Keeor, Kai'la, Neela, Ren. We have trouble here. There is a sentry on the catwalk, powerful one at that. Took out Lire, and Reyd may not be doing well either. I am in the building in a doorway under the catwalk. Reyd is in cover behind the other side of the building. Where are you, can you help? Beware the sentry, He is on the walkway by the building you went into.
20:54:00 - Thomas: next round
20:54:16 - Thomas: Sara's busy on the comm, Reyd?
20:55:20 - Reyd: I'm going to stay here and rest.
20:56:24 - Thomas: "Is that what that explosion was?" Ren asks. He's interrupted by Neela. "We've run into a bit of a jam. There's an access door to the roof, but we're going to have to ****krrsss****. We've found ***krrsss*** no ithorian, though."
20:56:40 - Thomas: next round
20:56:43 - Thomas: Sara?
20:57:28 - [Reyd->Thomas] Should the cloaked figure declare first?
20:58:01 - Sara: Sara goes to the doorway for the room and prepares to attack anyone that enters the room. "You are breaking up. Can you get through the door?"
20:58:10 - [Thomas->Reyd] Yes, but he's not a factor in this combat right now. However, combat rounds are still going on, so I need to know what everyone's doing.
20:58:33 - Thomas: Reyd?
20:58:34 - [Reyd->Thomas] Okay. I thought he was still peering down and would want to eliminate us.
20:58:52 - [Reyd->Thomas] Well, them, anyway. They'd want me, presumably.
20:59:26 - Reyd: Still resting, but I'm keeping an eye out for anything.
21:00:02 - [Thomas->Reyd] If he was, he's in a position where nobody would see him until they poked their head out . So if the dude is still there, I wouldn't say anything until you got to a point where you could see him.
21:00:34 - [Reyd->Thomas] Okay.
21:00:54 - Thomas: "What?" Neela says. "You're break***krrss*** repeat about 'door'"
21:01:37 - [Thomas->Reyd] make a Perception roll. You need to beat a 6
21:01:39 - Sara: "Reyd. Are you alright? Can you see the sentry? Neela. Just try to blast through the door."
21:01:47 - [RinkChat] User Reyd rolls 2d6+1: 5 + 6 = 11, modified by 1 = 12
21:03:31 - [Thomas->Reyd] You can hear a strange whirring noise coming from around the north west corner of the building. The sound is getting closer.
21:03:59 - [Thomas->Reyd] Whirrwhirrwhirr....
21:04:31 - [Reyd->Thomas] I'll try and back away, going around the corner of the building.
21:04:41 - [Thomas->Sara] Make a Perception roll. Beat a 6.
21:05:02 - [RinkChat] User Sara rolls 3d6: 5 + 2 + 4 = 11
21:05:06 - [Reyd->Thomas] Can I shout to Sara as well in reply?
21:05:24 - [Thomas->Reyd] Back into the area that Sara and Lire and you were heading down?
21:05:50 - [Thomas->Reyd] Oh, we were going off the assumption that you did have a comlink.
21:06:09 - [Thomas->Reyd] we'll just say you have one. Yes, you can reply to her as well as move.
21:06:16 - [Reyd->Thomas] Sorry, rethink. I'll go up the staircase to avoid it.
21:06:29 - [Thomas->Reyd] Okay.
21:06:50 - [Thomas->Sara] There's a strange whirring noise coming from outside. It's getting closer.
21:07:05 - Reyd: "Sara. I'm okay, but there's something whirring around the north west corner of this building and it's coming closer. I'm going up the staircase. I may need some help."
21:08:35 - Sara: "Reyd, no way off the stairs. I have a whirring sound also. I am going in deeper to the building. Try to get to the other building without it seeing you.
21:08:51 - Thomas: next round
21:09:41 - Thomas: The whirring thing is going to come around the corner by Reyd. The other whirring thing is going to be dropping down into the garage. Sara, actions?
21:10:22 - [Reyd->Thomas] I'm not very good at visualising this. I had forgotten about the other building. I should look at my map more often, heh.
21:11:19 - Sara: Sara moves quickly and silently down the hall (read sneak) and start up the stairs.
21:11:32 - Thomas: Reyd? Actions?
21:13:24 - Reyd: I'm going to carefully peek over the staircase to see what the thing is, and if it's not looking in my direction, try to get to the other building quietly.
21:13:56 - Thomas: Okay.
21:14:03 - Thomas: Sara, sneak roll, please.
21:14:10 - [RinkChat] User Thomas rolls 4d6+2: 6 + 6 + 4 + 1 = 17, modified by 2 = 19
21:14:17 - [RinkChat] User Thomas rolls 1d6: 2 = 2
21:14:22 - Thomas: Roll high, please.
21:14:29 - [Reyd->Thomas] I'm guessing I'm making a whole bunch of wrong choices here. I have a knack for doing that.
21:14:32 - [RinkChat] User Sara rolls 3d6+2: 1 + 2 + 5 = 8, modified by 2 = 10
21:14:45 - [RinkChat] User Thomas rolls 4d6+2: 4 + 3 + 1 + 5 = 13, modified by 2 = 15
21:16:36 - Thomas: Sara heads deeper into the north building. Meanwhile, outside, Reyd peers over the edge of the staircase and sees a floating droid, about thirty centimeters in diameter, come whirring around the building. It spins in midair.
21:17:00 - Thomas: next round
21:17:16 - Thomas: The droids actions:
21:17:36 - Thomas: Droid one fires at Reyd. Droid two continues to search for Sara.
21:17:40 - Thomas: Sara's actions?
21:18:27 - * Sara continues to sneak up the stairs, sword at the ready.
21:18:33 - Thomas: Okay. Reyd?
21:19:09 - Reyd: I'm going to dodge the shot.
21:19:46 - Thomas: Is that all you're doing?
21:19:48 - Reyd: And if possible without affecting my rolls, try to Keeor et al and reiterate the request to blast the door.
21:19:56 - Reyd: ^try to contact
21:19:59 - Thomas: Okay.
21:20:06 - Thomas: Reyd, roll your dodge.
21:20:15 - [RinkChat] User Reyd rolls 1d6+2: 5 = 5, modified by 2 = 7
21:20:30 - [RinkChat] User Thomas rolls 5d6: 2 + 2 + 2 + 6 + 3 = 15
21:20:37 - Reyd: :-(
21:21:07 - Thomas: It all goes black for Reyd.
21:21:22 - Reyd: Darn.
21:21:34 - Thomas: Oh, now you need to roll your Str.
21:21:45 - Thomas: You were hit, but we need to see what damage it does.
21:21:57 - [RinkChat] User Reyd rolls 1d6+1: 6 = 6, modified by 1 = 7
21:22:05 - [RinkChat] User Reyd rolls 1d6: 6 = 6
21:22:05 - Thomas: NO wait. a sec.
21:22:10 - Reyd: ?
21:22:22 - Thomas: I was looking at the wrong weapon stat for this thing.
21:22:22 - Reyd: :-P
21:22:44 - Thomas: The droid totally missed you with that shot.
21:22:51 - Sara: Good job on the 6s though.
21:23:04 - Reyd: Heh. Thanks.
21:23:09 - Reyd: And, *phew*.
21:23:38 - Thomas: And even though you're just Wounded, you still get your full Strength to resist damage
21:24:01 - Reyd: Ah, okay. I didn't realise.
21:24:17 - Reyd: Is there any need to roll Strength now though?
21:24:22 - Thomas: The droid is something like 20 meters from where you're standing. That blast didn't even come close.
21:24:26 - Thomas: Correct.
21:24:29 - Thomas: No need.
21:24:34 - Reyd: Right.
21:24:49 - Thomas: Sara heads upstairs to the second level.
21:25:48 - [Thomas->Sara] The second level has burn marks all over the walls. There's two dead beings a few meters away. The stairwell leads up to the third floor here and is open to the night sky. Flames illuminate the next level.
21:26:19 - [Thomas->Sara] This level has the main corridor and several rooms leading off of it.
21:26:26 - [Reyd->Thomas] Twenty meters? Even though it's coming round the corner of the building? Did I misunderstand you to mean the south-west corner it just came round? Because that would have been point-blank...
21:27:02 - [Sara->Thomas] Interesing. She will head over to the bodies and take a blaster (pistol, or whatever) from one. Then head to the window.
21:27:03 - [Thomas->Reyd] You're at the south edge of the west wall. It's at the north edge of the west wall.
21:27:26 - [Reyd->Thomas] Ahhh, okay. That had me worried there.
21:27:43 - [Sara->Thomas] Are these the bodies she saw through the window?
21:27:46 - [Reyd->Thomas] If I'd known it hadn
21:28:16 - [Reyd->Thomas] hadn't come around the north-west corner yet, I'd have probably gone to the other building. Oh well.
21:28:24 - [Reyd->Thomas] I guess I just misread.
21:29:51 - [Thomas->Sara] Okay. You're at the bodies and have a blaster pistol. These are not the bodies you saw through the window. One of the bodies is an Ithorian male, a young one at that. He's been shot in the legs and his throat has been cut open. The other is a blue-firred creature. Behind them, you can see a large room -- it looks like another body is in there, you can spot some legs in there.
21:30:06 - Thomas: next round
21:30:18 - Thomas: Droid 1 moves closer and then fires at Reyd.
21:30:29 - Thomas: Reyd?
21:31:56 - Reyd: I'll duck back down the staircase if I'm still on it, and take cover behind the doorway of the left building.
21:32:03 - Reyd: If I can do all that.
21:33:00 - Thomas: Okay. You're just running, then. Make a dodge roll as you run.
21:33:12 - [RinkChat] User Reyd rolls 1d6+2: 1 = 1, modified by 2 = 3
21:33:19 - Reyd: :/
21:33:31 - Thomas: Wow. That's pretty horrible. But any little bit helps.
21:33:48 - Thomas: The droid moves and fires.
21:33:53 - [RinkChat] User Thomas rolls 3d6+2: 1 + 1 + 4 = 6, modified by 2 = 8
21:34:43 - Thomas: The droid blasts a pile of tramped-down snow as Reyd runs.
21:34:52 - [Sara->Thomas] Sara will go into the room to see if the other body may be Slag.
21:35:07 - [Thomas->Sara] The other body is an older female Ithorian.
21:35:11 - Thomas: next round
21:35:44 - Thomas: Droid 1 persues Reyd and fires, if it can reach him.
21:35:52 - Thomas: Reyd?
21:36:44 - Reyd: Under the cover of the doorway, I'm going to fire back at the droid.
21:36:53 - Thomas: Okay.
21:36:54 - Reyd: I'm assuming I'm there.
21:37:02 - Thomas: Yes, you are at the doorway.
21:37:09 - Reyd: Okay.
21:37:18 - Thomas: Go ahead and roll your blaster attack.
21:37:39 - [RinkChat] User Reyd rolls 2d6+2: 2 + 6 = 8, modified by 2 = 10
21:38:40 - Thomas: The floating droid spirals out of the way of the blaster bolt before firing at the old man.
21:38:43 - [RinkChat] User Thomas rolls 3d6+2: 5 + 1 + 4 = 10, modified by 2 = 12
21:39:15 - Thomas: The driod winds up hitting the access panel for the damaged blast door.
21:39:37 - [Sara->Thomas] Sara checks to see if the Ithorian is dead. If so she will run towards the room with the window by the outside stairs.
21:39:56 - Thomas: Reyd, roll your Perception. (no penalties)
21:40:04 - [RinkChat] User Reyd rolls 3d6+1: 1 + 2 + 3 = 6, modified by 1 = 7
21:41:03 - [Thomas->Sara] The twin mouths on either side of the Ithorian's neck struggle to speak as you lean over it. "Hoo-tha... hoo-tha..." the weak voice whispers
21:41:29 - Thomas: next round
21:42:46 - Thomas: The droid gets in even closer (it's moving from the SW corner of the north building to about five meters from the opening of the door Reyd's at). Beyond, Reyd can see a second black droid floating out from under the catwalk towards him.
21:42:50 - Thomas: Reyd?
21:43:20 - Reyd: Oh, crappy crap crap. I think that's the appropriate word.
21:43:30 - Reyd: Um... *thinks*
21:44:23 - [Sara->Thomas] "Slags? I don't understand. Let me try to help you." Sara tries to stabilize the Ithorian.
21:44:53 - Thomas: The other droid is about twenty-five, thirty meters out.
21:45:29 - Reyd: I'll fire again at the closest droid. Here's hoping I get a wild die.
21:45:48 - Thomas: Okay. It's moving in first, so you do get your shot off first.
21:46:11 - [RinkChat] User Reyd rolls 2d6+2: 4 + 5 = 9, modified by 2 = 11
21:46:36 - Reyd: Hmm. Well, it's higher, and it's closer, so I guess that makes for a better shot. How much better, I don
21:46:37 - [Thomas->Sara] "Dying... hu-mon... Cold... told him... lie," she says.
21:46:41 - Reyd: ^don't know.
21:47:12 - Thomas: That one hits.
21:47:32 - Thomas: Roll damage for the blaster. That's 4d.
21:47:43 - [RinkChat] User Reyd rolls 4d6: 6 + 3 + 6 + 3 = 18
21:47:46 - [RinkChat] User Reyd rolls 1d6: 4 = 4
21:47:48 - Thomas: Wow.
21:47:49 - Reyd: SWEET
21:47:56 - [RinkChat] User Thomas rolls 1d6+2: 4 = 4, modified by 2 = 6
21:48:05 - Thomas: BOOMPF.
21:48:19 - [Sara->Thomas] About Tallon. We are here with Reyd. We want to help. He is in trouble. Can you move. Can you tell me?
21:48:20 - Thomas: next round
21:48:57 - * Reyd breathes a sigh of relief, knowing that since that droid wasn't very accurate, it's likely the other isn't either.
21:49:15 - [Sara->Thomas] Sara takes off her jacket and wraps it around her. Can she use a sense skill to get the information from Slags?
21:49:16 - [Thomas->Sara] "Too cold... Told other... Tallon at Lenk's.... lie," she says.
21:49:45 - [Sara->Thomas] Tallon is not at Lenks? Where is he. He needs our help.
21:49:58 - Thomas: Droid the second zooms towards Reyd, but heads upwards as it moves in closer.
21:50:40 - Reyd: How close is it to me?
21:52:11 - [Sara->Thomas] Can I com Reyd?
21:52:34 - Thomas: It's 24 meters from you in a direct line of fire. It's about 8 meters up in the air.
21:52:45 - [Thomas->Sara] Yes, you can.
21:53:12 - Thomas: Action, Reyd?
21:53:30 - Reyd: I'm going to aim at it so I can get a better shot for next round.
21:53:52 - Thomas: Okay. While you're doing that, make a perception check at -1d for the aim action.
21:53:53 - Reyd: Still in the cover of the doorway.
21:54:03 - [RinkChat] User Reyd rolls 2d6+1: 4 + 5 = 9, modified by 1 = 10
21:54:09 - Sara: Over com: Reyd, I found Slags. She is badly hurt and says she is dying. I am sorry my friend. I am doing all that I can.
21:56:07 - [Thomas->Reyd] While you are aiming at the droid, you spot movement along the catwalk. The figure is running across the catwalk . You can see two other droids circling the figure.
21:56:15 - Reyd: "Eee. Thank you for telling me. Lire's still down here and incapacitated. I'm fending off one more doid and then I'll see if I can get help for Lire, or get up to you if not.
21:56:44 - Thomas: next round
21:56:59 - Thomas: Droid 2 comes in closer, at that height.
21:57:12 - [Reyd->Thomas] Crap. I guess the noise from the blaster if I shoot it will attract attention.
21:57:31 - Thomas: The figure will continue to run to the roof of the south building.
21:57:32 - [Sara->Thomas] Slags, think of Tallon and where he is. Don't talk, send me the thoughts.
21:58:04 - [Thomas->Sara] Make a Sense roll.
21:58:09 - [RinkChat] User Sara rolls 2d6: 1 + 1 = 2
21:58:13 - Reyd: [will I get one more die roll if I aim again or is +1d all I can get?]
21:58:22 - [Sara->Thomas] Can I curse now"!@
21:59:03 - [Sara->Thomas] Where is he, I cannot sense your thoughts. Stay with me. Reyd is trying to get to us.
21:59:23 - Thomas: +1d is all you get when aiming.
22:00:32 - Reyd: Okay. Am I declaring now?
22:00:41 - Thomas: Yes. What's up with you?
22:01:27 - Reyd: (Sorry.) I'll shoot at the droid.
22:01:39 - Thomas: It's going to get within 13 meters this round, just above a 45 degree angle from you. At this rate, it'll be over the building and out of your site by next round.
22:01:40 - Thomas: Okay.
22:01:50 - Thomas: Roll your blaster and add 1d to your roll.
22:02:01 - [RinkChat] User Reyd rolls 3d6+2: 5 + 4 + 6 = 15, modified by 2 = 17
22:02:20 - Thomas: You hit! Roll damage!
22:02:24 - [RinkChat] User Thomas rolls 1d6+2: 3 = 3, modified by 2 = 5
22:02:26 - [RinkChat] User Reyd rolls 4d6: 3 + 4 + 4 + 3 = 14
22:02:51 - Thomas: Little droid bits rain around you.
22:03:03 - Thomas: next round
22:03:15 - Reyd: Cool. [And sorry for wasting time about the whole droid thing.]
22:03:24 - Thomas: There is an explosion from the south building.
22:03:34 - Thomas: Sara?
22:04:23 - [Sara->Thomas] I will try again.
22:04:33 - [RinkChat] User Sara rolls 2d6: 2 + 5 = 7
22:04:35 - Thomas: Sense roll, please Sara.
22:06:48 - [Thomas->Sara] She's weak... so very weak. Tallon, you think. Tallon Her mind is so strange... alien. There's a glimpse of an old man, an older version of Commander Tallon. then... a creature. A large, hairy beast... and then nothing.
22:06:56 - [Thomas->Sara] She's gone.
22:07:01 - Thomas: Reyd?
22:07:55 - Reyd: I'm going to duck behind the doorway and call Keeor on the comlink.
22:08:05 - Thomas: Okay.
22:08:17 - Thomas: What are you saying?
22:08:59 - Thomas: There's blaster fire from the roof of the south building.
22:09:09 - Reyd: "Keeor? There are figures heading towards the roof of the south building.
22:09:11 - Reyd: ECK
22:09:13 - Reyd: No.
22:09:58 - Reyd: "Keeor? Sara says she's found Slags. She's dying, though. I see you're busy with the enemy so I won't hold you any longer."
22:10:03 - Thomas: "I know that!" he shouts back over the comms. The blaster fire is echoed in the commlink. "We're a bit busy."
22:10:23 - Thomas: next round
22:10:36 - [Sara->Thomas] I am sorry that I could not help you. I hope we can help your friend. Find peace." Sara gets up and turns to leave the room. [Does she hear the blaster fire?]
22:10:51 - [Thomas->Sara] Make an... Alien Races or a Beast Riding skill roll. Whichever is higher for you.
22:11:37 - Reyd: [Me?]
22:11:39 - Thomas: Reyd?
22:11:48 - [RinkChat] User Sara rolls 2d6+2: 1 + 1 = 2, modified by 2 = 4
22:11:58 - [Sara->Thomas] what is with the /dkfja rgiohksfdnpi 1
22:12:15 - Thomas: There's a buzzing noise from the roof as well as the blaster fire.
22:12:28 - [Thomas->Sara] You have no idea what that creature was.
22:12:32 - Reyd: I'll go along to the north wall of the north building to keep out of sight of the people on the roof.
22:12:41 - Thomas: Okay.
22:13:04 - Reyd: Eck.
22:13:10 - Reyd: Er, I meant the north of the south.
22:13:33 - Thomas: As you do, you see the hopper lift off and flitter east, into the ice wastes. There's some blaster fire from the roof of the south building, but nothing seems to stop the hopper.
22:13:49 - Thomas: end of rounds
22:13:52 - Thomas: Soon it's gone.
22:13:56 - Thomas: from sight.
22:14:17 - * Reyd is thankful to be alive. He royally screwed that up.
22:14:20 - [Thomas->Sara] Make a Search roll.
22:14:38 - [RinkChat] User Sara rolls 4d6: 1 + 1 + 1 + 6 = 9
22:15:08 - [Reyd->Thomas] Can I comm Sara?
22:15:32 - [Thomas->Sara] Damn. Another one of those frelling darts is sticking out of her neck.
22:15:53 - [Sara->Thomas] Sara takes the dart.
22:16:34 - Thomas: "Give me that!" Neela's voice comes over the comlink. "Did you see that guy? Same frelling gundar from the Relentless!"
22:16:43 - Sara: Slags is dead. Looks like she was also poisoned. I am sorry for your loss Reyd.
22:16:56 - Sara: [That was said over the comlink.]
22:17:01 - Thomas: "
22:17:17 - Thomas: "Is everyone okay?" Ren's voice comes over the commlink.
22:17:30 - Reyd: "Thank you. Shall I come up there?"
22:17:42 - Reyd: "I'm hurt."
22:17:48 - Thomas: "Kai'la's been shot up, pretty bad," Neela says. "Keeor's trying to help."
22:18:12 - Sara: If there is any rite or prayer you would like to say, I can say it for you. Otherwise, there is nothing to be done here.
22:19:29 - Sara: Otherwise, we should collect our wounded and get back to the ship where we can care for them.
22:19:52 - Reyd: "Lire is still unconscious. Do we have any medicine with us? If not, I'll need a hand if we're to get her into the speeder."
22:20:16 - Sara: No problem, I think I can carry her. I will be down in a minute.
22:20:22 - * Sara heads downstairs.
22:20:22 - Thomas: "Sounds good to me," Neela replies.
22:20:47 - Thomas: and a few moments later...
22:21:08 - [Thomas->Lire] You're back to Wounded status. You're awake and everything.
22:21:25 - [Lire->Thomas] Ooh. Okay.
22:21:38 - Lire: Wow, I feel awful. What happened?
22:22:03 - Thomas: "You should be better now," Keeor says. "Try not to stand up too quickly."
22:22:32 - Thomas: He helps Lire into the waiting speeder.
22:22:39 - Reyd: Lire: You were knocked out in the battle with the sentry."
22:22:57 - Lire: How long was I out?
22:23:06 - Lire: Looks like things are pretty quiet.
22:23:17 - Sara: Too quiet.
22:23:34 - Sara: They got Slags.
22:23:41 - Lire: Oh no!
22:24:32 - Sara: She was able to talk to me before she died, I hope that we can make something out of what was said at the ship.
22:24:40 - Reyd: "Yes." Reyd frowns. "It looks like she was poisoned. Sara found her in the main building.
22:25:09 - [Reyd->Thomas] Ah, okay. Is an hour in the game equivalent to an hour in Chat?
22:25:29 - Thomas: Kai'la moans in her seat. "The sooner we get back, the better," she says.
22:25:40 - Sara: Yes, I found this dart. The same one as the others. We are just one step behind these people. However, Slags indicated that she misled them.
22:25:48 - Sara: Yes, let's be on our way.
22:25:53 - [Thomas->Reyd] No, not really. You all probably just spend about twenty minutes at this complex.
22:26:24 - Reyd: Lire: You were out about twenty minutes.
22:26:33 - Reyd: Well, 15-20.
22:26:43 - Thomas: "Buckle up," Ren says as he starts the speeder up.
22:26:48 - Reyd: Yes, let's go.
22:26:56 - * Reyd buckles in.
22:27:17 - Thomas: back at the ship...
22:28:19 - Thomas: It's about two arns past nighfall. The city streets were pretty quiet when you rolled in. Now, you're back, safe and sound inside the Saucy Wench
22:28:57 - Thomas: "...didn't see anything in there," Neela explains. "Just some dead bodies and the sealed access to the roof.
22:29:52 - Lire: Wait, I thought you were in a firefight.
22:30:40 - Reyd: Sorry to interrupt, but is anyone here good with a medpac? I think I need at after that...
22:30:55 - Reyd: I daresay Lire could use a bit of treatment too...
22:31:23 - Thomas: "We tried blasting the locks off, but had to scrounge around for something to blow the door off," Neela says. "When we finally got up there, that guy in the armor and the cloak was running to that 'hopper. He sicced some floating droids at us and kept us pinned down."
22:31:25 - Thomas: "Here, let me see that," Keeor says to Reyd.
22:31:36 - [RinkChat] User Thomas rolls 4d6: 3 + 3 + 3 + 6 = 15
22:31:57 - Lire: I have some medpac training, but I'm not sure I'm in any condition to use it.
22:32:04 - [Thomas->Reyd] You are now back to normal status.
22:32:27 - [Reyd->Thomas] Okay. Thanks. :)
22:33:20 - Thomas: "Unfortunately, there's not much else we can do for you, Lire," Keeor says. "That last medpac did as much as possible. We'd either have to get you to a hospital ship and put you in a rejuve tank or just hope you get better on your own."
22:34:00 - Reyd: "Yeah, those flying droids are a pain."
22:34:01 - Thomas: Kai'la agrees. "We should just tough it out until we get off this rock," she says. "I don't want to be stuck in a bacta tank when that Star Destroyer arrives in-system."
22:34:29 - Lire: Heh. That's fine; I was thinking of Reyd, actually. I've been worse.
22:34:45 - Thomas: Keeor smiles at that.
22:35:29 - Thomas: "I'm going to head off to the auto-chef and get some food for us," Keeor says.
22:35:40 - Reyd: Good idea.
22:36:25 - Thomas: "So what's this big hairy beast the hammerhead was talking about, Sara?" Kai'la asks.
22:36:35 - Reyd: Sara: In the grief of knowing my friend was dying, I forgot to ask you something. Did Slags say anything about Tollen at all? You say she misled them - does that mean she knows something about it?"
22:40:18 - Sara: Yes, she was able to get a few words out. She mentioned that she told her questioner that Tallon was at Lenk's. But she indicated that this was a lie.
22:40:18 - Thomas: (just a sec)
22:41:09 - Sara: She also said a name when I first got there. I am not sure what it means. Haatho? Is that familiar Reyd.
22:42:02 - [Reyd->Thomas] I guess I don't know anything about that name...
22:42:04 - [Thomas->Reyd] Lenk's? She must mean Lenk's farm, pretty far out to the east.
22:42:20 - Thomas: Reyd, make a languages roll.
22:42:27 - Thomas: You too, Lire.
22:42:36 - [RinkChat] User Reyd rolls 3d6: 4 + 4 + 3 = 11
22:42:47 - Sara: As to the hairy beast: It was approximately 3 meters tall. It had horns and fangs, but looked like a beast of burden.
22:43:04 - [RinkChat] User Lire rolls 4d6: 2 + 1 + 2 + 6 = 11
22:43:30 - Thomas: Both of you get to make Alien Races rolls, too. Or Beast Riding rolls, whichever one is better.
22:43:45 - [RinkChat] User Reyd rolls 3d6+2: 3 + 2 + 1 = 6, modified by 2 = 8
22:43:45 - Sara: It stands on 4 legs, and was dark brown. Does this sound familiar to anyone. I could not place it.
22:44:33 - [RinkChat] User Lire rolls 4d6: 4 + 6 + 3 + 2 = 15
22:45:29 - [Thomas->Lire] It sounds like she's describing one of these:
22:46:07 - [Thomas->Reyd] You're not certain what that word meant, but the creature does sound familiar.
22:46:31 - Lire: That sounds like a bantha to me. I've seen them before.
22:46:35 - [Thomas->Lire] You're not sure what "Haatho" means.
22:46:52 - Sara: Where?
22:47:07 - Thomas: "Bantha?" Kai'la says. "Those big smelly things?"
22:47:21 - [Reyd->Thomas] Do I know about the bantha? In an earlier transcript it was some religion...
22:47:58 - [Reyd->Thomas] Oh, I see I do in the knowledge text you gave me.
22:48:05 - Lire: I've got no clue what your "Haatho" is. But yeah, banthas are common on some worlds I've been on.
22:48:10 - [Thomas->Reyd] Yes, you know that there's a religious group called the Dim-U here on Paradise that practically worships the things. A bunch of nut-jobs.
22:48:27 - [Lire->Thomas] Should I make up a "where"? Or do you have some name I can throw out for Sara?
22:48:52 - [Thomas->Reyd] They live out in the Wastes, nomads, following the beasts. Complete nutters.
22:49:05 - Reyd: A bantha? Huh. There's a group here called the Dim-U who practically worships those. They're lunatics.
22:49:41 - [Thomas->Lire] You've heard about them here on the planet as well as on many other worlds. Practically every planet in the outer rim has them.
22:49:58 - Reyd: They actually follow the banthas in the Wastes.
22:50:20 - Reyd: That seems more than a little crazy to me, but hey, whatever floats their boat.
22:50:44 - Thomas: "Great," Kai'la says. "Just what I wanted... more fun outside in the snow."
22:50:53 - Sara: Interesting. Like the fellow outside the diner when we first got here.
22:51:13 - Sara: Where into the wastes? Is there a specific pilgrimage path?
22:51:34 - [Thomas->Reyd] Not that you know of.
22:52:08 - Reyd: Not that I know of. Could be wrong, but I wouldn't know.
22:52:23 - [Thomas->Reyd] They're found all around the equatorial areas of the planet.
22:52:28 - Sara: Maybe she was indicating that Tallon is involved with this group, or somewhere in the wastes where the banthas go.
22:52:45 - [Thomas->Reyd] And once in a while a few of the nutters come into town and preach on corners, but that's about it.
22:53:06 - Sara: Do you know the leader of this group, or is there a leader?
22:53:11 - Reyd: I do know that they're found all around the equatorial areas of the planet, and that sometimes some of them come into town and preach on corners, but that's about all.
22:53:46 - Reyd: I don't know of a leader, no.
22:54:28 - Reyd: I do know one person who could be friends with the group who we could try to get in touch with. I don't really know him that well though.
22:54:45 - Reyd: His name's Old Arno. At least, that's what we call him.
22:54:50 - Thomas: and we'll stop there for the evening.
22:54:54 - Thomas: DUN DUN DUNNNN
22:55:00 - Thomas: Ren: DUN
22:55:05 - Lire: LOL.
22:55:08 - Reyd: Hehe.

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