The following is more or less unedited for those of that are curious about how a play-by-chat-room session looks. Times are listed to give the curious an idea about how long it takes a conversation or game action to be completed. This session ran about four hours and forty minutes.

the commander
Thomas: All right... (18:20:23)
Thomas: Let's see here. We've got whitehelm and Mollie in watching mode. If either of you two want to jump in and play one of the characters that aren't here, feel free to at any time. (18:21:17)
whitehelm: So who's not here? (18:21:35)
Reyd: Lire: I believe the Tabbrowser Extensions might have something like that. (18:21:40)
Reyd: wh: Monkeyman plays Keeor, but he's not here right now. (18:21:59)
Thomas: Let me /invite people(characters) that aren't here, I'll close off the room, and then we'll list the folk that aren't present. (18:22:02)
[RinkChat] User Keeor is invited to the room by Thomas. (18:22:21)
[RinkChat] User Ren is invited to the room by Thomas. (18:22:21)
Thomas: Huh. The others have vanished from the useraccount information. (18:22:54)
Reyd: I'm not sure if invitations are kept after a /private. You may need to do it again... We'll see. (18:22:58)
[RinkChat] The room has been made private by Thomas. (18:23:06)
[RinkChat] User Keeor is invited to the room by Thomas. (18:23:22)
[RinkChat] User Ren is invited to the room by Thomas. (18:23:22)
Thomas: For those of you who are just watching, we've got the following characters available: (18:23:54)
Thomas: Keeor, a Rodian (Greedo-like) butler. He's here to keep an eye on Sara, a quixotic Jedi. (18:24:26)
Thomas: Ren, a tongue-tied engineer that is unparalled at finding cover when the fighting begins. He stammers a lot. (18:25:16)
whitehelm: I guess I'm going with Ren (18:25:46)
Thomas: Kai'la, a Twi'lek smuggler that owns the ship Saucy Wench. She drinks a lot (18:26:02)
Thomas: and there's Neela, a tough mercenary that likes guns, guns, and more guns. (18:26:25)
Reyd: Thomas: Can you invite Lindra? She'd like to watch. (18:26:30)
Thomas: That's who didn't make it. (18:26:35)
[RinkChat] User Lindra is invited to the room by Thomas. (18:26:41)
[RinkChat] User Jessie is invited to the room by Thomas. (18:26:41)
Lire: James signed off of AIM suspiciously close to 6. I didn't have time to remind him of the game beforehand. He might've been dodging on purpose. (18:26:46)
Reyd: Okay, thanks. :D (18:26:55)
Thomas: Eh, It's no big deal if he can't game anymore. We'll just swap characters around or have members of the group cycle out. (18:27:56)
Thomas: whitehelm: Do you want to play one of the other characters? I saw that you posted just before I wrote about the characters that weren't invited because their usernames had expired. (18:28:50)
Lindra has entered. (18:29:06)
Reyd: Hello. (18:29:15)
Thomas: Hey, Lindra. If you'd like to pick up a character and play along, feel free to do so. (18:29:33)
Lindra: Hey. (18:29:34)
Lire: Ren might be coming. I'm not sure. (18:30:16)
Lire: I'll know in a minute. (18:30:23)
whitehelm: If Ren's not coming, I'll be him, otherwise I'll go with Neela (18:31:07)
Thomas: Okay. We'll wait for another minute or two. (18:31:27)
Thomas: Character sheet are available on the "templates" page, over at (18:31:52)
Lire: Ren's not coming. Go ahead and take over that name. (18:32:24)
Reyd: Thomas: You going to do a "story so far" thing for any newcomers? (18:32:26)
Thomas: Ren is the "Tongue-Tied Engineer". Neela is "The Merc". Kai'la is "Smuggler". Keeor is "Loyal Retainer". (18:32:38)
Reyd: Lire: He can't unless he knows Ren's password, obviously. :D (18:32:56)
Lire: Reyd: I didn't mean to sign in as Ren, actually, but that's a good point. (18:34:15)
Reyd: Ah, I thought you did. (18:34:24)
Thomas: Okay then. (18:34:32)
whitehelm: Alright, I've got his character sheet up (18:34:42)
Thomas: previously... (18:34:50)
Thomas: In the days before the Empire rose, there was a great hero of the Old Republic, Commander Adar Tollan. (18:35:52)
Thomas: Tollan was thought killed over a dozen years ago, when his fleet was attacked by pirates. However, it's been recently learned that he's alive, and hiding out on a little planet at the edge of the galaxy called Paradise. (18:37:01)
* Reyd just /msg'd whitehelm Ren's description of himself from the first transcript. (18:38:07)
Thomas: Unfortunately, the people who learned this were the Empire. The Imperial Star Destroyer Relentless is currently undergoing repairs and will be arriving in about two days to capture Tollan. (18:38:10)
Thomas: To make certain that Tollan doesn't escape, the Empire has summoned bounty hunters to this remote ice planet to capture the man and hold him until the ISD Relentless arrives on-scene. (18:39:07)
Thomas: Your group of Rebel Alliance operatives were the only ones nearby that could find and rescue the man before the Relentless arrives. (18:39:43)
Thomas: The ice planet only has one settlement and it's swarming with bounty hunters. You've met up with one of the people on the planet that's been here for years, Reyd, who has been helping you to find Tollan. (18:40:47)
Lindra has left. (18:41:12)
Thomas: At least one of the bounty hunters has been killing off leads to Tollan. Two of the three people who have been on the planet the longest have been murdered. Just recently, you've come back from a small outpost just outside of town where you've found a clue -- when one of the oldsters died, she impressed a mental image of Tollan and a bantha, those large wooly-mammoth like creatures found throughout the galaxy. (18:43:11)
Thomas: Reyd mentions that there's a group of people that live out in the ice wastes that worship the creatures. However, that morning, a group of bounty hunters is heading out in a large pack to find the fugitive. And that's where we stand. (18:44:35)
Thomas: Anyone else want to add anything? (18:44:48)
Reyd: Sounds good to me... (18:45:40)
Reyd: [If I were being nitpicky, I'd say it's Tollen, not Tollan, but I'm not, so... oh wait... :-) ] (18:46:13)
Thomas: [I keep switching the vowels around on his name.] (18:46:30)
Sara: I think that Reyd also metioned knowing someone calld Old Arno that may be friends with the group. (18:46:42)
whitehelm: Did I do anything noteworthy? (18:47:05)
Reyd: Not recently. Although you didn't like the look of our speeder much. (18:47:59)
Thomas: Most recently, James didn't make it to the last game session, so we had Ren stay in the landspeeder with the engine running. (18:47:59)
whitehelm: Ok (18:48:46)
Thomas: So let's look at who's here as PCs: Ren, Sara, Lire, and Reyd. As NPCs, we've got Kai'la, Keeor, and Neela. (18:49:16)
Sara: OK, so are we all up to speed? (18:50:21)
whitehelm: Ok (18:50:42)
Thomas: Right now, it's nearing the first sun-rise. You're in the town, inside the Saucy Wench, which is in a large docking bay that's open to the sky. (18:51:01)
Lire: [Aw, I forgot that I'm half dead. :(] (18:52:24)
* Sara sips her hot Jalla. "I think that we have a desicion to make. Do we go out and search for the Bantha pilgrims, or do we look for Old Arno? (18:52:37)
Sara: "First, I guess we need to attend to the injured. (18:53:08)
Reyd: Well, as I said, I think Old Arno is friends with the Dim-U, those crazy Bantha worshippers. So one may lead us to the other. (18:53:58)
Sara: Ren, can you see if you can help Lire? (18:54:36)
* whitehelm checks on Lire (18:54:57)
Thomas: "We've got to tough it out until we're off this rock, Sara," Kai'la says. "The medipacs won't do any more good until we're off planet." (18:55:01)
Thomas: Ren sees that there's not much more he can do for Lire. (18:56:07)
* Reyd nods. "And waiting for a hospital ship would be dangerous if Tollen was captured in the meantime." (18:56:17)
Lire: I'll be fine. (18:56:18)
whitehelm: Sorry ev-everyone (18:56:41)
whitehelm: I'm not much of a medic-ical officer (18:57:01)
Thomas: "No problem," Neela says. "We just need to find this guy and get the frell out of here." (18:57:24)
Lire: There's a problem, though. Almost every outer rim planet has banthas. I'm not sure how much searching for a cult will narrow it down. Are there banthas here on Paradise? (18:57:42)
Sara: I think finding Arno would be our best bet. (18:57:54)
Reyd: Well, if the way Arno goes into the white for months on end is any indication, yes. (18:58:24)
Sara: Approaching them with someone they know would likely be best, especially if they have already encountered some bounty hunters. (18:58:36)
Reyd: Well... I don't know him that well. (18:59:04)
Sara: Do you know where he is now? Is he in town? (18:59:20)
[Reyd->Thomas] Do I know? (18:59:40)
Thomas: Neela clears her throat. "That Puggles guy is getting his band of hunters together in about a half hour," she starts. "I think either Keeor or Kai'la and I should tag along with them." (19:00:37)
[Thomas->Reyd] You're not sure. If he is in town, he'd probably head over to Heff's. (19:01:14)
* Reyd looks confused. "Puggles?" (19:01:19)
Lire: Sounds like a good idea. You might be able to find out something helpful. (19:01:51)
Thomas: "The guy that's getting a bunch of bounty hunters together," Neela says. "Lire and I spoke to him in that cantina when we arrived. That was before we met up with you." (19:02:13)
Reyd: (to Sara:) To be honest, I'm not sure. If he was in town, he'd probably go to Heff's, though. (19:02:44)
Reyd: "So you're playing along as bounty hunters?" (19:03:34)
Thomas: "Why don't you go with her, Keeor?" Kai'la says. "I don't think I'm in good enough shape to handle almost two dozen bounty hunters." She smiles. (19:03:34)
Thomas: "Uh, er." Keeor says. (19:03:42)
Sara: Yes, you two go see what you can learn with the bounty hunters. Try to keep Tollen from getting killed. (19:04:26)
Thomas: "This guy, Puggles, said the bounty hunters will be in separate landspeeders," Neela says. "Keeor and I will stay in one and use it to make a getaway if we need to." (19:04:45)
Sara: The rest of us should go look for Arno, maybe starting at Heff's. (19:05:06)
Thomas: Kai'la agrees. "Good plan." (19:05:22)
Sara: Do you two have coms? (19:05:26)
Thomas: They nod. (19:06:49)
Sara: Then let's be on our way. (19:07:11)
Reyd: If Arno's been to Heff's, I guess Nebbi might know more about where he would be, perhaps. (19:07:35)
Sara: We will follow you. You know the town best. (19:08:14)
Thomas: "Right," says Keeor. He and Neela get ready and head out to the power station to rendevous with Puggles' band. (19:08:21)
Reyd: Okay then. (19:08:37)
* Sara finishes her Jalla and stands to leave. "Lets go." (19:09:54)
Reyd: (I go ahead and lead the others to Heff's, trying to keep to alleys where he wouldn't be openly seen by the hunters.) (19:09:55)
* whitehelm follows Reyd (19:10:14)
Thomas: As you head outside, the cold morning wind cuts through your parkas, chilling you to the core. The streets are much less crowded this morning. Most citizens are staying inside, perhaps to wait for all these offworlders to finish their business and leave them alone. (19:10:15)
Thomas: Everyone make a Perception roll. (19:10:59)
[RinkChat] User Lire rolls 2d6: 3 + 6 = 9 (19:11:14)
[RinkChat] User Reyd rolls 3d6+1: 1 + 4 + 5 = 10, modified by 1 = 11 (19:11:14)
[RinkChat] User Sara rolls 3d6: 6 + 1 + 2 = 9 (19:11:25)
[Thomas->whitehelm] That's a roll using your main perception dice. (19:11:28)
Sara: roll 1d6 (19:11:36)
[RinkChat] User Sara rolls 1d6: 2 = 2 (19:11:42)
[whitehelm->Thomas] like this? /roll 2d6+1 (19:11:50)
[Thomas->whitehelm] Exactly. (19:12:00)
[RinkChat] User whitehelm rolls 2d6+1: 3 + 1 = 4, modified by 1 = 5 (19:12:04)
Reyd: [Wh: So you know, your Perception roll details are on the PDF sheet.] (19:12:06)
Reyd: [Ah, cool.] (19:12:14)
whitehelm: [It wasn't working at first for some reason (19:12:21)
[RinkChat] User Thomas rolls 3d6: 6 + 5 + 2 = 13 (19:12:34)
[RinkChat] User Thomas rolls 1d6: 6 = 6 (19:12:43)
[RinkChat] User Thomas rolls 1d6: 1 = 1 (19:12:47)
Lire: [Uh oh.] (19:12:51)
Thomas: Wow. Kai'la can see everything. (19:12:55)
Lire: Oh, that's good then. (19:13:02)
Sara: X-Ray vision! (19:13:07)
Reyd: Heh. (19:13:09)
Lire: [I was thinking that was what we had to beat.] (19:13:13)
Reyd: [Me too.] (19:13:18)
[Thomas->Reyd, Sara] As you're walking along, you get the feeling that you're being shadowed. (19:14:06)
Thomas: The circuitous route Reyd leads you on carries you away from the main streets. If anything, this area of town feels like it's completely deserted. (19:15:01)
* Reyd slows down a little. (19:15:15)
[Sara->Reyd, Thomas] Sara slows down and looks around. (19:15:35)
* Reyd discreetly whispers to the person next to him, "Don't look now, but I think we're being followed." (19:16:32)
[Thomas->Sara] Down at the end of the alley behind you, about sixteen meters away, you just catch the glimpse of a figure wearing a dirty white cloak duck behind a corner. (19:16:55)
[Sara->Thomas] Is there a shop nearby that I can duck into. (19:17:27)
Thomas: "I noticed someone back there a few hundred meters ago," Kai'la whispers. "Looks like just one person." (19:17:32)
[Thomas->Sara] Yes. (19:17:36)
Thomas: She's concealing her blaster in front of her. (19:18:20)
Sara: "I need to stop in here for a moment" Sara indicates a shop they are near." You go ahead and I will catch up." (19:18:23)
Sara: She winks at Kai'la. (19:18:47)
Thomas: "Okay," Kai'la says, a bit too loudly. (19:19:23)
Sara: As the group moves forward, Sara goes into the shop. (19:19:30)
Thomas: The group continues forward down the alley. (19:20:06)
Reyd: "Okay, so let's go and find Heff." Reyd turns slightly and takes a turn that doesn't lead to Heff's. (19:20:29)
Sara: She moves to a counter by a window watching for the guy following the group. (19:20:30)
* whitehelm is trembling slightly as he walks (19:20:51)
[Reyd->Thomas] I want to try and lose them if I can. (19:21:12)
[Thomas->Sara] A few moments later, the cloaked figure passes by, but speeds up as it goes by the window. (19:21:40)
[Thomas->Reyd] Okay. (19:21:47)
[Sara->Thomas] Sara goes out of the shop and follows the figure at a distance. (19:22:19)
* Lire puts a hand near her blaster, ready in case it's needed, and keeps following Reyd. (19:22:37)
Thomas: Reyd turns down another narrow pedestrian walkway. "You sure this is the correct way to the shop?" Kai'la asks, cathing up. (19:22:48)
[Sara->Thomas] She will be sneaking. (19:22:53)
[Thomas->Sara] Make a sneak roll. (19:23:02)
[RinkChat] User Sara rolls 3d6+2: 3 + 6 + 4 = 13, modified by 2 = 15 (19:23:32)
Reyd: Reyd nudges Kai'la discreetly. "Yeah, this is a shortcut." (19:23:35)
Thomas: She nods, and casts a quick glance over her shoulder as they continue onwards. (19:24:15)
[Thomas->Reyd] You're now about a block from Heff's shop. (19:24:38)
[Reyd->Thomas] I'll take a quick peek over my shoulder and see if we're still being followed. (19:25:35)
[Thomas->Reyd] Make a Perception roll. (19:25:58)
[RinkChat] User Reyd rolls 3d6+1: 4 + 6 + 4 = 14, modified by 1 = 15 (19:26:18)
whitehelm: we-eat-ther we-e're hav-ving isn't i-it? (19:26:33)
[Thomas->Reyd] You see a figure following you about fifteen or so meters back. It's wearing a dirty white cloak and it's face is obscured with an old, chipped white-painted face mask. (19:27:42)
Reyd: Reyd chuckles. "Nice to see someone with a sense of humour." (19:27:50)
[Thomas->Reyd] The figure seems to keep to the shadows, trying not to be noticed. (19:28:48)
* Reyd leans over to the others. "That guy is still following us. I reckon we should call him out." (19:29:28)
Thomas: "Around this corner, then," Kai'la suggests. (19:30:04)
Reyd: "Yeah, I was thinking that." Reyd steers the group towards the corner. (19:30:46)
* whitehelm follows Reyd around the corner (19:31:33)
Reyd: Reyd whispers, "Okay, when we get around there, let's see if we can set up an ambush of some kind." (19:31:42)
Thomas: Once around the corner, Kai'la takes up position behind a large outcropping in the building's wall. She holds her blaster pistol pointed at the corner. (19:31:45)
* whitehelm looks for a place to hide (19:32:41)
Thomas: The pedestrian corridor is narrow, about three meters across. [feel free to invent items in the walkway like the "large outcropping" above.] (19:32:48)
* Reyd ducks around a corner and similarly gets his blaster out. (19:32:50)
Thomas: There's a speeder bike up on blocks that Ren might be able to hide behind. (19:33:12)
[Sara->Thomas] If the guy stops, she will sneak up behind him. (19:33:16)
* whitehelm hides behind a trash can peeking around the side (19:33:21)
* whitehelm changes his mind and moves to the bike (19:33:33)
[Thomas->Sara] The guy hustles down towards the corner. (19:33:44)
* whitehelm ducks inside (19:34:02)
Lire: I'll join Ren and use the bike as cover, unless it obscures the view too much. (19:34:07)
[Sara->Thomas] OK. She keeps following him. (19:34:16)
Thomas: It should be just fine. (19:34:18)
whitehelm: Why can't we have this speeder, it looks much better? (19:34:27)
Thomas: A moment later, you hear the shuffling sounds of someone rushing down the way you came. (19:34:55)
Reyd: "The guy we're looking for seems to have a dirty white cloak and a white-painted face mask." (19:35:02)
* whitehelm pulls his blaster (19:35:16)
Reyd: Reyd whispers, "I think he just went past us. We're not that far to Heff's... maybe he's going there." (19:36:14)
Thomas: Someone wearing a dirty white cloak and a full-face mask comes around the corner and freezes at the site of several people pointing blasters at him." (19:36:22)
Reyd: [Or not. Heh.] (19:36:34)
* Reyd walks towards the person. "Okay, no funny tricks. Who are you and why are you following us?" (19:37:04)
[Sara->Thomas] Sara will come up behind him and put her sword to his back. (19:37:33)
Thomas: "Captain?" the voice says in surprise. "I was coming to rescue you." (19:37:36)
[Reyd->Thomas] Do I recognise the voice? (19:38:18)
Thomas: "Slags is dead," he says. "Heff is dead. I saw these offworlders with you and thought you were their prisoner." (19:38:24)
[Thomas->Reyd] It sounds like Old Arno. (19:38:37)
Reyd: "...Arno?" (19:38:54)
Reyd: "Is that you?" (19:39:03)
Thomas: He lifts his mask, revealing a grizzled pale face. "It is I, Reyd." (19:39:30)
[Sara->Thomas] Sara does not put her sword to his back, but she keeps it out. (19:40:12)
Thomas: "You can tell your friends to lower their weapons," he says. "I mean you no harm." (19:40:29)
* whitehelm lets out a very loud "PHEW" (19:40:29)
* Reyd sighs in relief. "Actually, we were looking for you. These offworlders - they're on my side." (19:40:30)
* Reyd lifts his comlink. (19:40:58)
Thomas: Kai'la lowers her weapon. (19:41:04)
[Reyd->Thomas] I'd like to comm Sara, if I can. (19:41:07)
* whitehelm puts his gun away (19:41:20)
Reyd: "Hold on a second. I'm going to try to communicate with Sara - let her know everything's OK." (19:42:30)
Thomas: "What is going on, Reyd?" he asks. "I saw explosions at Slags' last evening. By the time I arrived, everyone there was dead. I heard Heff was killed the day before..." (19:42:39)
Reyd: "Well, you know Commander Adar Tollen? Thought to be killed by pirates?" (19:43:45)
[Sara->Thomas] Sara steps out from behind Arno. I am here Reyd. This is Arno? (19:44:08)
Reyd: "Apparently he's still alive. Not only that, but he's here on Paradise." (19:44:11)
Sara: Sara steps out from behind Arno. "I am here Reyd." (19:44:44)
Thomas: "What does he have to do with my friend's murders?" he asks. (19:45:41)
Reyd: "Well, seems like the Empire's commissioning bounty hunters to try and capture Tollen. And at the same time, they're trying to stop us from getting to him first." (19:46:40)
Reyd: "When I say us... actually it's this group. They actually saved me from the hands of some of them." (19:47:18)
Reyd: "I owe them my life." (19:47:40)
Thomas: "It's not safe here any longer," Arno says quietly. "I saw the traffic over the spaceport. To many have come to our fair planet." (19:49:13)
Thomas: He continues: "Why do you others seek out the old Commander?" (19:49:31)
Thomas: "Do you know where he is?" Kai'la asks eagerly. (19:50:11)
Thomas: "An answer to my question first," he replies. (19:50:24)
Reyd: Reyd speaks up. "They're with the Rebel Alliance. Apparently they need Tollen as a rallying point." (19:52:06)
Thomas: "The Alliance?" he says with a start. "You can keep him safe, then?" (19:52:37)
Thomas: "Yes," Kai'la says. (19:54:14)
Thomas: He nods. "Good," he says. "Then follow me." (19:54:36)
Thomas: a brief montage ensues! (19:55:02)
Reyd: [Whoo, montage!] (19:55:43)
* whitehelm wonders what this strange music is that he hears (19:56:01)
whitehelm: [montage music] (19:56:06)
Thomas: The characters are shown boarding the Saucy Wench; it lifts off out of the docking bay; it shoots over an ice field, heading north; a lone man tracks the course of the starship through macronoculars; the ship lands outside a large encampment, around which a herd of banthas have gathered. (19:57:03)
Thomas: end montage! (19:57:11)
Lire: [Ooh.] (19:57:26)
Lire: So here are our banthas, then. (19:58:43)
Reyd: Reyd speaks to Old Arno. "So Adar Tollen is here?" (19:59:29)
Thomas: "The Wastes ain't safe to travel after dark, but here's a good as a place as any to stay the night," Arno says as everyone exits the ship. "They call it the Oasis... Ah, here they come now." From the old buildings, you can see a group of men in robes approach on foot. (19:59:48)
whitehelm: [away for a couple minutes] (20:00:09)
whitehelm is away. (20:00:12)
Thomas: Old Arno nods. "Yes, this is where the old Commander is." (20:00:37)
Reyd: It will be a great pleasure to meet him. (20:01:09)
Sara: Indeed. Hopefully we are not too late. (20:01:51)
Thomas: The small group of men, six in all, continue to approach. "Arno?" calls out one. "The Walker returns in a transport ship?" (20:02:04)
Thomas: " (20:02:29)
Thomas: "My legs are tired," he replies as they get closer. He points towards the one who spoke. "This is Dyson, high priest of the Dim-U," he says to Reyd. (20:03:25)
[Reyd->Thomas] Are there any special customs of the Dim-U that I'm aware of? (20:03:58)
Thomas: Dyson is younger and cleaner than the street preacher you encountered in the town. (20:04:01)
[Reyd->Thomas] That would be relevant here, anyway. (20:04:08)
Mollie has left. (20:04:10)
[Thomas->Reyd] Not really. They're just a bunch of crazy Bantha-worshippers. (20:04:17)
Sara: Nice to meet you Dyson. (20:04:20)
[Reyd->Thomas] Okay. (20:04:29)
* Reyd extends a hand to Dyson. "Nice to meet you." (20:04:48)
whitehelm is back. (20:05:12)
whitehelm: "Nice to me-et you, Dyson" (20:05:44)
Sara: Do you have sensors. There are bounty hunters looking for the Commander. A group of them were going to look for him today in speeders. (20:05:46)
Sara: They have been rather violent in their search. (20:06:02)
Thomas: "Pleased to meet you, all of you," Dyson says. Please, come and join us for our midday meal." He gestures to the group of ruins and tents. "We hardly ever get visitors out here." (20:06:08)
whitehelm: Now that I think about it, I am a little hungry... (20:06:49)
Thomas: "They have not been here," Dyson says. "We are but peaceful nomads and yours is the first mechanical transport we've seen in days." (20:07:19)
Sara: That is good. But we must be prepared. Let us go and eat. (20:08:19)
Reyd: "That would be nice, thank you very much." Reyd smiles. (20:08:20)
Thomas: "We have no complex machinery," he explains as he leads you back to the encampment. "We live off the land as our ancestors have done before us. True, we do travel to other planets in craft such as yours, but we try to live in harmony with the planet, following in the footsteps of the noble bantha." (20:09:02)
Thomas: "The Commander?" Dyson says as you enter the ruins. "I know nobody by that name or title." (20:09:42)
Thomas: Kai'la stops short. "What?" (20:09:53)
Sara: Perhaps we could discuss this over breakfast. (20:10:13)
whitehelm: His name is Ad-dar Tollen (20:10:32)
Reyd: Reyd turns to Arno. "Didn't you say he was here?" (20:10:43)
Thomas: The building you've entered is full of about a dozen Dim-U worshippers. (20:10:46)
Sara: Sara follows a bit behind the group. (20:11:16)
Thomas: "I am here," one of the worshippers says. "But I haven't gone by that title in years." (20:11:17)
Lire: I heard something about him being here, yes. Is this a trick? (20:11:19)
Lire: [Oops. Lag.] (20:11:30)
[Sara->Thomas] Sara coms Keeor and asks the status of the search. (20:11:51)
Thomas: An older man stands apart from the others. Yes, he looks like the person you've been looking for. (20:12:04)
Reyd: "Tollen? You're actually alive?" (20:12:17)
Thomas: "What is this, Arno?" he says. "Why have you brought these people here, to use my old name?" (20:12:29)
Reyd: "What is your new name? We will be happy to use it." (20:13:12)
[Thomas->Sara] Keeor replies "This seems like a wild goose chase," he replies. "We're about a hundred kilometers south of the city -- I think Puggles is driving us around in circles." (20:13:19)
[Sara->Thomas] Good. I will update you in a while, but we seem to be making progress. (20:14:07)
Sara: I apologize for our intrusion. Unfortunately, you are now being hunted by bounty hunters as well as the emipire. (20:15:00)
Thomas: "I've lived here as Belk," Tollen says. "Adar Tollen is supposed to have died years ago." (20:15:04)
Thomas: "The Empire?" (20:15:27)
Sara: They know that you are here. I do not know how they found out. (20:15:54)
Reyd: "The Galactic Empire, yes. Word has gone out that you're here on Paradise, and the Empire are trying to capture you." (20:16:02)
Thomas: "Belk?" Dyson says. "What is going on?" (20:16:09)
Thomas: He turns to Dyson. "It appears I am a fugitive, and my being here endangers the Dim-U." (20:16:43)
Sara: We found out through the information on a datapad of an agent for the Rebel Alliance. (20:16:45)
Sara: We can attempt to keep you safe if you will come with us. There are people with the Rebellion that would like very much to meet you. (20:17:32)
Thomas: "We should go with them," Arno says. "The bounty hunters have already killed friends of mine to find you." (20:18:06)
Sara: I am sorry for your loss. (20:18:33)
* Reyd steps forward slightly. "Let me introduce myself. My name is Reyd, and these are my friends Lire, Sara, Ren and Kai'la." He gestures to each in turn. (20:18:40)
* whitehelm waves Hi (20:18:55)
Thomas: Everyone make Perception rolls. (20:19:54)
[RinkChat] User Sara rolls 3d6: 5 + 3 + 1 = 9 (20:20:04)
[RinkChat] User Reyd rolls 3d6+1: 4 + 5 + 1 = 10, modified by 1 = 11 (20:20:08)
[RinkChat] User Lire rolls 2d6: 1 + 1 = 2 (20:20:34)
Lire: [Gah.] (20:20:45)
[RinkChat] User whitehelm rolls 2d6+1: 6 + 6 = 12, modified by 1 = 13 (20:20:56)
* Lire nods to Belk. (20:21:06)
Sara: [Whitehelm, you get to reroll the first 6] (20:21:22)
[RinkChat] User whitehelm rolls 1d6: 1 = 1 (20:21:28)
whitehelm: [forgot] (20:21:36)
[Thomas->Reyd, whitehelm] As the others talk, you can hear the sound of speeder bikes approaching on the wind. They're coming from the west, it sounds like there's more than one of them. (20:21:40)
whitehelm: EEP (20:21:50)
Thomas: "I have a ship right outside the camp," Kai'la says. (20:22:00)
Sara: Still a good roll! (20:22:00)
whitehelm: Guys, ther-res some bik-kes com-ming (20:22:04)
* Reyd motions to Belk, Arno and Dyson. "Yes, I heard them too. We should hurry." (20:22:18)
[Sara->Thomas] Sara asks Keeor where they are. (20:22:25)
whitehelm: Preferably in the eas-stern direction (20:23:00)
[Thomas->Sara] "Still south of the city," he replies. "Neela and I are staying with one of the landspeeders while the others are off looking over an old farmstead." (20:23:29)
* Reyd nods. (20:23:41)
[Sara->Thomas] We are at a camp and have found Tollen. However, there are speeders coming. Can you head over here. (20:24:26)
Thomas: Kai'la looks up and listens. "We have to go." (20:24:28)
* whitehelm looks outside, "Come on!" (20:25:15)
Reyd: "Belk, are you happy to come with us?" Reyd looks concernedly at him. (20:25:28)
Thomas: "Dyson, I'm sorry for any trouble I may have brought to the long seek," Tollen says. (20:25:47)
Thomas: Dyson nods. "Go and be safe," he replies. (20:26:03)
[Sara->Thomas] You may try to come over this way. We will try to hold off any attackers. However, we may have to take off. We will meet later if we take off. (20:26:05)
Reyd: "Is there a western exit to this building?" (20:26:39)
[Sara->Thomas] Looks like we are going to leave here. I will keep you posted. (20:26:53)
[Thomas->Sara] "Roger that," he says. "Let's go, Neela!" you hear him say over the comlink before he ends the transmission. (20:26:56)
Thomas: "The ship's off to the south, (20:27:08)
Thomas: " Kai'la says. (20:27:14)
whitehelm: [Alright, I'm off, good luck escaping] (20:27:43)
Sara: Let's get to the ship. (20:27:50)
Reyd: [In any case, I meant eastern, but, yeah.] (20:27:53)
Thomas: [thanks for coming by!] (20:27:55)
Reyd: Good point. Let's go. (20:27:59)
Sara: [Bye. Hope you can join us again.] (20:28:05)
whitehelm: [It was fun, hope so too, Bye!] (20:28:16)
Reyd: [Thanks! See you later! Don't forgot to /subscribe #RebelScum! :D] (20:28:19)
whitehelm has left. (20:28:20)
Thomas: Kai'la shouts "Follow me!" and jumps through the doorway, heading around the building towards the ship -- it's over 200 meters away from the ruins, just past the herd of bantha. (20:29:22)
* Sara follows close to Tollen. (20:29:57)
[Reyd->Thomas] How am I for running? Being an old man, and all... (20:30:07)
Lire: Lire brings up the rear, trying to watch in several directions at once. (20:30:13)
Thomas: The sound of the speeder bikes are closer now -- they're fast-moving swoop bikes, heading your way. (20:30:57)
[Thomas->Reyd] You can run when properly motivated. (20:31:12)
[Reyd->Thomas] Okay then. Thanks. (20:31:39)
Thomas: "Yipes!" Ren shouts as he dashes out after Sara and the others. (20:32:14)
* Reyd continues running, watching out for Tollen/Belk as they do so. (20:32:24)
Thomas: The swoops are picking up speed, the one in the lead motions the other to head towards the ship. (20:33:08)
[at this point the chat room reset, wiping the buffer clean.]
Sara has entered. (20:35:59)
Thomas has entered. (20:36:01)
Reyd has entered. (20:36:03)
Lire has entered. (20:36:05)
Thomas: The other swoop's engine howls as it changes course (20:36:14)
Reyd: [Eee.] (20:36:15)
Lire: [O_o I look away for a second...] (20:36:35)
Thomas: (Whoa. Did the server just hiccup for everyone else?) (20:36:37)
Sara: Looks like trouble. Lets get aboard. (20:36:40)
Sara: Yup. (20:36:43)
Reyd: [Thomas, resume your transcription. Mine got turned off, so yours will have done too.] (20:36:44)
Lire: [Yup, it did.] (20:36:45)
Reyd: [What happened since I said I was looking out for Belk?] (20:37:39)
Thomas: Everyone's running, you've just cleared the herd of animals. The ship is only several dozens of meters away. (20:37:46)
Thomas: There's two swoop bikes: the leader just signaled the other to head towards your ship; it looks like they'll be upon you before you can get to the Saucy Wench (20:38:30)
Thomas: so, action declaration, then? (20:38:58)
[RinkChat] User Thomas has been made a moderator by Sara. (20:39:12)
Reyd: [Combat rounds, then? Ooo.] (20:39:27)
Sara: Fun Fun! (20:39:34)
Thomas: so, action declaration, then? (20:39:35)
Thomas: (There, that's better.) (20:39:39)
Thomas: Tollen and Arno are going to continue to run to the ship. (20:39:57)
Sara: Sara will follow, keeping herself between the bikes and Tollen. (20:40:27)
Thomas: Ren is going to continue to run, keeping Tollen between him and the bikes. (20:40:55)
Reyd: (Scaredycat. :-P (20:41:17)
Reyd: ) (20:41:20)
Lire: Lire will run, blaster drawn, with Tollen and Arno, guarding them. (20:41:37)
Thomas: The lead bike is going to fire a few shots at your group, nothing big, just enough to chew up the snow and try to make you pause.) (20:41:38)
Thomas: The other bike is going to get half-way to the ship. (20:41:58)
Reyd: Reyd will do as Lire is, running with blaster drawn. (20:42:11)
Thomas: It's going to take you about four rounds to clear the space between you and the ship after this round. (20:42:25)
Thomas: The lead biker fires several times, churning up the snow around you. It looks like in the next round, the bike will be barrelling through your line. (20:43:16)
Thomas: The rest of you continue running. (20:43:22)
Thomas: next round (20:43:34)
Thomas: declarations (20:43:41)
Thomas: Tollen and Arno continue to the ship. (20:43:50)
Thomas: Ren continues to the ship (20:43:55)
* Sara remembers the blaster she picked up in the last battle and draws it as she runs. (20:44:02)
Reyd: [The trouble is that if Tollen and Arno keep running, we kinda have to run with them. Which is eee.] (20:44:02)
* Sara stops and aims at the gun ships after drawing her blaster. (20:44:37)
Thomas: The lead biker is going to gun it towards you and boost right over your line. (20:44:37)
Thomas: The other biker is going to get to your ship. That's when you realize it's a biped droid. (20:45:08)
Thomas: Kai'la will fire once at the human biker. (20:45:36)
Thomas: (she will continue running) (20:45:58)
Thomas: Lire? (20:46:00)
Lire: When the speeder comes by, I'm going to try and take out the human biker as well. (20:46:40)
Lire: [Sorry, my mom wanted something real quick.] (20:46:57)
Thomas: Jumping on the driver or shooting at the driver? (20:47:03)
Lire: Er. Shooting at. (20:47:20)
Thomas: Okay. (20:47:32)
* Reyd will try to dodge out of the way of the lead biker while continuing to run. (20:47:35)
Thomas: Okay. (20:47:43)
Thomas: resolution (20:47:53)
Thomas: Sara, make your blaster roll. (20:48:09)
Thomas: Lire, same thing. (20:48:12)
Thomas: (although Lire's shot will be after Kai'la's) (20:48:32)
[RinkChat] User Lire rolls 2d6+2: 4 + 1 = 5, modified by 2 = 7 (20:48:43)
Lire: (Okay.) (20:48:46)
[RinkChat] User Sara rolls 3d6+2: 6 + 2 + 2 = 10, modified by 2 = 12 (20:48:59)
[RinkChat] User Sara rolls 1d6: 5 = 5 (20:49:17)
Thomas: Ooo. (20:49:19)
Reyd: Nice one. (20:49:28)
Sara: Thanx (20:49:49)
Thomas: To the first biker, it zooms overhead, only a meter above your head, but both Kai'la's and Lire's shots miss. That thing's just too fast. (20:50:10)
Thomas: Sara's shot comes close, but just misses as the droid cuts a hard turn at your ship. (20:51:18)
Thomas: Right now, we're looking at this layout: (20:51:27)
Thomas: Kai'la, Tollen, Arno, Ren in a big clump. (20:52:14)
Thomas: Reyd is right behind them, followed by Lire. (20:52:26)
Thomas: A bit of a gap and there's Sara. (20:52:33)
Thomas: In front of the ship is the droid biker; the other biker is rushing past you. (20:53:05)
[Thomas->Lire] Make a Perception roll. (20:53:15)
[RinkChat] User Lire rolls 2d6: 2 + 5 = 7 (20:53:27)
[Thomas->Lire] Holy cow! It's that woman that purchased the bikes at that speeder lot you got that landspeeder! (20:53:56)
Thomas: next round (20:54:17)
[Lire->Thomas] Ooh, the human, you mean? (20:54:27)
Thomas: Tollen and Arno angle off to the west as they run towards the ship, this should put them behind the droid biker. (20:54:50)
[Reyd->Thomas] No need for me to roll a dodge, then? (20:54:55)
[Thomas->Lire] Yes, the one with the big rifle. (20:55:00)
Lire: I recognize that biker. Wasn't she at the speeder lot? (20:55:02)
[Thomas->Reyd] No, it just shot over you. (20:55:12)
[Reyd->Thomas] Oh, right. Okay. (20:55:21)
Thomas: Ren runs with the group of people. (20:55:27)
Thomas: Kai'la runs as well, shooting at the droid's swoop bike. (20:55:41)
Thomas: The droid has stopped his bike and fires a blaster shot at Kai'la. (20:56:15)
* Sara shoots at the droid. (20:56:27)
Thomas: (Kai'la will attempt to dodge the shot) (20:56:34)
Lire: Lire shoots the droid as well. (20:56:54)
Lire: *shoots at, rather. (20:57:00)
Thomas: The human biker is in the process of turning her swoop bike around, turning to the left. (20:57:03)
* Reyd stops at a easonable distance from the droid and shoots once, as well. (20:57:17)
Thomas: Reyd? (20:57:17)
Reyd: ^reasonable (20:57:22)
Thomas: Okay. (20:57:28)
[Sara->Thomas] since everyone else is now shooting at the droid, I would like to shoot at the bike the human is on. (20:58:17)
[Thomas->Sara] Sure. (20:58:23)
Sara: Is that OK? (20:58:25)
Lire: Hopefully the combined efforts will leave us with one less enemy. (20:58:34)
Thomas: Sara's shooting at the woman. (20:58:35)
Thomas: Hopefully. (20:58:41)
Thomas: Lire, shoot at the droid (and remember the -1d penalty for the wound.) (20:58:56)
Thomas: Reyd, shoot at the droid with your blaster. (20:59:15)
[RinkChat] User Reyd rolls 3d6+2: 4 + 6 + 2 = 12, modified by 2 = 14 (20:59:27)
Lire: [Oh, I forgot about the penalty! That means my previous shots would've been a lot lower as well. Oops.] (20:59:32)
Thomas: And Kai'la will also be firing, but I doubt she'll hit anything, running and being injured. (20:59:36)
[RinkChat] User Lire rolls 1d6: 4 = 4 (20:59:37)
[RinkChat] User Lire rolls 1d6+2: 3 = 3, modified by 2 = 5 (20:59:50)
Thomas: "My ship!" Kai'la says to Lire. "Stop shooting my ship and hit him!" (21:00:46)
Reyd: [ :-P ] (21:01:14)
[remote] [Mollie->Thomas] Tell me when you guys get done and I will discuss wallpapers. (21:01:41)
Lire has left. (21:01:47)
Thomas: The droid's shot goes through Kai'la's cloak, burning a hole under her arm. (21:01:59)
Reyd: [Eee. Where'd she go? :/] (21:02:09)
Thomas: Reyd's shot hits the front air dam on the swoop bike. (21:02:45)
Thomas: Sara, roll your attack on the other biker. (21:02:58)
Sara: Nice shot! (21:02:58)
Reyd: Thanks. (21:03:12)
[RinkChat] User Sara rolls 3d6+2: 3 + 5 + 5 = 13, modified by 2 = 15 (21:03:14)
Thomas: Your shot goes wide as the incredibly fast bike makes the turn. (21:03:41)
Lire has entered. (21:03:54)
Sara: Welcome back. (21:04:03)
Reyd: [Hi again.] (21:04:03)
Lire: [And I'm still getting a lot of lag.] (21:05:11)
Thomas: next round (21:05:12)
Lire: *[My internet connection went down suddenly. I don't know why that didn't send.] (21:05:39)
Thomas: Kai'la starts to guide Tollen and Arno around to the left to flank the droid on the bike. Ren follows dutifully along. (21:06:10)
Thomas: "Adar Tollen!" shouts the droid. "Surrender now and you will not be harmed!" He aims his blaster rifle at Kai'la. (21:06:58)
Thomas: The other swoop bike comes around and charges straight at Sara. It looks like she's trying to ram the young woman. (21:07:41)
Thomas: Sara? Lire? Reyd? (21:07:49)
Reyd: Where is everybody now? (21:08:10)
Thomas: Imagine a line from the ship to the settlement. (21:08:24)
Lire: Lire is going to try and shoot the droid again, futile though it probably is. (And even though it might hit the ship.) Maybe it'll work as a distraction, at least. (21:08:45)
Thomas: At the ship is the droid. About twenty meters from the droid, to the left of that line (with the ship being at the top of the line and the settlement at the bottom of the line.) (21:09:08)
Thomas: is the group that contains Tollen. (21:09:27)
Thomas: Reyd, Lire, and Sara are along that line -- Reyd is about 35 meters from the ship, Lire is right behind him, and five meters behind Lire is Sara. (21:10:20)
Thomas: The human biker is to the right of that line. (21:10:32)
Sara: Sara will shoot and dodge the bike. (21:11:07)
Thomas: (but will soon be intersecting the line where Sara is) (21:11:08)
Reyd: Okay. (21:11:13)
Reyd: Oh, my declaration. (21:12:05)
Reyd: I'm going to keep running and dodge anything that comes my way. (21:12:30)
Thomas: Towards the droid or towards Tollen's group? (21:12:47)
Reyd: Towards Tollen's group. (21:13:37)
Thomas: Okay. (21:13:45)
Thomas: Lire, shoot! (21:13:51)
Thomas: Sara, shoot and then dodge! (both at -1d) (21:14:04)
[RinkChat] User Lire rolls 1d6+2: 3 = 3, modified by 2 = 5 (21:14:20)
Lire: [*sigh*] (21:14:28)
[RinkChat] User Sara rolls 2d6+2: 3 + 6 = 9, modified by 2 = 11 (21:14:30)
Thomas: "My ship!" (21:14:36)
[RinkChat] User Sara rolls 2d6+2: 2 + 4 = 6, modified by 2 = 8 (21:14:53)
Thomas: Sara did hit the biker, so roll damage (21:15:34)
[RinkChat] User Sara rolls 4d6: 3 + 4 + 1 + 5 = 13 (21:16:13)
Thomas: You hit the bike and she swerves out of the way, zooming on by behind you. (21:17:45)
Thomas: next round (21:17:49)
Thomas: Ren leads the older men towards the back of the ship. (21:18:21)
Thomas: Kai'la shoots at the droid, who fires back. Kai'la will attempt to dodge. (21:18:43)
Lire: Lire gives up on chopping paint flakes off the ship, and just runs to join Ren and the others. (21:19:19)
Thomas: The human biker has flown past the line and is on a curving trajectory to cut off Ren's group. (21:19:22)
* Sara runs over towards the group, switching to her sword. (21:20:44)
Reyd: Reyd will stop and take aim at the droid, preparing to shoot next round. (21:20:54)
Thomas: Okay. (21:20:59)
Thomas: The droid manages to shoot before Kai'la does; she's hit and tumbles and falls as she runs. (21:21:43)
Thomas: The human biker is almost upon the group. (21:22:07)
Thomas: Where everyone is: Ren's group.... then Kai'la... then Lire and Reyd... then Sara. We'll just say each group is about ten meters apart. (21:23:19)
Thomas: next round (21:23:31)
Thomas: Ren will stop and fire at the human biker; the older men follow his last lead and continue around the side of the ship. (21:24:00)
Thomas: The droid biker guns the swoop and tries to pursue the old men. (21:24:21)
Thomas: The human biker boosts over the ship and drops a gas grenade on Ren's location. (21:24:48)
Lire: Lire will shoot at the human biker. (21:25:09)
Thomas: Sara? Reyd? (21:26:24)
* Reyd will go ahead and fire at the droid, even though it's now on the move. He might still hit it. (21:26:30)
* Sara runs towards Tollen's group. (21:28:26)
Thomas: Lire, go ahead with your shot. You too, Reyd. (21:28:52)
Lire: Oh, right. (21:29:11)
[RinkChat] User Lire rolls 1d6+2: 3 = 3, modified by 2 = 5 (21:29:17)
Lire: [I keep getting the same number every time. O_o] (21:29:35)
Reyd: (at +1d:) (21:29:38)
[RinkChat] User Reyd rolls 4d6+2: 4 + 5 + 5 + 1 = 15, modified by 2 = 17 (21:29:50)
Thomas: Lire's shot... blast! That bike's too fast! (21:30:37)
Lire: "Frell," Lire says, with feeling. (21:31:45)
Thomas: It's up and over Ren's position before WHUMPH! A mustard yellow cloud explodes all around Ren! He fires out of the cloud randomly, but misses. (21:31:48)
Thomas: Reyd, roll damage on the blaster. (21:32:00)
[RinkChat] User Reyd rolls 4d6: 1 + 3 + 2 + 3 = 9 (21:32:15)
Reyd: :/ (21:32:22)
Thomas: The old man's shot hits the droid, knocking it off the swoop bike. The bike accellerates and rockets into the air before crashing into a snow bank fifty meters away. (21:33:39)
Thomas: next round (21:33:50)
Thomas: Tollen's group is on the other side of the smoke, so you can't see their actions. (21:34:06)
Thomas: You don't see Ren's actions, either. (21:34:20)
Thomas: The droid starts to get back up. (21:34:40)
Thomas: The human biker shoots over the ship, you can hear the bike turn around on the other side. Unfortunately, the bulk of the transport blocks your vision of her. (21:35:24)
Thomas: Kai'la doesn't move. (21:35:40)
Thomas: Sara, Lire, Reyd? (21:35:47)
Lire: Lire runs to see if Kai'la's all right. (21:36:18)
[Sara->Thomas] Where am I in relation to the ship and the droid? (21:36:48)
[Thomas->Sara] You are about 15 meters from the ship and droid. (21:37:13)
[Thomas->Sara] Er, 25 meters. Sorry. (21:37:24)
[Thomas->Sara] Blaster pistol-wise, this is medium range. (21:37:44)
[Thomas->Sara] Running to charge him-wise, that's two rounds out. (21:38:04)
Reyd: [I'm waiting to see what Sara'll do...] (21:38:06)
Sara: me too. (21:38:15)
Reyd: Oh, okau. (21:38:22)
Thomas: Reyd has a higher perception, so he gets to declare actions after pretty much everybody. (21:38:33)
Sara: Oh, that's me. Right. Sara will continue to run towards the back of the ship towards Tallon's group. (21:38:55)
Reyd: Okay. I'll shoot the droid once, and rush over to see if I can use its bike myself. (21:39:20)
Thomas: Okay. (21:39:33)
Thomas: Reyd, fire once at -1d because you're running. (21:39:44)
[RinkChat] User Reyd rolls 2d6+2: 3 + 6 = 9, modified by 2 = 11 (21:40:02)
Thomas: Reyd's shot goes wide as the droid stands up. Reyd backs away towards the swoop bike. He gets to 20 meters from the bike at the end of this round. (21:41:05)
Thomas: Lire, Kai'la is knocked out, but still breathing. You slap her face, but she doesn't wake up. (21:41:31)
Thomas: Sara, you're running and running. (21:41:39)
Thomas: There's another WHUMPH! noise from the other side of the ship and you can hear the other swoop bike howl in the wind. (21:42:11)
Thomas: next round</> (21:42:19)
Thomas: Tollen's group is on the other side of the disappating smoke, but you can't see them. (21:42:42)
Thomas: Nor do you see Ren's actions, if any. (21:42:52)
Thomas: The human biker comes shooting around the back side of the ship, heading towards the downed swoop bike. (21:43:22)
Thomas: The droid picks up his blaster rifle and fires once at Sara. (21:43:49)
Thomas: Lire, Sara, Reyd? (21:44:23)
[Sara->Thomas] Where am I now? (21:44:36)
Lire: I want to try and get Kai'la to the ship. (21:45:17)
[Thomas->Sara] You are five meters from Lire, who is bent over Kai'la. This is about 20 meters from the droid. Reyd is past you, in the direction of the downed bike about ten meters from you. The gas cloud that was where Ren was last seen is ten meters past you, closer to the ship. (21:46:01)
* Reyd stops and fires once at the human biker. (21:46:07)
Reyd: [oops, sorry, too early...] (21:46:17)
* Sara continues running towards Tallon's group. (21:47:43)
Thomas: Reyd, roll your blaster dice. (21:48:07)
[RinkChat] User Reyd rolls 3d6+2: 1 + 4 + 6 = 11, modified by 2 = 13 (21:48:45)
[RinkChat] User Sara rolls 3d6+2: 5 + 3 + 1 = 9, modified by 2 = 11 (21:49:08)
Thomas: The droid's shot just misses Sara's head. (21:49:40)
Thomas: Lire starts to drag Kai'la towards Ren's last position. (21:50:17)
Thomas: Reyd's shot goes just over the air dam on the swoop bike. (21:51:01)
Thomas: Sara rushes over to the disappating cloud and sees Ren, collapsed in the snow. (21:51:28)
Thomas: next round (21:51:36)
Thomas: You can't see Tollen's group, but there is another yellow cloud about fifteen or twenty meters from Ren and Sara. Ren's cloud has disappated. (21:52:13)
Thomas: The droid will aim at Lire. "Surrender now," it says. (21:52:40)
Thomas: The human biker will attempt to fly over Reyd and drop another gas canister on his position. (21:53:01)
Thomas: You guys? (21:53:43)
Lire: Lire will try and shoot the droid, because there's not much else to do... (21:53:46)
* Sara will attack the droid. (21:54:04)
* Reyd will rush towards Sara and Ren. (21:54:20)
Sara: [Sara is charging the droid with her sword. (21:54:35)
Thomas: Reyd, that'll be considered a dodge. Go ahead and roll your dodge dice. (21:55:16)
[RinkChat] User Reyd rolls 2d6+2: 3 + 1 = 4, modified by 2 = 6 (21:55:29)
Thomas: You are very lucky that I rolled poorly. (21:55:47)
Reyd: Heh. I figured that I had failed that. (21:56:41)
Reyd: I guess that means I haven't. (21:56:48)
Thomas: The swoop biker tries to correct for your abrupt change in direction but the bike's speed -- the reason why it's so hard to target -- works against the rider that time. She cuts too wide a curve on the turn and drops another WHUMPH! far behind you. (21:57:20)
Thomas: With the droid attack, because Sara has to run and cover the distance, the blaster shot goes off first. The droid will attempt to parry Sara's attack -- he doesn't think Lire poses a threat. (21:58:12)
Thomas: Lire, roll your attack. (21:58:18)
Lire: Lire probably doesn't. :( (21:58:24)
[RinkChat] User Lire rolls 1d6+2: 6 = 6, modified by 2 = 8 (21:58:37)
Lire: W00T (21:58:42)
[RinkChat] User Lire rolls 1d6: 3 = 3 (21:58:46)
Lire: [Still not great, but...] (21:58:55)
Thomas: Lire completely surprises the droid. (21:59:06)
Reyd: Woo. (21:59:26)
Thomas: Dude! You hit! Roll 4d6 for damage! (22:00:04)
[RinkChat] User Lire rolls 4d6: 3 + 1 + 5 + 4 = 13 (22:00:20)
Sara: Nice shot!!! (22:01:15)
Thomas: The droid falls to the ground as Sara gets there. It's scrambling to get to it's feet when Sara swings her dueling sword.... (22:01:30)
[RinkChat] User Sara rolls 5d6: 5 + 5 + 4 + 3 + 1 = 18 (22:01:43)
Thomas: Ow. (22:01:54)
Reyd: Nice one, both of you. (22:02:06)
Thomas: Roll your damage. (22:02:09)
[RinkChat] User Sara rolls 4d6+1: 4 + 2 + 2 + 4 = 12, modified by 1 = 13 (22:02:35)
Thomas: "You'll need to do better than that, meat," it says as it regains its feet. Just then, Sara comes rushing in and slices off its head. "Error... Errrrrrr." (22:03:45)
Thomas: The droid body collapses to the ground. (22:04:01)
Sara: COOL!!! (22:04:03)
Thomas: next round (22:04:09)
Thomas: The gas near Tollen's group is almost gone. Reyd can see two collapsed forms in the snow. The female biker is circling around this round. (22:05:26)
Thomas: Reyd can see two collapsed forms in the snow in the gas there. (22:05:48)
Thomas: (that's what I meant) (22:05:57)
Lire: I'm going to keep getting Kai'la to the ship, since I'm right here. (22:06:26)
Thomas: Okay. (22:06:31)
Reyd: [What's the human biker doing?] (22:07:18)
Thomas: She's continuing to circle, turning back towards your group. Your move back to the ship threw her off course. (22:07:52)
Thomas: Next round, she'll be able to rush back to your direction. (22:08:15)
* Sara heads over to the collapsed figures. (22:09:47)
Reyd: Okay. In that case I'm going to aim at the biker again for shooting at it next round. It'll be straight on so... here's hoping. (22:09:59)
Thomas: Okay. (22:10:18)
Thomas: Lire makes it to the ramp and cycles the door open. The ramp begins to open. (22:10:41)
Thomas: Sara is almost at the two old men. (22:10:57)
Thomas: And Reyd's aiming. (22:11:03)
Thomas: next round (22:11:12)
Thomas: The biker's going to do the same thing again. One gas grenade on top of Reyd. (22:11:31)
Lire: If I can get Kai'la to safety, I'm going to try and head for Tollen with Sara. Not sure if those are two rounds' worth of moves or not. (22:12:05)
Thomas: This round you can get her on board. Next round you can be outside the ship again. (22:12:28)
Lire: Okay. (22:12:34)
Thomas: Sara still running to Tollen's group? (22:12:53)
Sara: Yes. (22:13:41)
* Reyd will shoot once at the biker. (22:13:55)
Sara: She will see if they are alright (i.e. not dead) (22:13:57)
Thomas: Okay. Reyd, fire your shot at the biker. +1d. (22:14:10)
[RinkChat] User Reyd rolls 4d6+2: 6 + 2 + 4 + 5 = 17, modified by 2 = 19 (22:14:30)
[RinkChat] User Reyd rolls 1d6: 5 = 5 (22:14:36)
Reyd: Sweet/ (22:14:39)
Sara: Great shot! (22:14:41)
Reyd: . (22:14:41)
Thomas: Roll damage. (22:14:49)
[RinkChat] User Reyd rolls 4d6: 2 + 6 + 3 + 1 = 12 (22:14:56)
Thomas: The rider goes flying off it and the bike starts spiralling right at you! Roll a dodge! QUICKLY! (22:15:47)
Reyd: (at -1d?) (22:16:05)
Thomas: Yes. (22:16:12)
[RinkChat] User Reyd rolls 1d6+2: 5 = 5, modified by 2 = 7 (22:16:17)
Thomas: Or just try to catch the bike with your teeth. (22:16:28)
Lire: [BOOM.] (22:16:31)
Reyd: :/ (22:16:39)
Reyd: I knew there was a flaw in my plan... (22:16:52)
Thomas: Roll your strength for damage resistance. (22:17:04)
[RinkChat] User Reyd rolls 2d6+1: 5 + 3 = 8, modified by 1 = 9 (22:17:24)
Thomas: The bike crashes into the snow right in front of where you were standing and cartwheels end over end. Parts of the bike break and fly apart as the whole mess tumbles to a stop. A searing pain in your leg where a bit of shrapnel cut through your parka... (22:19:23)
[Thomas->Reyd] You are Wounded. (22:19:30)
[Reyd->Thomas] Okay. (22:20:06)
Thomas: Sara, the two men appear to be knocked out and HOLY FREAKING HECK did you see that swoop bike crash? Wow. (22:20:21)
Thomas: Lire pops her head outside and sees the bike wreck. (22:20:47)
Lire: It's impressive, to be sure. (22:21:12)
Reyd: (end of combat rounds, I guess?) (22:21:14)
Thomas: end of combat rounds (22:21:23)
Sara: Reyd, are you alright?? Sara shouts. (22:21:23)
Reyd: Cool. (22:21:31)
Lire: Wait, where'd the human biker go? (22:21:43)
* Reyd stumbles over to Sara and the two men. (22:21:44)
Thomas: The human biker is in the snow, about sixty meters towards the settlement. (22:22:06)
Thomas: She's not moving. (22:22:20)
Reyd: "I'm kind of okay, but OW this hurts." (22:22:26)
Sara: These two are alright, but we need to get them into the ship. Ren also. I will start with Tallon. (22:22:33)
Lire: Lire runs to the rest of the group, but keeps an eye on the human in case she moves. (22:22:38)
* Sara picks up Tallon and carries him into the ship. (22:23:08)
Sara: Once he is situated, she goes out to get Ren. (22:23:21)
Thomas: You manage to bring everyone on board. (22:24:11)
* Reyd limps back to the ship. (22:24:24)
Lire: Can my medicine skill be used? Say, to patch up Reyd's leg? (I suppose it depends on how bad it is.) (22:24:56)
Thomas: Ren, Tollen, and Arno are knocked out; Kai'la is out cold. (22:24:59)
Thomas: Yes, you can attempt to help him. (22:25:09)
* Sara coms Keeor and lets him know what is going on and where they are. (22:25:18)
Lire: This is a fine situation, but at least everyone's alive. (22:25:20)
Lire: Okay, I'll do that then. (22:25:27)
Reyd: Yes, I'm glad about that too. (22:25:39)
Sara: Sara will go over and attempt to revive Kai'la (22:25:58)
Thomas: Keeor replies that they've managed to lose their persuers and are nearing the city. He sends their coordinates and asks that you pick them up as soon as possible. (22:26:45)
Reyd: Persuers? Weren't they with Puggles' gang? (22:27:28)
Sara: Sara explains the current situation, that Ren and Kai'la being out. (22:27:39)
Thomas: Kai'la wakes up, but she's very groggy. "Gotta... fly... ship..." she says, trying to stand, but nearly passes out again. (22:27:54)
Sara: Lire, Reyd Can either of you fly this thing. (22:28:09)
Thomas: "Well, one of you has got to fly the ship," Keeor says. (22:28:25)
Reyd: I have Starship Piloting as a skill, so... (22:28:36)
Reyd: I'll do it. (22:28:58)
Lire: I'm not a good ship pilot. My skill's with smaller craft. (22:29:17)
Thomas: "Juss... gonna... lie down," Kai'la murmers. (22:29:28)
Sara: Great. I have no experience. (22:29:40)
* Sara hands Reyd the com so that he and Keeor can coordinate a meeting place. (22:29:57)
Reyd: "Thanks, but I already have a com." He brings it out. (22:30:23)
Reyd: "Keeor? I (22:30:40)
Sara: Oh, OK. I will go help with the wounded then. (22:30:43)
Reyd: "Keeor? I'll fly the ship." He heads to the cockpit. (22:30:56)
Thomas: Keeor quickly describes an area south of the city for a rendevous." (22:30:58)
Thomas: Oh, I missed Lire's attempt at helping Reyd. Lire, make a Medicine roll. (22:31:29)
Reyd: (Oh, right.) (22:31:38)
[RinkChat] User Lire rolls 4d6+1: 5 + 2 + 1 + 5 = 13, modified by 1 = 14 (22:32:19)
Thomas: Reyd is no longer wounded. (22:32:31)
Reyd: Thanks, Lire. :) (22:32:43)
Thomas: montage! (22:32:53)
Lire: No problem. (22:32:56)
Reyd: This parka could probably do with some fixing up, but that can wait, I guess. (22:33:33)
Thomas: The Saucy Wench lifts off; it flies south over a canyon; it lands near a battered landspeeder on a plateau (22:33:49)
Thomas: end of montage! (22:34:00)
Thomas: "Geez, what happened here?" (22:34:07)
Thomas: Neela says as she gets on board. (22:34:13)
Lire: Hi Neela. We ran into a bit of trouble, but we've got our man. (22:34:28)
Sara: Bad news. But we found Tollen. Now we should get out of here, and then get a hold of the Alliance. (22:34:41)
Thomas: Ren, Arno, and Tollen have woken up by now. Kai'la doesn't seem to be any better. (22:34:53)
Lire: Let me see if I can help her too. (22:35:09)
Lire: Although I'm not sure, since she wasn't simply cut up. (22:35:22)
Thomas: Okay, try your medicine skill again. (22:35:25)
[RinkChat] User Lire rolls 4d6+1: 1 + 4 + 1 + 6 = 12, modified by 1 = 13 (22:35:33)
Reyd: [Hang on. Lire's wounded as well, right? Or is the 4d6+1 with the -1d taken into account?] (22:36:06)
Reyd: (for both me and Kai'la, I mean) (22:36:23)
Lire: [Oh... wait. Dang, I forgot. No, 4d isn't -1d. Should I reroll both?] (22:36:44)
Thomas: That's right. We'll just take off the last die you rolled. (22:36:54)
Thomas: The 9 is still good enough to fix Reyd. (22:37:05)
Lire: I should probably see about patching myself up, I think. (22:37:27)
Thomas: The 7 isn't good enough to help Kai'la. She's going to need to get to a medical facility. (22:37:29)
Lire: Ah. Sorry, Kai'la! (22:37:45)
Thomas: You can't at this point. You've already had a medipac used on you. (22:37:57)
Lire: Oh, right. (22:38:07)
Thomas: "Can you fly this ship out of here?" Ren asks Reyd. (22:38:20)
Sara: Right. Let us see about getting to a facility and fix ourselves up. (22:38:28)
Lire: Can we fit the landspeeder into the ship somewhere, or will it have to be left behind? (22:39:12)
Reyd: "I think I should be able to." Reyd says to Ren. (22:39:25)
Thomas: "Once we're out of the atmosphere, I can start programming the uh, uh, navi-computer." he says. (22:39:34)
[Reyd->Thomas] I assume there's nothing in my home on Paradise that I'd want to take with me? (22:39:51)
Thomas: "The way we got that thing shot up when fleeing Puggles?" Neela asks. "It's scrap." (22:40:11)
[Thomas->Reyd] Nah. We can just say we stopped by there and picked up some stuff on the way back from Slag Flat's. (22:41:07)
[Reyd->Thomas] Right. (22:41:19)
Thomas: (we're almost done for the evening) (22:42:05)
Thomas: The ship lifts up and out of the atmosphere with Reyd at the helm. (22:42:30)
Thomas: "I- I- I- thought you said it was going to take them t-t-two days to get here," Ren says, looking out the cockpit window. (22:43:31)
Thomas: "What?" says Neela, entering the cockpit. (22:43:57)
* Reyd blinks. (22:44:08)
Sara: Can we get out of here without them noticing? (22:44:17)
Reyd: "Is that the Relentless?" (22:44:19)
Thomas: Neela nods. (22:44:36)
Thomas: "What are you doing gawking?" she yells at Ren. "Get to the navicomputer!" (22:45:00)
Thomas: "Eep!" he says, rushing to the computer. (22:45:28)
Thomas: "Have they noticed us yet?" asks Neela. (22:45:44)
* Reyd continues to fly the ship as Ren fiddles with the navicomputer. (22:46:46)
Thomas: The radio comes to life. "Attention all spacecraft, this is the ISD Relentless. All space and air craft in the Paradise system is hereby ordered to land immediately." (22:47:08)
Reyd: Crap. (22:47:29)
Sara: Can't we flee? (22:47:42)
Thomas: "I'm working! I'm working!" Ren's voice is very high-pitched. (22:47:48)
Thomas: Neela sighs. "I'll be in the gun turret." (22:48:18)
[Reyd->Thomas] What's my role? If Ren's actually the one controlling the ship, then am I just manually piloting it to swerve if need be and check everything's working? (22:49:15)
Thomas: "Attention AA-Transport now leaving Paradise air space," the Imperial voice replies. "You are ordered to turn back and land immediately." (22:49:23)
Sara: We need to go or land now. Ren? (22:49:41)
[Thomas->Reyd] We're waiting for Ren to deliver the hyperspace coordinates from the navicomputer. If fired upon, you're the one flying the ship. (22:49:59)
[Reyd->Thomas] Okay. (22:50:09)
Thomas: "Just another minute!" His voice is even more high-pitched. Soon, only Wookies will be able to hear it. (22:50:36)
Thomas: Ren frantically punches buttons on the navicomputer. (22:50:57)
[Thomas->Reyd] Are you going to hail the star destroyer, or just wait until Ren gets the coordinates? (22:51:42)
Reyd: *sigh* Going through hyperspace always seems to take so long... (22:51:46)
* Reyd hails the destroyer, hoping this will buy them time. (22:52:25)
Thomas: "There! The coordinates are locked in!" he says. "Go!" (22:52:35)
* Reyd activates the hyperdrive. (22:53:05)
Reyd: "Make sure you're all in your seats..." (22:53:25)
Thomas: The stars smear and you make the jump to lightspeed, leaving the system far behind you. (22:53:34)
Thomas: "Whee-hoo!" Neela shouts through the ship's intercom. (22:54:03)
Sara: Thank goodness! (22:54:38)
* Reyd wonders what the ISD made of that short hail, and hopes it can't be used to trace them. (22:54:41)
Thomas: You arrive at Tierfon Outpost ten hours later to a grand reception at the rebel base. There, Adar Tollen and Arno thank you for your help. (22:56:07)
Sara: Yay.. (22:57:35)
Reyd: Reyd grins wryly. "Thanks for giving my life its share of excitement." He smiles. "I'm glad you managed to get Tollen to safety. (22:57:39)
Reyd: " (22:57:44)
Thomas: "It looks like you'll need to rest up for a few days," the general on staff says. "You'll need it. We've got another mission for your group, but that'll be in a few days. Take some time to relax." (22:58:09)
Sara: Thank you general. Rest is much needed. (22:58:38)
Thomas: "We'll talk more in a few days," she says. (22:58:42)
Lire: I'm looking forward to a nice long hot bacta bath, myself. (22:58:42)
Thomas: and with that, the credits roll! (22:58:56)
Sara: Good one. I am glad we all survived! (22:59:19)
Reyd: Dang, I wanted to ask Tollen how he did escape from the pirates. (22:59:19)
Reyd: Guess that'll need to be another time, heh. (22:59:28)
Thomas: Skill points will be awarded via memos over the next few days, along with an actual denoument (which will probably appear on the website). (22:59:49)
Lire: Awesome. (23:00:06)
Thomas: Now Tamara and I have to go do some dog-sitting things. We'll be in touch in a day or so! (23:00:19)
Thomas: Thanks for coming out! (23:00:23)
Lire: Thanks for running the show! It was fun! (23:00:32)
Sara: See ya'll. (23:00:45)
Lire: 'Night. (23:00:49)
* Reyd was thinking of trusting to the Force in this session but decided against it. Maybe he should have done. (23:00:55)
Thomas: Bye! (23:01:16)
Reyd: See ya, Sara and Thomas. Great session, as always. (23:01:19)

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