The following is more or less unedited for those of that are curious about how a play-by-chat-room session looks. Times are listed to give the curious an idea about how long it takes a conversation or game action to be completed. This session ran about four hours and twenty-one minutes.

Thomas: On this mission, they've split off your group of three: Sara, Lire, and Reyd. The others are involved on another mission. (18:39:18)
Thomas: You've travelled to the Naalol System in the mid-rim. The planet is one of the fringe worlds, off the major hyperspace routes. Naalol is a mountainous planet, currently experiencing a harsh winter. Less than a day ago, a Rebel agent named Talnar, ferrying a cache of assault droids, crashlanded on the planet. Reports from the planet indicate that the agent and his cargo was captured by a local group of mercenaries called the Oquan. Now, you're in the underground mining town of Ringtown, searching for an information broker named Cotan who can tell you how to make contact with the Oquan. You've been pointed to Tunnel 329, where Prit's Free Pit is located -- you've heard that Cotan holds office at that particular brewhaus. (18:39:23)
Thomas: Perhaps unsurprisingly, Tunnel 329 proves to be dingy and dark. Flickering bluish lights provide a little illumination. A few beings hurry along, wishing to spend as little time in the tunnel as necessary. There are pockets of activity around the various businesses along the way. A few speeders scream by, riding the boundary of the tight speeder lane. (18:40:02)
Thomas: A bright yellow sign advertises "Prit's Free Pit" above a smaller, flashing red sign declaring "Guaranteed Weapons-Free" over a doorway. (18:40:31)
Reyd: [ How long ago was the last adventure? ] (18:41:47)
Thomas: [Over a week ago.] (18:42:00)
Lire: Well, looks like this is the place. Are we going in? (18:42:12)
Thomas: Sara nods. (18:42:21)
Lire: [Ah good, so there are no half-dead people wandering around. ;) ] (18:42:28)
Reyd: Yes, let's. (18:42:29)
Thomas: As you approach, the doors silently glide open. The lobby is brightly lit, utilitarian, and cold. To one side, two heavily armored Humans sit behind a thick transparisteel barrier. (18:42:35)
Thomas: One of them says, "You're new here. Welcome to Prit's. If you want in, put all of your weapons in that box over there, close it, and key in your own combination. " (18:42:52)
Thomas: He indicates a box in an alcove by the doors you've entered. (18:43:21)
* Lire puts her blaster in the box. (18:43:38)
Thomas: "Don't bother trying to hide anything. We'll find it. Our scanners are the best. We do this every day, all day, so don't even think about it." A notification near the inner entrance warns that cybernetic weapons must be deactivated. (18:43:46)
* Reyd nods, and does so. (18:44:05)
Thomas: Reluctanly, Sara deposits her weapons as well. (18:44:54)
Thomas: As she closes the box and keys in a code, the box slips back into the wall, a grate shuts, and a new empty box is dropped into the alcove. (18:46:14)
Thomas: The light above the "Weapons-Free Zone" cycles from green to blue and the door opens quickly.] (18:47:03)
Thomas: "You'll be able to pick up your items when you leave," the human says over the speakers. (18:47:35)
Reyd: Lire? (18:47:37)
Thomas: The hall beyond the door slopes downward. In it, you can make out several sensors attached to the walls. (18:48:16)
Thomas: "Proceed down through the scanners, please," the human says again. (18:50:17)
* Sara proceeds through the scanners. (18:50:45)
* Lire follows Sara. (18:50:54)
* Reyd proceeds, too. (18:50:55)
Thomas: Red beams bathe your bodies as you progress down the hall. "Welcome to Prit's," an automated voice says when you reach the end. The door opens. (18:52:00)
Thomas: The Pit proves to be just that -- a bowl-shaped cavern. The entrance overlooks a large room. Tables on concentric terraces surround two circular bars in the center of the room. The room is illuminated primarily by glowlamps on the tables. The place is busy but quiet. Some beings look nervously about, while others talk intently in hushed voices. Here and there, gleaming silver servant droids deliver drinks and food. (18:52:12)
Thomas: An SE-4 servant droid approaches you. "Greetings gentlebeings. How may I help you?" (18:52:35)
Reyd: Greetings. We are looking for someone by the name of Cotan. Can you help us? (18:53:23)
Thomas: "Certainly, gentlebeing," it replies. "Please follow me." (18:54:02)
Thomas: The SE-4 droid starts heading down towards the second terrace. (18:54:41)
* Reyd follows the droid. (18:55:00)
Thomas: It leads you to a large table where a pudgy male Twi'lek sits, gorging himself on wine and meat. (18:55:27)
Thomas: "This is Cotan," it says. The Twi'lek waves it off, obviously annoyed at the droid. (18:56:16)
Thomas: "Yes?" Cotan says, glancing up. "And what do you want?" (18:57:02)
Reyd: "Thank you." Reyd sayd to the droid. Reyd looks around for the others, and speaks to the Twi'lek. "Greetings. My name is Reyd, and these are my companions Lire and Sara. May we speak with you for a moment?" (18:57:43)
Thomas: "Sit, sit." He waves over a serving droid and gets a refil of his brevari. "Please, you have business to discuss and I can help." (18:59:09)
* Reyd sits down at the table. (18:59:42)
Reyd: "Thank you. We're trying to make contact with a group of mercs called the Oquan. We've heard that you may be able to help us find them." (19:00:52)
* Sara also sits. (19:00:59)
Thomas: Cotan dabs at the corner of his mouth with a napkin before responding. (19:01:05)
Thomas: "You're looking for the Oquan. I can help you there, certainly. Easily. Right now. For 300 credits. I wish I could charge more, but my services are very limited where the Oquan are concerned." (19:01:20)
Sara: If I may ask, why is that? (19:01:51)
Lire: Er. Lire does too. (19:02:29)
Thomas: "They've recently had a shake-up in upper management," he says. "That one was free, by the way." (19:02:47)
Sara: I see. Well I think that we can scrape 300 credits together. (19:03:25)
* Sara passes the credits over. (19:03:50)
* Reyd nods. (19:04:36)
Thomas: "Excellent," he says. He waves your credits at one of the servant droids. "More crushed oceshells," he orders. (19:04:37)
Thomas: "Thank you. I'll let the Oquan know you wish to speak with them." Cotan gives you a comlink frequency that the Oquan will use to contact you. Cotan looks past you at an approaching well-dressed human ten meters away. "Quickly, give me 100 credits and I'll tell you who that is." (19:05:04)
Lire: Can't we just ask ourselves? (19:05:41)
Lire: *ask him/her (19:05:54)
Thomas: "If you'd like," he says. (19:05:58)
Thomas: Everyone make a perception roll. (19:06:06)
[RinkChat] User Sara rolls 3d6: 3 + 6 + 3 = 12 (19:06:13)
[RinkChat] User Reyd rolls 3d6+1: 2 + 6 + 1 = 9, modified by 1 = 10 (19:06:17)
[RinkChat] User Lire rolls 2d6: 2 + 4 = 6 (19:06:21)
Thomas: The human stops next to the table. The Twi'lek looks annoyed. "I'm engaged at the moment. Come back later." The well-dressed man responds, "I have no interest in you. I have a great interest in them." He glances at you and proclaims, "You will come with me, now." (19:07:55)
Reyd: Reyd looks at the human. "Who are you, and how do you know us?" (19:08:43)
Sara: "He must be important, to rate 3 or so bodyguards. (19:10:52)
Sara: Sara looks at him. "Why is an important person interested in us?" (19:11:37)
Thomas: He smirks at Sara. "Indeed I am," he says. "I have questions for you, questions that should not be asked in such a... public place." (19:11:58)
[Sara->Thomas] Sara attempts to "sense" whether he is hostile. (19:12:50)
Lire: To Reyd and Sara: I don't care for the idea of going somewhere that blasters are allowed. At least here, we're less likely to get shot, isn't that right? (19:13:04)
Thomas: He waves to the other three, who quickly come up around the table. (19:13:48)
Reyd: Lire: He has 3 bodyguards. If he wanted to overpower us he probably could. (19:13:54)
Thomas: "Please, Rit," Cotan says. "I'm in the middle of my midday meal." (19:14:16)
[RinkChat] User Sara rolls 2d6: 3 + 5 = 8 (19:15:22)
* Reyd shrugs and says to the others, "We may not have a choice here. We're unarmed." (19:16:43)
Thomas: "Enough from you, Twi'lek," Rit says. "The rest of you -- on your feet. We're leaving. Now." (19:16:56)
Sara: "No need to be rude. We will accompany you. Will we be able to regain our weapons, or are we staying in this establishment. I am rather attached to my sword. (19:18:01)
* Reyd sighs and stands up. "I also want to ask the same question." (19:18:18)
Thomas: "I'll be asking the questions," he says as his bodyguards try to grab each of your arms from behind you. (19:19:13)
Thomas: "You should've paid the hundred credits," Cotan says. (19:19:39)
Sara: Sara looks at Cotan. Thank you for your time. I wish we had finished our business, but it seems we are out of time. We should have paid, but hopefully the 300 was well spent. (19:20:18)
Reyd: Reyd looks as Rit. "We will come with you." (19:20:58)
Sara: Sara abruptly yanks her arms from the bodyguard's grasp. (19:22:08)
Thomas: "Hey!" the guard says. (19:22:31)
Sara: We already said we would come with you. Tell your man not to touch me again! (19:22:36)
Thomas: The man nods at the bodyguard, who steps back from Sara. "There," Rit says. "Now, let's be on our way." (19:23:31)
Thomas: Your group is forcibly led up the slope to the exit. (19:24:12)
Thomas: Halfway there, your group is surrounded by a dozen men in dark blue jumpsuits, all wearing helmets and holding shock batons. "Hold it right there," the lead man says. Rit and his bodyguards freeze. (19:25:51)
Thomas: "I warned you about this, Rit Arnit," the lead man says. "Not in the Pit." (19:27:34)
Lire: Whisper to Reyd and Sara: I wonder what's happening now? (19:28:09)
Sara: Please sir, can you tell me what is going on?" Sara asks the lead man in the dark blue. (19:28:33)
Thomas: He signals to one of the other men, who jabs at Rit Arnit with a shock baton. A zap to the arm and Rit screams in pain. (19:28:39)
Sara: We do not know who these men are. Can you tell us? (19:29:26)
Thomas: "No disturbances in the Pit," the helmeted figure says. (19:29:34)
* Reyd looks up and yanks his arms away from the bodyguard. (19:29:39)
* Lire does too. (19:30:13)
* Sara awaits a response. (19:30:53)
Thomas: "Those three," the lead man says, indicating you. "South door. We'll take the rest." (19:30:57)
Sara: Excuse me, where are you taking us, and why? (19:31:25)
Lire: Can we get our weapons back first? (19:31:36)
Reyd: Reyd nods. "And who are these men?" (19:31:38)
Thomas: The people with the shock batons separate you from Rit's bodyguards. They start guiding you to the south door. (19:31:49)
* Sara stops. (19:31:57)
Sara: I will not leave without my sword. It was a gift. (19:32:15)
Sara: You can hold on to it, if you like. But I will not leave it here. (19:32:29)
Thomas: "Imperial Security," he says. "We don't want his kind in here and if he wants you, we don't want your kind, either." (19:32:37)
Sara: Whom are you refering to? The man who was forcing us to go with him? (19:33:27)
Thomas: "Don't worry about your things," one of the others says. (19:33:35)
Reyd: "What will happen to them?" (19:33:47)
Sara: But I am worried. We have received no explanation as to what is going on. (19:34:02)
Reyd: "To our things, I mean." (19:34:02)
Sara: We do not wish to create a disturbance, but we would like to know what is going on. (19:34:25)
Thomas: "They'll be barred from the Pit," he says. "Just like you. Your things will be delivered to you once outside. Now move." He herds you to a door in the south corner of the Pit. (19:34:49)
Sara: With pleasure. Thank you for an explanation. (19:35:44)
Reyd: Thank you. (19:36:07)
* Sara walks towards the South door peacefully. (19:36:07)
* Reyd follows. (19:36:15)
Thomas: As you leave the Pit, you're back in the tunnel, a few meters from the entrance. Just a few meters past the entrance, you see Rit Arnit and his bodyguards thrown out through a door up there. (19:37:27)
Thomas: With a high-pitched whine, two small panels slide away between the center doors of the Pit. There's a loud bang as a rectangular metal box drops out of an opening 8 meters away from the door and smashes into the side of a passing speeder, knocking off its engine cowling. The speeder wavers and then accelerates down the tunnel. The box spins crazily through the air, ricochets off the far wall, and crashes noisily to the floor. It rests square in the middle of the speeder lane. (19:37:48)
Thomas: You see Rinit running for a similar box near the door his group came through. (19:38:00)
Thomas: And we're off to the races! Combat rounds! (19:38:24)
* Lire runs for the box and her blaster. (19:39:35)
Thomas: You're ten meters from your box, which is in the middle of the speeder lane. Rit and the others are thirty meters up the tunnel. (19:39:39)
* Sara runs to the box and opens it. (19:39:54)
Thomas: Rit and the others will run to their box. (19:40:08)
* Reyd also goes to the box and get his stuff. (19:40:17)
Sara: Once she has her stuff, sara looks around for cover, in case Rit decides to attack. (19:41:12)
Thomas: Everyone runs to their respective boxes.... Sara keys in the code, but the lid doesn't open. It looks like the damage from the speeder collision is preventing the box from opening. (19:41:39)
Thomas: Rit seems to be having better luck. His box is open and everyone over there is scrambling for their weapons. (19:42:16)
Thomas: next round -- declarations (19:42:31)
Sara: sara glares at the GM (19:42:57)
Thomas: Rit and the others will grab their weapons. (19:43:00)
Thomas: Lire? Sara? (19:43:20)
Lire: I'm going to try and open the box, using force if necessary. (19:43:50)
Sara: "Lets get into cover, then try to break the box open." (19:44:16)
Sara: Sara looks around for cover. (19:44:24)
Thomas: There's alcoves for the doors to the Pit as well as to other businesses in the underground city. (19:45:11)
Thomas: Reyd? (19:45:14)
* Reyd also ducks into the cover. (19:45:39)
Reyd: "Remember, the box is locked with a combination. It probably won't be broken easily." (19:46:01)
Thomas: Okay, let's have Lire make a Strength roll. Failing that, Sara tries to drag it out of the speeder lane. (19:46:17)
[RinkChat] User Lire rolls 3d6: 5 + 5 + 3 = 13 (19:46:43)
Thomas: Pang! The lid pops open. There's your stuff. (19:47:12)
Sara: Yay! Go Lire! (19:47:25)
Thomas: next round -- declarations (19:47:27)
Lire: [Woo.] (19:47:48)
* Lire grabs her blaster. (19:47:53)
* Sara grabs her sword and blaster as well as Reyd's blaster and brings it over to him. (19:48:12)
Thomas: Rit and the others will rush closer to you. The three bodyguards lead, each firing once, so that's one shot at each of you. (19:48:16)
Reyd: Thanks, Sara. (19:48:27)
Reyd: [Lire? Sara? Doing anything else?] (19:49:34)
Lire: I'm going to shoot the nearest guard. (19:50:11)
Thomas: Reyd? (19:50:19)
* Reyd will fire twice, once each at the nearest two bodyguards. (19:50:43)
Sara: Sara draws her sword and prepares to charge at the bodyguards. (19:51:11)
Lire: Hopefully I won't get hit, since I'm not dodging. (19:51:21)
Thomas: Reyd won't be able to fire as Sara won't get to you until the end of this round. (19:51:25)
Reyd: Oh, right. (19:51:50)
Thomas: Lire will fire once at -1d. Go ahead and roll. (19:52:07)
Reyd: In that case I'll keep in the cover. (19:52:12)
Sara: [Sorry I got confused. I will dodge the blaster fire.} (19:52:44)
[RinkChat] User Lire rolls 2d6+2: 4 + 6 = 10, modified by 2 = 12 (19:52:58)
[RinkChat] User Sara rolls 4d6: 3 + 2 + 2 + 3 = 10 (19:53:05)
Reyd: (oh. right. Dodge. Silly me.) (19:53:30)
Reyd: (Oh well.) (19:53:38)
Thomas: Good thing Sara dodged. (19:53:44)
Sara: The force is with me. (19:54:01)
Thomas: The first bodyguard shoots the box. Lire returns fire and just barely misses the one that fired at her. "Take them alive!" Rit shouts. The others fire, missing Sara and blasting some rock from around Reyd's hiding place. (19:54:42)
Lire: They want us alive, eh? Interesting. (19:55:19)
Thomas: Lire is still in the speeder lane; Sara and Reyd are by the entry door to the Pit. The villains are just over 15m up the tunnel. (19:55:27)
Thomas: next round -- declarations (19:55:32)
Lire: Oops, didn't realize I was in the lane. I'll run for cover and shoot at the guard again. (19:56:18)
Thomas: Two of the bodyguards pause to switch their weapons to stun (19:56:59)
Thomas: The other fires again at Lire. (19:57:06)
Thomas: Rit rushes up behind the bodyguards and fires at Lire. (19:57:26)
Lire: Ack. (19:57:38)
* Sara kneels in the alcove so that Reyd can shoot over her. She sets her blaster to stun and fires at the nearest bodyguard. (19:57:50)
Thomas: R? (19:58:09)
Reyd: I'll go ahead and, likewise setting my blaster to stun, do my shooting twice at the nearest two bodyguards thing this turn. (19:58:16)
Thomas: Okay. (19:58:27)
Thomas: Lire, roll your shot at -1d for running. Sara and Reyd get to roll as normal. (19:58:56)
[RinkChat] User Lire rolls 2d6+2: 5 + 1 = 6, modified by 2 = 8 (19:59:15)
[RinkChat] User Reyd rolls 3d6+1: 6 + 3 + 6 = 15, modified by 1 = 16 (19:59:21)
[RinkChat] User Reyd rolls 1d6: 5 = 5 (19:59:25)
Lire: [Gah.] (19:59:26)
Reyd: roll 3d6+1 (19:59:30)
[RinkChat] User Reyd rolls 3d6+1: 2 + 5 + 1 = 8, modified by 1 = 9 (19:59:34)
[RinkChat] User Sara rolls 4d6: 6 + 5 + 1 + 1 = 13 (19:59:50)
[RinkChat] User Sara rolls 1d6: 1 = 1 (19:59:56)
Thomas: Whoo. That's some mighty fine shootin' there. (20:00:44)
Reyd: Heh. (20:01:19)
Thomas: Lire, roll your Str for damage reduction. (20:01:20)
Thomas: Reyd and Sara, both hit. Roll your damage. (20:01:36)
Thomas: (Reyd only hit once.) (20:01:47)
Reyd: Okay. (20:01:54)
[RinkChat] User Reyd rolls 4d6: 3 + 5 + 2 + 5 = 15 (20:02:03)
[RinkChat] User Sara rolls 4d6: 3 + 2 + 6 + 3 = 14 (20:02:19)
[RinkChat] User Lire rolls 3d6: 5 + 3 + 5 = 13 (20:02:33)
Thomas: Lire is shot, running out of the speeder lane, tumbling to the ground just outside the lane. (20:04:17)
Thomas: The two bodyguards are hit by the other rebels, both hitting the ground. (20:04:50)
Reyd: (was my hit for the second nearest bodyguard then? I wasn't sure if it was or not.) (20:05:46)
Thomas: Next round. (20:05:52)
* Sara will shoot at the remaining bodyguard. (20:06:38)
[Thomas->Lire] You just fell down. No damage or penalty. (20:06:48)
Thomas: Lire? Reyd? (20:07:37)
[Lire->Thomas] Oh, good. I was worried about that. (20:07:44)
* Reyd will shoot at Rit. (20:07:59)
Lire: I'm going to set my blaster to stun and shoot that last guard. (20:08:18)
Lire: No lasting harm done by the hit, fortunately. (20:08:36)
[Thomas->Lire] Rit's blaster was set to stun. (20:08:38)
[Lire->Thomas] Oh wait... so am I stunned then? Was that the shot that hit? (20:08:56)
Lire: [Wait, I might be revising my move.] (20:09:07)
Thomas: The other guard is shooting at Lire; Rit stops over the two downed bodyguards, turns tail and runs. (20:09:35)
[Thomas->Lire] No, his weapon was set to stun, but all it did was throw you for a moment, making you fall. No damage or penalties associated with it. (20:10:15)
[Lire->Thomas] Ohh, okay. (20:10:37)
* Reyd thinks for a moment. Maybe this was a bad idea. Maybe we should have captured Rit... since we can't get back into the Pit and all... (20:10:39)
Thomas: Okay, so let's have Lire and Sara shoot the guard. (20:11:01)
[EatChikinMor->Thomas] Oh,yea... (20:11:08)
Lire: Yeah, that works. (20:11:10)
Thomas: Reyd, fire at Rit. (20:11:13)
[RinkChat] User Reyd rolls 4d6+1: 2 + 4 + 5 + 5 = 16, modified by 1 = 17 (20:11:46)
[RinkChat] User Lire rolls 3d6+2: 2 + 2 + 3 = 7, modified by 2 = 9 (20:12:06)
Sara: Nice shootin (20:12:09)
[RinkChat] User Sara rolls 4d6: 6 + 1 + 1 + 5 = 13 (20:12:15)
Reyd: Thanks. (20:12:16)
[RinkChat] User Sara rolls 1d6: 4 = 4 (20:12:24)
Reyd: Nice swordfighting. (20:12:42)
Thomas: Rit managed to dodge out of the way of Reyd's shot as the Imperial agent runs away. (20:12:44)
Reyd: Er, shooting. (20:12:59)
Thomas: Both of Sara's and Lire's shots connect. Roll damage, you two. (20:13:08)
[RinkChat] User Sara rolls 4d6: 2 + 5 + 2 + 6 = 15 (20:13:34)
[RinkChat] User Lire rolls 4d6: 3 + 2 + 5 + 6 = 16 (20:13:41)
Thomas: The bodyguard drops to the ground. (20:14:06)
Thomas: He didn't even get his shot off. (20:14:16)
Thomas: next round -- declarations (20:14:23)
Thomas: Rit continues to run away. (20:14:31)
* Sara shoots at Rit. (20:14:46)
Thomas: (he's just over 30m away) (20:14:52)
* Lire runs after Rit. (20:14:56)
Reyd: Sara: That's going to be pretty hard. I'm going to run after him too, making sure I don't get in Sara's way. (20:15:14)
Thomas: Okay. Sara, roll your attack. (20:15:28)
[RinkChat] User Sara rolls 4d6: 3 + 3 + 3 + 2 = 11 (20:15:33)
Thomas: A clean miss. (20:15:42)
Thomas: next round -- declarations (20:15:48)
* Sara runs and shoots at Rit. (20:16:07)
Thomas: Rit rounds a corner in his panicked flight. (20:16:09)
Sara: Never mind. (20:16:16)
Lire: I keep running after Rit, trying to catch up or get in range or something. (20:16:37)
* Reyd does likewise. (20:16:55)
Thomas: Okay. You all keep running and get to the corner in time to see him behind the wheel of a waiting speedercraft. He roars the vehicle to life and races away in the tunnels. (20:18:24)
* Sara searches the bodyguards for ID, and good weapons. Rit is too far ahead of her to catch up. (20:18:35)
Thomas: Okay. Sara searches the bodyguards. They all have blaster pistols. None of their ids mention Imperial Security. (20:19:22)
Sara: [I wanted to change my action if it wasn't too late. (20:19:29)
Sara: Interesting. Any datapads or anything like that? (20:19:43)
* Reyd sighs and slows down. "We've lost him." (20:19:46)
Sara: If their blaster pistol is better than hers, she will take it. (20:20:15)
* Reyd returns to Sara. (20:20:40)
Thomas: Nope. Just some loose credits in their pockets. According to their ids, they're miners. The Naalol entrance visa on all three indicate that they've been here less than two months. (20:20:53)
Sara: Nothing here. These IDs do not indicate imperial guards. (20:21:18)
Thomas: They're all unconcious. (20:21:24)
* Lire comes back to the group, having lost Rit. (20:21:51)
Sara: Either they were under cover, or hired as bodyguards by Rit, who is an imperial guard, I am sure. (20:21:52)
Reyd: If they're not Imperial guards, that means they must be independently hired. (20:22:01)
Lire: I thought of chasing after him in another speeder, but I don't think it would've worked. (20:22:09)
Lire: But if he was an Imp, why would the other Imps not have liked him? Maybe he's working on his own. (20:22:26)
* Sara makes sure that her comlink is switched to the frequency. (20:22:37)
Sara: I think that the blue boys were locals, not Imps. (20:22:54)
Reyd: Um. (20:23:51)
Sara: I understand that he is an imperial agent. I am saying that the goons do not have imperial ID, and that the boys in blue may have been locals. (20:24:35)
Thomas: The guys in the blue jumpsuits told you that Rit was an Imperial agent. (20:24:41)
Thomas: The guys in the blue jumpsuits were security at the Pit. (20:25:09)
Thomas: Anyway... (20:25:20)
Thomas: An hour or two later, you are all gathered in an abandoned storefront when your comlink signals. (20:26:31)
* Reyd also switches his comlink to the Oquan frequency.] (20:26:36)
Sara: Sara answers. (20:27:02)
Thomas: "This is the Oquan," the male voice says. "You have business with us?" (20:27:37)
Sara: "Indeed, you have someone we are interested in seeing and talking too." (20:28:04)
Sara: May we arrange a meeting? (20:28:20)
Thomas: "Ah... the off-worlder," he responds. "You want to buy him?" (20:29:04)
Sara: We would like to meet and discuss it, yes. (20:30:00)
Thomas: "Good. Five thousand credits for the man, twelve thousand for each droid... Let's make a deal. Seventy thousand for the lot." (20:31:20)
* Reyd raises his eyebrows. (20:31:37)
* Sara supresses the urge to laugh. (20:32:04)
Reyd: "Sounds like there's no room for a meeting, I guess." Reyd whispers. (20:32:29)
Sara: "I see. Let us arrange for this amount, and re-establish contact in 1 arn." (20:33:41)
Thomas: "Look, if you don't want the six droids, we can find other buyers." He continues, "and if you don't want the man, I'm sure we can sell him to the Empire. After all, Rebels are good money these days." (20:33:52)
Thomas: "That sounds good," he replies. (20:34:07)
Reyd: Six droids? His 'deal' is worse than what he was initially saying. (20:34:32)
Thomas: "We'll be in contact," he says. The comm channel goes dead. (20:34:33)
Reyd: Er, wait. (20:34:57)
Reyd: [Sorry, my bad.] (20:35:02)
Sara: Sara whistles. "That is a lot of money, but the Alliance may still be interested. Let us call them and let them know what is up." (20:35:30)
Reyd: [It's not. Rushed the calculation.] (20:35:32)
Sara: We need to go back to the transport to connect them. Let us go. (20:36:02)
Thomas: You've got a small transport ship, over in dock 47. (20:36:09)
* Sara heads over to the ship to contact the Alliance. (20:36:23)
* Reyd follows. (20:36:29)
Thomas: You can see outside the magnetic field the snowstorm blow. The small transport sits in the center of the cavern. (20:38:13)
Thomas: You are now in the transport. (20:39:03)
* Sara contacts the Alliance. (20:39:21)
Sara: On a scrambled channel. (20:39:44)
Thomas: Of course. (20:39:49)
Thomas: There's a few second delay in the transmission. Captain Nels from Tierfon Outpost appears as a small hologram before you. "How goes it on Naalol?" (20:40:52)
Sara: "I believe we have found Talnar. The mercs have offered to sell him and all 6 droids for 70,000 credits." (20:41:41)
Sara: "They will contact us to determine whether we are interested in the deal in about half an arn. (20:42:46)
Thomas: "Those assault droids are important to our cause," Nels replies. "There is some money in an account you can use. I'll send the information with this transmission." (20:43:24)
Sara: "Thank you. We will go ahead with the transaction. Shall we contact you once we have Talnar and the droids?" (20:44:17)
Thomas: "You should be able to withdraw the funds from any bank in the city," he says. (20:44:21)
Thomas: "Yes," he says. "Contact me as soon as you return to the ship." (20:44:42)
Sara: "Very well." Sara ends the transmission. (20:45:10)
Thomas: Captain Nels' hologram blinks out. (20:45:26)
* Reyd whistles. "So it seems we have a deal." (20:45:32)
Lire: Good, so we have the money. This could be easy. (20:45:36)
Sara: She turns to Reyd and Lire: "Well, looks like the deal is on. Let us go get the funds." (20:45:42)
Reyd: Reyd nods. (20:46:05)
* Sara looks on a map of the town and finds the nearest bank. (20:46:07)
Thomas: A few moments later and you've withdrawn the funds from a bank near the docking bay. (20:46:45)
* Sara looks for a place to get hot Jalla and wait for contact from the mercs. (20:47:20)
* Reyd does likewise. (20:47:58)
Thomas: In short order, the commlink chirps again. "You ready to make the trade?" the voice asks. (20:48:36)
Sara: "Yes we are. How do we do this?" (20:48:53)
Sara: "We are at [Jalla house] by the transport bay dock 47," (20:49:45)
Thomas: "Good," he says. "You're close by. Head to bay 22. We'll be here for another half arn. If you don't show, we'll find other buyers." The comlink goes dead. (20:50:41)
Sara: "Well, lets go. Make sure you have your blasters ready, in case of trouble. But let us avoid looking dangerous." (20:51:39)
* Sara heads to bay 22 (20:52:01)
* Reyd nods, checks his blaster briefly, and follows Sara. (20:52:11)
Thomas: As you approach the docking bay, the 8-meter-wide door before you parts at the middle and slides noisily aside. You see an armored figure standing 30 meters away from you, on the far side of the bay. Like all of Rigton's docking bays, this one is irregularly shaped. There are two closed connecting hangar doors, presumably to the neighboring docking bays. Off to one side is a cargo lift in the floor. On the opposite side of the chamber, the glow of a magnetic containment field rings the large hangar exit. You see the weather has not improved this morning. Wind-driven snow evaporates as it hits the field. There are a few containers scattered about the bay, but little else. (20:53:29)
Lire: Belated: Lire checks her blaster as well, and turns it off of stun. (20:53:42)
Thomas: The figure waves you in. "You made good time," he says. (20:54:01)
Sara: Sara smiles. "It was close." (20:54:25)
Sara: May we see the merchandise? (20:54:42)
Thomas: "Money first," he says. (20:54:48)
* Sara shows him the credits. (20:55:20)
Sara: Now, the merchandise? (20:55:39)
Thomas: "Closer, pleas (20:55:56)
Thomas: [ingore that] (20:56:06)
Thomas: He smiles under the helmet that covers his eyes. (20:56:35)
Thomas: "Good, good." (20:56:48)
[Thomas->Reyd] There's some other people in the hanger bay, hidden behind one of the stacks of cargo containers, behind the armored dude. (20:58:05)
Thomas: He holds up his left arm and starts pushing some buttons on the keypad. (20:58:44)
Thomas: The large doors to the adjoining bay slide open. Beyond, you see a hangar filled with containers of every size and shape. Near the door, however, you see a man bound to a chair and gagged. Six nearby crates have one side removed. Each contains what appears to be a droid. It is indeed Talnar and the droids. He's conscious, but helpless. (20:58:59)
* Reyd tops and surreptitiously looks closely at a spot behind one of the stacks of cargo containers. (20:59:34)
Reyd: ^stops (20:59:40)
Sara: Sara smiles. "Thank you. Reyd, can you untie Talnar while we finish our transaction?" (21:00:00)
Reyd: He mouths to Sara, "We're not alone here. Behind the armored guy." (21:00:44)
Thomas: The armored man pushes another button on his keypad. Suddenly, you hear docking bay 22's blast door slam shut. In the blink of an eye, stormtroopers appear from behind crates and through the adjoining door on the opposite side of the docking bay. You see a ship beyond them in docking bay 23. The magnetic containment field drops, and four Humans wearing jet packs rise up from the mountainside below. The Oquan agent looks at you and says, "I told you, Rebels are good money." He fires stun blasts from his wrist, aimed at you. (21:00:54)
Thomas: And we're off to the races! Combat rounds! (21:01:00)
* Sara dodges. (21:01:28)
Lire: [How many guys are we talking about here?] (21:01:47)
Reyd: Who's "you"? (21:01:48)
Reyd: [Oh, wait. They'll declare anyway. Don't worry about that.] (21:02:17)
Sara: [no problem ;( (21:02:17)
* Sara draws her sword as she dodges. (21:02:49)
Thomas: We're talking four mercs on jet packs, one merc with a keypad, four Stormtroopers behind that guy, four from the next docking bay. (21:02:59)
Reyd: 5 mercs and 8 Stormtroopers. Eek. (21:03:22)
Thomas: The merc fires at Reyd, thanks for asking. (21:03:33)
* Lire moves a step to the side and shoots the nearest bad guy, whoever that is. (21:03:34)
Thomas: The jet packers are landing in the docking bay. (21:03:52)
Thomas: The Stormtroopers behind the merc are firing, two at Lire, two at Reyd. (21:04:13)
* Reyd dodges, takes his blaster off stun and fires back at the merc who fired at him. (21:04:16)
Thomas: (I mean, two at Lire, two at Sara.) (21:04:25)
Thomas: The other four rush into the room and try to get set up behind cover. (21:05:04)
Thomas: Lire will be shooting at a stormtrooper, Reyd will be attacking the merc, Sara will also attack the merc. (21:06:22)
Reyd: (brb... hang on.) (21:06:22)
Thomas: The merc will attempt to parry Sara's attack. (21:06:35)
Thomas: Sara, roll your dodge, then your attack. (21:07:11)
[RinkChat] User Sara rolls 3d6: 6 + 3 + 3 = 12 (21:07:23)
[RinkChat] User Sara rolls 1d6: 3 = 3 (21:07:30)
Sara: that was dodge. (21:07:37)
[RinkChat] User Sara rolls 4d6+1: 1 + 3 + 1 + 3 = 8, modified by 1 = 9 (21:08:15)
Sara: That was attack.:( (21:08:33)
Thomas: Reyd, roll your dodge and attack. (-1d to each) (21:08:39)
Reyd: (back) (21:09:16)
[RinkChat] User Reyd rolls 1d6+2: 5 = 5, modified by 2 = 7 (21:09:32)
Thomas: I'm assuming Lire's step to the side was a dodge. Go ahead and roll your dodge then your attack at -1d for each. (21:09:36)
[RinkChat] User Reyd rolls 3d6+1: 6 + 6 + 2 = 14, modified by 1 = 15 (21:09:38)
[RinkChat] User Reyd rolls 1d6: 5 = 5 (21:09:47)
Sara: NICE! (21:09:51)
[RinkChat] User Lire rolls 2d6+2: 4 + 3 = 7, modified by 2 = 9 (21:09:53)
Lire: That was dodge, and now attack: (21:10:04)
Lire: Oops. Sorry, that wasn't at -1. (21:10:14)
Thomas: Reyd's shot goes off before the merc's did. Roll damage. (21:10:16)
[RinkChat] User Lire rolls 1d6+2: 1 = 1, modified by 2 = 3 (21:10:29)
[RinkChat] User Reyd rolls 4d6: 6 + 5 + 5 + 1 = 17 (21:10:36)
[RinkChat] User Reyd rolls 1d6: 6 = 6 (21:10:40)
[RinkChat] User Lire rolls 2d6+2: 2 + 5 = 7, modified by 2 = 9 (21:10:46)
[RinkChat] User Reyd rolls 1d6: 4 = 4 (21:10:47)
Sara: SWEET. (21:10:50)
Reyd: (I think I got him.) (21:10:53)
Thomas: wowwowwow (21:10:54)
Sara: Bye Bye Merk (21:10:56)
Lire: My word. (21:11:06)
Lire: That makes my roll look even worse. (21:11:15)
[Thomas->Lire] That just cracked me up. You get an instantaneous one skill point award for that. (21:11:50)
Lire: [The question is, is there anything left of Reyd's target? Dude.] (21:11:59)
[Lire->Thomas] Ooh, cool! :D (21:12:15)
Thomas: Reyd fires, blasting the merc into the crates behind him. The merc doesn't get up. (21:13:18)
Thomas: Various shots are fired and they all narrowly miss their targets. Oooooo. (21:13:48)
Thomas: next round! (21:14:03)
Thomas: Stormtroopers always declare before PCs, so hold on. (21:14:18)
Thomas: The four stormtroopers that were behind the merc (we'll call these A - D) will open fire on y'all. A and B fire at Lire. C fires at Sara. D fires at Reyd. (21:15:14)
Reyd: Heh. Going in order seems to be traditionally ignored in this game; by all of us, heh. (21:15:16)
Lire: Lire is reduced to dodging again, rendering her shots less powerful, but so be it. I dodge and shoot one of the stormtroopers. The nearest one, let's say. (21:16:34)
Thomas: The other four stormtroopers have taken up position behind cover on the right. E, F, and G fire at Reyd, who is closest to them (I'm assuming you're basically in a line like Lire, Sara, and Reyd.) H fires at Sara. (21:16:34)
Lire: [... Oops, I forgot there were eight. Sorry.] (21:16:48)
Thomas: And, if that's not bad enough, the cargo lift in the ground is rising. (21:17:04)
Reyd: Does a dodge count against all the rolls of people firing at you or just the one you're dodging from? (21:17:32)
Thomas: Jet pack mercs get into position. One fires at Reyd, one fires at Sara, and the other two rush towards the A-D group of Stormtroopers. (21:17:59)
Thomas: [all rolls in that action segment. ] (21:18:10)
Thomas: Lire? (21:18:14)
Thomas: Sara? (21:18:18)
* Sara goes over to Talnar and cuts him loose. (21:18:21)
Thomas: Still the same thing, Lire? (21:18:41)
Lire: Yeah, might as well. (21:18:47)
Sara: [I guess you can count that as a dodge.} (21:18:52)
Lire: Dodge and fire. (21:18:59)
* Reyd will dodge again, and fire at D. (21:19:11)
Thomas: Okay. Lire fires at A.. (21:19:26)
Thomas: Let's do Dodge rolls first. Everyone? (21:19:40)
[RinkChat] User Reyd rolls 1d6+2: 5 = 5, modified by 2 = 7 (21:19:57)
[RinkChat] User Sara rolls 4d6: 3 + 5 + 6 + 6 = 20 (21:20:07)
Reyd: [Nice dodge.] (21:20:23)
[RinkChat] User Lire rolls 1d6+2: 4 = 4, modified by 2 = 6 (21:20:34)
Sara: [Thanks. That is all I was really doing.] (21:20:52)
Thomas: Reyd and Lire do your attack rolls. (21:22:06)
[RinkChat] User Reyd rolls 3d6+1: 3 + 3 + 4 = 10, modified by 1 = 11 (21:22:16)
[RinkChat] User Lire rolls 2d6+2: 3 + 5 = 8, modified by 2 = 10 (21:22:23)
Reyd: [Hmm, my luck ran out.] (21:22:30)
Thomas: Yep. Reyd, you get hit once... twice... gah. (21:23:27)
Thomas: Lire... you get hit once as well. (21:23:55)
Reyd: Yeah, should have just concentrated on dodging. Frell. (21:24:05)
Thomas: Both your shots go wide. (21:24:19)
Thomas: Sara, you make it to Talnar and cut him free. (21:24:46)
Thomas: Reyd and Lire, roll your strength for damage resolution. (21:25:11)
[RinkChat] User Lire rolls 3d6: 1 + 2 + 5 = 8 (21:25:21)
Lire: Gah. (21:25:25)
[RinkChat] User Reyd rolls 2d6+1: 2 + 5 = 7, modified by 1 = 8 (21:25:58)
Lire: [I think I've gotten maybe two or three rolls over 10 all evening. O_o] (21:26:05)
Reyd: Gah (x2). (21:26:13)
Sara: [I think it is time to trust in the Force. Using a force point doubles all rolls, I believe.} (21:26:34)
Reyd: [Lire: 5, actually. I just counted.] (21:26:56)
Thomas: You're both wounded. (21:27:15)
Sara: {Thomas, I am officially using my Force point.} (21:27:20)
Reyd: Well, with that, I think you're right. I just have to decide what I would do. Hmm. (21:27:45)
Reyd: Thomas: Would the doubling come before or after the -1d from the wound? (21:27:59)
Thomas: Sara's in the docking bay with Talnar and the droids in boxes. Lire and Reyd are on the ground near that side of bay 22. (21:28:24)
Sara: [Doubling comes before the wound.] (21:28:25)
Reyd: Okay... and does the doubling just affect the number of dice rolled or the pips as well? (21:29:00)
Thomas: Stormtroopers A-D are about ten meters away from them, E-H are twenty away, Jetpacks 1 and 2 are thirty meters away, by the field. 3 and 4 are by Troopers A-D (21:29:53)
Thomas: next round! (21:29:57)
Sara: [It doubles everything, including speed, i.e. you can move double the normal distance.] (21:30:15)
Reyd: (so something like 2d6+2 would become 4d6+4?) (21:30:41)
Sara: [yes.] (21:31:12)
Reyd: [Okay.] (21:31:23)
Thomas: A and B are now firing at Sara. C and D fire at Lire, E through H fire at Reyd. Jetpacks 1 and 2 go to the fallen merc. 3 and 4 go to E-H. The cargo lift comes up and there's four more Stormtroopers on it. (21:31:44)
Reyd: ... (21:31:56)
Thomas: Lire? Sara? (21:31:58)
* Sara charges and attacks stormtroopers A-D. (21:32:18)
Thomas: Sara's in bay 21, moving back into bay 22 on the attack. (21:32:39)
Lire: I think I'm going to use my Force point for this one... I think. I'll shoot at A and B, perhaps? Two shots. (21:33:28)
Thomas: Talnar gets behind the first droid box. (21:33:30)
Thomas: Reyd? (21:33:38)
Reyd: I'll also use my Force point. I'll dodge and go for E-G. (21:34:35)
Thomas: Okay. (21:34:43)
Thomas: Sara's quad attacks are at -3d each. (21:34:59)
Thomas: Reyd's four attacks are at -4d each because of the dodge. (21:35:23)
Thomas: Lire's two attacks are at -1d each. (21:35:37)
Thomas: Reyd, roll your dodge first. Then everyone roll your attacks. (21:35:48)
Reyd: Oh wait. Does that mean my dodge is at -4d too? If so, I'll revise that. (21:35:56)
Thomas: No dodge, then? (21:36:24)
Thomas: Go ahead and roll. We'll be back in a second. (21:36:52)
Reyd: Well, maybe I'm misreading but I thought Sara was attacking 4 people, but I was attacking 3. (21:37:00)
Thomas: Oh. Then do the attack (21:37:26)
Thomas: ou're doing. (21:37:30)
[RinkChat] User Lire rolls 2d6+2: 1 + 2 = 3, modified by 2 = 5 (21:37:46)
[RinkChat] User Lire rolls 2d6+2: 5 + 3 = 8, modified by 2 = 10 (21:37:54)
Reyd: Hmm. Thinking about it there's another -1d from the wound, which brings it back to -4d, I guess. (21:38:32)
Lire: [Oh, but what about the force point? This is confusing.] (21:39:20)
Reyd: It is.Here's how I think of it... (21:39:34)
Reyd: My normal dodge roll is 26d+2. After the Force point, it's 4d6+4. Then the wound takes it to 3d6+4. Then -3d brings it to 0d6+4, which is almost useless. (21:40:29)
Reyd: And that's attacking 3 people. (21:41:30)
Reyd: So I guess I'll just go for 2 people, E-F. (21:42:12)
Reyd: Then I get 1d6+4 for the dodge and 5d6+2 for each blaster shot, if I've worked it out correctly. (21:42:59)
Lire: Okay. So my roll would actually be 4d6+2, then, taking -2d off for the multiple and for the injury. (21:43:24)
Reyd: Thomas: You ready for us to roll? (21:45:46)
Thomas: Go ahead. We've got our dog watcher over to meet the dogs. We'll be back in a sec. (21:46:23)
Reyd: Okay. (21:46:57)
Lire: Ah, okay. (21:47:12)
Reyd: I'll go first. (21:47:18)
Reyd: Dodge: (21:47:22)
[RinkChat] User Reyd rolls 1d6+4: 2 = 2, modified by 4 = 6 (21:47:28)
Reyd: Blaster: (21:47:42)
[RinkChat] User Reyd rolls 5d6+2: 3 + 1 + 1 + 1 + 6 = 12, modified by 2 = 14 (21:47:50)
Reyd: ... (21:47:56)
[RinkChat] User Reyd rolls 5d6+2: 1 + 6 + 3 + 2 + 2 = 14, modified by 2 = 16 (21:48:00)
Reyd: ...well, those were crap. (21:48:12)
Lire: Shot 1: (21:48:30)
Reyd: Ah well. (21:48:32)
[RinkChat] User Lire rolls 4d6+2: 3 + 6 + 4 + 2 = 15, modified by 2 = 17 (21:48:37)
Lire: Second: (21:48:45)
[RinkChat] User Lire rolls 4d6+2: 4 + 2 + 4 + 5 = 15, modified by 2 = 17 (21:48:53)
Lire: Hopefully that was enough to thin the ranks a bit. (21:49:19)
Lire: And maybe prevent Sara from getting hit. (21:49:38)
* Reyd is a bit frightened, and hopes Sara does a good job with her charge attack. (21:49:56)
Lire: [Me too, and I guess that would make Lire the same - I don't want my character to die. :-( ] (21:50:39)
Reyd: Luckily I believe for her sword she has 5d6 or something like that, which, x2 and -3d would result in 7d6 something for each stormtrooper. (21:50:58)
Reyd: I've just thought of something. These droids are assault droids, are they not? (21:52:04)
Lire: Aye. And maybe Talnar knows how to operate them. (21:54:03)
Reyd: Let's hope we live long enough to find out. (21:54:25)
[RinkChat] User Sara rolls 7d6+2: 4 + 2 + 2 + 1 + 4 + 4 + 6 = 23, modified by 2 = 25 (21:56:39)
Thomas: back! (21:56:41)
[RinkChat] User Sara rolls 7d6+2: 1 + 5 + 3 + 2 + 2 + 2 + 5 = 20, modified by 2 = 22 (21:56:47)
[RinkChat] User Sara rolls 7d6+2: 4 + 5 + 6 + 5 + 3 + 1 + 4 = 28, modified by 2 = 30 (21:56:51)
[RinkChat] User Sara rolls 7d6+2: 2 + 3 + 3 + 3 + 1 + 4 + 4 = 20, modified by 2 = 22 (21:56:53)
Sara: [Sorry about the delay] (21:57:17)
Lire: [Oh my goodness. I don't mind at all.] (21:57:27)
Lire: [Not with rolls like those.] (21:57:47)
Sara: [I like the Force] (21:58:18)
Reyd: Heh. (21:58:23)
Thomas: Sara runs through all four of the stormtroopers, slashing as she goes. (21:59:26)
Thomas: Roll damage on all four, please. (21:59:42)
[RinkChat] User Sara rolls 10d6: 1 + 3 + 3 + 1 + 2 + 2 + 6 + 2 + 4 + 4 = 28 (21:59:45)
[RinkChat] User Sara rolls 10d6: 5 + 6 + 6 + 5 + 1 + 2 + 2 + 6 + 5 + 6 = 44 (21:59:52)
[RinkChat] User Sara rolls 10d6: 3 + 5 + 2 + 3 + 3 + 2 + 6 + 5 + 5 + 6 = 40 (22:00:03)
[RinkChat] User Sara rolls 10d6: 1 + 2 + 3 + 3 + 4 + 4 + 6 + 6 + 6 + 2 = 37 (22:00:09)
Thomas: Both shots of Reyd's hit. Roll damage, please. (22:00:15)
[RinkChat] User Reyd rolls 8d6: 5 + 1 + 1 + 3 + 1 + 6 + 1 + 1 = 19 (22:00:26)
[RinkChat] User Reyd rolls 8d6: 4 + 5 + 4 + 4 + 5 + 6 + 6 + 2 = 36 (22:00:30)
Thomas: Both of Lire's shots hit, but Sara pretty much ninjaed them. Go ahead and roll damage anyway. (22:01:01)
[RinkChat] User Lire rolls 8d6: 6 + 1 + 4 + 2 + 4 + 3 + 4 + 5 = 29 (22:01:26)
[RinkChat] User Lire rolls 8d6: 4 + 3 + 5 + 3 + 3 + 4 + 5 + 5 = 32 (22:01:38)
Sara: WOOHOO, Wild 6 on the first roll! (22:01:49)
[RinkChat] User Lire rolls 1d6: 4 = 4 (22:01:58)
Sara: Them stormtroopers are soooo dead. (22:02:01)
Thomas: The stormtro (22:02:18)
Lire: If I had known you were hitting the same ones, I would've aimed elsewhere. But at least there are fewer to worry about. (22:02:22)
Thomas: Sara stands in a pile of dead stormtroopers that are piled around the fallen merc leader. There are two mercs with jetpacks right in front of her. (22:03:10)
Sara: Well, we can diverge on the next round. (22:03:12)
Reyd: She did mention she was going to go for A-D before you said about A-B. (22:03:14)
Reyd: But anyway. (22:03:22)
Lire: [Next week I won't multitask, I promise. :-\ ] (22:03:49)
Thomas: Lire and Reyd are backed up near the entrance to bay 21. Two of the four stormtroopers are still standing by some containers near the entrance to bay 23. The four stormtroopers on the cargo lift (I-L) are now on the floor. The other two jetpack boys are over by G and H. (22:05:03)
Reyd: [I hope that using the Force to help with killing people with blasters doesn't count as a step to the Dark Side, although to be fair we didn't really have a chance otherwise.] (22:05:05)
Thomas: next round! (22:05:06)
Thomas: G and H run up to the cargo lift stormtroopers. Those four fire, two at Reyd, two at Sara. (22:06:45)
Lire: Would it be possible to activate one of the assault droids? (22:07:09)
Thomas: The jetpack boys take to the air, 1 and 2 firing stun blasts at Lire. 3 and 4 take to the air and get in closer. (22:07:47)
Thomas: Talnar shouts "I can't find the control pad for the droids! Their leader must have it!" (22:08:15)
Sara: [The force effect is over now, right?] (22:08:35)
Thomas: Right. (22:08:40)
Thomas: Sara? Lire? (22:08:48)
* Sara runs over to the merc that had the control pad and takes it. (22:09:24)
Thomas: Lire? (22:09:42)
Lire: I'm going to fire once at Jetpack Boy 1, unless there is someone closer to me who would make a better shot. (22:10:09)
* Sara will also be dodging the blaster fire. (22:10:14)
Reyd: I'm just going to dodge. I don't have much choice. (22:10:20)
Thomas: Roll dodges, people. (22:10:36)
[RinkChat] User Reyd rolls 1d6+2: 6 = 6, modified by 2 = 8 (22:10:46)
[RinkChat] User Reyd rolls 1d6: 3 = 3 (22:10:52)
[RinkChat] User Sara rolls 4d6: 4 + 3 + 1 + 6 = 14 (22:11:24)
Thomas: Sara finds a control pad on the merc's body. (22:12:53)
Thomas: Many blaster shots are fired, many miss. Except one. Guess who it hits? (22:13:12)
Reyd: Great! (22:13:13)
Thomas: Lire, roll str. (22:13:20)
Reyd: Or maybe not so great. (22:13:22)
[RinkChat] User Lire rolls 3d6: 6 + 2 + 5 = 13 (22:13:31)
[RinkChat] User Lire rolls 1d6: 1 = 1 (22:13:37)
Sara: Good roll. (22:13:41)
Reyd: Yeah. (22:13:52)
Thomas: Lire's lucky that the jetpack boy's blasters are set to stun. (22:13:59)
Lire: I knew I was going to get hit, since I didn't dodge. But oh, I haven't fired yet. (22:14:04)
Thomas: That shot hit, but she just shrugs it off. (22:14:11)
Thomas: Oh yeah! Fire! (22:14:17)
[RinkChat] User Lire rolls 2d6+2: 4 + 4 = 8, modified by 2 = 10 (22:14:28)
Lire: Eh. (22:14:33)
Thomas: That just barely hits. He forgot to dodge. (22:14:44)
Thomas: Roll damage. (22:14:47)
[RinkChat] User Lire rolls 4d6: 5 + 6 + 6 + 4 = 21 (22:14:58)
Lire: Dude. (22:15:02)
Reyd: Nice. (22:15:05)
Thomas: Unfortunately, I rolled really well. You managed to stun the guy in the jetpack. (22:15:35)
Lire: That's better than nothing, I guess. (22:16:04)
* Lire is just glad she survived the round. (22:16:13)
Reyd: And me. (22:16:27)
Thomas: He wavers in his flight and rockets up to the girders in the ceiling. There's a whumping noise, then he goes shooting off to the right and is flung out into the snow. (22:16:37)
Sara: It is better. Especially since we are all still standing! (22:16:49)
Thomas: next round! (22:16:52)
Reyd: Unless something extraordinary happens, I'll be dodging for the rest of the combat, I think. (22:16:52)
Reyd: We'll see. (22:17:07)
Thomas: One of the stormtroopers fires at Talnar, one at Sara, two at Reyd, two at Lire. The Jetpack boys fire once each at your group, so that's one shot on each. (22:18:40)
* Sara takes the wrist controlpad from the merc, and runs to Talnar and gives him the control pad. She also dodges the inevitable blaster fire. (22:19:08)
Lire: You know, I'm still out in the open. I'm going to dodge over to some cover. Behind the crates, perhaps? (22:19:23)
Thomas: Lire? (22:19:24)
Reyd: Oh, right. Cover. (22:19:39)
Thomas: Sara runs from bay 22 to bay 21 where Talnar is. (22:19:48)
Sara: "Come this way" she yells. (22:20:02)
Lire: [Oh man, I'm still wounded. My dodge isn't going to be very good. :-/ ] (22:20:10)
* Lire runs over to Sara. (22:20:19)
Thomas: Reyd? (22:20:25)
Reyd: Unfortunately I guess that would be dodging while running, which would be a "roll" of 0d6+2. So I guess I'll stick with my guns and dodge. (22:21:07)
Sara: However, we may be able to close the blaster door between us if you run over to our bay. (22:21:59)
Reyd: That's true. And they may not hit. (22:22:14)
Thomas: Reyd? (22:22:56)
Reyd: *sighs* If I'm stunned, it's your fault. ;-) I'll run over to Sara. (22:23:18)
Sara: I'll live with that. (22:23:30)
Sara: ;) (22:23:36)
Reyd: Hey! (22:23:43)
Reyd: >:-| (22:23:46)
Thomas: Lire, Sara, roll dodges. (22:23:57)
Sara: We haven't left anyone behind yet. (22:24:00)
[RinkChat] User Sara rolls 3d6: 3 + 3 + 6 = 12 (22:24:08)
[RinkChat] User Lire rolls 1d6+2: 2 = 2, modified by 2 = 4 (22:24:12)
Lire: [Gah, for the nth time.] (22:24:23)
Thomas: That's okay. I just rolled pretty horribly. (22:24:52)
Reyd: Next 2 skill points I get go into increasing my dodge skill. (22:25:03)
Sara: [good for us!] (22:25:04)
Lire: [Reyd: Heh.] (22:25:22)
Thomas: There's yet another smattering of blaster fire. That 2 for Reyd's dodge helped. (22:25:24)
Reyd: Cool. (22:25:41)
Sara: [I can stop sweating now.] (22:25:51)
Reyd: Actually, not just cool, amazing. (22:25:59)
Thomas: Talnar takes the control pad. You're all in bay 21, unharmed that round. The Stormtroopers are 40 meters away. The jetpacks are about 20m away from you. (22:26:38)
Thomas: next round! (22:26:42)
Thomas: The stormtroopers advance, firing as they go. One at Talnar, one at Reyd, two at Sara, two at Lire. (22:27:09)
* Sara hands the wristpad to Lire. "See if you can close the blaster door." She dodges as she shoots at the nearest jetpack. (22:27:49)
Thomas: The jetpack boys go zooming into bay 21, firing at Talnar, Sara, and Lire. (22:27:52)
Thomas: Talnar ducks behind one of the droid cases. (22:28:18)
Reyd: Uh-oh. We have company. (22:28:28)
Lire: Okay, I'll try to close the blast door. (22:28:34)
Thomas: Reyd? (22:28:55)
* Reyd will dodge, again. (22:28:57)
Lire: Not sure what stat that is. Guess I could just dodge, unless messing around with the wristpad requires a different skill. (22:29:28)
Thomas: Lire, roll your Comp Prog/Repair skill. (22:29:30)
Lire: Ah, thanks. (22:29:39)
Thomas: Reyd, dodge. (22:29:42)
[RinkChat] User Lire rolls 2d6+1: 4 + 3 = 7, modified by 1 = 8 (22:29:52)
Thomas: Sara, dodge, then shoot. (22:29:53)
[RinkChat] User Reyd rolls 1d6+2: 5 = 5, modified by 2 = 7 (22:29:53)
[RinkChat] User Sara rolls 3d6: 4 + 2 + 2 = 8 (22:30:20)
[RinkChat] User Sara rolls 3d6: 6 + 2 + 6 = 14 (22:30:28)
[RinkChat] User Sara rolls 1d6: 3 = 3 (22:30:34)
Lire: You'd think that even wounded, I'd be able to work some buttons. Ah well. Here's hoping it works. (22:30:34)
Reyd: Of course, we'll need to get round to bay 22 again some time so we can get Talnar. Meaning we'll be facing the troopers eventually, but thankfully not at the same time as the jetpacks. (22:32:14)
Sara: [We are currently in the bay with Talnar. (22:32:34)
Lire: Wait, I thought everyone (even Talnar) was in 21. (22:32:38)
Thomas: Lire punches the codes and the blast door between the docking bays closes just after the jetpack mercenaries zip into the bay. One shot from the stormtroopers gets through the doors and just misses Talnar. (22:32:39)
Lire: Ah. (22:32:54)
Sara: Good job Lire! (22:33:05)
Thomas: "Droids, activate!" he shouts. The six boxes pop open. (22:33:09)
Lire: Yay! (22:33:12)
Thomas: Reyd, roll your str again. (22:33:31)
[RinkChat] User Reyd rolls 2d6+1: 1 + 3 = 4, modified by 1 = 5 (22:33:56)
Reyd: Sara/Lire: Oh, right. Yeah, my mistake. (22:34:16)
Thomas: Reyd makes it over to the droid boxes when one of the flying men shoots him in the back. Reyd goes down to the floor, knocked out. (22:34:55)
[Thomas->Reyd] You've been ko'ed. (22:35:11)
Thomas: Sara, roll damage. (22:35:34)
[RinkChat] User Sara rolls 4d6: 6 + 3 + 4 + 3 = 16 (22:35:47)
[RinkChat] User Sara rolls 1d6: 2 = 2 (22:35:52)
Sara: [The force is with me] (22:36:01)
Thomas: Sara managed to stun the guy, so he goes flying against the far wall. (22:36:17)
Sara: [Reyd: Fortunately, their blasters are on Stun.] (22:36:20)
Thomas: next round! (22:36:21)
Thomas: Inside the crates, tiny lights start blinking. You hear the droids' servos whining louder, and the containers begin to bulge. The droids strain to unfold. With a loud bang, the crates split, sending panels and bolts flying in all directions. The droids stand at their full 2.5-meter height, snapping weapons into place. (22:36:45)
Thomas: "Awaiting orders," all six say in unison. (22:37:03)
Sara: Whoa. Cool. (22:37:05)
Thomas: The jetpack boys look at each other and land by the door to the main hallway, trying to open the blast door. (22:37:52)
Thomas: Sara? Lire? (22:38:00)
Lire: Hehehe. (22:38:01)
Lire: I'm going to shoot the nearest jetpack boy. (22:38:19)
Sara: Sara goes over to the downed jetpack boy to make sure he is really out. (22:38:54)
Sara: She takes the jetpack., (22:39:15)
Thomas: Heh. (22:39:18)
Sara: hehehe. (22:39:21)
Thomas: Lire, roll your attack. (22:39:51)
[RinkChat] User Lire rolls 2d6+2: 1 + 3 = 4, modified by 2 = 6 (22:40:32)
Thomas: Luckily, you're close enough to hit him. Roll damage. (22:40:51)
[RinkChat] User Lire rolls 4d6: 6 + 3 + 6 + 2 = 17 (22:41:02)
[RinkChat] User Lire rolls 1d6: 5 = 5 (22:41:07)
Thomas: The other one opens the blast doors into the hallway. (22:41:09)
Thomas: his friend turns into paste. (22:41:20)
Thomas: Dang. Good shot. (22:41:33)
Sara: Very nice. (22:41:39)
Thomas: next round! (22:41:39)
Lire: LOL. (22:41:41)
Thomas: That jetpack boy fires up his jetback and takes off down the hall. (22:42:22)
Thomas: Talnar speaks into the control device. "Target the fleeing man in the jetpack. Fire." (22:42:47)
Thomas: "Affirmative," all six droids say in unison. (22:43:00)
Thomas: Lire? Sara? (22:43:05)
Lire: Would it be possible for me to try and do field dressing on my wounds or something? Maybe get it up to where I don't have a -1d penalty? (22:44:00)
* Sara removes the jetpack on the downed man. After the 6 droids fire, she asks Talnar: "Do you have a transport ship nearby? If not, we need to figure out how to get everyone to bay 47." (22:44:16)
Lire: Since the combat's quiet at the moment. (22:44:27)
Reyd: [Each round lasts about 5-6 seconds in game time, I think, so certainly not in one round I would have thought.] (22:44:36)
Thomas: You can use a medipac on yourself, yes. (22:45:29)
Lire: Okay, so that'll be my move this round. (22:45:37)
Thomas: But it'll be easier for someone else to use it on you. (22:45:41)
Lire: Ohh. (22:45:45)
Reyd: [Okay, so I was wrong, heh.] (22:45:45)
Lire: Hm. (22:45:52)
Lire: Then I'll just wait this round out. (22:45:59)
Sara: I could, or maybe Talnar would be good as he likely has a high technical skill. (22:46:09)
* Lire stands alert in case of trouble, but does nothing. (22:46:13)
Sara: Just watch out for the droid's fire. (22:46:25)
Lire: Ah, right. (22:46:33)
Thomas: The droids fire and blast the fleeing merc. His jetpack explodes, sending him pretty far down the hallway to the main concourse. Several civilians in the main thouroghfare look in your direction and run. (22:47:37)
Thomas: There's blaster fire hitting the blast door leading to the docking bay with the stormtroopers. (22:48:17)
Thomas: "No," Talnar says. "I don't have any transport ship around here." (22:48:37)
Thomas: "Awaiting orders," all six droids say in unison. (22:48:48)
Sara: "We should make sure the droids are between us and those blaster doors. Then we can open them and take out those stormtroopers. (22:49:10)
Lire: Sounds good. I can open the doors when you're ready; I still have the control. (22:49:28)
Lire: Well, presumably I can open them. >_> (22:50:01)
Sara: Once we are done, can we move the droids to our transport bay Talnar?" (22:50:05)
Thomas: "Sure," he says. Talnar speaks into the control device. "Target all stormtroopers and fire." (22:50:25)
Thomas: Lire, roll your Comp Prog/Repair skill. (22:50:29)
[RinkChat] User Lire rolls 2d6+1: 2 + 5 = 7, modified by 1 = 8 (22:50:43)
Thomas: The door opens. There's six stormtroopers. Soon there are no stormtroopers. (22:51:06)
Sara: Cool. (22:51:14)
Thomas: "Awaiting orders," all six droids say in unison. (22:51:16)
Sara: Talnar, can you use this medipack to help Reyd out?" (22:51:46)
Thomas: "I'll try," he says. (22:51:55)
Reyd: [darn, we should have found these droids earlier.] (22:52:04)
Sara: Yup. (22:52:25)
Sara: They are pretty cool. (22:52:33)
Thomas: Talnar attempts to use the medipac on Reyd and it works. Reyd wakes up with shout. (22:52:46)
Sara: Yay. (22:52:55)
Reyd: Woo! (22:52:58)
[Thomas->Reyd] You are no longer wounded. (22:53:00)
Reyd: So what happened? *looks around* Seems like you defeated all the bad guys. (22:53:26)
Sara: Lire, are you still injured. If you have a medpack, I am sure Talnar can help. (22:53:32)
Sara: Reyd: Those droids are amazing. We need to get them to the ship as soon as possible. (22:53:56)
Thomas: "Well, I can try at least," Talnar says. (22:54:04)
Lire: I'm still injured, yeah. And I believe I have a medpack. (22:54:08)
Lire: Has combat ended? (22:54:24)
Thomas: Talnar tries and succeeds! (22:54:25)
Lire: Ooh, good. (22:54:35)
[Thomas->Lire] You are no longer wounded. (22:54:35)
Sara: YAY. (22:54:37)
Sara: All healthy then. (22:54:42)
Lire: I feel much better. (22:54:43)
Thomas: "Wow," Talnar says. (22:54:51)
Sara: Let's get back to our transport. (22:55:04)
Reyd: Reyd nods. "Right." (22:55:53)
Thomas: "We'll probably need to get there pretty quickly," Talnar says. (22:56:09)
Thomas: "Awaiting orders," all six droids say in unison. (22:56:13)
Thomas: He looks at the droids. "I have an idea." (22:56:29)
Sara: Ideas are good. (22:56:40)
Lire: Indeed. (22:57:02)
Thomas: A few minutes later, you're rushing down the tunnels, being carried by an assault droid. "Turn left at the next intersection," he says into the control. "Affirmative," all six say in unison. Civilians run out of your way. (22:57:23)
* Sara smiles with glee. (22:57:44)
Lire: Nice. (22:57:54)
Reyd: Whoo! (22:58:02)
Thomas: Much faster than it would take you to run, you're at your landing bay. Whoo. (22:58:13)
Sara: I like these droids! (22:58:39)
Lire: Yeah. I wish we could keep one. (22:58:48)
Lire: Do we still have the money, by the way? (22:58:55)
Reyd: They seem to be useful, yes. (22:59:01)
Thomas: Luckily, you're able to load the droids up quickly and get spaceborne. Whoa that was fast. (22:59:07)
Sara: Yes, sara still has the money (22:59:22)
Thomas: "That's why they'll be so invaluable to the Alliance," Talnar says. (22:59:49)
Sara: We did very good this adventure. And those greedy mercs got what they deserved. (23:00:01)
Sara: I thinnk that this money will also help the Alliance. (23:00:20)
Thomas: And a few hours later, you arrive back at your base! Huzzah! (23:00:24)
Thomas: the end! (23:00:36)
Sara: YAY. Fun fun. (23:00:46)
Reyd: Nice. (23:00:48)
Lire: This one had a nice ending. :D (23:00:48)
Reyd: Heh. (23:00:57)
Thomas: Cool! See, I tried to get it to only game session, and it worked! (23:01:01)
Sara: Indeed. Using the force point was FUN. (23:01:10)
Reyd: It was. (23:01:18)
Lire: Hehe. Yeah. (23:01:20)
Sara: And now I have a fun new toy jetpack! (23:01:22)

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