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You come from a settlement of a few hundred souls -- purebred and mutant alike. Somewhere in a pocket of fertile ground, surrounded by toxic and radioactive wastelands, your people scrape together a life. You hide from the deathbots, trade with nomadic mutants, and tend modest crops.

The elders have hold you stories about the Golden Age, when people -- called the Ancients -- didn't have to work because machines were their slaves and did all the work for them. All the people had plenty of food. They had boats that flew and took them to the stars. They even had special machines to pick the fleas and ticks off themselves, so nobody ever itched, or so the stories go. But then the Golden Age ended in fire hotter than fire.

The machines started the war, wayward creations that rose up against their creators, rebels who destroyed those who had given them minds and electronic life.

Or perhaps is was a massive war between the purebred and mutants, fighting each other for domination.

Others say it was cryptic alliances, shadowy societies shrouded in secret, bent on controlling the world.

Or was it just people, humans unworthy of the Golden Age, unworthy of peace, who destroyed their own planet and left ash and slag for the freaks and 'bots to fight over?

Many say they know the answers, but few agree on what they are.

What they can agree on is the present, a world of mutants, poisons, and rampaging machines. Into this world you have been born. Now is the time for you to make your place in it.

Somewhere, on the other side of the wastelands, are ruins where mighty relics lie. These weapons of the Ancients can make you a warlord, a conqueror, or a hero, if you can find them and use them. Roaming across the land are tribes of savages. They'll eat you if they can, but they may fear and serve you if you are strong. Here and there are other settlements of decent folk who may welcome you if you bring news and goods to trade. And somewhere are the mortal enemies of all sentient life, which you must defeat, if you can only figure out who they are.

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