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This is an archive of a play by chatroom game.

Looks like we'll be playing the post-apocalyptic futuristic game. The game is called Gamma World, based off of the old TSR game and the recent d20 revamp "Omega World". As mentioned earlier, we'll be using West End Games' d6 system -- it's much faster and easier to use online than the d20 system.

That probably doesn't mean anything to you.

If you've played Gamma World before, the big difference between the published works and this version is simply no mutated animals. There's only Purebred Humans and Mutated Humans in the world.

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open gaming times

It looks like nobody has a recurring conflict on the following game times: Sunday afternoon/evening, Tuesday evening, Wednesday evening, and Thursday evening. If you are not able to play on one of these days ever, let me know so we can decide on what days we can try to schedule our regular game sessions.

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