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campaign log

Day 1

While watching Tworoad, Tasuki spotted the trukk Connor's Men use rushing to the village, heading to Raegon about a week ahead of schedule. Very few Men are on the way, only the trukk and two dewbacks approach. A third dewback follows, but the rider falls off. After warning the village that strangers approach, Tasuki climbs down to search for the rider.

The Men arrive, obviously fleeing from something. They demand that Sarin ("healing girl") heal two of the Men's wounded and that the village bring them the food they're supposed to recieve. The Men decide to take the healing girl with them, at gunpoint.

Duggas and Cheyanne return with the food, but a time slipped Duggas appears (who is followed by Master Christopher, a master builder) and attacks the Men's new leader. Several villagers, looking to strike back at Connor's Men, follow Duggas' lead and revolt against the warlord's band of wounded stragglers while Elder Chennel helps the village's women and children find shelter in the village hall.

Meanwhile, Tasuki is attacked by someone with a beam weapon. He runs back to the village in time to witness the revolt and charges in. The revolt is quick and furious, but not without a price -- several of the villagers were killed before the Men could be defeated.

A bloody mob formed around the surrendered Man and put him to death by stoning. One Man in the cab of the trukk, came to, but was unable to escape. When Sarin questioned him who attacked the Connor's Men, she -- and all of Raegon found out. For up from the south a man clad in metal appeared, firing a blue bolt from it's beam weapon. Quickly, Raegon's defenders made a stand, knocking over the invader thanks to a well-placed shot by the trukk's gun.

But then the invader stood back up...

Day 5

The large metal bird swooped down above the battle, dropping strange globes that exploded into an unnatural thick, pink fog. The vapors scratched at your throat, the burn, the pain. You collapsed. Everything went black.

That was five days ago. Five days to bury the dead. Master Garreth, Elder Korra, the Rolland twins and a hundred more, all dead and buried. You don't know why the twelve of you were the only ones who survived. The purple corpses with limbs twisted and bent in pain, scattered all over Raegon from the cliff top farmlands, to the fishery north of the village, to the ones hiding in the caves and shelters... A hundred and nine in all. The twelve of you, two Elders: Chris Wren and Chanel; seven adults: Arrin Gell, Cheyanne, Duggas Damm, Feirin, Rekkasha, Tasuki, and Zora; and three children: Orria, Sarin, and Yasha; are all that's left.

The devastation was amazing. All the crops that were growing, brown and withered. Of the food supplies in the storehouse, almost everything was spoiled or ruined. The dead fish had finally stopped washing up on the shores. While the adults supervised the burials, the children were left to gather what they could scavenge. It wasn't much. Apart from what you're carrying, they've brought the two long rifles the schoolteacher and Master Yhonda owned, about two more weeks of food for each of you, several slings, a bullwhip, Kodath's old force pike, the large black shield with the see-through part Lanna owned, and several assorted tools and make-shift weapons. The trukk still works, even with the various holes the walking weapons blasted in it. The right rear tire is flat, but the other five still work.

Now, the twelve of you have gathered to determine what should be done next. All eyes turn towards Elder Chris Wren and Elder Coco Chanel to see what they say we should do next...

(Everyone should check out the campaign background for ideas of what to do. )


The other survivors:

Arrin Gell, a carpenter in his mid-twenties. His wife was a fisher apprentice. He's a bear of a man, the tallest and broadest of all villagers, almost seven feet tall

Rekkasha, the assistant to Master Walker, the animal handler. Rekkasha is in her early thirties. She enjoys the company of her horses more than other villagers. Unfortunately, the horses fell victim to the purple death as well.

Zora, the four-armed woman was a good worker in the fields above the village, not to mention a darn good juggler. As a child, Zora was one of the girls that played with the boys more often than not. A hot-tempered child who often rebelled against her elders, she realized the only way she'd ever win is if she took the rite of passage, and she became the youngest one in the village to complete it. Zora is the same age as Feirin.

Orria, a child. Only ten years old, he has the ability to pass through solid objects

Yasha, a child. She was about to complete the rite of passage to adulthood four days ago. She's sick of being treated as a child and tries to act as an adult, even if she hasn't gone on the rite. Sometimes when she touches others, they black out.

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