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a quick look at generating some quick bad guys to go against the good.

Typical Tank Mutie

Dex 2d
   brawl parry 3d
   melee 4d
Kno 1d
Per 1d
Str 4d
   brawl 6d
Control 1d
   physical mutation 3d

physical mutation packages
   claws, horns, frenzy (d)
   furry, acid spit, 2 sensitivities (d)
   extra arms, distinctive odor (d), heightened metabolism (d)
   tentacles, scales, stiff motion (d)
   sonic blast, sensitive (d), really slow (d)
   poison bite, heightened metabolism (d)

Typical Psi Mutie

Dex 2d
   dodge 3d
   throw 3d
Kno 1d
   willpower 3d
Per 3d
   hide 4d
   sneak 4d
Str 1d
Control 2d
   mental mutation 3d

mental mutation packages
   telekinesis, dual brain, fear response (d)
   pyrogenesis, frenzy (d)
   brain bite, weak (d, -1d to random stat)

Typical Freak Mutie

Dex 2d
   dodge 3d
   melee 3d
Kno 2d
   willpower 3d
Per 2d
   hide 3d
Str 2d
   stamina 3d
Control 1d
   mental mutation 3d

special mutation packages
   shapeshifter, poor respiratory system (d), sensitive (d)
   rush, time slip, poorly trained (d, -1d to two random skills)
   sonic blast, ht. metab (d) or 2 sensitivities (d)

Typical Wastelands Gang Member (Purebreed)

Dex 2d+1
   melee 3d+1
   melee parry 3d+1
   blaster OR dodge 3d+1
Kno 2d
   survival 3d
Per 2d+1
   sneak 3d+1
Str 2d+1
   brawling 4d+1


Dexterity 3d (1d)
   Blaster 5d (3d)
   Dodge 6d (4d)
Knowledge 1d
Perception 1d
   Search 3d
Strength 2d (4d)

Armor 2d; internal blaster rifle (5d dmg; 10-100 | 300 | 900)


Dexterity 4d (3d)
   Dodge 6d (5d)
   Blaster 5d (4d)
   Throwing/Grenade 5d (4d)
Knowledge 1d
Perception 1d
Strength 1d (2d)

Armor 1d; internal sporting blaster (3d+1 dmg; 10-30 | 90 | 360); grenade launcher (pick type)


Dexterity 2d
   (a combat skill) 3d
Knowledge 1d
Perception 3d
   Con 5d
   Hide 5d
   Sneak 5d
Strength 2d

Human appearance. Random gear.

Quick Armor/Weapon Selection for NPCs

determine armor:
01 - 20 no armor
21 - 25 helmet
26 - 35 shield
36 - 45 helmet and shield
... crap. there was more stuff here. I'll have to finish up the table if I get a chance.

determine weapons:
01 - 15 knife
16 - 30 axe
31 - 45 club
46 - 60 spear
61 - 75 gaffi stick
76 - 79 energy mace
80 - 83 force pike
84 - 87 stun whip
88 - 91 vibroaxe
92 - 95 vibroblade
96 lightsabre 97- 00 roll twice; 96 - 00 = nothing else.

determine ranged weapons
01 - 20 none
21 - 30 crossbow
31 - 40 bow and arrow
41 - 80 grenade (roll on grenade table)
81 - 00 relic gun (roll on gun table)

football helmet (+1 Str/damage if hit roll had a 6 on the wild die - head shot);

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