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campaign history

Your village, Raegon, is pretty much all you know. About a hundred and twenty, maybe a hundred and fifty people live in Raegon with you. It's a commune; everyone there works for the common good. Raegon is an agricultural town -- you have an algae farm on the east side of town adjoining the river, the hills and canyons on either side of the Rock River have alcoves that hold many small gardens and farms along with many small caves. Atop the cliffside to the west of town is the largest farm the town owns. Over a third of the workers in town can be found working the fields during the day here. Fishing in the river results in meager gains most of the time, but it helps.

The village itself is built in the ruins of a small Ancients town. Tworoad, the old road that leads north and southwest from town, follows the Rock River further than any of you have ever followed it. "Tworoad goes to the ends of the earth," goes the old saying. The Tworoad is rather rough; the stories say that the Ancients had bubble cars that moved faster than the sun, but from running along the broken blocks of concrete, you seriously doubt it.

Another road that was similar to Tworoad exists, about a half-mile upriver. At one time, a bridge spanned the river. On the east side of the bank, the rubble from the collapse is moss-covered. Large fish seem to enjoy the shadows here. This is where your village has a ferry; a sturdy guide rope crosses to the bridge debris here. A road used to be here, but what remains is even worse than Tworoad. This road stretches east and west. The west road is also the northern boundary for the town farm.

To the northwest, about three day's caravan ride, is a larger settlement called Buek, your village's major trading partner To get there, you have to cross the Mighty, a large, extremely wide river. The Lords of Buek operate a barge that crosses the Mighty. To the north, more small ruins exist, about a day's walk or so away. The ruins to the north are uninhabited and are rumored to be haunted. Tworoad heads south forever. It is said that Tworoad and the river meet the Mighty at the site of a large ruined city much, much larger than the ruins to the north. However, nobody who has set out to those ruins has ever returned.

Occasionally, travellers and traders come from the south and pass to the north or west. These people bring food, goods, and other amazing things you've never seen. Additionally, they bring tales of wonder and excitement.

Your village is run by a council of five. They, and about a dozen others, are the only ones who are supposed to have contact with outsiders. They set the prices, they are the barters for Raegon. Every few months, some of them take apprentices on the long walk to Buek to trade Raegon goods. The apprentices are there for two reasons: security for the trade caravan and to learn how to trade. Other disciplines -- farming and fishing -- also have masters and apprentices. The algae farm employs about a fifth of the population of Raegon at any one time. Crop farmers cycle from the large field to the smaller canyonside gardens on a regular basis. There are those who cook, those who make clothes, those who build houses... Everyone does a little bit of everything here in Raegon.

There aren't too many defenses in Raegon beyond the odd watchposts along the canyon walls, the main defenses your town has are the caves littering the canyon walls. Although the council of five rules Raegon, they bow down to Connor's Men who come through Raegon every three months. Connor, the local warlord, claims to own your village. Every three months, when his Men come to town, your village must pay him a tax of food and trade goods. Every three months, when his Men come to town, the council sends the village children and some of the women to hide in the caves -- for they have been known to take those in lthe ean times when Raegon does not have enough trade goods and food to satisfy the Men.

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