Season One: Dark Clouds Gathering

It is early in the year 2056. Magic and technology exist side by side in the Fort Worth/Dallas sprawl. Megacorporations and nations rule with equal power in a gritty cyberpunk future. Years ago, Texas (along with nine other southern states) left the United Canadian and American States to forge their own destiny. The players are many in this confederacy: governments, corporations, secret societies, and organizations. In this, the largest metroplex in North America, these players use people as pawns. When something unsavory or illegal has to be done, these players call upon shadowrunners.

Disclaimer: Beware SPOILERS for various Shadowrun modules and sourcebooks.

  • Friday Night Chaos: Feb 18, 2056 - Feb 21, 2056
    Our Heroes are hired to investigate the murders of five Tandy Corp executives during the worst riots Dallas has seen in years. During their investigation, they stumble across a plot to take over the Sprawl's law enforcement contract.

    Hell, I remember that. Something about a bunch of suits geeking each other. Good riddance.

    Yeah, but that and the riots were tied into those BTL chips, remember?
  • Babewatch, CAS: Mar 1, 2056 - Mar 4, 2056
    The 2056 Miss World finals are being held in Fort Worth and the runners are hired by a Mafia Family to kidnap Miss CFS. Hold her until after the competition. Unfortunately, a local Yakuza clan wants Miss CFS to win. And for some reason, Renraku is after her as well.

    Lost quite a bundle betting on that one.

    Check out that swimsuit competition! Yum.
  • The Big Easy: Mar 30, 2056 - Apr 12, 2056
    After a few weeks, the runners find themselves needing to take a milk run job due to Mafia pressure. After a quick cruise in the Gulf of Mexico, the runners have a three day vacation in New Orleans. But Our Heroes somehow acquire a small box that everyone wants.

    Not the best vacation I ever had.

    Obviously you didn't drink enough.
  • Things That Go Bump in the Night: Apr 15, 2056 - Apr 17, 2056
    Upon return to their home, the runners take a job protecting a group of metahumans from someone who is hunting them down. Our Heroes go to the meet and discover that the metas they are hired to protect are ghouls.

    Ghouls? And these slags protected the flesh eaters? Cripes, what's the sixth world coming to?

    You weren't there.
  • Confederate Starr: May 4, 2056 - May 9, 2046
    Our Heroes head to Oklahoma, CAS, as personal bodyguards for Jenna Holiday on the set of the new trideo movie, Confederate Starr. And, sure enough, Something Happens.

    Just saw the trid last week. Cheese a'plenty. And they wanted to make a whole series based on this?

    It's better than some of the other crap VoxCSA puts out.
  • The Rod to Aztlan: May 16, 2056 - May 27, 2056
    The runners get a job to transport a stolen museum piece across the Texas/Aztlan border.

    Art smuggling? Sounds cool.

    And across the AZ/TX border - no piece of cake.
  • Backstage Pass: June 6, 2056 - June 8, 2056
    After discovering that one of their own is dead, the runners take a simple blackmail case involving famous people. Things get complicated when the blackmailer turns up dead.

    Simple case, my hoop.

    More people than that turned up dead.
  • Time Heals All Wounds, part one: July 2, 2056 - July 8, 2056
    The runners are hired to obtain an Orb from the Atlantean Foundation's Baton Rogue compound. And kill a guy.

    Looks like the boys are making the big money now.

    Oh yeah? Check out the truck. Net profit? What net profit?
  • Time Heals All Wounds, part two: July 21, 2056 - June 12, 2116
    Immediately after dropping the AF's Orb, the runners are offered another job. Duck into Aztlan and get the second Orb. But things aren't as simple as they suspect...

    "Oh yeah, let's go to Aztlan and steal stuff from the military." Who's dumbass idea was that?
    Hong Lang

    Hey, I was in Atlanta. Should've come along, skinny.