Behind Dark Clouds Gathering

This section of the web site is for GAMEMASTERS ONLY. This part of the site has short descriptions of each of the runs planned and ran in my campaign. If I find out that any of the gamers in my group has read any of this, your characters will start to have abnormally short life spans.

If you are a player, will always be a player and never a GM - don't read this section. Your GM may have visited this site and taken an idea for your campaign. And there's nothing like spending an hour infiltrating a site and then realizing that you've read this all before.

Disclaimer: Beware SPOILERS for various Shadowrun modules and sourcebooks.
  • Friday Night Chaos:
    The contract for Law Enforcement in the sprawl is up for grabs. A law enforcement provider tries to steal the contract away from the current holder by showing the current contract holder is incompetent. The provider floods the market with BTLs that make the user susceptible to subliminals, he also puts sublims on the local trideo feed to increase violent crimes in the sprawl.

    The missing chips will probably show up again in the season three adventure In The Crosshairs.

  • Babewatch, CAS:
    A corporate spy stationed in Renraku slips a chip containing paydata into Miss CFS's purse while she's visiting an arcology. Renraku discovers the location of the chip while the Miss World Finals are underway. The Mafia is betting on Miss Carribean League and want the runners to kidnap Miss CFS. The Yakuza want Miss CFS to win.

    This run introduces Jenna Holiday.

  • The Big Easy:
    Tir na nÒg has had an artifact stolen from them, and Aztechnology is supposed to receive it from the thief. The MacGuffin falls into the runner's laps.

    At the end of this run, the runners are gassed and taken to the Atlantean Foundation's Baton Rouge compound where their memories of the run were tampered with.

    During this run, 20Questions disappears. His cover story is that he's in Quebec City on a run, although some others hear that he's gone to NYC.

    Also during this run, back in D/FW, Guttersnipe is adopted by a man whose son was killed in the same explosion that killed 'Snipe's dad. McConnally, 'Snipe's adoptive dad, is really the leader of a cell of the Black Lodge. They initiate Guttersnipe on his 18th birthday.

    This run introduces the Atlantean Foundation and establishes that one of the Orbs is in the Baton Rouge AF compound.

  • Things That Go Bump in the Night:
    A recently-turned vampire, former member of a local Humanis policlub, decides to hunt down a pack of ghouls for the thrill of the chase. An ORC member contacts the runners, trying to get help for her ghoul friends.

    At the end of the run, the vampire and all but three ghouls survived. When the fire department arrived to put out the blaze, they discovered the ghouls and, along with the police, killed all twenty or so ghouls. The three surviving ghouls are coming back in Return to Sender. They won't be happy.

    At Guttersnipe's birthday party, one of his contacts gives Guttersnipe a gift of the future. A seer predicts that one present at this party will betray him. Lynx and Hong Lang pick up some bad vibes from Guttersnipe's family. Lynx is an elf and Hong Lang's girlfriend is an elf.

  • Confederate Starr:
    A stalker comes to the set of Jenna Holiday's trid-shoot. He becomes dangerous when he thinks that Jenna is in love with her co-star. The set comes under attack when a toxic lion shaman takes offense at having his land invaded.

    Before this run starts, Queensryche spots 20Questions, back in the city. 20Q has a scar on his face, and his eye had been replaced. He sees Queensryche and runs off. Later, he tries to confide in Lynx about a run gone horribly, horribly wrong. He's very paranoid and only gets a chance to tell her that one of his fellow runners was one of "them", and that "they're everywhere". As he tells her to trust nobody, the police show up and chase 20Questions, ignoring Lynx.

    At the band try-out, Queensryche encounters a rival from her past, before the modifications by Fuchi-America were done to her. The rival didn't recognize Queensryche.

    After this run, Hong Lang receives a rock in the mail. Inside the rock is a coded invitation to join a secretive magical group. Hong Lang doesn't decipher it intime to meet with the initiatory group.

  • The Rod to Aztlan:
    John Bly hires the runners to retrieve a Rod from the AF's Orb. The Rod is currently in Aztlan - in Tenochtitlán. They have to get the Rod across the border by a deadline.

    This is the first of the three Brisco adventures. During this run, Guttersnipe is put in a coma.

  • Backstage Pass:
    A musical starlet tries to get out of her contract by setting her agent up for murder.

    Before this run starts, Lynx encounters a massacre at a homeless shelter. Investigating, she sees 20Questions inside murdering defenseless people. While attempting to stop him, an over-zealous astral police mage with air elemental step in to arrest everyone. A kink bomb in 20Q's skull goes off, a true form wasp spirit kills the officer in astral, and Lynx escapes while the elemental and the wasp are fighting in astral.

    At home, Hong Lang gets a call from Napalm to turn on the trid - the massacre is all over the news.

  • Return to Sender:
    Three of the survivors from the ghoul massacre (in Things That Go Bump In The Night) attack the runners in a form of payback. Meanwhile, Fuchi-Am hires the runners for a little P&E job - a double-cross - they're really trying to get their property (Queensryche, who escaped from Fuchi-Am) back.

    Dropped due to time constraints. Parts of the plot will show up in other runs.

  • Time Heals All Wounds, part one: John Bly hires the runners to steal the Orb from the Atlantean Foundation's Baton Rouge compound.

  • Time Heals All Wounds, part two: John Bly hires the runners to steal the Second Orb from the Aztechnology archaeology dig south of San Antonio. Brisco County, Jr., tries to stop Bly from gating in the Horrors.