Our Supporting Cast

20Questions: NPC Decker, KIA
Introduced in Friday Night Chaos. 20Questions is an ex-Renraku decker (or is he?) who introduced some of the team together. Recently seen on television gunning down homeless people before getting killed. Later revealed to be an ex-CBI operative.

I'll set you free.

Alicia: NPC
A future version of Lynx, from the year 2116. Alicia is a Blood Elf with small bumps instead of thorns. It's unknown why she changed her name from Lynx to Alicia, why she hates Guttersnipe, or what happened to all of Lynx's cyberware.

These bumps? You've got the Tir to thank for them.

Bishop: Played by Michael Reeves, now NPC.
Introduced in Friday Night Chaos. Bishop is a cybered combat machine. A street sam to the core, he's the front-line fighter of the group. He's African-Amerindian, looks a bit like Lord Bowler from The Adventures of Brisco County, Jr. Wound up in Aztlan somehow.

Long time no see.

Bludgeon: NPC Mechanic
A contact of Hong Lang's. This dwarf loves to get into the guts of a vehicle, hates electric-powered cars and trucks, likes things that make noise. Always seems to have a smear of grease across his nose.

You want it when? Ha!

Brisco County, Jr.: NPC Old Western Bounty Hunter
From the 1880's, Brisco County, Jr., is awakened from a statis booth to combat John Bly for the last time. Always looking for the coming thing.

What do you mean this isn't 2011?
Brisco County, Jr.

Bu'trey Ailla: NPC Security Mage
Introduced in Friday Night Chaos. Attended University of Illinois with Hong Lang on a Lone Star scholarship. On the rise within Lone Star, now with the Division of Paranormal Investigation. Her deceased father was a Lone Star cop in New Orleans, CAS. Currently living with Hong Lang.

Well, I can pull some strings...
Bu'trey Ailla

Lt. Chris Pike: NPC Security Mage
Introduced in Confederate Starr. A real pain in the ass, Chris Pike works for Knight Errant Security, the best damn outfit around. He's better than those tech-school dropout shadowrunners and he knows it. Haughty.

You can leave now, the professionals are here.
Lt. Chris Pike

Consul Ellen Applewhit: NPC Religious Leader
Introduced in The Seven Deadly Sins. Consul Applewhit is the leader of the Church of Gaia's Dallas Main House.

Consul Applewhit

Dancing Flame: Played by Christy, now NPC.
Dancing Flame was a simsense actress in several horror sims a few years back. She's since left the sim-game and runs in the shadows to make nuyen. She's the tallest member of the group, standing over 1.9 meters tall. Dancing Flame is a more than capable combatant with hand-held weapons. Sometimes she dyes her skin, sometimes not. Left the group after the Mercurial affair.

I like watching men eat.
Dancing Flame

Darien Connally: NPC Stockbroker, Adoptive Father
Introduced in Things That Go Bump In The Night. Lost his only son in the same explosion that killed Guttersnipe's father. Adopted Guttersnipe a week before Guttersnipe's 18th birthday. Owns a really nice house in University Park area of Dallas.

You're falling behind in your studies, John.
Darien Connally

Douglas Fraiser: NPC Newsman
Queensryche's one-nighter newsman, Douglas works for the Dallas/Fort Worth branch of VoxCSA, the CSA's official network. He's Queensryche's media contact and has perfect hair.

For VoxCSA, I'm Douglas Fraiser.
Douglas Fraiser

Ellis Ferguson: NPC Talismonger
A contact of Hong Lang's. Owns a small talismongering shop in Fort Worth. She knows who's who in the magical community. Quiet, softspoken.

That's on sale, today only.
Ellis Ferguson

Green Lucifer: NPC Gang Leader
Stuck up elf leader of the Dallas go-gang chapter of The Ancients. Lynx knows him and is semi-welcome on Ancients turf.

Ne hellon Sperethiel, vassi shoam. [Roughly: "You're not worthy to speak my language, inferior one."]
Green Lucifer

Jean-Jules: NPC Restaurant Owner/Manager/Fixer
Introduced in Babewatch, CAS. Tall black man, looks like Hawk from Spenser: For Hire (or Sisko for those of you who only watch Star Trek). Wears a clean white suit, owns Crazy Cruz's Cajun Restaurant.

May I recommend the Blackened Redfish today?

Jenna Holiday: NPC Trideo Star
Introduced in Babewatch, CAS. Jenna is beginning a promising Trideo career. She's recently dumped her old manager, and was last seen dating Christo McCanna, a friend from CFS.

Oh wow, is that a real gun?
Jenna Holiday

Jimmy Ostin: NPC Club Owner
A fat slug of a man who owns the Dark Star. Stays in his office a lot. Recently went through a divorce.

We're closed.

Lance Politico: NPC Reporter
Anchor for Channel 42's nightly news. Dancing Flame's friend, also has perfect hair.

Call me "Pol".
Lance Politico

Lazarus DuPorte: NPC Corporate Official
Hong Lang's father's best friend's son who works for Texas Instruments. Rather busy all the time.

You're fired. No, wait, you don't work for me. Never mind.
Lazarus DuPorte

Lynda "Maze" Maycee: NPC Hitman
An elvish hitman, Lynx isn't quite sure who Maze works for. Maze has straight, long blonde hair and conceals her small frame in oversized coats. She seems to know a bit about things happening in the underworld.

You could be killed if I tell you this...
Lynda "Maze" Maycee

Mister B: NPC Mr. Johnson
Introduced in The Rod to Aztlan. Tall elf, really Johnaton Brackhaven (no relation), aka John Bly. A rich art collector who employs less than legal methods for obtaining objects d'art. Alive since the 1880s? Nope, alive for much, much longer than that. Tried to destroy the world a few times.

Ah, yes. It wasn't damaged in shipping, was it?
Mister B.

Mister Black: NPC Lawyer
Napalm's lawyer.

Stop breaking the law, asshole!
Mister Black

Queensryche: Played by Shannon, now NPC.
Queensryche has no other name, that past is dead and buried, and that's the way she likes it. She's been heavily cybered, mostly recording/observation 'ware, but doesn't talk about her past too much. Queensryche is attempting to make it big in the Fort Worth/Dallas music scene, and once she does, she'll step away from the shadows. But until then, shadowruns pay more than bussing tables at the local Soy Joy. Willing to take out the guards one at a time. Vanished during the disastrous Mercurial affair.

Don't worry, I'm on my way!

Raven: Played by Bill, now NPC.
Introduced in Backstage Pass. The team's requisite mystery man, Raven (aka Leon) fled to Dallas/Fort Worth after an attempt on his life back up in Denver. A master of disguise, he's trying to find out who set him up back in the Treaty City. His aura is kind of funky. Currently managing a dojo in Dallas.

Next time you see me, I'll have white hair.

Roadkill: Human Rigger. Played by Will, now NPC.
A human rigger/gun runner from west Texas, Roadkill occasionally works with a dwarf called Transit. He loves cars and trucks. But not in that funny way. He joined the group in the second half of the first season.

I don't get any respect.

Tiny: NPC Troll Bouncer
Soft-spoken big man out front of the Dark Star. Secretly a poet.

I'll take your money, but you're still not getting inside.

Transit: NPC Rigger
Roadkill's dwarven mentor from out west. Rigs a nice little LAV.

"I Can't Drive 55"? What the hell type of music is that? Try one hundred an' eighty.

Tommy: NPC Bartender
Tommy and Guttersnipe grew up together in the same orphanage. Tommy goblinized into an ork at puberty and left DFWCPS a year before Guttersnipe did. Tommy currently works as a bartender at the Dark Star. Charming. Has a sparkling personality.

Anyone up for a game of pinball?

Tonya Maybre: NPC Corporate Wage Slave
A red-haired vixen, Tonya works for Mitsuhama-CAS and hangs out at The Dark Star in Dallas. Tonya usually has too much to drink and winds up latching on to a boy toy before last call. A contact of Queensryche.

Hey sugar, got a light?
Tonya Maybre